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FICS - Finding Innovative & Creative Solutions


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FICS at a Glance

Year Round Program

FICS is not just a competition but a year round program

Social Entrepreneurship

FICS is a technology based social entrepreneurship forum for students


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the key focus of FICS projects.

Industry Involvement

A major portion of FICS's success is attributed to the comprehensive industry involvement.

Startup Culture

FICS promotes and supports a startup culture and enables projects deployment.

Viable Business Ideas

FICS provides a supportive eco-system for students to engage them with industry and churn out brilliant socially viable business ideas.

FICS Success Stories

Finding Innovative & Creative Solutions

FICS promotes entrepreneurship and innovation by allowing participants to address the most pressing social and environmental issues at the core of society. More than an annual competition, FICS has proven to be a vast resource of much sought-after solutions.

Our objective at FICS has always been to aid society through innovative & creative solutions by recruiting individuals with a significant drive to bring about change that would consequently have a positive impact on the society we live in today. The video here highlights some of the top success stories generating out of FICS over the years.

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