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About Us

About FICS

Finding Innovative & Creative Solutions for Society

FICS: A New Beginning

FICS is a competition to promote Social Entrepreneurship and the creation of products and services to benefit communities and Society; the competition was started by the NUST School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (SEECS) 10 years ago and increased in scope and magnitude to become a NUST-wide competition in 2015. With the uplifting response to the events in the past years, FICS went international in 2023 and held first ever international event in Turkiye. as an aim to become a part of the global exchange of research and ideas. FICS

This year, FICS is redefining itself to signify its growing popularity and its resolve to promote meaningful solutions to our common social roadblocks. Since the success graph of the program is growing exponentially, Quality will be the defining feature of FICS`24. This will be a step towards its vision of catering to common social problems by being more inclusive and pluralistic towards competitors as well as our common socio-economic goals.

FICS Success Stories

Finding Innovative & Creative Solutions

FICS promotes entrepreneurship and innovation by allowing participants to address the most pressing social and environmental issues at the core of society. More than an annual competition, FICS has proven to be a vast resource of much sought-after solutions.

In a society where nearly everyone is educated with a job-seeking mindset, FICS strives to act as a torch-bearer and identify ideas that can be commercialized and converted into viable entrepreneurial endeavors. Moreover, students through FICS are encouraged to focus their research and innovation to address Pakistan’s issues.

Our objective at FICS has always been to aid society through innovative & creative solutions by recruiting individuals with a significant drive to bring about change that would consequently have a positive impact on the society we live in today. The video here highlights some of the top success stories generating out of FICS over the years.

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Our Objective

FICS is part of an on-going and continuous exercise at NUST aimed at facilitating entrepreneurship, which is in line with the NUST mission. FICS concentrates more on Social Entrepreneurship. Some of the objectives of FICS are given below:-

To encourage students to become valuable members of society and contribute towards societal / community development by deploying technical knowledge and scientific tools.

To allow students to think creatively and develop the latest applications and innovative technology based-solutions, hence encouraging them to work on practical utilization of knowledge.

To serve as a platform for identifying ideas and technologies that can be commercialized and converted into viable products and services.

To bring the Industry on board to provide regular mentorship to the participating students and thereby provide an opportunity not only for the students to learn from the expertise and experience of Industry partners but also for the Industry to discover the potential of our students and engage with the students and the Institute on a more long-term basis.

To foster an entrepreneurial culture within NUST and at a national & international level; a culture that facilitates and supports innovation and its translation into benefits for our society and our economy.