Idea Submission - FICS

Idea Submission

Projects Shortlisted for Stage 2

Congratulations Students! You have been selected for FICS'21 Stage 2. Team-leads of shortlisted projects are required to check their email for instructions regarding FICS'21 Stage 2 registration deadline and IP Filing.

Project ID Idea Name Domain Abstract
696 E RAKAT IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Often times, while praying we tend to forget what Rakat we’re on no matter how hard we’re focusing.With E-Rakat it will no longer be a problem.It is a device developed to aid concentration in prayers.
697 ESA RADAR NoPoverty Radar is an integral part of modern electronic warfare. An electronically scanned array (ESA) is a more advanced type of phased array antenna. which is a computer-controlled array antenna .
698 Microwave Imaging to detect breast cancer tumor GoodHealthAndWellBeing Microwave Imaging to detect breast cancer tumor
699 Rural Electrification AffordableAndCleanEnergy the demand for electrical energy rapidly increasing in urban as well as ruler areas, there is a need for clean and sustainable alternate energy resources to fulfill the demand fo utilities in Pakistan
700 Gait Rehabilitation GoodHealthAndWellBeing Gait related injuries require longterm physiotherapy which is normally performed manually and involve intense effort, instead this can be achieved efficiently through Automated Rehabilitation Systems.
701 FitRoom DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth FitRoom is a virtual tryroom and delivery platform that will collaborate with different clothing brands to make shopping experince safe and convenient for all genders.
703 LISAAN GoodHealthAndWellBeing The idea of LISAAN is to develop a mobile phone app which can take the gestures from the physically impaired person as input, recognize it and give the corresponding text as output and contrariwise.
705 Direction Finder (Di-Fi) IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure To make a direction finder which can locate or estimate the Radio Transmitters used by terrorists or unauthorized person using doppler effect.
706 An Automated calls retrieval system Other Many ill activities are done by terrorists using telephone and its very hard for LEAs to reach targeted person due to large dataset, its solution is to automate entire process based on AI.
709 Banking Bot IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Banking Bot is an artificial intelligence development for the banking sector which can understand people's queries and responds accordingly.
710 Smart Parking Other Rise in number of vehicles is causing parking problems, the solution to which is creating a management system using techniques like IoT to save time and energy and ease trouble of vehicle owners
711 MYCO-MAT IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Fungal based bio-degradable materials provide a circular economy, sustainable, pollution-free and energy efficient alternative to traditional building and packaging materials.
712 Wastewater Treatment CleanWaterAndSanitation We are integrating Micro-algae based Microbial Fuel Cell (mMFC) with Microbial Electrolysis Cell (MEC) to treat Wastewater and produce Bio-hydrogen which is a source of energy.
716 Smart Kitchen IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Smart Kitchen aims to develop a fully autonomous Pasta cooking machine that can be controlled either via a touch monitor or through an IoT device.
717 Cavity Detection IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Detection of air pockets caused by improper filling in the refrigerator body using non-destructive testing based on thermal imaging and digital image processing.
718 Drone Detector IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Detection of UAVs/ Drones with the help of RF footprint between drone and it's controller
719 FIISIEM IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure We are designing a customized SIEM solution according to the needs of a corporate company (MiGo Innovations) to efficiently tackle the network security threats faced.
721 Detect Breast Cancer GoodHealthAndWellBeing Detection of Breast Cancer using conventional technique was not feasible to patients so we moved towards use of Microwaves having low cost ,less harmful radiation and detection of small tumors.
725 Mycofuel AffordableAndCleanEnergy Fungal lipases have the ability to utilize lipid contents present in agro-industrial waste as a raw material for biobutanol production. Biobutanol can be the best alternative second-generation fuel.
726 IoT-based Smart Drink Dispenser IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This system adds innovation to existing dispensers having two main and fantastic features which help health-conscious persons to monitor water drinking routines and dispensing cashlessly anywhere.
727 Claymage ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Claymage will be a home based company that produces customized and self designed clay jewelery.
728 Smart Traffic SustainableCitiesAndCommunities A decentralize system that monitors and manages traffic flow as well as Emergency Vehicles transit. This System detects the traffic density with the help of camera and microphone for audio detection.
729 Creative Hands DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth As we all know our old culture is being revived. People are much attracted to hand made products. like hand knitted apparels.
732 Cov'atch IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure We proposed to develop an autonomous COVID Surveillance Robot with various features such as mask detection, sanitization capability and monitoring social distancing.
733 UWB CAAS GoodHealthAndWellBeing In this project, we are going to present UWB antenna for microwave imaging radar. The proposed antenna is constructed with a slotted semicircular-shaped patch and partial trapezoidal ground.
734 HAEM IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure HAEM is a new concept of encrypting the data on runtime and it's rarely used across the globe. We are developing this module to sort out the issues of data leakage.
736 ESAP IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The enhancement of the emergency services system is required in Pakistan. We aim to develop a mobile app that would provide integrated emergency services through Urdu UI and Urdu speech recognition.
737 breast tumor GoodHealthAndWellBeing Cancer begins when healthy cells in the breast change and grow out of control, forming a mass or sheet of cells called a tumor. A tumor can be cancerous or benign. A cancerous tumor is malignant.
741 5G Filter IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A minimized sluggish wave millimeter-wave bandpass channel for remote correspondence frameworks is created.
744 Eye controlled wheel chair GoodHealthAndWellBeing Our idea is comprised of an automated wheel chair that will help people suffering with complete or partial paralysis, parkinson disease etc
745 Gesture recognition ReducingInequality This work proposes a real time human hand gesture recognition system . The proposed system can recognize 5 different hand gestures
746 Facial Invariant Age Recognition SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Security Agencies, Passports Offices, Finding Missing Persons, Smart cities
747 Pavement Monitoring IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure We are proposing a digital process of accommodating inspection of roads in terms of time and efficiency. Performing detection of road cracks via drone and producing its summarized reports.
749 Automated Injection Pump IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure To replace manual syringes with programmed ones, latter revolving around controls & AI. Precise, controlled & continuous delivery of fluid. To minimize errors in everyday dosages.
750 BP Monitoring GoodHealthAndWellBeing The FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) E-band 60 GHz radar is used to continuously measure blood pressure in various locations on the body like the radial artery on the wrist.
751 Cancer Biomarker GoodHealthAndWellBeing The serum samples of Liver cancer patients shown abnormal levels of certain biomolecules knows as metabolites which affect certain pathways in cancer. We aim to analyse them via GC- MS.
753 DRONE SWARM Other For this project, commercially available quadcopters may be utilized to realize a swarm of multiple units. Payloads of surveillance systems will be installed on quad-copters
758 5G IMPLEMENTATION IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure NOMA with SIC is considered an important multi-user access technology. NOMA allows multiple users to access the same time, code domain, and frequency resources. Multi-user detection can be achieved by
759 5G Antenna QualityEducation In this Project a low profile patch antenna has been designed for 5G communication application. The main radiating patch is in a shape of ellipse and the line feed technique is used.
760 Gesture Recognition ReducingInequality Vision based hand gesture recognition android application for aid to hearing impaired persons is the main objective of my project. The project is based on AI for real time applications.
761 Diagno-sticks GoodHealthAndWellBeing Using genetic markers to identify the proteins involved in cancer pathology would help develop efficient diagnostic kits for patients and help in prognosis as well.
762 Tail Sitter NoPoverty VTOL enables aircraft to Take off and Land Vertically.The aim of this project is to implement Tail Sitter design technique for VTOL on a UAV platform.
763 Kis Uni QualityEducation Kis Uni connects prospective students with current students at the university and provides concise admissions guides and help.
765 Key-word Spotting DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth Keyword spotting is a speech processing technique that identifies key- words in utterances. Real time solution to automatically detect specific words from speech directly using acoustic-phonetic units
766 Legal Direction PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions An application/website that provides legal direction to people free of cost. It will save the time and money of Pakistanis by reducing the need for lawyers.
767 GNSS Amplifer PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions This project is designing of a dual band GNSS Amplifier using ADS or CST.
770 SMA3 WAF Other A customized web application firewall built on open source solution.
771 Sustainable Solutions SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Implementation of Individual and household sustainable energy production systems can help mitigate the energy crisis and help policy-makers make informed decisions.
772 Enseal IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Enseal empowers individuals and enterprises to take control over their sensitive data stored in the cloud through novel, secure, privacy-preserving, and efficient searchable encryption schemes.
773 Animation study NoPoverty Having ability to create unique and different cartoons for this generation
774 Noise-cancelling Device GoodHealthAndWellBeing We aim to provide the consumers with the utmost tranquil and serene environment we all want at some point in our day. Our device cancels noise in its vicinity and provides you the detox you need.
775 Powertrain Optimization SustainableCitiesAndCommunities With this project, we aim to explore the benefits of an electric powertrain utilizing the flexibility of implementing a hub-mounted four motor setup.
777 DigiAuth PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions Rumors and misleading information detection and prevention still represent a big challenge against social network developers and researchers. Since newsworthy information propagation is a traditional
778 Illustrated Portraits Other Our idea is to illustrate picture and make someone's event unique and memorable.
779 Remote Digi-healthcare GoodHealthAndWellBeing The project will extend solutions in the health monitoring arena using AI-IoT & trusted platforms. The resulting internet of medical devices (IoMD) will provide healthcare to a large part of society.
781 Airborne Wind Energy Harvesting System AffordableAndCleanEnergy An unquestionable fact is; we need more energy. This rhetoric very much implies that we need more energy sources as well, especially the ones that are clean, green and renewable.
782 UDonor GoodHealthAndWellBeing A peer-to-peer blood donating platform, bridging the gap between donors and recipients. The aim is to spread awareness and educate people about the importance necessity and benefits of donating blood
786 AgriVision ZeroHunger AgriVision is an automated multi-platform crop scouting system employing several state-of-the-art technologies like AI, IoT, CV, Edge AI, Cloud Computing for timely detection of wheat rust diseases
788 Lpg detextor NoPoverty Low-cost LPG Leakage Detector
791 Nutritional Value Calculator GoodHealthAndWellBeing A web-based and mobile application that will allow users to monitor the nutrients they are consuming through the picture of the meal and an embedded chatbot will help them make some healthy diet plans
793 Autonomous Drone Delivery System NoPoverty Most modern day delivery systems cause carbon emissions and require direct human input, automating this process through a drone is both cost effective and climate friendly.
794 Cyber Brain GoodHealthAndWellBeing A real time assistive and rehabilitative interfaces for neurological impairments. A Thought-to-Text system to implement typing using brain signals only (without any physical action) by decoding EEG.
795 fabric defect detection IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure fabric inspection is important to prevent the risk of delivering inferior quality fabric. visual detection gives only draw backs like less accuracy, more capital spending on labor, more time consuming
796 Object Detection ZeroHunger FODs are the reason for many aircraft accidents every year,costing a lot of money and many precious lives.This project aspires to eliminate chances of FOD related accidents by detecting it beforehand.
797 Eco-brick Other Plastic waste and Styrofoam is collected and shredded using shredder, then mixed with used cooking oil in a mixer and heated. A slurry formed is then poured in a mould and allowed to cool down.
798 E-Logistics IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The purpose is to build resilient logistics infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation by digitizing the logistics sector in app form.
799 Eco-brick Other Plastic waste and Styrofoam is collected and shredded using shredder, then mixed with used cooking oil in a mixer and heated. A slurry formed is then poured in a mould and allowed to cool down.
800 PlantX LifeOnLand PlantX is an AI based solution to monitor carbon offsets using satellite imagery data with a GIS-based application that shows the visual data of tree plantation drives and its changes over the years.
801 SEED IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The product is focused on providing a more convenient and thorough solution for the SOC and analysts of organizations to protect their infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted services
802 Smart Stethoscope GoodHealthAndWellBeing Smart Stethoscope aims to provide a hassle free heartbeat recording and monitoring device which comes with an application allowing patient-doctor interaction taking place in the comfort of their homes
804 Downdraft Gasifier AffordableAndCleanEnergy The demand for energy has increased manifold in recent times. The pollution and fossil fuel depletion asks for a sustainable energy source and gasification of biomass provides one.
805 Road Accident Avoiding System GoodHealthAndWellBeing Distacted and drowsy driving are main cause of road accident. Ever year, they increase amount of deaths and fatalities injuries. This system use ML techniques for these problems solution.
806 HuntDroid IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure HuntDroid identifies, analyzes and prevents Personally Identifiable Information from leaking out of an Android phone via installed applications, in real time and notifies the user about any such leak
807 The CRasPers GoodHealthAndWellBeing The CRISPR/Cas9 system is a newly developed genome-editing tool allows for sequence-specific cutting of DNA. The purpose of the proposed study is to utilize CRISPR as Anti HBV therapeutics against HBV
809 Hydroponic Design ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Promoting green lifestyle for residential users of Pakistan and encouraging sustainable practices through hydroponic product design that will result in environmental, economic and emotional benefits.
810 Paper Recycler SustainableCitiesAndCommunities A small scale paper recycling unit for schools which can turn waste into recycled paper on campus without any external waste management organization or industrial recycling.
812 NOX GoodHealthAndWellBeing An interactive user-friendly product to analyze users' sleep cycle & provide personalized solutions within their sleeping environment with a habit-building approach to improve health in a long run.
813 Educational Game ClimateAction The main aim of this project is to teach school-aged children the effects of global warming through an interactive tactile game to instill problem-solving skills and societal responsibility.
814 Digital Twin IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Pakistan has always struggled with power shortages resulting in a loss of PKR 210 Billion in GDP in 2013 alone. These are a result of obsolete grid systems lacking far behind international standards.
815 Cigarette Butts SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Cigarette butts are the one of the most littered item. Yet there is none efficient way or a product that helps in gathering the cigarette butts efficiently. I made a service & product to fulfill this
817 robo-handi IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure iot based cooking process automation of south Asian cuisines.
820 Intelligent Radio Jockey IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A web application that will get users' interest in songs and information and will recommend them songs and information based on their interest.
826 RIoTs SustainableCitiesAndCommunities RIoTS protect smart cities, commercial and industrial IoT devices against security threats in real time. Using RIoTS would ensure data privacy, save revenue and help avoid unseen disasters.
827 Hand grenade capable drone IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Use of hand grenade capable techniques will be utilized which will guarantee secure assailment, making this specific military task effective and carefully planned.
828 Sanitary gear GoodHealthAndWellBeing A wearable device that would prioritise and incentivise the use of sanitiser and help with contact tracing in a particular environment such as a school campus by being integrated into the school.
830 Arthritis and crochet GoodHealthAndWellBeing Arthritis causes inflammation and pain in various parts of the body. Crochet lovers with arthritis are unable to practice it properly. The hand tool will aid people to crochet easily by relieving pain
833 property valuation IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure we plan to develop a real estate valuation model for effective property evaluation
834 Music Visualizer IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure An innovative music speaker that integrates visual, tactile and audio elements in one single product to enhance and elevate musical experience for all.
839 Deep Learning based Speech Enhancement Other Getting noisy speech signals and using deep neural networks getting clean noise out of them.
841 Smart wall IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The problem i am trying to counter is the amount of unnecessary office space that cubicles take up. The architecture of current office design is static in nature. The goal is to solve that problem.
842 Jewellery Assistant IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A number of clasps used in jewellery, such as lobster clasps or spring clasps, have tiny scales and levers which are unergonomic for people who have arthritis, shaky hands, disability, etc.
843 Power Optimization AffordableAndCleanEnergy Our Population is increasing day by day so our energy consumption requirement is also increased. Our Project Smart Home Management System basically is a project to monitor and control Electricity.
847 Satellite/IP android reccoy robot Other Physical reconnaissance by humans is extremely dangerous and ineffective in this age of rapidly developing technology. This project’s design will provide us with reconnaissance capability in all .....
848 Urdu Sentiment Analysis Other Make an application which will judge sentiment through urdu text either positive, negative or neutral.
849 Edu-tainment QualityEducation The project aims to provide preschoolers with different activities that would enhance the way they think and will help the improve their motor skills as well.
850 BioWatt ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Project aims at developing a Microbial Fuel Cell that will clean the waste water before disposal into streams & rivers, and will also produce some electricity.
855 OCR ReducingInequality URDU
858 Smart plant pot GoodHealthAndWellBeing My fyp revolves around individuals with ASD. The interactive smart plant pot helps improve the decision making aspect of adolescents who have autism by taking care of a living vine.
860 IOT Device ClimateAction Trees are most crucial part of our environment/climate and to protect them is our duty. We will build a IOT device which identify the specific location where tree is being cut.
862 BIESC IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The objectives of this work are to analyse the company’s available data and transform into useful business insights. BIESC system has the ability of process-driven decision making and future predictio
867 Smart screening GoodHealthAndWellBeing Introducing practical data-driven smart diagnostics using high-end computing for efficient screening of Leukemia considering CBC reports; hence supporting assessments of medical practitioners.
868 Toilet Duo GoodHealthAndWellBeing A toilet seat that caters to the squatting posture as well as the sitting posture of defecation. The squatting posture is healthier as it reduces strain on the rectum reducing constipation.
869 Project "FieldView" IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure To enhance football viewing experience for the visually impaired/blind community.
870 MOBOID IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A all in one mobile application which will make searching for mobile phones easy with seller and buyer portals for easy buy and sell of used mobile phones ,inspection services, blog posts
871 OSTEO HELP GoodHealthAndWellBeing Platform that supports grading, management and consultancy services for the Osteoarthritis patients. Maintenance of health records for future references and patient profiling.
872 Air recognizer ClimateAction Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, now people prefer to live indoor, indoor air quality (AQ) decreases. Due to this AQ monitoring is essential. This Designed system caters to these problems.
873 Microcurve-Automation System IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Purpose of the MAS is to provide a cost-effective solution for domestic and commercial use by using antenna (1km range) for data transmission. It is operated by an android application.
876 Food Stalls GoodHealthAndWellBeing A designed product that can provide comfort for the user and work efficiency.
877 MentorVerse QualityEducation Mentorverse is a platform to connect mentees with mentors. It aims to decrease the industry-academia gap by establishing a marketplace of mentors that can be used by students as well as professionals.
878 Future is Hydrogen AffordableAndCleanEnergy Development and integration of cobalt oxide and cerium oxide-based heterojunctions in tandem device for overall water splitting.
879 ScaNet IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure ScaNet is an Android Network Scanning app that provides complete network details, enumeration results along with performing vulnerability analysis in order to safeguard the network in the simplest way
881 Handy ECG GoodHealthAndWellBeing The main Idea is to develop a portable and IOT based ECG device that will be acquiring an ECG signal and will be using machine learning algorithm to check any abnormalities and detect arrhythmia.
882 Safeloud Other A real time SOS app that triggers on a keyword and generates an alert sending your location to close contacts, law enforcements and other nearby users so someone can timely come and help.
884 Fungal bioremediation GoodHealthAndWellBeing Black yeasts can be used advantageously in the biofiltration of indoor air. Biofilters with fungal inocula are used for the removal of volatile organic compounds from the environment.
885 Smart Agri Vision LifeOnLand The proposed system uses real-time image processing along with state-of-the-art deep learning classification techniques to detect crops' health.
886 OLDUM Other Offensive Language detection Using Machine Learning aims at developing a prototype of a system that will be capable of detecting offensive words in Audio/Voice notes of Pashto language
887 BackDev IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure An Integrated Development Environment based on flow-based programming paradigm that allows Software Engineers to develop backend applications just by using Graphical User Interface rather than by conv
889 Xtracto IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Xtracto is an easy-to-use desktop app for forensically examining Android devices to find useful artifacts, deleted data and digital evidences which will be helpful in investigations of all sorts.
890 Autonomous Drone Surveillance IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure An autonomous swarm of UAVs would be developed for surveillance related tasks for both military and commercial use. Real-time flight and video information would be received at the ground station.
891 Emech IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Emech is an app in which the User requests for repair of a vehicle describing the issue being faced and a mechanic will respond to the request and arrive at the user location to repair the vehicle.
892 Fuel cell AffordableAndCleanEnergy Hydrogen fuel cells is energy of future.The biggest hindrances in the way is the expensive and rare Platinum. A substitute for platinum is Zirconium Nitride which is less costly and equally efficient.
895 Food Trucks App Other Our idea is to introduce an application for food trucks to cater especially the travelling population by providing access to trucks' location and a range of menu on the app.
896 fakenews detection PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions Use of BlockChain technology to create a web application for the purpose of traceability, immutability, integrity, credibility and non-repudiation of news. Consensus mechanism will be used for validat
898 Service Provider DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth The idea of our application is that we want to provide a platform to connect local professionals of the area to the customer in need in-home or in the office. Like plumber or electrician can be hired.
901 Easthma GoodHealthAndWellBeing Our idea is to build a system that would monitor Asthmatic patients in real time. Deep learning algorithms running on an edge device can identify asthmatic sounds and display the severity.
902 movement tracking IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure automated human tracking over camera networks is getting essential for video surveillance. The tasks of tracking human over camera networks are challenging due to changing human appearance
903 Android RAT Other AndroSpy is a very lightweight Android RAT (remote administration tool) to break into an Android-powered smartphone remotely
905 Phage8 ZeroHunger Supplementing Pakistan’s economy by using nature’s organic solution - bacteriophages, to control the losses caused by bacterial Soft rot.
908 Decentralized Machine Learning IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Decentralized Machine Learning is the distributed training of ML models on more than one device. It reduces the computational load on a device by distributing the centralized training models.
910 EZ Movers IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Unlike other ride hailing services, we will provide loading vehicles to people at their doorstep. With just one touch, the ones who need to move their goods will be able to find a loading vehicle.
912 Dairy Vairy Other Building an app for connecting a local buyer with a milk provider where they can order milk online and can find a quality milk based on the buyer's profile.
914 Phagobiotics GoodHealthAndWellBeing Extensive use of antibiotics has led to the emergence of resistant bacteria and phages are the potential alternatives to treat MDR bacteria causing severe diseases in humans, animals and plants.
915 space saving smart bed for hostel rooms NoPoverty I want to design a space saving smart bed for hostel room. As population is increases day by day. The big cities become overcrowded and are unable to cater the need of furniture for hostellite.
916 Mtor Mind IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project involves monitoring of industrial motors effectively and using various sensors, with the resulting data saved in a cloud platform and accessed from many locations via a web application.
917 CO Sensing ClimateAction To protect the environment and human health from the toxicity of colorless and odorless CO gas, nanostructured boron-doped Zn12O12 is modeled for enhanced CO sensing through computational approach.
918 Exheated Bags AffordableAndCleanEnergy Enhancing the whole experience of food delivery systems by implementing principles of Industrial design. Taking steps to increase the warmth of the delivered food as well as avoiding any spillage.
919 GuleShaoor QualityEducation GuleShaoor is a digital career development platform for connecting socially conscious professionals willing to uplift youth through any way possible and students who seek it for their career grooming.
921 AdsorbMe CleanWaterAndSanitation We are proposing to treat toxic waste water containing heavy metals using bio-adsorption properties of seashell.
922 SolDry AffordableAndCleanEnergy SolDry is an efficient and temperature-humidity controlled, solar-based product for dehydration of food. We aim to promote food sustainability and economic stability by revolutionizing drying industry
923 Accelerometer Navigator IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Most of the navigation today is based on Global Positioning System (GPS) but with GPS there are some limitations. GPS is not available everywhere due to geographical features of Earth. For example, GP
925 A robot that finds lost items IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This robotic arm fuses data from a camera and antenna to locate and retrieve items, even if they are buried under a pile.
927 Bendable Concrete IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Bendable concrete is immensely needed for earthquake-prone regions. Its complex designing limits its use in the country. The process was simplified by conducting research by incorporating ML and FEM.
928 EcoSeeds ZeroHunger Bio-priming of seeds with the beneficial organism (bacteria) increases plant growth, rate of germination, nutrient use efficiency, and uniform growth of plants.
929 Biogas Heater SustainableCitiesAndCommunities The solution I am proposing is a home-heating unit that uses organic waste from your kitchen/house and produces clean, renewable energy, in an attempt to minimize fuel usge, expense, waste load, etc.
931 Aquastainable CleanWaterAndSanitation Wastewater Treatment by developing a media that is combination of two conventional medias resulting in a cost efficient removal of contaminants thus making it attractive for beneficiaries.
932 Nanocoat ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production We intend to use nanocellulose in edible coatings for the preservation of perishable fruits and vegetables.
933 Seismic Metamaterial IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The proposed idea is based on energy shielding of structures from seismic waves, which we aim to achieve through mechanical metamaterials, a highly novel class of materials.
934 Posture and Fall Detection using mm-wave Radar IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project is based on mm-wave Radar connected with Raspberry which detects the human posture and create the alert notification in mobile app. The detection is based on Machine Learning model CNN.
940 Ghurbat Crusaders IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Idea is to sell more with less investment in less time in bulk amount with the focus on reducing prices giving incentives to the buyers Transporting items to their doors Ensuring quality
941 Softy Pick ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Food is wasted due to slow process in the supply chain & because of damage to fruits. Traditional robots are not feasible thus robots with soft end effectors can be employed to cater for the problem.
942 CareerUp QualityEducation CareerUp is an all-encompassing career resources website for students offering credible career information, engaging STEM activities, career pathways, career card sorts & career chat support.
945 Sahulat SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Reporting domestic and municipal issues has never been easy for the citizens of Pakistan. To facillitate this, we aim to develop a smart system that would let users report from their smartphones.
946 E-Farming Other Our project aims to help common people to grow and harvest the seasonal Crops and vegetable on their own will out of any peer lodge. Our objective is to provide a system
953 AHIT GoodHealthAndWellBeing Auto identification of hearing impairment based on audiogram & speech recognition threshold using automatic speech recognition. Secondly, the aim of this research project is to identify digitally recorded, edited & evaluated bi & mono syllabic Pashto words with the goal to identify homogeneous words that could be used to measure the SRT in native Pashto speaker of KPK, Baluchistan & Afghanistan.
954 Smart and Secure Area IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure It's hard to find out the population strength in case of any emergency. Providing a solution that determines the live strength of the population across the area using different algorithms.
957 Corn Picker ZeroHunger Our country needs development in the Agriculture industry. We pledge on bringing that change by innovating the corn picking process. The development of a mounted corn picker has not been achieved yet in Pakistan. This indigenous idea will reduce corn loss on a large scale resulting in better yield which will boost our country's economy.
958 WAIODS DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth WAIODS aims to enable technology enthusiasts of Pakistan to earn online through freelancing by offering courses, facilitating portfolio building, providing incubations and internships.
959 Missile Drone IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Missile launched drone is a hybrid of missile and drone. It will have stability of a drone and range of a missile.
960 Implicit Emporium IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Designing the smart try room is initial step toward the smart shopping to save the customer time. The basic purpose of the project helps the customers to take the decision during the sopping without wear. Customer have to standup in front of device and using advance technology system will design the customer 3D model on screen. Customer can select the available dresses from the catalog display o
961 Green Construction IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The construction industry is blooming and the cost of commercial and residential buildings are increasing day by day also causing CO2 emission about 4 billion tons. Bubble deck slab is a technique of removing concrete from the middle of the slab and replacing it by hollow balls of recycled plastic waste. The advantages include Cost efficient, Green technology, less use of natural resources.
962 InTime (InsurTech) GoodHealthAndWellBeing We provide time-bound insurance with a minimum of 1 hour for as low as Rs.7/hour. Therefore, the customer will incur costs only according to their travel time. In case of an accident, the customer will receive adequate as well as repeated coverage i.e. they will be able to avail coverage every time they subscribe to a new package.
963 Stroke Rehabilitation GoodHealthAndWellBeing Physiotherapy is an essential part of recovery from stroke, but it has it's constraints. It is tedious, time consuming and requires a professional. Robot-assisted physiotherapy removes these constraints and provides high intensity training without the need of a professional. We are developing a lower-limb rehabilitation device for stroke patients that can be operated at home.
964 Exoglove GoodHealthAndWellBeing A wearable, compact and cost effective Exo-Glove that help stroke patients to carry out activities of daily living.
966 Inlights IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Use image recognition to develop a system of traffic sensitive traffic signals which would adjust the timings according to the traffic volume under consideration, in real-time, to save time and money.
967 Smart Psych Relief GoodHealthAndWellBeing Our project is Based on Psychological Domain which is solving the mental health problem targeting mood disorders by Screening and Mind Relaxation Guidelines and providing an interaction between Users and Psychologists for consultancy. Comparatively with our competitors our project is providing a complete flow of Psychological treatment and relief where they offer only diagnosing or consultancy.
968 Car HUD IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A head up display system projects an image directly onto the human retina with the help of high intensity imaging source. Head-up-displays can give the illusion of viewing a typical screen-sized display hovering in the air several feet away. The backend technology of project is augmented reality.
969 AGRITECH PRECISION FARMING Other Pakistan is basically an agriculture country.but still Pakistan is behind in the adopting modern agricultural technology and equipment Our project is a smart solution to farm automation and it also allows investors from around the world to invest in the farms that are present in Pakistan.
970 Apium IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The aim of the project is to provide real time communication between disaster site and planning department through multiple unmanned aerial vehicles that scout the site and simultaneously transmit data of people in distress.​ The swarm of said UAVs can be accessorized with different attachments and applied for further applications ranging from police surveillance to drone light shows.
971 Medifly Drone GoodHealthAndWellBeing A Rapid increase in usage of online ordering, consumer space in increasingly relying on fast and reliable door step delivery. Drone based technology is being used to meet this requirement. A quad copter can used to achieve vertical flight in a stable manner and be used to monitor or collect data. Drone could allow accelerated delivery time, improved accuracy and reduce human cost.
973 PLC based Smart Energy Management system IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Most of the outages in transmission line occur at critical peak hours which lead to limit the supply. The limited power is sanctioned for the distribution network of a particular area. HEM can execute demand response like as load shifting and shedding in response to the utility since it monitors and supervises the performance of household appliances
974 Ad Click Other Ad Click is an open source mobile application that takes the ad of the user to the billboard through a single click by providing an effortless process for both the user and the billboard agency.
975 Smart Advertisement IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The project is focused on dynamic and smart advertising. An advertisement will be strategically placed in front of customers around malls, high traffic venues and events on a customized device mounted on a carrier/vehicle creating the chance to reach a highly captive audience. Affordability factor will be incorporated to maximize the sale of products.
977 MOOC System for Islamic Sciences QualityEducation MOOC System for Islamic Sciences is an Interactive and Automated System for Quran-il-Hakeem and Seerat un Nabi SAWW. It is a web-based application facilitating the distant learners of Quran-il-Hakeem and Seerat. The software enables the learners to learn Quran-il-Hakeem and Seerat in an interactive way.
978 Catalyst QualityEducation Pakistan is a full signatory of the Washington Accord that facilitates mobility of engineering graduates and professionals at the international level. By introducing Outcome Based Education (OBE) system in our universities, engineers from Pakistan would be evaluated at the same criteria as others in order to get new jobs and admissions abroad..
979 Acoustic Testrig IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A working testrig to test crankbalancer of tractors in order to detect fault in the system just by using the noise emitted by the system
980 Medical Report Diagnosis GoodHealthAndWellBeing This project is about diagnosing a patient’s medical report using machine learning and converting that report into easily understandable text for patients and our project focuses on providing the users immediate and accurate prediction of the disease based on their detailed analysis of their pathology reports. This application allows you to understand your health condition.
981 Buraq VTOL-UAV IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Buraq is a vertical takeoff/landing (VTOL) drone that combines the best features of fixed wing and rotary drones. It will be used for humanitarian & commercial applications.
983 Electrical Rickshaw AffordableAndCleanEnergy In our project, we are converting a petrol-driven rickshaw into an electric one. The idea is to convert already manufactured ICE vehicles to EVs saving the initial cost which is quite high for buying a newly manufactured EV. This can provide an affordable way for everyone to use clean and green way of transportation, which helps in reducing air pollution in our region.
984 Solar Power System Assessments using ANN and Hybrid Boost Converter based MPPT Algorithm IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project investigates AI technique, artificial neural network (ANN) and hybrid boost converter (HBC) based MPPT for improving the output power of solar plants. Artificial intelligence techniques have been extensively used for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) in the solar power system.
985 Automated Quality Control for Biscuits IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Human interaction for quality control is prone to quality and hygiene issues, therefore in order to cater this issue we will devise a physical system for automated quality control which will ensure the reliability of the production. We will be presenting working prototype which can be implemented in industries on large scale in which quality can be monitored in a real time.
987 Robotic knee GoodHealthAndWellBeing There are millions of lower limb amputees worldwide. Most prosthetics for amputees are passive and do not allow the user to manipulate the knee according to their needs. This results in irregular gait that may negatively impact joint integrity over the long run. Active knee prosthetics attempt to correct this problem by allowing the user to actuate the knee like their unamputated limb to restore n
989 Smart Aquaponics ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Smart Aquaponics is an automated farming system that provides environment and health conscious consumers with organic food while minimizing water consumption and maximizing yield by using closed loop farming system.
990 Wrist Orthosis GoodHealthAndWellBeing To design and optimise the currently available orthoses for wrist injuries in Pakistan and make them upto the mark. Also to implement our mechanical knowledge to design a much efficient orthosis design that is flexible and can be used by any layman without the aid of any orthotist.
991 GoodHealthAndWellBeing Due to high mortality rate in cardiovascular disease early detection is important for treatment of patients, for this purpose machine learning techniques are used. We intend to propose a system that reads the ECG signals directly from ECG machine and predict different types of abnormal heart beat events.
992 Smart Span of Asset Handling GoodHealthAndWellBeing Assets Management is an important area of organizations where different models for cost saving and high efficiency are used. Present study is an attempt to develop a system or improved performance and is named, `Smart Span of Asset Handling'. The system covers a broad range of activities starting form procurement, going through inventory to supply, complaints, maintenance and disposal.
993 PET PARADISE GoodHealthAndWellBeing Pets play a very crucial part in one's life. There is no such platform regarding pets accessories, veterinarians, treatments, group discussion, etc. We are going to create Pakistan's first ''PET PARADISE" where the owners of pets will find everything related to their pets. Providing features like pet information, shopping, finding trainers, breeders, treatments, accessories, and many more.
995 Water Ozonation CleanWaterAndSanitation Water is fundamental component of life on earth. Living thing has right to potable water. Industrial revolution & urbanization decreasing its quality which leads to health hazard diseases. By injecting ozone in water, controlling via Raspberry pi & hybrid mood PV Panel will effectively treat water.
997 IoT based Automatic hydroponic Fodder System ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Hydroponic systems require quite simple setup based on the space and amount of intended production of crops. In context of Pakistan, the habituating of prairies, meadows and vast areas of open land, and commercialization has resulted in the reduction in the fodder production. As an alternative to this situation, hydroponic systems have a lot of potential here for implementation
998 Solar Refrigeration AffordableAndCleanEnergy Our idea is refrigeration using vapor absorption system at commercial level. It uses thermal energy instead of electricity. Its cycle is similar to vapor compression system, but compressor is replaced by absorber, pump, generator, and heat exchanger. In our system, we are using water as refrigerant and LiBr as absorbent. We will be using parabolic dish solar collector for heating in generator.
999 DetectX IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Each year in Pakistan, numerous accidents happen on highways due to fog, resulting in the loss of precious lives. Our idea is to devise an obstacle detection mechanism that can prevent accidents in fog, and maximize the safety of vehicles on highways. Moreover, the device thus designed, shall be economically feasible for the local market, and compatible with most automobiles.
1000 Smart Library Management system using RFID QualityEducation There are numerous manual library workflow activities that people do in libraries, such as labeling, accessing, sorting, shelving, and searching. Using RFID technology, our application provides a librarian-less system that handles transactions quickly without delay. In addition to not having to hunt for books in shelves, students will have easy access to a smart library management application.
1003 A Real time vision-based sign language recognition System. Other In this wide realm of communication era, sign languages help many disable people to accomplish their desired tasks. Yet still, a large number of disable people are unable to achieve certain tasks through their gestures or signs, hence, therefore our idea aims to create an application which will convert the gestures/signs presented in real time video stream into text.
1004 Power Telegram SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Traditional Electric switching to control the home appliances is composed of a manual switchboard and a loop wired connection with switch and appliance in series. That needs extra expensive copper wires and installation complexity, we proposed a solution as digital switches on the edge with each appliance that are assigned unique addresses, so can be controlled through the main controller
1006 Detecting and Diagnosing Tuberculosis through voice recognition. GoodHealthAndWellBeing Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the deadly diseases and the test or diagnosis of TB through different methods are too expensive. The clinics need expensive equipment and trained experts to interpret results situation like these. In our project, we tried to grab symptoms of TB like cough and by analyzing the cough sound we will do the detection and predict whether person is having TB or not using ML.
1007 Design and Development of Chassis for Prototype Electric Vehicle with Steering and Drive System AffordableAndCleanEnergy We will be designing the chassis of an electric vehicle with steering wheel and drive system. Both the rear wheels of the electric car will have in wheel electric motor that will give better control, stability and torque vectoring. CAD model of the electric vehicle which be used to see performance of the electric vehicle through simulations. Integration of controller and motor in EV will be done.
1008 Solar Powered Waste Compaction Bin ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Solar Powered Waste Compaction Bin (SO-WAB) is a solar-powered waste compactor and segregator, which can hold up to 5 times more waste compared to non-compacting bins, reducing collection frequency by up to 80%. It has a waste holding capacity of 100L. SO-WAB helps in reduction of carbon footprint, reduced waste generation, smart way to collect waste & sort waste, and a green technology.
1010 Robotic Orchard Spraying DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth We aim to design a robotic mechanism that will aid orchard spraying and can be mounted over different platforms.
1011 Firefighter’s Flashlight (jugnu) IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Pakistani fire and rescue persons are often underfunded and little innovation has happened in addressing their perticular needs. Jugnu is a human centered design based flashlight which attempts to ratify this disparity.
1014 Roller Drums IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Vehicle collisions with side rails result in large number of deaths every year. Our idea focuses on finding ways to avoid or minimize the road accidents due to side rail impact on vehicle during accident and therefore, reduce injury and fatality rate.
1016 Hybrid heating AffordableAndCleanEnergy The increase in efficiency of energy from solar panels.
1017 Rotary Engine IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The Wankel Rotary Engine is the sole competitor to the piston engine. We would be designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing a scaled version of a rotary engine. The design phase incorporates an iterative technique accommodating ISO standards. Then motion analysis will be done via Solidworks. Auxiliary equipment are to be purchased while rest of the parts are to be manufactured via CNC.
1018 Mine Information Modelling (MIM) IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Integrated BIM-GIS application can be effectively used for asset management of mine as it is the detailed and intelligent design incorporating various aspects of an asset. To visualize it, virtual reality would be used. The asset management would incorporate all the needed utilities required for a proper functioning of ventilation pipes, train tracks and electricity wires.
1021 Spreader 4.0 IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Variable Rate Fertilizer Spreader for a drone is a device that is capable of spreading fertilizer at a variable rate, in different quantities for crops. It is compatible with the drone and not only saves time but reduces fertilizer wastage, manpower, enabling ideal crop growth, as fertilizer is given in a measured quantity, decided by images taken from a drone, also can work at any terrain.
1022 VR Chess Other In this era of modern technology, the modes of entertainment are much preferred to interact with each other, in which the gaming realm is dominant across the globe in terms of entertainment. Therefore, we have developed an application of chess that will be very novel and different than existing chess applications due to its Voice Recognition feature.
1023 FoodChain ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production With global population expected to reach 10B by 2050, food production & consumption has become a major problem globally. More than 600 million people fall ill each year from eating contaminated food. In the UK, traces of pig and horse DNA were found in beef-burgers. Such cases have risen concerns of consumers who expect their food to be produced ethically and transparently.
1024 Automation with IOT IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In industries there is a bulk of data in real time that can be wrong because of the human error and manipulation and the employer is unaware that can cause a huge loss in production. We will take data from PLC and transfer it to cloud using IO module so the data will be store in Cloud without any human error, and the employer easily access the data using their Laptop / Smartphone.
1027 Paper Recycling IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The idea is to fabricate a compact, eco-friendly and economical, paper recycling machine for office/university use.
1029 CropKnight VI IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Variable Rate Sprayer for Agricultural drone is a device that involves spraying pesticide automatically in the fields without any human intervention. It involves precision spraying and it resolves the problem of spraying at unwanted sites. The sprayer will work on image recognition technology that will be connected to our spraying mechanism for spraying at different rates on different crops
1030 SMARTEV AffordableAndCleanEnergy Using 'Wind' as a source of electricity. The project aims at generating electricity from the wind in the hilly areas. Moreover, the concept can be useful to generate electricity by installing them on a roadside so that the turbine can rotate whenever the car passes and produces the wind gust.
1032 Soccer Flix Other Solving the problem of loss of interest in soccer over time because of the busy life and predicting the outcome of soccer is also a gripping challenge that led to this idea. The purpose is to provide a single platform to soccer freaks in which they can find Soccer Kits, Scores, Calendars & Upcoming match Predictions, etc using machine learning techniques, also the customization of kits in Pakistan
1033 Fixed-wing UAV IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure To design and perform analysis on a fixed wing UAV that will adopt a image processing technology and will be used for military purposes.
1034 Autonomous Driving IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Millions of people losses their lives in car accidents. To have safe and sustainable driving fields, Autonomous driving is the only way forward. Our project focuses on making a cheaper and more effective prototype for autonomous driving. The biggest hurdle in autonomous driving domain is its operation through limited geo fenced areas and we are planning to give cheap prototype for testing purpose
1035 AutomatedBOQ Generation IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The current practice of manual Bill of Quantity (BOQ) preparation in Pakistan leads to cost overruns, delays, risk exposure, wastage of man-hours, financial losses, claims and disputes in construction projects. With BIM being one of the major technological advances, we aim to establish a framework that automates the generation of BOQs.
1037 Fit Clothes IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure It is an AR based mobile application which will help the users to see what clothes will look like on them by using their phone's back camera and a mirror in front of them to see themselves through the phone on the mirror. The app will show clothes from different brands the user can hover them over them selves and see how it will look on them.
1038 Real StrucHealth IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Civil engineering structures undergo several types of damaging loads every day. So, there is a need for a real time system for the monitoring of health of these structures. We are going to monitor the structure with over prototype and deliver the results in a very laymen friendly UI. This will make the day-to-day health monitoring of structures very convenient and will ensure public safety.
1039 Oxygen Concentrator GoodHealthAndWellBeing Oxygen concentrators are widely used in medical field to assist the patients' breathing in the cases where the vitals of the patient are not functioning normally due to severity of the disease. It helps to keep the pulse oxygen up to the mark (between 92 percent to 96 percent) by providing oxygen artificially to the patient.
1048 Bird Communication LifeOnLand As we know the nature plays the great part in our environment and like us birds also plays a great role in nature’s development. But the issue is these two categories human and birds can’t communicate with each other. The solution we found is perceive birds' behavior, sounds and the electric signals from their brain which we used to recognize the bird sound, which helps us to communicate with them
1049 Smart Autism Therapist IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In this pandemic situations (COVID-19) all these institutions are closed and the parents of such effected children are unable to get proper treatment for their children. Most of parents were waiting for a solution of this problem. This project aims to provide a platform to such institutions for their regular practices in these kind of situations.
1051 Real-Time Decision-Making IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Pakistan owns a growing weaving industry and exhibits great potential in the weaving sector. The focus of our idea is on the implementation of an automated process that keeps track of production, measures the performance of looms, schedules its maintenance, suggests tasks timeline, and alerts the operator whenever a machine seizes to operate on account of faulty behavior of any of its components.
1053 Compressor Design IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our team is working on designing and finding an efficient and effective way to design centrifugal compressor that will be used by industry partners. Different software will be used to automate the design of the centrifugal compressor. The material considerations will also provide opportunity to 3-D print the compressor components.
1054 Shower-matic GoodHealthAndWellBeing Use Arduino and simple electrical circuits to make any regular shower equipped with automatic water mixing system at affordable costs. It will mix hot and cold water at temperature that is specified by the user.
1056 SigmaBot IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The basic goal of the SigmaBot quadruped is to access places that might be deemed too hazardous for humans. We aim to provide a safe solution for rescue programs in post-natural calamities or accidents. The leg of this quadruped has been reimagined to provide greater penetration into the areas of risk, to ensure that no human life is left in danger.
1057 UAV surveillence IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure There has been a major increase in crimes in the residential areas. From the current pool of solutions available today, the most widely used in most residential colonies is the deployment of security guards at entry/exit points and for patrolling. Keeping in mind these issues, autonomous UAV based approach which will make the system more robust and will also bring down the overall cost.
1058 Goal Quest QualityEducation People often do not know how to approach a specific goal. We aim to provide a system to guide users in achieving their career goals. Our system will allow a user to input a goal, let us say web development. It will then generate a roadmap containing a list of skills to learn, with various learning resources to choose from. The system will also keep track of the progress of the user.
1061 Knee Joint GoodHealthAndWellBeing In pursue of developing a passive prosthetic knee joint which is not only fiscally in the scope of common pakistani but also scientifically upto the required standards providng normal gait and stability to the amputee.
1062 Bladless Vortex AffordableAndCleanEnergy Vortex Bladeless is an alternative and innovative way to harness energy from wind, with different and exciting characteristics which makes it a revolution in wind power generation.
1063 Plantit AffordableAndCleanEnergy The idea is to control the plant and go for sustainable growth of it.
1064 SMART AUTO-REFRACTOR Other As eye sight is becoming most common issue day by day so we are going to develop a smart auto-refractor which helps patients to determine their refractive error on the basis of their farsightedness or nearsightedness. It will generate Eyeglass numbers with the help of camera or any other sensor which will be similar to the prescription sheet given to you by your optometrist.
1065 StabiBed GoodHealthAndWellBeing We aim to make a system to make ambulance journeys of patients less harmful and painful by introducing a vibration reduction extension in ambulance stretchers.
1066 SEMANTIC SEGMENTATION FOR GLACIERS USING SATELLITE IMAGERY ClimateAction Our main focus will be on the design and implementation of a model to extract semantic maps of waters, ice, glaciers, land, and clouds to track the water scarcity in Pakistan. We aim for designing a deep learning-based algorithm for semantic segmentation of glaciers from satellite imagery. We perform various analytics tasks on the segmented data.
1068 VR Doctor NoPoverty In this technological era, medical science is still lacking with its integration to computing. VR doctor is a Virtual Reality environment, that is meant for the training of medical students/young doctors(initially) that lets the trainers wearing headset view a hospital environment. It display Emergency Room & let's them treat patients as they in real life with the help of haptic gloves/controllers
1072 AI Grader GoodHealthAndWellBeing Solving problem of low radiologist to x-rays ratio by developing a cloud based platform, using deep learning and image processing algorithms, for analysis of chest x-rays by doing segmentation and image captioning. Aiming to ease pressure of radiologists, lower possibility of misdiagnosis and ensure treatment before disease become fatal.
1073 Pile design IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure For the effective design and development of p-multipliers, 3D FE analyses are performed for 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 vertically squared pile groups. The effect of the ratio of spacing to pile diameter (S/D), the number of group piles, varying friction angle, and pile fixity conditions on p-multipliers and group effect parameters are evaluated and quantified.
1082 Hydrometeorological extremes ClimateAction Under-developed countries like Pakistan lack in resources to properly monitor extreme weather events. The framework of this study is twofold: investigating the frequency of occurrence of hydrometeorological extremes over Pakistan as well as assessing the performance accuracy of model-based products (e.g., ERA5 from European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) in detection of these extremes.
1083 Lightweight structures IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The final year project is focused on the rendering the structure light weight by making use of non-conventional design methodologies of non-linear modeling which would help reduce the cross section of structural elements and recommending the use of different construction material which would further reduce the weight of the structure.
1084 Seepage Control ClimateAction Seepage in walls is a very common phenomenon and has a deadly effect on the structure. It causes damages like water marks and blisters due to which it can cause structural damages as well as ruins the aesthetics of the structure. The seepage measures for Pre and Post Construction Phases as well as study the possible causes and reasons associated with these type of problems will be studied.
1087 Disinfecting Robot GoodHealthAndWellBeing Autonomy in machines is the thing that is turning into reality. Autonomy in robots can be used to make an autonomous robot that will do the disinfecting jobs with accuracy without causing any health issues. Since there will be no direct involvement of human beings, this will prevent asthma and other respiratory diseases.
1088 Soil Liquefaction Other Soil liquefaction is a geotechnical Phenomenon in saturated granular soils. These soils upon receiving dynamic loading (like earthquake) consolidate and liquidates resulting in loss of strength and eventual settlement and collapse. Different sites will be tested upon and the samples will be analyzed in the lab for soil susceptibility. Remedies will be put forth for construction in such areas.
1090 Implementing Lean Other Relatively stagnant productivity and waste have made construction projects vulnerable to cost and time overrun, and sustainability issues, which can likely be addressed by using Lean Construction (LC) to remove inefficiencies and wasteful practices. The outcome of this research would help construction industry in reducing waste, improving productivity and duly meeting the goals of sustainability.
1091 LiBot IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The project is to make "An Autonomous Robot with Self Navigation & Book Placement for Library". Placing books in the library is a hectic and time-consuming activity. It also needs an expert person who knows about the database and rules of placing a book. This project will provide convenience and save time, money, and effort. This project will serve a critical role towards IIoT and industry 4.0.
1094 Scanning Infrastructures IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure There is a need to utilize innovative technologies for effective management, monitoring and sustainable development of infrastructures and industry. This proposed project aims at “Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), Real Time Kinematic – Global Navigation Satellite System (RTK-GNSS) and Softwares for management and monitoring of infrastructure and industry projects.”
1095 DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicle AffordableAndCleanEnergy This project aims to design a multiport DC-DC converter with multiple input power sources to tackle the swift power changes in the electric vehicle during acceleration. For this purpose, the battery will supply power in a steady-state while the super capacitor will provide an adequate amount of power in the transient state
1096 AVR Transformer IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure We
1097 FLOOD water purification using cheap methods CleanWaterAndSanitation Water is one of the basic needs which essential to life but cannot take it easy, it becomes more concern when a flood, there is plenty of dirty water than clean water, and the sources of the water are not approved to use. There are many kinds of waterborne pathogens which can donate diseases also death if not treating the water well before use.
1098 Realization and Implementation of Communication for Hearing Impaired and Inarticulate People ReducingInequality This project will focus on developing a communication channel between hearing impaired & inarticulate people & those with no disability. Our proposed system will consist of a mobile application for recognizing sign language by using machine learning & image processing techniques & to convert it into speech which reduces communication barrier between deaf-mute community & those with no disability.
1100 Hydrometeorological Trends ClimateAction Water resources of Pakistan are increasingly becoming a scarce natural resource and inextricably linked with climate change.Water Scarcity has emerged as a Global Issue in recent times and Pakistan currently is categorized as Water Stressed country.Therefore, it is necessary to study climate change impact on water resources of a city
1102 NUSTBOT-3 Other Our project is to actuate existing lower limbs of a humanoid robot. This will include working on providing mobility to all joints and then provide it with the code to generate a walking pattern for its movement.
1103 Traffic Congestion Solution SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Abstract:Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Chowk Rawalpindi is facing a traffic congestion problem, located in front of Pearl ContinentalHotel(RWP), especially during the peak hours period due to overpopulation. Such traffic congestion affects travelcosts, travel time, mobility, accessibility, productivity, and also impacts on the environment such as airpollution and global warming. Our main objective is to
1104 Vision X Health Aim : We are presenting the idea of Vision X based on spidey sense for facilitation of visually impaired older adults and geriatric population
1105 The Ashar’s Device Health We aim to device an orthotics/brace that will help to achieve proper weight bearing in patientswith lower limb injuries, post-operative cases (e.g. Total knee replacement) and age-related jointissues. Patients will improve their gait cycle by taking the assistance of sensory stimulation fromthe device. This device will help the patient to overcome kinesiophobia and will also limit thepatient’s