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S.No Project ID Idea Name Domain Abstract University
1 1108 COUGH O PHONE GoodHealthAndWellBeing COVID-19 and Tuberculosis (TB) are two of the most lethal diseases in the world. There are many various procedures for diagnosing these diseases, but these methods are expensive, and a nation like Pakistan has less technology, therefore the death rate rises. In Pakistan, tuberculosis is rampant. According to the most recent WHO estimates, Pakistan has seen a significant rise in these diseases. SSUETKarachi
2 1109 Foodgram IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The objective of this project is to develop a suite of mobile and web applications that shall serve as a platform for food vendors to connect with their customers and enhance their reach. It shall let food critics review different vendors as well. It shall guide food lovers especially tourists about the best eating spots in a city. NUST
3 1110 Crowdsourced Parking Management System IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Car parking is a major issue in almost every country. Due to rapid increase in cars, many cities are suffering from lacking of parking areas. Due to which drivers often end up wasting their fuel and time in search of vacant slot and sometimes they don't even find any empty slot SSUETKarachi
4 1112 Smart Surveillance System IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Traditional surveillance systems are incapable of doing any monitoring or activity. With the help of our system, harm can be reduced in a sensible amount of time by identifying potential threats or early risks. Our model would detect any suspicious act with the help of IP camera. SSUETKarachi
5 1113 Brainostic GoodHealthAndWellBeing It's an application or web based product which helps to identify the tumor in the brain through MRI images. It's also helps to identify the type of the tumor. SSUETKarachi
6 1114 Try n Buy E-Store IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure We are developing an e-commerce store for clothes. This store will have a try-on feature. the product (cloth item) the user will select, we will impose that cloth onto the user in real-time as well as any picture user will provide. Our app will predict the perfect size for the user (i.e M, L, etc). We will develop App as well as a website for this e-store. NUST
7 1115 Food Consumption Tracker with Health Advices ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production We’re providing solution through a mobile application, mainly for Pakistani and Indian Cuisines which tracks how much you calories you have consumed, what food is suitable for health according to diabetes, how much daily intake of calories they can have, they can check their diet history; they can set their diet plan to lose weight and how much weight they can put if they will not follow diet. SSUETKarachi
8 1116 Traffic Violation IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Real-time Smart transportation system (STS) to detect vehicles traveling the wrong way on the road through CCTV cameras. After detection, the program alerts the monitoring center and triggers a warning signal to the drivers. The developed system is based on video imaging and covers three aspects: detection, tracking, and validation. To locate a vehicle in a video frame, we are using a DL. SSUETKarachi
9 1117 E-Physiotherapist GoodHealthAndWellBeing When taking into consideration the fact that everything related to human touch is less valued in the post-COVID environment, the issue arises as to whether or not the patient needs to recuperate via physiotherapy with less human contact. Our project provides real-time video synchronization, movement tracking, and joint detections from a training data set. These detections measure the user's body p SSUETKarachi
10 1118 3D Concrete Printing IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure 3D concrete printing aims at automated, fast, and reliable construction of houses and infrastructure. This futuristic approach will transform the construction industry with its flexibility in design. Our research will minimize the challenges associated with conventional concrete construction by introducing this technology in Pakistan. The concrete printer is manufactured using indigenous materials NUST
11 1119 Pests Identification & Classification IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our project initially is targeted on pests available on crops, their identification, and classification using AI. We also wish to embed IoT in our project to achieve some precision agriculture in Pakistani farms. Since, precision agriculture is being used globally in agriculture sector. SSUETKarachi
12 1120 Solarify AffordableAndCleanEnergy The efficiency of Solar Panels is reduced due to the accumulation of dust on the panels. To overcome this, we mainly use water for cleaning which is considered a scarce resource. Attempts at waterless cleaning causes irreversible scratching of the surfaces. We present the idea of a waterless approach for dust removal by charging the dust particles using electrostatic induction. NUST
13 1121 TRAVEL PAKISTAN IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Pakistan's tourism sector has enormous potential. There are several challenges including Depleted Infrastructure, Lack of Communication Infrastructure, and improper IT usage for promoting tourism. "TRAVEL PAKISTAN" will address these challenges. To meet the demand of tourists, there is a dire need for a one-stop solution where all stakeholders can develop their businesses in the tourism sector. NUST
14 1122 Exam Over-Watch QualityEducation Our project is a research base project that prevents Students from cheating during examination. Machine Learning algorithms and Open Source Computer Vision Library for detecting Student’s unusual behavior through camera is used in the project. Eliminating cheating from our culture with the help of AI helping in conducting fair exams and providing a Low Cost Solution of Invigilation. SSUETKarachi
15 1123 Glucose Monitor GoodHealthAndWellBeing A continuous glucose monitoring device that will detect the blood glucose concentration without the active involvement of patient. Near infra-red rays will be emitted on the targeted area that could be the wrist or finger to extract the blood glucose information. Data will be processed and will be displayed on the mobile application. NUST
16 1125 VARSHIP IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure VARSHIP is naval war Action game based on VR : The main Goal of the player is to protect the island which is in the middle of border of enemy, there will be Ai enemy and Ai friend- ships. Players will be controlling and shooting with the help of VR controllers Sir Syed University Of Engineering and Technology- Karachi
17 1126 Advance Driver Assistance System IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The Project Serves The Need To Evaluate Driver Performance By Monitoring His Actions And Driving. It Includes Camera-based Monitoring System One Is On Dash Board And The Other Is Outside Of Car Which Provides A Real-time Evaluation Of The Presence, Detecting Lane, Vehicle And Pedestrian. Project Includes A Dashboard Which Will Visualize Everything And Show Overall SSUETKarachi
18 1127 Automatic Dynamic VideoGraphy Robot Other (Surveillance and search and rescue) Our project is a spherical videograpgy robot which can be used in various fields including search and rescue operations as well as surveillance in the battlefield . Due to its unique structure, it can operate on any kind of surface and in any weather conditions. It can we operate on water. NUST
19 1128 WAIODS DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth People are desperate to start earning online, but there are very few people to guide them. to fill the Gap, WAIODS is here to hold the hands of those people from starting their careers in the freelance market until making succeed in their journey. We will provide free awareness sessions, paid counselling, Courses, and Mentorship. NUST
20 1129 Eco-friendly Packaging ClimateAction Environmental friendly alternative to commonly used polystyrene based packaging. Polystyrene packaging are commonly used for packing of different electronic items. Polystyrene is hazardous to environment and causes serious respiration problems. In order to cater this biodegradable packaging is introduced which is based on bio-waste material and can be degraded easily in soil. NUST
21 1130 Secure E-voting machine employing Blockchain network and Computer Vision IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Voting must ensure integrity and transparency .Traditionally, the database is maintained by a central authority that has complete control over the database. Blockchain will make database decentralized and consistent. Hence, it will prevent data tampering E Voting using blockchain and biometric sensors (Facial & Fingerprint Recognition) ensures complete secure voting process. NUST
22 1131 Carpooling Application SustainableCitiesAndCommunities With fuel prices continuously climbing to new record breaking peaks, it is becoming difficult for the average commuters to keep up with these costs. Additionally, cab services have also raised their fares due to increased fuel prices. This makes it impractical for daily commuters to reach their destination. Our goal is to create a community driven platform to connect commuters together. NUST
23 1132 Myco-"St"&"BE" Other (Enviromental innovation) Due to the magnitude of the health problems brought on by the textile industry's heavy reliance on chemicals, it's imperative that we make the switch to more environmentally friendly options. Fungi provide us with the answer for environmentally friendly staining and distaining of textile fibers NUST
24 1133 IoT-Based_Smart_Irrigation_System_with-Weather_Forecasting ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production The aim is to develop an IoT-based smart irrigation system for the automatic supply of water to the crops and to check favorable conditions for pesticides, and also nutrient deficiency by keeping in mind the upcoming weather conditions. NamalUniversityMianwali
25 1134 Propagation of Banana elite variety through semi-automated tissue culture technology IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Tissue culture is an important technique required for the production of disease- free, high quality planting material and the rapid production of many clonally identical plantlets. The production of elite variety to produce identical plants capable of higher yield to feed the growing population of the world and Pakistan`s need. This is a useful technique as Pakistan's economy is agricultural based National University of Medical Sciences, Rawalpindi.
26 1135 Sound of Silence (SoS) GoodHealthAndWellBeing Sound of Silence is a stand alone system which aims at automating the process of lipreading. It will generate audio from silent/noisy videos i.e. given only the lip movements of a speaker. It will be available to the users as a Mobile Application and a Webiste made using the latest tools and technologies. NUST
27 1136 Semi-flexible Pavement AffordableAndCleanEnergy Throughout its design life, pavement construction attempts to withstand traffic loads and environmental conditions. Some of the important factors taken into account during a thorough pavement design process include good riding quality, durability, fatigue, and rutting characteristics. The two primary options for road construction historically have been flexible and rigid pavements. NUST
28 1137 Media Forensics PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions Media forensics is a rapidly growing field that focuses on analysing and detecting digital media content. It involves the examination and analysis of digital images, audio, video, and other digital artifacts to uncover hidden messages, detect digital manipulation, and uncover the truth. Our forensic media project is dedicated to helping individuals detect tempered content. NUST
29 1138 Advance food grading system GoodHealthAndWellBeing The food industry is currently fragmented and inefficient. Issues of food safety, quality control, and sustainability are widespread. Our innovative LED based portable device will solve these issues and more. The device can quickly and effectively grade fresh food and provide an accurate assessment of its quality without damaging the produce, saving both time and money. NUST
30 1139 Smart Farming IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure One of the main aspects of human survival is agriculture, the main source of food. Today, the agriculture industry is facing environmental challenges like unfavorable weather conditions, climate change and lack of natural resources. As a result of this the adoption of IOT solutions alongside GIS has been triggered in order to cut back on these losses by introducing the concept of Smart Farming. NUST
31 1140 Waitron IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Waiter robots, which are autonomous robots programmed to provide services in customer-facing environments.We explored the potential implications and benefits of this technology, from improved customer experience to cost savings for businesses. Our analysis suggests that waiter robots could revolutionize customer service in the hospitality industry. NUST
32 1141 Fire Rooster IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our AI based Fire Rooster is an intelligent device that can detect the fire using digital image processing and its concepts, and can prevent from the personal losses. It distinguishes between a normal fire and hazardous fire which will rid us of false alarms. The Fire Rooster has an android application which will directly send a message to both, the owner of property and fire brigade department. NUST
33 1142 AR-CHITECT IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The research paper develops an augmented reality application "AR-CHITECT" that proposes to develop dynamic 3D architectural models from 2D blueprints of floor plan. It takes input from an architect's 2D blueprint s of floor plan and dynamically generates a corresponding identical 3D model. Later, this model will be displayed in Augmented Reality for better visual understanding. This is achieved us SSUETKarachi
34 1143 ROBO HAND GoodHealthAndWellBeing An efficient, cost-effective, and patient-directed, soft-robotics-based assistive wearable device for the post-stroke rehabilitation of patients with upper limb functional impairment. NUST
35 1144 Habit Development GoodHealthAndWellBeing As we are moving towards a more digital age, our lives are getting busier but our problems stay the same. Health problems like kidney issues are still caused by inadequate water intake. Our product is based around the concept of 'Crumpled Bottle' to develop a long-lasting habit of drinking enough water regularly. The focus is more on the habit formation through the product. NUST
36 1145 Flood Mapping ClimateAction To prevent flood destruction, this study focuses on mapping flood-prone areas to define hazard boundaries. Tentative study areas are Swat and Nowshera districts. Major hydrological parameters (discharge, precipitation, etc.) will be utilized in GIS and hydrologic modelling tools for flood mapping. Furthermore, structural damage to existing infrastructure will be assessed using fragility curves. NUST
37 1146 Cellular Traffic Prediction usinG Federated Learning Other (Telecommunication related researached based project. ) In the modern age of mobile communication, cellular networks are crucial to the success of communication systems supporting a large number of mobile users and devices. With the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques, cellular traffic prediction is becoming more and more vital for the realization of various applications. Machine Learning based wireless traffic prediction techniqu NamalUniversityMianwali
38 1147 Hydrotech CleanWaterAndSanitation Hydrotech is an idea based on the UN's SDG 6.1 which is clean and safe drinkable water for all. The portable plant will use limitless energy of the sun to desalinate water from seas and oceans and make it drinkable for human beings so that the 22 million people of Pakistan, who are deprived of this necessity can have access to it, and we have an alternative before our conventional sources dry out. NUST
39 1148 Artificial Intelligence IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Self-compacting concrete is a special type of concrete that flows under its own weight into place to completely fill the formwork and compact without separation. There are few methods in the literature that can predict the strength of SCC based on their mix composition. The purpose of this investigation is to demonstrate the applicability of AI to predict 28 day compressive strength of SCC. NUST
40 1149 Seismic Vulnerability IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Quetta is most earthquake prone zone in Pakistan and also it have poor socio-economic conditions. Our project aims to assess the vulnerability of the structures for Quetta , their Numerical modelling and assessment of best solution for risk reduction. NUST
41 1150 UAGV IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This era is of wireless communication and IOT(internet of things). IOT is being used for easy and economic approach to command and control. We can use IOT from industry to agriculture , from our homes to battle fields and in fact in any field of practice. Air University
42 1151 Design, development and Fabrication of Throwable Surveillance Device PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions “Design and development of a surveillance device to get information from an inaccessible place and broadcast to a remote personnel” Main Objectives: Protect lives of personnel Minimize the collateral damage Gain immediate situational awareness NUST
43 1152 MilkiWay ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production In Pakistan, more than 90% of the population relies on milk but consumers are unaware of its low-quality with mixed adulterants. We aim to solve this problem by developing a cost-effective, portable and point-of-care testing kit that can measure (evaluate) milk’s critical parameters like fat, proteins, lactose, pH, and calcium levels, etc. by integrating smart sensors with IoT technology. NUST
44 1153 SwiftBot IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project aims to design and fabricate an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) capable of transporting packages of 2kg up to a height of 4ft using a scissor lift and telescoping mechanism. It will reduce human intervention and improve efficiency of warehouse systems, thereby reducing human risk and decreasing the carbon footprint and power consumption of warehouses. NUST
45 1154 Seat Assist GoodHealthAndWellBeing The project aims to design a seat assist that helps elderly for getting up after sitting down. the assist is used to perform sit to stand motion with ease and to eliminate dependency among the elderly NUST
46 1155 The Neomate GoodHealthAndWellBeing Circadian rhythm develops postnatally in newborns and are responsible for sleep–wake cycles, cardiovascular activity, body temperature, sensory system, renal plasma, hepatic metabolism, detoxification, functions of the endocrine system. Circadian rhythm is affected by light and air quality, our product will regulate both these factors to encourage proper development of circadian rhythm in infants NUST
47 1156 Interlocking Bricks IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our aim is to study and modify the design and characteristics of dry stacked interlocking bricks. As we are moving towards fast and environment friendly construction. The manufacturing process of the ordinary bricks includes burning which is hazardous to our environment. We will modify the shape to overcome the problems of diagonal cracking, and surface cracking of dry stacked interlocking bricks. NUST
48 1157 3D Scanner IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure 3D data acquiring tools are expensive and need expertise to handle device and data. Project aims to create cost-effective dynamic point cloud generation tool for shortrange objects mapping. It consists of Microcontroller, motor, distance sensor, IMU, SD card and mobile platform to mount device. It is vital in 3D closed infrastructures mapping. NUST
49 1158 Smart Wall IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Smart wall is a product made for office spaces with less area/office space. The product aims to minimize the effort of moving and shifting as the stats show that 45 percent of office spaces are vacant even during peak working time which results in the office space being wasted or not fully utilized. NUST
50 1159 Critical Role Other (Interactive Design & Hybrid Gamification. ) This thesis aims to enhance the experience of table top role playing games (TTRPG). By creating a hybrid gaming experience through the use of digital augmentation the product aims to make the experience of a pen & paper TTRPG more interactive & immersive. NUST
51 1160 Recyclable footwear ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Design for disassembly has been incorporated in construction of sneakers to allow easy disassembly at the end of its lifecycle. Elimination of glue and its replacement with methods like stitching, and interlocking modules is integrated in this design to cater to this problem and also enable repair. It disassembles in specific steps which are intuitive for the person disassembling. NUST
52 1161 GlymoBreath GoodHealthAndWellBeing Type 1 diabetes is one of the most common diseases in children, and glucometer doesn't allow children to self-monitor their condition. However, advancement in technologies and research have given possibility of testing GL non-invasively that are accurate. The idea is to design an interactive device which allows non-invasive monitoring of BGL, letting children to take hold of their condition. NUST
53 1162 Headache Therapy GoodHealthAndWellBeing Physiotherapy device for treating headaches and reducing headache frequency and duration. Uses massage therapy and acupressure to effectively provide pain relief as well as reducing fatigue especially on contracted muscles to provide a long term solution to headaches. It is a safer and non invasive alternative to medicine and other analgesics. NUST
54 1163 Nutrient Tablets ZeroHunger To raise agricultural output and guarantee food security, slow-release fertilizers (SRFs) have emerged as a potential solution to the problems caused by the poor NUE of urea and its environmental implications. Densification of nutrient-loaded biochar into tablets can improve biochar handling and transportation efficiencies. These tablets will gradually release embedded nutrients in the soil. NUST
55 1164 You matter GoodHealthAndWellBeing Postpartum depression is a crippling mood disorder, historically neglected in health care. This design studies the natural prevention of postpartum depression at home. Most important factors to be treated for effective prevention are constant invalidation, feeling excluded and a communication gap with partner. The design aims to promote the access of psychological treatment to the user at home. NUST
56 1165 Air Guard GoodHealthAndWellBeing Numerous people suffer fatal injuries from motorcycling accidents each year. Lack of safety equipment for motorbike riders is a major factor in many of these tragic injuries. A lot of accidents make motorcycle riders vulnerable to harm. In Pakistan, the only kind of protection available to the general public is a helmet, which most riders choose not to wear for a variety of reasons. NUST
57 1166 Flood Relief Ration Packaging GoodHealthAndWellBeing Observing that there aren't many options available in the market for ration delivery, and most of the food being delivered is in the form of cardboard boxes, that get disposed of, mostly not in the most sustainable manner. Incorporating a post-delivery functionality into the intended product that will deliver food rations will enable users to become more aware of the imminent threats of disasters. NUST
58 1167 Fitness at Home GoodHealthAndWellBeing Due to the Covid situation, physical and mental health has become very important so the aim of the project is to assist the ones who wants to adopt a healthy workout routine in to their daily lives. As we know fitting gym schedule is a great hassle for us due to its unavailability and farness. NUST
59 1168 Posturement GoodHealthAndWellBeing Professional Mobile E-Sports Players sit in the same posture for prolonged periods contributing to significant health risks that can compromise their performance, or worse, can lead to early retirement. In typical mobile-gaming athletes, maintaining posture with a prolonged inferior viewing angle and hand-held mobile-gaming position could induce neck flexion and repeated wrist bending. NUST
60 1169 WordTouch ReducingInequality Considering the lack of accessible products for the visually-impaired and blind, students and professionals in Pakistan have to rely on conventional methods for learning and working in their daily lives which leaves them at a disadvantage compared to their sighted peers. The proposed solution is an input device dedicated to braille users combined with a refreshable braille display for output. NUST
61 1170 Adaptive Shelters IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The project features adaptive shelters for immediate deployment in post-flood scenarios. Current model of relief shelters are not able to stand the harsh and unpredictable climatic conditions within relief sites. The shelter adapts according to these changing conditions like gale, thunderstorm, rainstorm. Additionally, living essentials built within the shelter provides higher value at low cost. NUST
62 1171 Ditto Other (Creative Arts- Designing tools for creativity.) Artists using paints to color their artifacts have to go through a struggle of rigorous paint mixing that takes a lot of effort hindering their performance of treating a surface with paint. My product is a designing tool for artists in which they can pick colors from their surrounding and tweak them to achieve accurate desired color shades to paint surfaces. NUST
63 1172 Archimedes Screw Turbine AffordableAndCleanEnergy Potential energy from fluid flow of small rivers or irrigations could be extracted become electricity by using screw turbine. This turbine is promising because the advantages of ultra-low head and fish friendly. Experimental performance of screw turbine for ultra-low head hydro resource is guaranteed. NUST
64 1173 moss-air GoodHealthAndWellBeing The increasing exposure to air pollutants associated with urbanization is adverse for human health. Urban residents spend more than 90% of their time indoors where concentration of pollutants is higher. At present, nature-based solutions are the most advised to mitigate urban climate and improve urban air quality. In this project 'MOSS' is used as bio filters for improving indoor air quality. NUST
65 1174 Single use ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production 40% of the plastic produced globally is packaging used only once and then discarded. It does not biodegrade, remains for thousands of years and breaks down into microplastics that contaminate the environment. The proposal is single time use packaging designed from wheat husk. It has better constructional properties as compared to other agricultural waste. NUST
66 1175 Blind Guide GoodHealthAndWellBeing They will no longer need a guide because an entirely new aiding device has been developed, which will improve their performance while simultaneously lowering their reliance on others. Moreover, it is anticipated that the suggested solution will also be improving the quality of their life. NUST
67 1176 Low-Cost Projection QualityEducation The lack of affordable and modern education resources is causing problems for the community at large. This idea discusses the failures of traditional educational resources in terms of current natural disaster prone situations and how we can reimagine an under-developed area with modern technology made simple and affordable. NUST
68 1177 Green Ammonia IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our idea mainly focuses on adopting green method for synthesizing ammonia from renewable resources, considering rapid change in climate and decline in non-renewable resources. NUST
69 1178 Self Balancing Unicycle AffordableAndCleanEnergy A mobility mechanism for robots to be used in tight spaces shared with people requires it to have a small size, to move omnidirectionally, as well as to be highly steerable. However, currently there exist few such mobility mechanisms that satisfy all these conditions well. Here we introduce Omnidirectional Self Balancing Unicycle, a unicycle robot with active omnidirectional moving ability. FUI
70 1179 4 Microns IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Groove measurement has always been a hard task for the automotive industry. This is due to the small dimensions involved. Industries have been using destructive techniques which is an expensive way for measurement. Our aim is to give a solution to the industry that is inexpensive and utilizes the non-destructive technique for measurement while maintaining a high micron level accuracy. NUST
71 1180 Design and Fabrication of Suspension System of a Formula Student car (Team Alif) IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The scope of the project pertains to the design, analysis and manufacturing of a formula student car suspension, which includes suspension geometry, brake system and steering geometry, and its integration with car's chassis and power train. The steering rack, shock absorbers, brake calipers and master cylinder would be purchased and integrated into the design wherever necessary. NUST
72 1181 Design and Fabrication of Suspension System of a Formula Student car (Team Alif) IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The scope of the project pertains to the design, analysis and manufacturing of a formula student car suspension, which includes suspension geometry, brake system and steering geometry, and its integration with car's chassis and power train. The steering rack, shock absorbers, brake calipers and master cylinder would be purchased and integrated into the design wherever necessary. NUST
73 1182 Autonomous Surveillance IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Employing the emerging technologies of computer vision and machine learning in our surveillance systems. We are proposing a system AISS that autonomously detects perimeter intrusion using gesture recognition. AISS will quickly raise an alarm and notify security staff on any perimeter intrusion, eliminating the likelihood of human error and fatigue. NUST
74 1183 Autonomous Computational Intelligence-based Security and Surveillance System (AISS) IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Employing the emerging technologies of computer vision and machine learning in our surveillance systems. We are proposing a system AISS that autonomously detects perimeter intrusion using gesture recognition. AISS will quickly raise an alarm and notify security staff on any perimeter intrusion, eliminating the likelihood of human error and fatigue. NUST
75 1184 5 level MMC AffordableAndCleanEnergy Previously built converters had a major drawback of high harmonic distortion which was solved with use of passive filters but these filters further created an issue of being voluminous and expensive.This project is focusing on the design of modular multi-level converter improves these problems;To minimize THD, reduction of power losses, Elimination of filter. FUI
76 1185 Forecasting Power Generation ClimateAction The study intends to first analyze and simulate the historical trends and then forecast (via hydrological model- and AI-based techniques) the future trends of streamflow in Swat River with a specific focus on hydropower generation by Malakand-III Power Plant. Expected results include time series forecasts for future streamflow as well as future estimates of irrigation and hydropower potential. NUST
77 1186 Therapeutic Device GoodHealthAndWellBeing Our idea is for the rehabilitation purpose for the lower body disabled people generally known as paraplegic patients, and to give them an access of self-controlled therapy at anytime, we want to introduce our device that will pick up signals by hand gestures with some controlling factors included incorporated with voice inputs too. Air University
78 1187 Monitoring system NoPoverty Iot based green house monitoring and control system FUI
79 1188 Drought Indices Forecasting ClimateAction Under-developed countries like Pakistan lack in resources to properly monitor hydrometeorological extremes such as droughts. The study intends spatial investigation of historical drought indices over Pakistan as well as future time series forecasting of drought indices using AI-based technique such that the forecasting would focus on some regions of Pakistan more vulnerable to drought hazards. NUST
80 1189 Digital advertisement on car rear screen IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure our idea is for marketing and advertising your business. We offered running ads on the rear screen of the cars of ordinary citizens by using the holographic projector. In this system we make a server-based technology that connects the user with the company by means of a mobile App and a Projection device. company will control all the ads running on the cars at different locations. FUI
81 1190 Sustainable Shade Design GoodHealthAndWellBeing To create a product for low income flea bazar areas that is retractable, provides shade, offers low cost cooling, goes with the aesthetic and adds to the shopping experience. It should improve the well being of the users and battle heat related illnesses. This would improve business as people would stay longer and shop more. NUST
82 1191 Cuffless Blood Pressure (BP) Monitoring via mmWave Radar Technology GoodHealthAndWellBeing The hypertension or high blood pressure (BP) is a major health problem worldwide. As per national health survey of Pakistan, the hypertension affects 18% of adults and 33% of adults above 45 years old. Typically, the BP is monitored via upper arm blood pressure monitor, however, such monitoring can’t be done continuously. This will be achieved via advancements in millimeter-Wave (mm-Wave) Radar NUST
83 1192 Smart Campus System IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The main focus of our project is to design and implement a smart campus system. We will achieve our main goal by automating at least one classroom at our university. In this project, we will be using Arduinos as our controllers and it will be accomplished by integrating thermal cameras and sensors. We will do the simulations on Qt Creator, Open CV, and Arduino IDE to design our system. FUI
84 1193 Smart Campus System IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The main focus of our project is to design and implement a smart campus system. We will achieve our main goal by automating at least one classroom at our university. In this project, we will be using Arduinos as our controllers and it will be accomplished by integrating thermal cameras and sensors. We will do the simulations on Qt Creator, Open CV, and Arduino IDE to design our system. FUI
85 1194 Weeding Robot ClimateAction The project aims to research, design, fabricate and program a robot capable of using AI-based techniques for distinguishing weeds from crops and removing the target weed using a method that prevents crop damage. This research combines fields including AI Computer vision Image processing, Mobile Robotics, Mechanical design, and Agriculture into creating a viable solution for effective weed control. NUST
86 1195 AIDAR ClimateAction Our proposed framework provides appropriate and rapid assistance to disaster victims by timely and efficiently identification and assessment of disaster-struck area. UAV integrated with AI embedded system provides useful insights to plan and execute search and rescue missions during disaster response. Identify post-disaster hazards, localize injured people, and provide a communication channel. NUST
87 1196 MRI Detection GoodHealthAndWellBeing By the help of this project we aim to make it easier to detect brain tumors at an early stage using only MRI Images. This will make great leaps in the field of medical science. The software will be designed with the use of machine learning to train the model and attain an accuracy good enough to replace it with human based detections which are vulnerable to human errors. NUST
88 1197 UV sensor Based Dual Axis Solar Tracking System AffordableAndCleanEnergy Previous research mainly concentrated on the development of sensor-based solar tracking systems using sun position sensors to increase the efficiency of PV systems like LDR's sensor.The performance of solar tracking can be negatively impacted by the severe limits of LDRs (such as saturation of light intensity and ineffectiveness under poor visibility situations) which are overcome by UV sensors. FUI
89 1198 Automated X-rays Report Generation(ARG) IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure After taking an X-ray, the patient wait for the radiologist to thoroughly study the image and write a report. The process is very timely and somewhat dependent on radiologist’s availability. Because of the long process, sometimes a patient needs urgent treatment cannot get in time. To overcome this problem, we try to design an AI-based system can automatically interpret X-rays and generate reports SSUETKarachi
90 1199 SMRO NoPoverty Popularity of restaurants has increased in recent years. However, the complaints received from customers regarding services offered in restaurants has increased too, this feeling of dissatisfaction is caused by many reasons, namely, time consumption while taking customer’s order and payment process. Advancement in communication technologies can be used to resolve these issues. FUI
91 1200 Scholar's Companion Other (A web-based software application for subject-specific learning of Quran-il-Hakeem) The intended software facilitates the learners from all over the world. The software facilitates the learners in systematic way by using interactive learning sessions and computer based testing of Quranic subjects for the better understanding. These techniques shall significantly enhance quality of the learning process. FUI
92 1201 Lost Survival IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Lost survival is a progressive story-based multiplayer Desktop game. Lost survival connects two players across different devices to join a lobby and perform story-based game missions parallel together which includes multiple tasks, engaging with AI enemies which will engage in combat with players. FUI
93 1202 Smart Helmet GoodHealthAndWellBeing Miners all over the world meet with many incidents due to fatalities and collapses. Diseases caused by mining are often disabling and ultimately lead to death such as silicosis, lung fibrosis, lung cancer, etc. Our project aims at creating a safety helmet model that comes with live location tracking, monitoring of air quality, detection of hazardous gases through IoT sensors, and real-time footage NUST
94 1203 Retractable Wing UAV IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The pain point in drones and UAVs is energy consumption of batteries during take-off and landing. This requires heavy batteries making their development expensive. To eliminate this energy consumption and add portability to the launch/take-off of UAVs, we are designing a mechanism that can do both efficiently and inexpensively. NUST
95 1204 Electromagnetic propulsion system IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure It is based on acceleration of projectile by using electromagnetic forces. Power will be given by capacitor bank. Material selection and current control are basic tasks. There is also instrumentation part of speed of projectile measurement and temperature measurement. NUST
96 1205 Speaking Glove GoodHealthAndWellBeing This project converts sign language into speech NUST
97 1206 Bridge Monitoring SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Bridges are live structures, which once constructed and put into service, deterioration commences due to repeated cycling loading, environmental effects and material degradation. Therefore, it is crucial to inspect them and assess their structural strength and serviceability. To reduce the efforts, we will be using photogrammetry, drones and AI to optimize the bridge health monitoring. NUST
98 1207 Piled Slopes SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Slope failure can cause catastrophic environmental and human disaster. The main focus of this research is to study the pile-soil response in sandy slope surfaces using Finite Element Method and to propose a design of piles that effectively counter the effects of phenomena leading to slope failures and increases its factor of safety. NUST
99 1208 Solar Panel Cleaning Robot with Monitoring System AffordableAndCleanEnergy Solar energy is among the renewable and environment friendly energy sources. The efficiency of a solar panel can be greatly affected by dust and other factors, the efficiency can be restored by cleaning the panels. We proposed to design a system which will monitor the solar panel performance and alert the user when the panel require cleaning. Our project will also include designing a robot. NamalUniversityMianwali
100 1209 Reverse Vending SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Reduction of plastic waste through the creation of a system for recycling PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles using reverse vending technology, with the goal of reducing the time required for recycling procedures, directing PET recycling across the nation, and fostering environmental activism through incentives. NUST