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Idea Submission

Projects Shortlisted for Stage 2

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S No. Project ID Idea Name Domain Abstract Fees Paid
1 1667 AutiZen Other Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder that has no cure and can only be suppressed with repetitive training of the affected person. AutiZen is a VR-based game designed for autistic children, where they will be fully immersed in a realistic 3D environment to perform tasks that will help them in their daily lives. With variable levels of difficulty, they will be able to learn and grow at their own pace. YES
2 1668 Development of Wireless Sensor Networ (WSN) For Real Time Land-Slide Monitoring IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our venture, the Wireless Landslide Monitoring System, employs a network of strategically placed sensors to collect real-time data on slope movements, soil moisture, rainfall, and groundwater levels in landslide-prone areas. This innovative system aims to mitigate the impact of landslides by providing early warnings to local citizens, tourists, and relevant government institutes. It is a low-cost, sustainable project contributing significantly to disaster mitigation and infrastructure planning. YES
3 1669 Deep Dentistry GoodHealthAndWellBeing The AI powered application will utilize image analysis to identify diseases and provide users with an initial diagnosis. The development of this app will involve deep learning algorithms, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) which will be trained using a dataset consisting of images related to diseases. Artificial intelligence is gaining increasing significance, in our lives and medical research. YES
4 1670 Patient File Manager NoPoverty This project is an application that is basically designed for the ease of patients. Our application will keep records of patients that will be provided to it and will be able to fetch the data of reports by OCR and show it in the form of some graphs, which helps the patient not carry reports (in the form of paper) all the time. Our main motive for building this application is to get patients free from taking reports on paper everywhere. Some hospitals do not share their data with other hospitals because of their policies, which have a great impact on patients. People with a hectic schedule forget to get medicines on time, so our application will be there to notify them and keep a record of the patient’s history. YES
5 1671 Meta Labs QualityEducation The Virtual Reality Chemistry Lab (VRCL) is a software-based solution that provides a safe, accurate, and guided way of conducting chemistry experiments virtually. It eliminates the need for expensive physical equipment and chemicals, making it cost-effective for educational institutions. By simulating real-life chemistry lab environments, it offers an impactful, engaging, and memorable experience for students. The VRCL includes a range of experiments and allows students to practice their experiments using a range of apparatus and chemicals. Interactive tutorials and guidance are provided to help users navigate the virtual lab environment and understand the principles of chemistry. Overall, the VRCL has the potential to revolutionize the way that chemistry is taught and researched. YES
6 1672 Smart FM IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Technologies are integrated into the field of construction engineering and management, especially in enhancing facility management. In this light, it is objective for this project to use Building Information Modeling (BIM)-generated 3D building models with existing complaint management mobile app developments. It is directed towards improving user experience through visual reporting for facility issues. The current mobile app does not provide for a 3D modeling capability, hence necessitating this project to create a deep learning plugin (in Python, C++, or Java) to be used as bridge. The plugin provides users full-fledged 3D BIM models inclusive of architectural specs and installation history. Users could navigate through the 3D models with ease, and they would identify all issues of the facility without any ambiguity or confusion. Routing complaints to relevant parties such as facility managers is also fast, and even resolution could be tracked in real-time through notifications as well. YES
7 1673 VisuX IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The Simulated Reality University Tour project makes a significant difference by revolutionizing the traditional university tour experience. It offers a transformative and immersive virtual platform that transcends geographical limitations, enabling prospective students and visitors to explore and engage with Sir Syed University from anywhere in the world. By combining simulated reality technology with an AI chatbot, the project provides a personalized and interactive tour experience, delivering accurate and relevant information in real time. YES
8 1674 MeetSum IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This idea proposes the development of an intelligent board meeting analyzer that leverages natural language processing (NLP) and video processing to provide a comprehensive summary of the meeting. The system will use advanced algorithms to analyze the audio and video recordings of the meeting, extract key information, and generate a summary of the discussion. The analyzer will also use sentiment analysis to determine whether the overall meeting was positive or negative and analyze the engagement level of each participant. The system will display overall statistics, such as the duration of the meeting, the number of speakers, and the number of times specific topics were discussed. The proposed system will provide a valuable tool for businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their meetings and identify areas for improvement. It will also save time and resources by eliminating the need for manual notetaking and analysis. Overall, this technology will provide a valuable resource for companies to optimize their board meetings and improve their decision-making processes. YES
9 1675 Talk-lingo IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure TALKLINGO is basically a real time voice converter platform that can remove the communication gap among the people by converting his own voice to any selected particular language that can feel user to communicate in his own voice it is speech to speech recognition and automatically detected of what language it is however another feature is to provide user a offline mode platform where user can pre installed specific language extension and communicate even if it is offline. YES
10 1676 SkinoAI GoodHealthAndWellBeing In the field of healthcare, the accurate diagnosis and timely treatment of the skin diseases plays an important role for ensuring the better patient outcome. However, many individuals face challenges in getting appointment or getting access to specialized dermatological care which leads to delayed, missed and inappropriate diagnosis and treatment. To solve this issue to a certain level and improve the healthcare accessibility, we have chosen to develop the AI-based skin disease diagnosis application. Our project aims to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide a user-friendly mobile application that enables individuals to accurately identify and manage various skin diseases. The application will utilize advanced image recognition algorithms to analyze user-submitted images of affected skin areas. By comparing these images with a comprehensive database of known skin diseases, the application will provide automated diagnoses and personalized treatment recommendations. Our project aims to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide a user-friendly mobile application that enables individuals to accurately identify and manage various skin diseases. The application will utilize advanced image recognition algorithms to analyze user-submitted images of affected skin areas. By comparing these images with a comprehensive database of known skin diseases, the application will provide automated diagnoses and personalised treatment recommendations. YES
11 1677 EduAssess Cloud QualityEducation EduAssess Cloud is a cloud-based platform simplifying OBE assessment creation and course reviews. It empowers faculty to align assessments with CLOs and PLOs effortlessly. The system enhances efficiency, transparency, and collaboration in the educational evaluation process. YES
12 1678 EnviroBreathe GoodHealthAndWellBeing Development of IoT system that uses air sensors to sense the presence of harmful gases/compounds in the air. The data collected will be used to generate compliance reports or alerts when parameters violate specific guidelines, as well as predicting future environmental conditions, which can further be used by the local authorities to make a detailed analysis. Necessary actions can be taken to ensure that the air quality levels don’t reach an extreme low, especially in areas around hospitals and schools. YES
13 1679 Sustainable Pavements SustainableCitiesAndCommunities This research advances sustainable pavement construction by integrating plastic and reclaimed asphalt to address environmental concerns. A photocatalyst enhances air quality without compromising pavement integrity. The study investigates the feasibility, structural stability, and environmental impact, aiming to contribute to eco-friendly urban infrastructures. YES
14 1680 AI-Powered Symptom Checker GoodHealthAndWellBeing Our healthcare app is a groundbreaking solution that aims to revolutionize the way patients in Pakistan access healthcare services and information. The healthcare app that we will develop will address the challenges faced by patients in Pakistan by providing patients with a comprehensive suite of features, including facetime/audio call consultations with doctors, appointment scheduling, AI-powered symptom checker, medication reminders, in-app chat system, doctor reviews and ratings, in-app payment, and cost estimator, our app is the most convenient and accessible healthcare solution in the market. Our app empowers patients to take control of their health and well-being, providing them with the resources they need to receive timely and effective medical care. Whether you are living in a remote area with limited access to medical services, or simply seeking a more convenient way to manage your health, our app is the ultimate solution for all your healthcare needs. With our app, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality of care and attention, at the touch of a button. YES
15 1681 Muscle Fatigue GoodHealthAndWellBeing This project investigates muscle fatigue through a multidisciplinary approach, examining central and peripheral factors using methods like electromyography and imaging technologies. Interventions include training, nutrition, and innovative technologies for fatigue modulation. The findings aim to enhance performance in sports, rehabilitation, and occupational settings, emphasizing the ongoing need for evidence-based research in muscle fatigue analysis. YES
16 1682 CommuniAlert SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Fast paced life needs instant communication regarding multiple activities. Community based communication applications that provide activity alerts often use the approach of geo-fencing. The system with multiple sensors makes it expensive. Recently a business model of outsourcing the tasks to people bearing handheld devices such as smart phones provides a cost effective and efficient way of performing tasks in short time. This process is known as Crowdsourcing. The term Crowdsourcing was first coined in 2006 defined simply as outsourcing the tasks to the crowd where crowd is number of people (not necessary known to one another). Crowd using their smart phones can do wonders. In this project, we aim to integrate the concept of crowdsourcing with geo-fencing to provide cost effective instant communication among community members. Our application allows any member of the community living in a particular geo-fenced area to report an activity alert. Alerts may include safety alerts, accidents alerts, community alerts and business promotions. All these alerts will directly be shared with community members as well as logs for each alert will also be maintained. The methods of reporting alerts may be in the form of text message, voice message and a snapshot. We anticipate crowdsourcing integrated with geo-fencing approach will provide benefits of not only instant communication but in a cost effective and time efficient manner where human are used as sensors. This will reduce the maintenance cost regarding multiple sensors installed in conventional alert systems. This application may improve situational awareness by providing community members with up-to-date information about events or incidents that occur within a community helping members to make informed decisions about their safety and well-being. YES
17 1684 Watt-Wise SustainableCitiesAndCommunities WattWise is a groundbreaking SaaS platform poised to redefine energy management in Pakistan. Through cutting-edge features like real-time energy consumption monitoring, solar energy integration, and load shedding predictions, WattWise empowers users to take charge of their energy usage. The platform not only helps users combat load shedding efficiently but also provides personalized energy-saving tips, bill analysis, and budgeting tools to reduce electricity expenses. One of WattWise's unique strengths lies in its integration with local energy efficiency product suppliers, offering discounts and promotions for energy-efficient upgrades. The platform caters specifically to the Pakistani market with localized content, language support, and a keen focus on addressing the country's energy challenges. WattWise goes beyond traditional energy management solutions by introducing innovative features such as load shedding predictions, alternative power source recommendations, and a pioneering peer-to-peer energy trading marketplace. These features not only enhance user experience but also contribute to building a more resilient and sustainable energy ecosystem. By keeping users informed about government incentives and fostering community engagement through a dedicated forum, WattWise aims to make energy efficiency accessible to all. The platform's mission extends beyond mere cost savings, encouraging households to reduce grid reliance, embrace renewable energy sources, and actively participate in a shared vision of a sustainable future. In essence, WattWise is not just a platform; it's a transformative force, bringing together technology, community, and sustainability to pave the way for a brighter and more energy-efficient Pakistan. YES
18 1685 AI Psychologist GoodHealthAndWellBeing AI Psychologist revolutionizes mental health in Pakistan, employing AI and psychology expertise for accurate, culturally sensitive support. Waterfall methodology ensures structured development, addressing stigma and accessibility. Collaboration with psychology experts refines the dataset for precise insights, empowering users in active well-being management. YES
19 1686 Smarty Pie QualityEducation Smarty PIE, an AI-based tool, innovatively assesses project novelty and aligns with SDGs. It simplifies evaluation, offering accurate, user-friendly reports for impactful planning and execution. YES
20 1689 Dental Scalar GoodHealthAndWellBeing This project aims to enhance dental care in Pakistan by developing an indigenous dental scalar. This innovation offers more comfortable, affordable, and effective experience for patients. The research involves experimentation, prototyping, and testing, with a focus on local manufacturing. Successful implementation could elevate dental care standards in Pakistan and contribute to local manufacturing capabilities. YES
21 1690 AR LIBRARY NAVIGATOR IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Libraries have changed in recent years to adapt to the shifting demands of users in the digital age. They have embraced technology as information repositories to increase resource access and improve the entire library experience. A prospective technique for changing how people interact with libraries is augmented reality (AR). The "Augmented Reality Library Navigator" is a cutting-edge system that uses AR technology to offer a fresh and immersive approach to library navigation. This abstract provides an overview of the system. The Augmented Reality Library Navigator is made to increase information availability, simplify the search process, and encourage increased engagement with both physical and digital collections for library users. Users of this system can access a variety of functions thanks to the system's flawless integration with mobile devices. The augmented reality (AR) system overlays digital information on the actual physical environment of the library, providing real-time, location-specific assistance to assist users in finding books, journals, study areas, and other resources. It includes interactive elements including book suggestions, event alerts, and multimedia material on the library's collections. The Augmented Reality Library Navigator's primary characteristics and advantages are covered in this abstract, along with how it might improve everyone's experience using the library, regardless of how familiar they are with its layout or resources. The system also gives library personnel a new opportunity to filter and personalize content for users, fostering a more unique and interesting experience. Additionally, this abstract discusses the difficulties and factors to be considered when using augmented reality in libraries, including user privacy, technological infrastructure, and "AR systems overlay digital information on the accessibility of physical libraries. It also discusses potential future advancements and areas for research in the field of augmented reality in libraries, showing the way in which continuing advances could improve the way people use libraries. The Augmented Reality Library Navigator, which provides a thrilling avenue for enhancing access, engagement, and the overall user experience in libraries, represents a significant improvement in library services. YES
22 1691 WriteRight QualityEducation The "WriteRight" application is a multi-disciplinary initiative aimed at revolutionizing the process of handwriting improvement through an engaging and technologically advanced platform. In a society increasingly dominated by digital communication, the significance of proficient handwriting remains pivotal, impacting academic and professional performance, as well as personal confidence. This project recognizes the challenges individuals face in honing their handwriting skills, particularly in the context of modern educational requirements. The core objective of "WriteRight" is to offer a gamified and interactive solution to address these challenges. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including Flutter for the mobile application, Firebase for real-time data synchronization, and Django for backend processing, the application ensures a seamless and dynamic user experience. The incorporation of a sophisticated image comparison algorithm further sets "WriteRight" apart, enabling users to submit handwritten text for analysis, receive real-time feedback, and track their progress over time. The application's educational focus is evident in its versatile user base, catering to both students and educators. Students can engage in personalized, self-paced learning, improving their handwriting skills through interactive levels and gamified challenges. Teachers, on the other hand, benefit from a dedicated Teacher Dashboard, allowing them to monitor student progress, assign tasks, and manage the overall learning experience within a classroom setting. The gamification aspect adds an element of fun and motivation to the learning process. Users progress through levels, receive rewards, and celebrate achievements, fostering a positive and encouraging environment for continuous improvement. The cross-platform compatibility of "WriteRight" on both Android and iOS devices ensures accessibility for a diverse user demographic. The project aligns with broader sustainable development goals, contributing to quality education by providing an effective tool for handwriting improvement (SDG 4). It also embraces technological innovation (SDG 9) and promotes inclusivity and equal access to educational resources (SDG 10), addressing the digital divide. In summary, "WriteRight" is not merely an application but a comprehensive solution that integrates elements from education, technology, gamification, and human-computer interaction. By addressing the diverse needs of students, educators, and individuals seeking to enhance their handwriting skills, "WriteRight" strives to bridge the gap between traditional skills and modern technological advancements, ultimately empowering users with improved handwriting and heightened self-confidence. YES
23 1692 Smart Labor Hiring Platform DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth Introducing a cutting-edge digital platform transforming construction, fostering seamless connections between construction entities and skilled labor, our solution streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and shapes a collaborative future for the industry. YES
24 1693 FrameFuse QualityEducation The project aims to develop an innovative automated video segmentation application. The application allows users to upload offline videos or share links to online videos, and through advanced content analysis, it identifies keywords and topics to generate shorter, focused video segments. Users receive suggested titles, hashtags, and related content from the internet based on extracted keywords, empowering them to create compelling and discoverable video content. YES
25 1695 Aqua Horizon LifeBelowWater An underwater buoyancy driven vehicle is a type of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that employs variable-buoyancy propulsion instead of traditional propellers or thrusters. It has no active propulsion and employs variable buoyancy in a similar way to a profiling float or sonobuoys, but unlike a float, which can move only up and down, an underwater buoyancy driven vehicle is fitted with hydrofoils (underwater wings) that allow it to glide forward while descending through the water. At a certain depth, the glider switches to positive buoyancy to climb back up and forward, and the cycle is then repeated. The underwater buoyancy driven vehicle moves in a sawtooth pattern to complete its entire mission. Unlike buoys, which are deployed in a fixed location, buoyancy driven vehicle are buoyancy driven, winged vehicles and can be programmed to travel to specific areas of interest collecting environmental data on conductivity, temperature, depth and other parameters.While not as fast as conventional AUVs, buoyancy driven vehicles also called as underwater gliders offer significantly greater range and endurance due to low energy consumption compared to traditional AUVs, extending ocean sampling missions from hours to weeks or months, and to thousands of kilometers of range. The typical up-and-down, sawtooth-like profile followed by a glider can provide data on temporal and spatial scales unattainable by powered AUVs and much more costly to sample using traditional shipboard techniques. A wide variety of buoyancy driven vehicle designs are in use by navies and ocean research organizations, with vehicles typically costing around US$100,000. YES
26 1696 Lower-Limb Exoskeleton GoodHealthAndWellBeing In our region, characterized by limited advancements in assistive technology, individuals with mobility impairments face significant challenges that hinder their mobility, independence, and overall quality of life. The lack of affordable and locally accessible assistive devices compounds their difficulties, restricting their ability to navigate daily life with dignity and self-reliance. To address this pressing issue, we propose the development of a lower limb exoskeleton as a walking assist device with the addition of tactile feedback for closed-loop control, for our emerging market. YES
27 1697 Textile innovate IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The report proposes an automated system integrating computer vision and machine learning for precise color pattern identification in the textile industry. Utilizing advanced algorithms, the system streamlines quality control, design analysis, and production consistency, eliminating human error and reducing costs. Its real-time capabilities offer transformative impacts on efficiency, positioning it as a key innovation in textile manufacturing. YES
28 1698 Predicting Rock Mass GSI using Image Processing IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure GSI stands for Geological Strength Index. Assesses rock mass quality & its behavior in engineering applications. Our programming software will allow us to unveil the Future of Geotechnical Engineering which will cover the significance of GSI in construction and civil engineering projects, the traditional methods in its assessment & tools of Leveraging cutting-edge image processing for GSI prediction YES
29 1699 ElectroEfficient AffordableAndCleanEnergy Rising electricity prices in Pakistan prompt the need for innovative solutions. This introduces "ElectroEfficient," a mobile app addressing the impact by monitoring real-time energy use. Focused on modifying user behavior, it empowers informed decisions, alleviating financial burdens, fostering responsibility, and promoting sustainability. Anticipated outcomes include heightened awareness, reduced emissions, lower bills, and widespread adoption of eco-friendly practices. YES
30 1700 Secure Estate Ledger IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Secure Estate Ledger-a web-based land registry system leveraging blockchain technology marks a significant leap forward in the domain of property registration. Traditional systems plagued by inefficiencies, lack of transparency, and susceptibility to fraudulent activities. The software’s major features include blockchain integration, smart contracts for automated transactions, and a user-friendly web interface. The blockchain ensures the immutability and transparency of property records, while smart contracts streamline processes and eliminate the need for intermediaries. Users can access and update records effortlessly. The tools and technologies underpinning this system include blockchain platforms like Ethereum, smart contract frameworks, modern web development, and distributed databases. Its societal impact is profound, reducing fraud, enhancing transparency, and improving efficiency. It empowers citizens, particularly in remote areas, by providing inclusive access to property information. Moreover, the system contributes to secure and transparent property transactions. In essence, this web-based land registry system using blockchain technology represents a transformative force, ensuring unbiased and more prosperous societies by addressing long-standing challenges in property registration. YES
31 1701 Sign Saathi QualityEducation Sign Saathi is more than just an app; it is a transformative solution designed to empower the deaf community and transcend the limitations they face. Leveraging the vast potential of the internet, Sign Saathi addresses the communication challenges faced by the deaf by providing instant sign language interpretation and generation. It also decreases the communication gap between people who are directly linked with these individuals by helping them easily communicate through our application using sign language. YES
32 1703 SkinDeep AI GoodHealthAndWellBeing Skin cancer is one of the rapidly spreading diseases and has become one of the serious health concerns, so as a result, it highlights the importance of an efficient detection mechanism. To address this concern, we are representing the idea of a competent and modern-driven solution in the form of an application known as SkinDeep AI. The designed solution offers primary features empowering both dermatologists and patients.  Incorporating results of thorough research on existing systems and related research papers, we demonstrate the application based on the latest technique known as deep learning. The application consists of image preprocessing, a classification technique supported by deep learning algorithms known as Convolutional Neural networks. The feature of the application to receive quick and precise results of lesion images significantly improves the potential for early detection. In addition to diagnostic capabilities, it serves as a record-saving and knowledge hub for patients. SkinDeep AI utilizes an industrial-associated technology stack for its skin cancer system. It consists of the PyTorch framework for deep learning tasks, and Python is used as a primary programming language for deep learning and application development. SkinDeep AI has the potential to impact society by reducing diagnostic delays and improving the early detection of skin cancer. It gives hope to contribute to a healthier society by improving timely outcomes and treatment. YES
33 1704 Portable Cold Storage ZeroHunger The portable cold room is designed to avoid food spoilage by controlling temperature and humidity levels of produce during their transportation from the farms to the cities. YES
34 1705 AI-Based Autonmous Solar Panel Cleaning Robot/System AffordableAndCleanEnergy This AI-driven robot wipes out solar panel dust, boosting output power and reducing maintenance costs for large photovoltaic installations. YES
35 1707 PaperX QualityEducation PaperX automates handwritten exam evaluation employing OCR, Artificial Intelligence. Incorporating features like scanning, comparison of student answer with predefined answers, automated grading, & report card generation. It promises efficiency, accuracy, faster feedback, & data security, aiming to modernize the exam evaluation process with rigorous evaluation methods ensuring system reliability. YES
36 1708 GreenBot IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure One of the major problems that Pakistan's agriculture sector is facing today is yield loss due to weeds. It can cause a loss of up to 36 million tons of crops per annum which in numbers comes out to be a loss of 3 billion U.S. dollars. One of the reasons behind it is the usage of old-fashioned techniques which are inefficient for weed control. This project aims to develop a laser weeding with user-friendly features that will identify weeds using machine learning and kill them using laser technology. This machine is also equipped with an all-terrain vehicle that can overcome the challenges associated with rough terrain and maintain the machine's stability. YES
37 1709 Medibot.Ai Other revolutionizes healthcare accessibility through a conversation-driven chatbot. Seamlessly integrated with WhatsApp, it offers personalized medical information, leveraging GPT-3.5, OPENAI Assistant API embeddings, and Pinecone for optimal user experience. YES
38 1710 Abuse detection PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions Child abuse is a serious problem, with an estimated 300 million children being subject to abuse or neglect each year according to a WHO report in 2022. For the first half of 2022 alone a total of 2,211 cases of child abuse were reported across the country. Despite these high numbers of registrations and identified victims, cases of child abuse remain unregistered and/or unidentified, due to missing and incomplete information, preventing adequate procedures. The internet has created a vast new world for communication and learning, but it has also exposed children to various dangers. Cyberbullying, harassment, grooming, and other forms of online child abuse have become major concerns for parents, educators, and law enforcement agencies. A way to detect child abuse effectively is to extensively train the stakeholders. However, such training might prove to be costly and time-consuming. An alternative approach is to provide parents, educators, and law enforcement agencies with a power tool that will help in assisting them identify cases of possible child abuse with higher precision and accuracy so that proper action can be taken against the criminals. For this purpose, we are creating a chat application linked to a harassment and abusive text detection Natural Language Processing to detect abusive language sent and received between children and adults. YES
39 1711 Filtering Antenna (Filtenna) IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The project focuses on the synthesis and integration of a hairpin band pass filter and a microstrip patch antenna to create a unified filtering antenna system. The objective is to utilize the antenna as the final resonator in the band pass filter configuration. Through established techniques, the filter and antenna will be designed separately and subsequently merged to form a cohesive unit. The filtering antenna aims to selectively permit desired frequencies while attenuating unwanted signals. This integration not only ensures signal transmission within the desired frequency band but also optimizes the antenna's performance. The study explores the necessity of filtering antennas in modern communication systems, delving into their significance in enhancing signal integrity, reducing interference, and improving overall system efficiency. YES
40 1713 Solar Powered Autonomous Grass cutter for domestic purposes AffordableAndCleanEnergy Advancing the Agricultural field and making energy sustainable, reduction of human effort and eco friendly prototype. 1)Design of grass cutter prototype 2)Utilization of solar panels 3)Control of motion of grass cutter YES
41 1714 Sleeping Bag IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The project aims to design and develop a sleeping bag with a portable heat exchanger to provide thermal comfort according to ASHARE standards of 24-26C. The heat exchanger will be working on thermoelectric effect. It will have controls that will optimize its performance to keep it efficient. YES
42 1715 CardioVisionAI GoodHealthAndWellBeing CardioVisionAI revolutionizes the diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) by introducing an advanced web-based software solution empowered by artificial intelligence. With the help of pre-trained machine learning models, we eliminate the need for traditional diagnostic methods, reliant on manual examination of cross-sectional images from CCTA scans which are time-consuming and labor-intensive. YES
43 1716 Intellicore IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Intellicore revolutionizes TV viewing by embedding a low-cost FPGA-based ML accelerator in televisions. This technology executes Super Resolution CNNs in real-time, upgrading low-resolution broadcasts directly on the TV. This innovation allows channels to transmit at lower resolutions, reducing bandwidth and operational costs, and potentially cutting down on ads. Intellicore seamlessly integrates into TVs, enhancing viewer experience while offering economic and environmental benefits. YES
44 1717 Gimbal Platform DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth In the realm of robotics and motion control, the demand for stable platforms capable of handling heavy payloads has grown significantly. This paper presents the design and implementation of a Two-Degree-of-Freedom (2-DOF) gimbal platform engineered to provide effective stabilization for heavy payloads in dynamic environments. The proposed gimbal system offers a versatile solution for applications such as cinematography, industrial automation, and aerial photography where precise stabilization is critical. The gimbal platform comprises two rotational axes, allowing it to compensate for both pitch and yaw movements. The mechanical design incorporates lightweight yet robust materials to ensure a high strength-to-weight ratio, facilitating the stabilization of heavy payloads while minimizing the overall mass of the system. The choice of materials and structural design has been optimized to enhance the platform's durability and performance under varying loads and environmental conditions. Control of the gimbal platform is achieved through a sophisticated feedback control system. Sensors, such as gyroscopes and accelerometers, are strategically integrated into the system to provide real-time data on the platform's orientation. These sensor inputs are processed by a high-performance microcontroller, which in turn commands the motorized actuators to make rapid adjustments, effectively stabilizing the payload. The control algorithm is designed to be adaptive, allowing the gimbal to respond swiftly to sudden movements and disturbances. To ensure seamless integration with a variety of heavy payloads, the gimbal platform features a modular design. Adjustable mounting brackets and a user-friendly interface provide flexibility in configuring the system for different applications and payload sizes. This adaptability makes the gimbal suitable for a wide range of industries, including filmmaking, surveillance, and industrial automation. Furthermore, the paper addresses the power management system, emphasizing energy efficiency and longevity. The gimbal is equipped with a rechargeable battery system capable of providing sustained power for extended operational periods. The power management system is designed to optimize energy consumption while maintaining the stability and responsiveness of the gimbal. In conclusion, the presented 2-DOF gimbal platform offers a robust and adaptable solution for stabilizing heavy payloads in dynamic environments. The combination of a lightweight yet durable mechanical design, advanced feedback control system, and modular configurability makes it a versatile tool for applications requiring precise stabilization. The research and development presented in this paper contribute to the advancement of motion control technologies, with potential applications ranging from professional cinematography to industrial automation. YES
45 1718 E-Fishing Boat IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project proposes the development of a 24ft long boat for the Pakistani fishing market and enhancing its size & spectrum in the future inshaAllah. Utilizing lightweight composite materials (GRP) compared to traditional wooden boats, the design significantly reduces weight, improving fuel efficiency and operational costs. An electric propulsion system minimizes environmental impact and ensures quiet operation. Cutting-edge fishing sonar technology optimizes fish detection, boosting catch efficiency and income potential. The innovative design prioritizes adaptability, featuring a modular interior that allows for future conversion to other uses like taxi, cargo transport, or recreational purposes. Integrated communication equipment enables fishermen to stay connected with their nearest port and families, enhancing safety and peace of mind. This concept is based on an inshore area fishing where a fisherman can go for a few days and come back home on weekends. This concept aims to: Empower fishermen and Boat owners that will increase earnings and improve safety through advanced technology, lower operating costs, and reliable connectivity. Reduce environmental impact by minimising emissions and pollution through lightweight materials and electric propulsion. Stimulate economic growth: Drive local boat manufacturing and create job opportunities. Promote adaptability: Offer a versatile platform for diverse marine applications beyond fishing. This project aligns with the NUST FICS program's focus on sustainable and impactful solutions. We believe this innovative electric boat design will revolutionize the Pakistani fishing industry, fostering environmental and economic prosperity. YES
46 1719 Computer vision based plant's health estimation ZeroHunger This project introduces a cutting-edge approach to agricultural monitoring by leveraging the capabilities of Raspberry Pi and Machine Learning (ML) techniques for precise plant health estimation. Recognizing the pivotal role of technology in modern agriculture, our system employs a combination of computer vision and ML algorithms to assess and monitor the health of crops in real-time. YES
47 1720 MineDetection Drone IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project focuses on the development and implementation of a Mine Detection Drone designed to efficiently and safely detect pressure based land mines. It employs advanced sensors and engineering to navigate and scan large areas with speed and precision autonomously. YES
48 1722 Retrofitable Automatic Shutoff Valve for Domestic Gas Appliences GoodHealthAndWellBeing Developing a life-saving valve to suffocation deaths caused by gas leaks. Our mechanical shut-off valve aligns with UN goals, presents entrepreneurial potential, and addresses daily life safety concerns. It's a step towards climate change mitigation, reducing Sui Gas wastage, and overcoming electricity-dependent challenges in Pakistan. YES
49 1723 Sonetics Auralign GoodHealthAndWellBeing This project consists of separating various sound sources in a crowd of sounds. This essentially is a cocktail party problem. In the case where mutliple speakers are present, and you want to focus only on one speaker, it becomes quite difficult. But our solution promises that you may focus on a single speaker amidst presence of several speakers. YES
50 1724 Air quality improvement GoodHealthAndWellBeing Air quality has become a critical global concern as urbanization and industrialization continue to rise. The detrimental impact of poor air quality on public health and the environment necessitates urgent and effective measures for improvement. This project, titled "Enhancing Urban Air Quality," seeks to address this pressing issue through a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach. The primary objective of the project is to implement strategies that significantly reduce air pollutants in urban environments. The research encompasses a thorough analysis of the sources of air pollution, focusing on both anthropogenic and natural contributors. By identifying the key pollutants and their emission sources, the project aims to formulate targeted interventions that mitigate the impact on air quality. A key component of the project involves the deployment of advanced monitoring systems to collect real-time data on air quality parameters. This data will serve as a foundation for evidence-based decision-making, allowing for the identification of pollution hotspots and the assessment of the effectiveness of implemented measures. Moreover, the project emphasizes the integration of cutting-edge sensor technologies and data analytics to enhance the accuracy and granularity of air quality measurements. To engage the community in the initiative, the project includes an extensive outreach and awareness campaign. Education programs and workshops will be conducted to inform the public about the causes and consequences of poor air quality, encouraging individuals and businesses to adopt sustainable practices. Additionally, the project explores collaborations with local authorities, industry stakeholders, and policymakers to implement regulatory measures that enforce compliance with air quality standards. Furthermore, the project investigates the potential of green infrastructure, such as urban green spaces and sustainable transportation initiatives, to act as natural filters for air pollutants. The incorporation of nature-based solutions aims to create a balance between urban development and environmental preservation. YES
51 1726 Knock Knock Healthy Heart GoodHealthAndWellBeing This study introduces a groundbreaking health application, HealthGuard, designed to harness real-time data from smartwatches for comprehensive health monitoring. Leveraging advanced data analytics techniques, the application interprets physiological signals captured by smartwatches, offering users personalized insights into key health parameters such as heart rate, sleep patterns, physical activity, and stress levels. HealthGuard employs machine learning algorithms to process collected data, enabling personalized trend analysis. The application's core strength lies in its ability to detect anomalies and potential health risks in real-time. Anomaly detection algorithms identify deviations from established patterns, allowing users to receive timely alerts for early intervention and proactive healthcare management. The application features a user-friendly interface, facilitating easy interpretation and visualization of health data. HealthGuard empowers individuals with actionable information, enabling them to make informed decisions about their well-being. Additionally, the app provides personalized recommendations for lifestyle modifications based on the user's unique health profile, fostering a proactive and engaged approach to personal health. In conclusion, HealthGuard represents a significant advancement in health monitoring by integrating real-time data from smartwatches. The application's comprehensive approach, combining advanced analytics with user-friendly design, positions it as a valuable tool for individuals seeking to actively manage and improve their health. HealthGuard's real-time anomaly detection contributes to preventive healthcare, ushering in a new era of personalized and proactive health management. YES
52 1727 Recapeo (SMC-PVT) Ltd QualityEducation Recapeo (SMC-PVT) Ltd is redefining education through personalized E-learning. Our platform We give complete freedom to our students to design their courses by selecting topics from our syllabus that they find most. relevant. This unique approach allows students to tailor their learning experience according to their needs while adjusting the course fee accordingly. Additionally, our flexible scheduling of live classes enables students to manage their learning journey based on their availability. YES
53 1728 AceVision ReducingInequality AceVision is a cutting-edge tennis analytics platform leveraging machine learning and computer vision to provide real-time performance insights, enhancing training and gameplay strategies for players and coaches. YES
54 1730 LCA on cement SustainableCitiesAndCommunities This research focuses on assessing and enhancing the environmental sustainability of infrastructure projects in civil engineering through a comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA). The objectives include analyzing the feasibility and importance of cement in civil engineering, emphasizing LCA as the best framework for assessing environmental impacts, and developing a framework to reduce carbon emissions in cement production. The methodology involves conducting LCA on cement using versatile software tools like Sphera, Sima Pro, and openLCA, as well as exploring alternative materials with lower greenhouse gas emissions, such as fly ash. Laboratory testing will assess the properties of the alternative material to ensure its suitability for construction purposes. The deliverables encompass the significance of LCA in quantifying the environmental impacts of cement production, identifying areas for improvement, and advocating for sustainable alternatives. The research not only addresses environmental concerns but also contributes to a more resilient construction industry by promoting sustainable materials, fostering innovation, and providing a competitive edge for manufacturers and suppliers. Ultimately, this study aims to reduce the environmental footprint of infrastructure projects while stimulating sustainable economic growth. YES
55 1731 MOOCHI QualityEducation Moochi is a cutting-edge AI-powered examination application that integrates Natural Language Processing (NLP) for seamless evaluation within Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our platform revolutionizes the assessment process by providing personalized feedback and tailored learning experiences for students, while empowering teachers with automation and insightful data. YES
56 1732 AR Interior IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our innovative interior design AR mobile app enables real-time ambience-aware recommendations. The app utilizes advanced algorithms to detect design styles and color schemes in a room, offering personalized suggestions. Users can visualize these recommendations in augmented reality, providing an immersive and interactive experience for seamless interior design exploration. YES
57 1733 WalkEase Exo GoodHealthAndWellBeing "WalkEase Exo" aims to replicate the Wandercraft Atalante X, focusing on hands-free walking assistance for wheelchair users. Addressing the unmet need for advanced mobility solutions, our project envisions providing independence and accessibility to individuals with spinal cord injuries. YES
58 1734 AeroHarvest ZeroHunger Precision farming in Pakistan using UAV and UAV amalgamates aerial and ground-based technologies for systematic and accurate field monitoring and precise on-ground tasks. Our innovative communication system between the aerial and ground vehicle improves agricultural yield, offering an innovative approach to modernise existing farming practices. YES
59 1735 LDPE based Flexibile SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Evaluation of LDPE based flexible pavement. LDPE based flexible pavement's strength, rutting properties and durability will be tested. The data from 0%, 2%, 4%, 6% LDPE and onwards can be modelled to find optimum percentage. YES
60 1739 Strata Vision IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The identification of layer thickness and detection is a vital aspect in road construction projects that involves multiple stakeholders. However, the conventional methods used for identifying these layers are tedious, time-consuming, labor-intensive and prone to errors due to human negligence or data manipulation. Typically, site inspectors rely on surveyors for updates but our model automates this process through drone imagery that predicts each layer accurately using Yolo principles which have been trained intensively across various sites. Our project also focuses on determining the volume of each road-layer by utilizing software-generated point clouds derived from previously captured images gathered via drones making it reliable and highly accurate. These measures put into place ensure utmost security thereby reducing any possible risks associated with loss or corruption of data files within both our model as well as integrated software packages. Our project redefines road construction project management using the layer detection model and also by modernizing layer thickness determination using drone images and its integration with several software. The aim of our project is to facilitate the management of the road construction projects and replace the traditional methods of management with the modern technology and provide a pathway for the construction industry to follow for the successful management of the road construction projects. YES
61 1741 Guardian GoodHealthAndWellBeing In the expanding pharmaceutical industry, ensuring the quality and safety of medicines is challenging. Our IoT-based solution, Guardian, addresses this by employing its sensors for real-time monitoring of environmental factors. Alarms are generated for abnormal conditions, aiding prompt action. The device, also used in transportation, collects data through GSM, sending it to a central server for analysis. Live readings are accessible via a website and app, featuring comprehensive analyses. Guardian, prioritizing product safety and human lives, offers continuous and accurate monitoring, establishing itself as the optimal solution for maintaining the integrity of medicinal products. YES
62 1742 SSUET Carpooling SustainableCitiesAndCommunities This project pioneers a university-centric carpooling app to optimize commuting. Smart matching algorithms, flexible scheduling, and safety features enhance sustainability. By fostering shared rides, the app reduces traffic, lessens environmental impact, and cultivates a connected university community, presenting a viable and efficient solution for contemporary transportation challenges. YES
63 1743 Al-air battery AffordableAndCleanEnergy Sun bestows an enormous amount of energy in Pakistan even during winters. This energy can be converted (by solar cells) and stored in the form of metal (Al) slabs (by smelting). Primary Al-air batteries effectively deliver this energy by using the solid metal fuel (Al) that is cheap, light, safe, recyclable, non-toxic, abundant, and has a very high energy density (about 60% of gasoline). YES
64 1745 NanoVision IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In this final-year project, I implement semantic segmentation using AI on a Jetson Nano for autonomous car applications. Leveraging deep learning frameworks, I choose and optimize a model, ensuring compatibility with edge devices. The project involves dataset creation, model training, and real-time integration, emphasizing performance and efficiency. YES
65 1747 TerraLoom SustainableCitiesAndCommunities In hill-prone regions like Pakistan, where urbanization meets geological challenges, our project pioneers advanced slope stability analyses. Leveraging cutting-edge techniques—kinematic analysis, UAV surveys, and geological assessments—we decode the language of rock formations. These insights, mapped through ARCGIS, hold the key to informed urban planning, averting disasters, and fortifying communities. Our mission aligns with Sustainable Development Goals, striving for resilient landscapes and safer futures. YES
66 1748 Aggregation Service for Kubernetes Clusters NoPoverty Kubernetes as of now is the de-facto container orchestration platform. As time moves on Kubernetes is becoming necessary for every organization to manage their servers. Such intense usage of Kubernetes increases the need for a platform which fetches resources and displays them with simplicity. This will allow resources to be seen and scaled efficiently saving valuable time. YES
67 1749 SmartMess Tracker ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production SmartMess Tracker is a creative solution designed to address food waste problems in dorm/mess situations. By utilizing fingerprint scanning, load cells, and Arduino, to precisely track and identify those responsible for food waste. Users only need to lay their plates on the load cell for the system to weigh any remaining food while identifying themselves using the embedded fingerprint reader. A small fee promotes responsibility and a culture of responsible dining. The gathered information effortlessly uploads to an easy-to-use website, enabling students to actively lessen their environmental impact and make wise decisions. Moreover with the past data of eating habits of individuals, Mess could be further optimized to prepare just the right amount of food. YES
68 1750 Solar Water Heater AffordableAndCleanEnergy Our locally-manufactured solar water heater integrates Fresnel lenses, Compound Parabolic Troughs, and Phase Change Materials. This innovation enhances efficiency, making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly. By eliminating reliance on imports, our solution addresses hot water needs while fostering economic growth. YES
69 1751 Solar Water Heater AffordableAndCleanEnergy Our locally-manufactured solar water heater integrates Fresnel lenses, Compound Parabolic Troughs, and Phase Change Materials. This innovation enhances efficiency, making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly. By eliminating reliance on imports, our solution addresses hot water needs while fostering economic growth. YES
70 1752 Recycling Rubber Tyres in Asphalt Pavements SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Traditional asphalt pavements face challenges such as cracking, reduced durability, and environmental impact. The conventional use of asphalt alone falls short in addressing these issues effectively. However, an innovative solution arises through the integration of recycled rubber tires into asphalt pavements, marking an improvement towards sustainability and enhanced performance. Asphalt, while a staple in road construction, exhibits limitations in flexibility and resilience, often succumbing to cracks and premature deterioration. The incorporation of recycled rubber tires addresses these shortcomings on multiple fronts. One key parameter that sees significant improvement is durability. The inclusion of rubber from discarded tires enhances the flexibility and elasticity of the asphalt mix, resulting in pavements that can withstand varying weather conditions and heavy traffic loads. This increased durability translates into longer pavement lifespan, reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements. Furthermore, the rubber-modified asphalt exhibits superior resistance to cracking. The inherent elasticity of rubber allows the pavement to better absorb stress and movement, minimizing the formation of cracks. This enhanced crack resistance not only contributes to the structural integrity of the pavement but also reduces maintenance costs over time. The environmental benefits of recycling rubber tires into asphalt are noteworthy. By repurposing discarded tires, the environmental burden of tire disposal is mitigated, addressing a significant waste management issue. This sustainable approach aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints and embrace circular economy practices. In addition, the use of recycled rubber in asphalt pavements contributes to noise reduction. The elastic properties of rubber act as a dampening agent, absorbing and dissipating traffic-induced noise. This is particularly beneficial in urban areas, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents and promoting a more sustainable and harmonious infrastructure. YES
71 1753 Water Harvesting SustainableCitiesAndCommunities This project addresses global water scarcity by implementing advanced rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse in NUST H-12. Objectives include identifying catchment sites, implementing models, and designing filters. The research spans Jan-Dec 2023, contributing to water scarcity mitigation, groundwater recharge, drought resilience, and environmental conservation. YES
72 1756 Thermal Energy AffordableAndCleanEnergy Thermochemical Energy storage is one of the most realiable and best method to store thermal energy for future. With higher thermal irradance availaibility in hot areas, energy can get stored in high density while having a reversible reaction possibility. Calcium hydroxide can play a vital role in this regard, specially in Pakistan and countries, where it is easily accessible by mining. Ongoing increments in energy demand will converge us to shift our focus towards renewable and clean energy sources and that is where Thermochemical energy storage is one of the best possible solutions exist. YES
73 1757 Smart Gym GoodHealthAndWellBeing The "Smart Virtual Gym Trainer" is an innovative fitness solution leveraging pose estimation and artificial intelligence to enhance home workouts. Using computer vision algorithms, the system monitors users' body movements in real-time, accurately counting repetitions and providing immediate feedback on exercise form. With a focus on personalized guidance, the trainer adapts to users' fitness levels, offering a dynamic and engaging workout experience. Virtual sessions include a variety of exercises, promoting versatility and targeting different muscle groups. The system prioritizes user safety by actively correcting form errors, reducing the risk of injuries. Real-time instructions and encouragement foster motivation, creating an interactive and immersive workout environment. Performance analytics track user progress, offering insights into strengths and areas for improvement. With the ability to customize routines, the Smart Virtual Gym Trainer represents a user-centric approach to fitness, combining technology and personalized coaching for effective and enjoyable home workouts. YES
74 1759 Meat Analogue (Apple Gourd) GoodHealthAndWellBeing In response to the growing demand for sustainable and plant-based alternatives to traditional meat products, this study explores the culinary and nutritional potential of Apple Gourd Patties (AGPs) as a unique and flavorful meat alternative. Apple gourd, is a versatile and underutilized vegetable commonly found in South Asia. This research focuses on transforming this humble vegetable into a palatable and nutritious patty that can serve as an environmentally friendly substitute for meat. The study begins by investigating the sensory attributes of Apple Gourd Patties, considering factors such as taste, texture, and aroma. Through various culinary techniques, including blending, seasoning, and cooking methods, researchers aim to optimize the taste profile of AGPs to make them appealing to a broad audience. Texture analysis will also be conducted to ensure that the patties mimic the mouthfeel of traditional meat products, enhancing the overall dining experience. Nutritional analysis is a key component, evaluating the macronutrient and micronutrient content of Apple Gourd Patties. The goal is to create a well-balanced alternative that can provide essential nutrients, including proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, the study explores the potential health benefits associated with consuming AGPs, such as improved cardiovascular health, weight management, and increased intake of phytonutrients. An important aspect of the research involves assessing the environmental impact of Apple Gourd Patties compared to conventional meat production. By conducting a life cycle analysis, researchers aim to quantify the carbon footprint, water usage, and land utilization associated with AGP production, providing valuable insights into the sustainability of this meat alternative. Furthermore, the economic feasibility of incorporating Apple Gourd Patties into the market as a viable meat substitute. Factors such as production costs, market demand, and consumer acceptance will be analyzed to determine the potential for widespread adoption. Apple Gourd Patties emerge as a promising meat alternative with a unique flavor profile and significant nutritional benefits. The study highlights the potential of AGPs to address the environmental and health concerns associated with traditional meat consumption while offering a palatable and sustainable choice for consumers seeking plant-based alternatives. The findings contribute valuable insights to the growing field of alternative protein sources, paving the way for the integration of Apple Gourd Patties into mainstream culinary practices. YES
75 1760 Stevia-Infused Biscuits GoodHealthAndWellBeing In recent years, the quest for healthier alternatives in the food industry has led to a surge in the development of innovative products. This study embarks on an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between two health promoting ingredients stevia, a natural sweetener, and barley, a nutrient-rich grain culminating in the creation of stevia-infused barley biscuits. The research aims to unravel the multifaceted aspects of this culinary fusion, ranging from its formulation to sensory attributes, nutritional benefits, and potential market impact. The formulation process involved meticulous consideration of the interplay between stevia and barley to strike a harmonious balance. Stevia, derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant, was chosen for its sweetness without the caloric baggage associated with traditional sugars. Barley, celebrated for its high fiber content, essential nutrients, and unique flavor profile, served as the ideal canvas for this culinary experiment. The integration of these two elements not only aimed at enhancing the taste of the biscuits but also sought to create a healthful snack option for consumers conscious of their well-being. Sensory evaluations played a pivotal role in assessing the organoleptic qualities of the stevia-infused barley biscuits. Panelists engaged in blind taste tests, evaluating factors such as sweetness, texture, and overall palatability. Preliminary findings suggest that the infusion of stevia complements the nuttiness of barley, resulting in biscuits that deliver a satisfying sweetness without the need for excessive sugar. The texture, simultaneously crisp and hearty, adds to the overall sensory appeal, making these biscuits a delightful treat for discerning taste buds. Nutritional analysis aimed to quantify the health benefits of these biscuits, exploring aspects such as reduced caloric content, increased dietary fiber, and potential micronutrient enhancements. Initial results indicate that the stevia-infused barley biscuits offer a lower calorie alternative to traditional counterparts, making them an attractive option for individuals seeking healthier snacking choices. Beyond the laboratory and kitchen, the study also contemplates the market implications of introducing stevia-infused barley biscuits. As health-conscious consumer preferences continue to evolve, the biscuits emerge as a promising addition to the expanding market of functional foods, catering to those who prioritize both taste and well-being. In conclusion, this research provides a comprehensive exploration of stevia-infused barley biscuits, offering insights into their formulation, sensory attributes, nutritional benefits, and potential market impact. As the food industry navigates the intersection of flavor and health, these biscuits stand as a testament to the possibilities of creating nutrient-rich, low glycemic index delights that redefine the boundaries of guilt-free indulgence. YES
76 1761 VORTICS BLADELESS TURBINE AffordableAndCleanEnergy The vortex bladeless turbine represents a groundbreaking innovation in wind energy technology, revolutionizing traditional turbine design by eliminating the need for rotating blades. This 300-word abstract explores the key aspects of this innovative technology, focusing on its cost-effectiveness and ease of manufacturing. The vortex bladeless turbine harnesses energy through vorticity, utilizing the principle of vortices and aerodynamic oscillations to generate electricity. Its streamlined design consists of a slender, conical structure made from lightweight materials, minimizing manufacturing complexities and reducing material costs compared to conventional turbines. The absence of rotating blades significantly diminishes maintenance requirements, addressing a major cost concern in wind energy production. One of the primary advantages lies in its simplified manufacturing process, making it an economically attractive option for renewable energy deployment. The streamlined structure and reduced mechanical components streamline production, enabling cost-effective scalability for various energy needs. Moreover, the absence of complex moving parts contributes to lower operational and maintenance expenses over the turbine's lifespan, presenting a compelling case for long-term cost savings. Ease of installation further enhances its appeal, requiring less space and simplifying the logistical challenges associated with erecting conventional turbines. Its silent operation minimizes environmental impact, making it suitable for both urban and rural settings without causing disturbance to surrounding areas. While the technology is still advancing and undergoing optimization, initial studies indicate promising efficiency levels comparable to traditional wind turbines. Research and development efforts continue to refine the design and improve energy output, further bolstering its cost-effectiveness and overall performance. In conclusion, the vortex bladeless turbine offers a promising solution to the challenges faced by conventional wind turbines, showcasing cost-effective manufacturing, simplified maintenance, and reduced environmental impact. As advancements continue and economies of scale are realized, this innovative technology holds immense potential to play a pivotal role in the transition towards sustainable and efficient wind energy generation. YES
77 1762 Nexa Other Nexa, an innovative social media management platform, uses advanced voice recognition to interpret user commands. It captures voice inputs, converts them to text, and employs AI to understand user intent, categorizing commands into actions like posting, scheduling, or analytics retrieval. Through APIs, Nexa interacts with Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest, executing user requests while managing a task queue for efficient execution. Real-time updates keep users informed of task status, logged securely in the database with robust encryption. Nexa's user-friendly mobile interface ensures easy navigation, offering a seamless social media management experience. YES
78 1764 Linux Enabled SoC Implementation of Multicore RISC-V IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Revolutionizing Pakistani Semiconductor industry’s creative force, our homegrown Multicore RISC-V processor with Linux support & its own SDK empower innovation across sectors. It fuels advancements in robotics, AI, & IoT with accessible power and high computing capability. This NUST-built solution fosters local R&D, boosts exports, lessens our dependence on 3rd party chips & drives economic growth, all while nurturing a collaborative tech ecosystem. YES
79 1767 Harassment Defender GenderEquality Harassment Defender, an indigenous, women-led initiative, seamlessly integrates hardware and app capabilities to address women's safety concerns. Harnessing the power of indigenous GPS, GSM, and geofencing technologies, the solution empowers users through real-time alerts, location tracking, and valuable self-defence tips. Our indigenous solution mirrors the resilience of women, fostering a secure future and collaborative efforts with authorities in the fight against harassment. By shielding your loved ones, we redefine safety, offering a unique blend of technology and empathy through our indigenous solution. YES
80 1769 Sustainable pavememnts. IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The study of sustainable pavements focuses on developing innovative and eco-friendly solutions for road construction. By incorporating sustainable practices into pavement design and construction, we can minimize environmental impact, reduce waste, and create long-lasting infrastructure.One key aspect of sustainable pavements is the use of waste materials. Instead of relying solely on traditional construction materials, researchers and engineers are exploring the potential of incorporating waste products into pavement design. This approach not only reduces the demand for virgin materials but also diverts waste from landfills, promoting a circular economy.One promising technique is the use of waste materials as subgrades. Subgrades provide the foundation for road surfaces, and by utilizing waste materials such as fly ash, slag, or recycled concrete, we can enhance the strength and stability of the pavement. These waste materials can be treated and processed to meet engineering specifications, ensuring their suitability for road construction.Another important aspect of sustainable pavements is the use of geogrids. Geogrids are synthetic materials that are placed within the pavement layers to improve their structural integrity. By incorporating geogrids, we can reduce the thickness of traditional pavement layers while maintaining the required strength and performance. This not only reduces material consumption but also minimizes the carbon footprint associated with pavement construction.In addition to waste materials and geogrids, sustainable pavements also prioritize the use of environmentally friendly construction techniques. This includes minimizing energy consumption during construction, using recycled water for construction purposes, and implementing erosion control measures to protect nearby ecosystems.The benefits of sustainable pavements extend beyond environmental considerations. By using waste materials and innovative techniques, we can create pavements that are more durable and require less maintenance. This leads to cost savings over the lifespan of the infrastructure and reduces disruptions caused by frequent repairs and maintenance activities.Furthermore, sustainable pavements contribute to the overall sustainability goals of cities and communities. They help mitigate the urban heat island effect by incorporating materials with lower heat absorption properties. They also improve stormwater management by allowing water to infiltrate into the ground, reducing runoff and the strain on drainage systems.In conclusion, sustainable pavements offer a promising approach to road construction that prioritizes environmental responsibility, resource efficiency, and long-term durability. By utilizing waste materials, incorporating geogrids, and adopting environmentally friendly construction practices, we can create roads that not only meet transportation needs but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. YES
81 1770 Permeable Pavements SustainableCitiesAndCommunities The project addresses stormwater challenges in Pakistan, advocating permeable pavements. Facilitating rainwater infiltration mitigates runoff, flooding, and groundwater depletion. Supported by international research, lab tests, and field measurements, the project will contribute substantively to formalizing sustainable urban development, offering a pivotal tool for enhancing climate resilience in Pakistan. YES
82 1771 Gait Recognition IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In biometric recognition, our novel Graph Convolutional Network-based approach, combining skeletal points and RGB video data, surpasses previous methods, achieving improvement in gait recognition. YES
83 1772 VisionX IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our universities deserve modern solutions for securing access while welcoming visitors. Imagine a system where guests schedule visits online, verify their identity seamlessly through CNIC scans, and gain instant access upon faculty approval. That's the vision behind our innovative web application, streamlining visitor management and enhancing campus security. This project empowers visitors with convenient reservations, strengthens faculty control over approvals, and creates a safer environment for everyone. Join us in transforming campus access! Invest in technology that secures campuses and empowers visitors - invest in a future where knowledge thrives with trust and safety. YES
84 1773 Vigilant Examiner QualityEducation The "Vigilant Examiner" is a web-based software solution designed for online exam conduction, providing a user-friendly platform for candidates and invigilators. The software supports various exam types, enhances monitoring through real-time capabilities, and ensures data integrity on a local web-server. YES
85 1775 ECO GROW ClimateAction Conventional fertilizers have deleterious impacts on water and soil bodies and significantly contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Hydrogel based fertilizers will be developed in this project to overcome these issues. The cellulose-based hydrogel will be prepared using agriculture residue. Urea fertilizer will be added to the hydrogel followed by sulfonic group functionalization to improve its water retention capacity. The nutrient release profile and GHG emissions of hydrogel fertilizer will be compared with conventional fertilizer along with its applicability in drought stressed soils. YES
86 1776 Counterfeit Medicine Other Fake medicines are a big problem worldwide, risking people's health. Our project creates a smart system using blockchain technology to make sure medicines are real. We track every step of a medicine's life, from making it to reaching you, using an unchangeable record on the internet. Companies like drug makers and sellers register their products, and you can easily check if your medicine is real. The goal is to make sure medicines are safe, reduce fake drugs, and help everyone stay healthier globally. YES
87 1777 Optimizing Faecal Sludge Collection and Resource Recovery of Faecal Sludge through RDF. CleanWaterAndSanitation Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) is a critical component of public health and environmental sustainability. In Pakistan, there is a notable deficiency in the efficient management of non-sewered sanitation systems, a situation that affects approximately 50% of households. The improper management of faecal sludge poses a severe threat to human health and the environment. Moreover, Pakistan's heavy reliance on coal for energy production contributes to economic instability and environmental degradation. This comprehensive project proposal aims to address these pressing issues by designing and implementing a Faecal Sludge Management System tailored to the Pakistani context. It will include the development of a user-friendly digital dashboard for monitoring sludge collection processes and an assessment of the effectiveness of faecal sludge briquettes as a sustainable alternative to coal. This initiative aims to not only ensure efficient sludge management but also create a source of revenue through resource recovery in the form of solid fuel, aligning with entrepreneurial opportunities for sustainability. YES
88 1778 Strength Prediction ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) has gained prominence in the construction industry due to its enhanced properties. Predicting its flexural strength is pivotal for optimizing structural applications. This study employs machine learning (ML) techniques to forecast GFRC flexural strength based on diverse input parameters. Feature engineering techniques refine the dataset, and rigorous cross-validation and metric assessment evaluate model performance. The impact of parameters on flexural strength is analyzed, identifying significant contributors to the models. Results affirm ML algorithms' efficacy in accurately forecasting GFRC flexural strength, surpassing traditional empirical methods. Insights into the relationship between mixture components and mechanical properties are gained, aiding GFRC formulation optimization. This research advances understanding of GFRC behavior and establishes a reliable framework for flexural strength prediction using ML. The models offer engineers and researchers tools for designing GFRC in construction, promoting sustainable and durable infrastructures. YES
89 1780 NatLearn QualityEducation This project confronts a pressing challenge by introducing an innovative solution – an advanced application designed to facilitate language translation during lectures, accompanied by intelligent chatbot support. The primary objective is to democratize education by overcoming language barriers, empowering students to comprehend intricate concepts, irrespective of the language in which instruction is delivered. YES
90 1784 VanGo QualityEducation VanGO provides a digitized platform for dependable and secure school transportation, addressing parents' security concerns with Pakistan's traditional school van system. It guarantees children's safety with real-time tracking, live camera feeds, and automated attendance, giving parents peace of mind in the difficult law and order environment of today. YES
91 1785 SwiftSEO IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Revolutionize web development with an AI-driven On-Page SEO Optimization. Harness the power of machine learning to analyse and enhance website code to make SEO-optimized solutions. Transforming unoptimized code into search engine-friendly versions, this innovative tool streamlines the development process, offering actionable insights for improved online visibility and performance. YES
92 1786 Zariya AffordableAndCleanEnergy Zariya, a dynamic team of mechanical engineering undergraduates, is poised to revolutionize the rotor-stator homogenizer market in Pakistan. Fueled by a shared vision of indigenous engineering excellence, our team addresses the critical challenge of limited availability and awareness of locally manufactured homogenizers. The problem is exacerbated by the high costs associated with imported alternatives and a notable gap in market understanding. By strategically focusing on local development and fabrication, Zariya proposes a comprehensive solution that ensures cost efficiency, enhances local availability, and bridges the awareness gap through targeted marketing efforts. The impact is profound, offering our customers in Pakistan cost savings, a reliable supply chain, and the assurance of superior product quality. YES
93 1787 AudioX IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The system provides a platform to perform speaker segmentation, audio diarization, sentiment analysis and keyword spotting on the audio data provided by the user. Using signal processing and machine learning techniques the system will be able to differentiate between different speakers in the audio, label different speakers in that audio, categorize the audio data on the basis of sentiments, whether the tone is positive, negative or neutral, and also spot specific keywords in the audio. YES
94 1788 Smart Farming ZeroHunger This study presents an innovative solution to address water scarcity in regions with population growth by implementing an autonomous plant irrigation system. Utilizing a Raspberry Pi 4 device with sensors and actuators, including moisture sensors, smoke detectors, CO and CO2 sensors, GPS, and temperature/humidity detectors, the system efficiently monitors soil conditions. The IOT device, coupled with an Android interface, provides real-time insights, field plots, weather forecasting, and an irrigation view. By dynamically adjusting water supply based on soil moisture and other environmental factors, the proposed system not only conserves water but also optimizes crop irrigation for sustainable agriculture. YES
95 1790 Smart Wheelchair IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project introduces an innovative automated wheelchair with sit-to-stand features, specifically designed to enhance the mobility and independence of individuals with disabilities. The wheelchair allows users to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing positions, offering a user-friendly experience. This advancement represents a significant step forward in assistive technology, empowering individuals with disabilities and promoting a greater sense of autonomy and well-being in their daily lives. YES
96 1793 Hydrogen Fuel Cell AffordableAndCleanEnergy This project pioneers eco-friendly energy solutions, aiming to cut emissions, enhance energy independence, and promote sustainability. Utilizing emitted electrons from the fed hydrogen to produce energy, it competes favorably in various sectors, offering clean, efficient, and versatile solutions. Empowering sustainability, it stands as a beacon for a cleaner tomorrow. YES
97 1795 Avian Tech Emporium LifeOnLand Avian Tech Emporium emerges as the answer to Pakistan's bird trading challenges, introducing an innovative virtual platform featuring state-of-the-art bird scanning technology. The solution promises to redefine how enthusiasts engage with bird trading, emphasizing accessibility, convenience, and community interaction. YES
98 1796 Transform-Ed QualityEducation In the landscape of contemporary education, the conventional classroom model grapples with a significant challenge – the widening gap between the knowledge imparted within the confines of educational institutions and the practical skills indispensable for success in real-world scenarios. The prevalent emphasis on rote memorization, standardized testing, and subject-specific content often sidelines the cultivation of essential life skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and crucial technical skills such as Coding, Web Development, and Android Development. This glaring discrepancy has far-reaching implications, especially for early-stage students in middle and secondary levels. The omission of coding and technical skills from the educational framework leaves students ill-equipped to navigate the demands of an increasingly technology-driven world. In an era where coding literacy is akin to a universal language, early exposure to these skills is imperative. Mastery of coding not only fosters logical thinking and problem-solving abilities but also empowers students to become active contributors to the digital age. By addressing this void in the educational landscape, we, transform-Ed, aim to prepare students not only academically but also holistically, equipping them with the indispensable tools needed to thrive in higher education and meet the dynamic challenges of the professional world. Transform-Ed adopts a holistic approach to learning by introducing workshops, hands-on projects, and mentorship sessions facilitated by accomplished university students. Recognizing the imperative need for students to acquire both subject-specific knowledge and practical skills, our program is strategically designed to empower students with insights into university life, offer career guidance, and facilitate continuous skill development. Our unique approach involves onboarding schools across Pakistan, and providing students with mentorship and guidance sessions led by top university students. These mentors, masters in their respective fields, will equip students with essential skills through hands-on projects. This model actively bridges the gap between academia and the real world, ensuring that students not only excel academically but also emerge as well-rounded, adaptable, and confident leaders ready to navigate the challenges of tomorrow. By pioneering this approach, transform-Ed catalyzes a transformative shift toward holistic, future-ready learning experiences for students at the middle, secondary, and college levels. The collaboration with top university students not only brings a wealth of knowledge but also serves as a source of inspiration for young minds. This initiative, at its core, addresses the fundamental problem within the existing education system by actively connecting students with practical skills and real-world insights that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. YES
99 1797 Plastigate ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Revolutionizing construction with sustainable innovation: our project pioneers the use of recycled plastic waste to create lightweight aggregates, integrated into high-performance concrete for eco-friendly sandwich panels. Addressing environmental challenges, our solution transforms waste into durable, green building materials, fostering a sustainable future. YES
100 1798 ConciSafe IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The prevalent nature of social media has facilitated a rapid dissemination of information and interaction among users. However, the uncontrolled proliferation of inappropriate content, including but not limited to violence, hate speech, and pornography, has raised serious concerns, particularly regarding the safety and well-being of vulnerable users. This research project proposes the development of a highly adaptable plugin, employing sophisticated machine learning algorithms, to efficiently identify and eliminate inappropriate content across various social media platforms. The study outlines a comprehensive methodology, including data collection, feature engineering, model development, plugin integration, and real-world evaluation, to ensure the plugin's effectiveness and versatility. The anticipated outcomes of this endeavor encompass a robust machine learning model, an integrated plugin compatible with diverse social media platforms, and a comprehensive evaluation highlighting the plugin's practical applicability. Ultimately, this research aims to foster a more secure and wholesome social media experience for users. YES
101 1801 Solar Rover AffordableAndCleanEnergy Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Rover revolutionizes solar panel maintenance, eliminating manual labor with a cost-effective, high-tech design. Powered by a robust navigation algorithm that ensures maximum coverage with effective water usage. The rover is capable of intelligently transverse through the entire solar farm using color-coded rails providing a turnkey solution to any solar layout. YES
102 1802 Smart foot weight analytics for health diagnosis IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Smart Foot Weight Analytics is an intelligent system for musculoskeletal health diagnostics and analysis. By employing advanced sensors and machine learning, it detects and monitors foot pressure, providing early insights into anatomical deformities. It also helps in preventing foot ulcers in diabetic patients and structural defects in the body. This system is applicable in the sports, fitness,medical, rehabilitation, and footwear industries for customized solutions. YES
103 1803 ProGyro Dynamics IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure ProGyro Dynamics introduces a cutting-edge solution for vehicle stability – an active gyroscope system designed to revolutionize motion control. Our innovation ensures precise roll stabilization for both marine and land vehicles, enhancing safety, performance, and user experience. ProGyro Dynamics leverages state-of-the-art technology to bring a new era of stability, empowering vehicles to navigate smoothly through varying terrains. With a commitment to excellence, our system offers unparalleled control, making every roll seamless and secure. Embrace the future of motion with ProGyro Dynamics – where precision meets stability for a smoother, safer ride. YES
104 1804 ReSurge Threads SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Resurge Threads: Repurposing Deadstock Fabrics for Sustainable E-commerce Problem: The fashion industry is a major contributor to environmental waste and unethical practices. Solution: Resurge Threads offers a socially conscious e-commerce platform that transforms deadstock fabrics into fashionable and sustainable products. Value Proposition: > Environmental Impact: Reduces waste, lowers carbon footprint, promotes circular fashion. > Ethical Practices: Commits to fair labor, transparent sourcing, and sustainable production. > Social Impact: Contributes to education, awareness, and charitable causes. Target Market: Environmentally conscious consumers Fashion enthusiasts seeking sustainable options Trendsetters and early adopters Mass market seeking affordable basics Business Model: Multi-revenue stream: e-commerce sales, subscriptions, affiliate marketing, donations. Strategic partnerships: NGOs, influencers, sustainable brands. Collaborative approach: customer co-creation, influencer engagement. Key Activities: Sourcing deadstock fabrics Designing and developing products Ethical manufacturing Supply chain management Branding and marketing Partnerships and collaborations Customer engagement Social Impact: Donates a garment for every item sold (1 for 1 campaign). Supports social and environmental causes through partnerships and initiatives. YES
105 1805 DewDrop ClimateAction DewDrop is a revolutionary Portable Solar-Based Atmospheric Water Harvester designed to address global water scarcity. Harnessing the power of MOF (Metal-Organic Framework) materials, DewDrop efficiently condenses atmospheric water vapor to generate clean and sustainable water sources. Its portability and innovative technology make it a game-changer in providing accessible water solutions, especially in regions facing water scarcity challenges. YES
106 1806 Dream Watch GoodHealthAndWellBeing Widespread insomnia in Pakistan negatively impacts mental and physical health, productivity, and quality of life. DreamWatch, an innovative app designed specifically for Pakistanis, tackles this issue by combining advanced sleep tracking with personalized insights and cultural sensitivity. Users benefit from accessible support, community connection, and tailored recommendations considering individual lifestyle factors. Healthcare professionals gain valuable data, while improved sleep fosters a healthier and more engaged community. YES
107 1808 AQUASENSE CleanWaterAndSanitation This project presents a novel approach to detect water contamination within pipelines using sensor technology and LoRaWAN modules. The system is designed to swiftly identify contaminants by deploying sensors strategically within the pipelines. Upon detection, this information is efficiently communicated to other nodes through LoRaWAN modules, triggering the actuator to promptly close affected pipeline passages, preventing further contamination. Additionally, the system offers real-time monitoring accessible through a user-friendly mobile application, providing stakeholders with immediate insights into the water quality status. The integration of IoT technology enables rapid detection, swift response, and continuous monitoring, contributing to safeguarding water quality and ensuring public health and safety. YES
108 1809 V-Drive IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The "V-Drive" project is a virtual reality (VR) driving system that offers a safe and immersive environment to help new drivers learn and practice essential driving skills. The system consists of three main components: 1. Driving Rule/Sign Test. 2. Psychological Test. 3. Driving Test. Driving Rule/Sign Test: The Driving Rule/Sign Test will educate drivers on traffic regulations through quizzes and scenarios. Psychological Test: The Psychological Test will assess their emotional and cognitive abilities. Driving Test: The Driving Test component will evaluate their practical driving skills, including parking, driving, and reversing, through a VR environment with real-world scenarios. In addition, V-Drive will feature free maps for users to explore and practice their driving skills. The project aims to promote safer driving practices and reduce accidents on the road while providing a user-friendly and engaging platform for improving driving knowledge and skills. YES
109 1811 DRUGGED. GoodHealthAndWellBeing The "Drugged" app is a revolutionary mobile application designed to address the challenges faced by patients in Pakistan when accessing reliable information on generic drugs, medicine brands, and consultant services. This research paper explores the background, objectives, problem statement, and product scope of the app, highlighting its potential to improve healthcare in Pakistan. YES
110 1812 Antibacterial Fabrics GoodHealthAndWellBeing The increasing prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has raised significant concerns in healthcare and hygiene sectors, necessitating the development of novel antibacterial materials. This project focuses on integration of Copper-based MOF (HKUST-1) and its composite with Ce-doped TiO2 and Carbon Nano spheres. Project begins with the synthesis of a highly stable and porous Cu-MOF, characterized by its unique crystalline structure and tunable properties. The choice of copper as the metal node is driven by its well-known antibacterial properties, making it a promising candidate for imparting antimicrobial activity to materials. Characterization techniques, such as X-ray diffraction (XRD), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM),will be employed to confirm the successful incorporation of Cu-MOF into the fabric and assess its structural integrity. Antibacterial properties are evaluated through microbiological tests, measuring the fabric's effectiveness against opportunistic bacterial and fungal strains. YES
111 1813 MECHANISM OF THALAMIC DBS FOR PATIENTS WITH MOVEMENT DISORDERS GoodHealthAndWellBeing In this innovative medical landscape, a portable tremor suppression device is proposed. Unlike invasive alternatives, it provides non-invasive relief for essential tremor (ET) patients. The device, user-friendly and low-powered, generates anti-tremor signals, offering convenient management in various settings. Its distinct features set it apart from traditional competitors, promising a novel solution for enhancing the quality of life for those affected by tremors. YES
112 1814 HematoScreen Pro GoodHealthAndWellBeing Complete Blood Count (CBC) report features are routinely used to screen various hematological disorders. The complexity of disease overlap increases the probability of neglecting the underlying patterns between the features. Additionally, the expertise of healthcare professionals and heterogeneity associated with the subjective assessment of a CBC report often leads to random clinical testing. Such disease prediction analyses can be enhanced by the incorporation of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms for efficient handling of CBC features. This idea presents an ML-based decision support tool for the screening of two common blood disorders – anemia and leukemia, using a ‘fingerprint’ of CBC report features, which were selected after an extensive feature selection criterion. The ML models are also trained using synthetic hybrid data, an approach that has never been incorporated in the field of hematology. Facilitation by a user-friendly and cost-effective smart decision-supporting tool can improve the quality of healthcare systems by reducing the frequency of random clinical tests. This could ultimately lead to less financial burden and more trust in local healthcare systems for the patients. YES
113 1815 Mindcraft GoodHealthAndWellBeing Mental health problems, particularly childhood psychological issues, are a neglected area of public health. Societal stigma, lack of awareness, and inadequate accessible resources are prominent obstacles in the management of mental health issues, especially in developing countries like Pakistan. The expensive and prolonged nature of mental health consultations also deter people from seeking help. Therefore, our goal is to improve the access and convenience of mental healthcare through our mental health screening app, Mindcraft. The app, named after a popular video game, will leverage Artificial Intelligence for the automation and optimization of mental health screening processes to make them more convenient, accurate, and quick. This will make mental health services more accessible for patients and alleviate the workload of mental healthcare professionals by providing them a smart decision support system. YES
114 1816 WeMate SustainableCitiesAndCommunities We present a concise overview of a transformative product, pivotal in autonomous vehicle technology. Utilizing stereo cameras, it enhances self-driving capabilities, responding adeptly to real-world challenges. Engineers, researchers, and stakeholders will discover a tool propelling the evolution of safer, efficient autonomous transportation and use it as a basis of further RnD. Our approach leverages stereo camera technology for unparalleled depth perception, mimicking human vision. These cameras enable a 3D understanding of surroundings, detecting obstacles and estimating distances, and allows the prototype for precise navigation to avoid the obstacles in intricate and dynamic environments. YES
115 1817 Surveillance Robot IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Intelligent Surveillance Robots enhance industry security, but designing one with performing actions presents challenges. Our project aims to address this by creating a durable, intelligent Security System. Focusing on a rotating camera for efficient video analysis, resilience in harsh conditions, and seamless compatibility, we strive to contribute valuable insights to the field. Evaluating the system's performance in diverse environments. The project will also build on prior research in Security systems and their applications in various fields such as aerospace, automobiles, and healthcare. YES
116 1818 WasteTrace CleanWaterAndSanitation Wastewater monitoring is a very critical aspect for safe human and aquatic life. It offers insights into pollutant levels in water bodies. Different conventional methods face challenges such as time-consuming procedures and the need for skilled personnel. Our idea will explore the easy and innovative use of current production from wastewater that has a correlation with biological oxygen demand. YES
117 1820 Eye Vision GoodHealthAndWellBeing Our project EyeHealthAI, pioneers the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare to tackle a critical challenge: early detection of eye diseases. In an era where smartphones are ubiquitous, we are developing a mobile application that harnesses the power of AI and computer vision to empower individuals to monitor their eye health conveniently and accurately. Eye diseases, if left undiagnosed, can lead to vision loss. ' EyeHealthAI ' leverages smartphone cameras and advanced algorithms to enable users to perform selfassessments for various eye conditions. Our commitment is to create a userfriendly and accessible tool that aids in the early detection of eye diseases. ' EyeHealthAI ' has the potential to revolutionize eye health monitoring, offering a transformative solution for millions of individuals. Join us on this journey to safeguard precious eyesight through cutting-edge technology. YES
118 1821 Vacuum Forming Machine IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project responds to the pressing need for accessible tabletop vacuum-forming machines, targeting designers, entrepreneurs, and educational institutions. The current market lacks affordable solutions for small-scale production of customized plastic parts, hindering rapid prototyping. The project involves designing a user-friendly, space-efficient machine and developing an integrated circuit system for effective module control. Fabrication, module integration, and rigorous prototype testing will follow, focusing on optimization. Ultimately, the project endeavors to empower individuals and small businesses by offering a practical solution for their plastic part production needs within budget. YES
119 1822 Direct Messaging Exchange IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The reliance on foreign communication applications like WhatsApp and Line has become prevalent in Pakistan, raising concerns about data privacy, security, and dependence on foreign technology providers. This project addresses these issues by developing an indigenous messaging application with a decentralized peer-to-peer architecture that ensures secure and direct communication channels for users. By leveraging this architecture, we eliminate the need for centralized servers and intermediaries, ensuring enhanced privacy and security. Users will have direct control over their communication, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. YES
120 1823 MindSync GoodHealthAndWellBeing Mind-Sync revolutionizes mental health care through an AI-powered chatbot providing instant, professional therapy for depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. It offers tailored advice, exercises, and yoga. Integrated with smartwatches, it monitors health and alerts nearby hospitals during medical emergencies. Aimed at enhancing mental well-being for GenZ and individuals facing severe mental health challenges. YES
121 1824 Aquabot Other Aquabot, a smart spherical robot, excels in flood surveys with advanced sensors and AI. Its unique design allows seamless navigation in water and on land. Field tests demonstrate swift navigation through submerged structures, showcasing its potential as a groundbreaking solution for flood disaster response. YES
122 1825 indigenized Coordinate Measuring Machine(through vernier calipers ) IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The project aims to design and manufacture a low-cost, high-precision Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) with a 10-micron resolution , addressing the industry's need for affordable precision. The approach involves using off-the-shelf components and Vernier calipers with capacitive encoders to enhance cost-effectiveness and achieve desired precision YES
123 1826 Malware Insight IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The growing threat of malware in today's cybersecurity landscape has underscored the crucial role of malware analysis in identifying, understanding, and defending against malicious software. However, existing malware analysis solutions often present significant challenges, including high costs, complexity, and limited accessibility, which can deter students, small organizations, and cybersecurity enthusiasts from engaging in this critical cybersecurity practice. In response, this project seeks to develop a Docker-based containerized malware analysis framework tailored for Windows-based malware. By doing so, it aims to address these issues by offering a user-friendly, lightweight, and cost-effective solution, while contributing to the broader cybersecurity community, specific focus on Windows-based malware is of utmost importance by considering the widespread use of this operating system and the need for specialized analysis tools in this domain. YES
124 1827 Eco-Green Solutions ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Microalga are getting a lot of attention for their intracellular components providing sustainable natural pigments of industrial significance. The propound project is aimed at the extraction and purification of phycocyanin, a protein, from microalgae that have been reported to exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties with potential applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health supplement manufacturing industry. The current project idea is two-fold aimed at developing a novel and a cost-effective bioreactor (raceway pond) and an innovative approach for the economical and time saving recovery of phycocyanin. The key innovation lies in enhancing the design parameters of raceway pond for increased microalgal production and integrating freeze-thaw with autolysis technique for efficient, economical and timely protein extract. The raceway pond design incorporates a turbine operated by a solar panel, promoting clean and renewable energy source for algal cultivation and semi-circular slits at both ends, optimizing the flow requirements and nutrient distribution throughout the pond. A freeze-thaw approach is employed to weaken the cell-wall of microalgae complemented by the autolysis technique to rupture the cell-wall without denaturing the protein ensuring the efficient extraction of phycocyanin. Along with the extraction stage, the proteins are purified by aqueous two phase approach, which comprises of a polymer and a salting agent. This approach selectively precipitates the impurities and unwanted contaminants, which are then separated from the solution leading to a pure phycocyanin extract in an economical manner. The project basically aims at addressing the cost related issues that hinder the application of natural pigments compared to synthetics although the customer based demand for sustainable and economically feasible approaches of deriving valuable natural protein extracts is on the rise. Also, the scalability and affordability of this project make it a viable solution for the algal cultivation and protein extraction. YES
125 1828 3D connect IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure 3D Connect bridges the gap between design & market fit, lowering product failure rates. Our platform uses 3D models & surveys to gather customer insights, optimizing designs before launch. YES
126 1830 Mister AffordableAndCleanEnergy In this concept, we present a novel approach to improve the efficiency of condensers. Our innovative system focuses on lowering the ambient temperature, subsequently enabling the condenser to operate with reduced energy input. This, in turn, leads to decreased electricity consumption in air conditioning applications. YES
127 1831 Kissan Konnect DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth Our app bridges the gap between farmers and skilled labor in Pakistan's agriculture, offering a dedicated job platform. It tackles machinery accessibility issues, benefiting both large and small-scale farmers. The user-friendly video-centric approach ensures easy adoption, fostering inclusivity. Unlike competitors, we uniquely connect laborers with opportunities, setting us apart in the agricultural landscape. YES
128 1832 Variable Rate Sprayer IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Variable rate sprayer for agriculture YES
129 1833 Beautowns GoodHealthAndWellBeing Beautowns is a revolutionary web and mobile-based salon appointment application that seamlessly connects beauty enthusiasts with salons, creating a dynamic and personalized experience within the beauty and wellness industry. The platform serves as a digital gateway for customers to effortlessly discover, book, and engage with a diverse range of beauty services. With a user-friendly interface and advanced technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing, Beautowns elevates the salon experience by providing personalized recommendations based on users' preferences, previous visits, and ratings. The application empowers users to create accounts, facilitating secure communication between customers and salon owners. Users can conveniently book appointments with their preferred salons, choosing from available time slots. Payment flexibility allows customers to pay through the application or according to salon owners' preferences. Beautowns extends beyond mere appointment scheduling by incorporating a robust review and rating system, enabling users to share and access insights about salons and individual stylists. Salons, in turn, benefit from a comprehensive platform that tracks metrics such as revenue, customer satisfaction, and popular services. These insights enable data-driven decision-making for salon owners, contributing to enhanced service quality and overall user experience. The platform introduces innovative features like loyalty programs and rewarding bonus systems, fostering user engagement and encouraging continued usage. Salon owners can leverage special discounts and promotions to attract and retain customers. Moreover, Beautowns strategically integrates a chatbot support system, offering real-time assistance to users and ensuring a seamless experience throughout their beauty journey. As Beautowns continues to evolve, it stands at the forefront of the beauty industry, offering a tech-savvy solution that not only simplifies the appointment process but also transforms it into a personalized, data-driven, and community-centric experience. In a world where beauty and technology converge, Beautowns emerges as a trailblazer, redefining the way individuals connect with and experience beauty services. YES
130 1835 AIM IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure AIM (AI Marketer) revolutionizes Social Media Marketing by automating content creation, posting, and analytics. Overcoming the challenges faced by Social Media Marketing Agencies, AIM employs Generative AI to generate graphics, captions, and hashtags, reducing production costs by 1/4th. Seamlessly connecting with clients' social media and web platforms, AIM ensures efficient, targeted campaigns. The centralized dashboard analyzes post performance, filters consumer interactions, and extracts valuable leads, while retargeting users for subsequent campaigns. The innovation lies in accelerating content generation tenfold without a human workforce. AIM marks a paradigm shift, enabling individuals of diverse backgrounds to harness expert-level Social Media Marketing capabilities effortlessly. YES
131 1836 ThrustX Other The project, titled "ThrustX: Ignition-Driven Advancements for Aerospace Propulsion," is a pioneering effort focused on modifying a turbocharger for small jet engines, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), and drones to optimize and elevate the efficiency of propulsion systems. The primary objective is to augment thrust generation by incorporating a combustion chamber and nozzle into the traditional turbocharger setup. The proposed system, named "ThrustX," harnesses the potential of combustion to refine the exhaust gas flow through the modified turbocharger. The process begins with the compression of incoming air by the turbocharger, followed by its redirection to a specially designed combustion chamber. Here, a controlled ignition process takes place, introducing fuel to the compressed air and initiating combustion. The resulting high-temperature and high-pressure gases are then directed towards the turbine inlet. In the modified turbocharger, the turbine not only recovers energy from the exhaust gases but also plays a crucial role in propelling the combustion products towards a strategically designed nozzle. The nozzle, located at the turbine outlet, accelerates the exhaust gases to generate a powerful thrust, significantly elevating the overall efficiency of the propulsion system. The application domain of this technology spans across UAVs, drones, and small jet engines. In the realm of UAVs, ThrustX presents a promising solution for achieving higher speeds, increased payload capacities, and extended flight durations. For drones, the technology opens up possibilities for enhanced maneuverability and operational range, crucial in various industries such as surveillance, agriculture, and logistics. In the context of small jet engines, ThrustX addresses the demand for compact yet powerful propulsion systems. The modified turbocharger design not only improves thrust output but also offers potential fuel efficiency benefits, contributing to sustainable aviation practices. The project combines theoretical analysis, computational modeling, and practical experimentation to optimize the combustion process, turbine design, and nozzle characteristics. Additionally, it considers the integration of advanced materials to withstand the extreme conditions of combustion and high-velocity exhaust gases. The ThrustX project aims to contribute to the evolution of propulsion systems in the aerospace sector, providing a transformative solution for applications requiring compact and highly efficient power sources. The results obtained from this research have the potential to revolutionize the design and performance of propulsion systems in various unmanned and small-scale aviation platforms, paving the way for a new era of highly efficient and capable aerospace technologies. YES
132 1837 Smart Scanner IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The 'AI Based Intelligent Baggage Scanner' is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance airport security. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, it automatically detects prohibited items in luggage with high accuracy. This system reduces human error, speeds up the security process, and ensures a safer travel environment. YES
133 1838 Advancing underwater exploration and inspection with an innovative work ROV LifeBelowWater The project signifies a crucial research initiative to transform underwater exploration and industrial application. Seeking financial backing, this endeavour aims to create an independent Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to improve the efficacy and safety of underwater missions. YES
134 1839 Cognitrade IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Stock price forecasting is a popular and important topic in financial and academic studies. Share market is an volatile place for predicting since there are no significant rules to estimate or predict the price of a share in the share market. Many methods like technical analysis, fundamental analysis, time series analysis and statistical analysis etc. are used to predict the price in tie share market but none of these methods are proved as a consistently acceptable prediction tool. In this paper, we implemented a Random Forest approach to predict stock market prices. Random Forests are very effectively implemented in forecasting stock prices, returns, and stock modeling. We outline the design of the Random Forest with its salient features and customizable parameters. We focus on a certain group of parameters with a relatively significant impact on the share price of a company. With the help of sentiment analysis, we found the polarity score of the new article and that helped in forecasting accurate result. Although share market can never be predicted with hundred per-cent accuracy due to its vague domain, this paper aims at proving the efficiency of Random forest for forecasting the stock prices. YES
135 1840 windy lights AffordableAndCleanEnergy We propose an idea which will save energy consumed by minor applications such as street lamps and traffic signals through the efficient conversion of wind energy to electrical energy on highways. YES
136 1841 GrowKisaan IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure is a Pakistani agricultural startup. It is a user-friendly application that uses technology to connect farmers with services such as a marketplace for buying and selling agricultural products, a community platform for sharing knowledge, an information hub for staying up-to-date with the latest trends, and peer-to-peer assistance for common problems. YES
137 1842 Pentesting Assisstant IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project addresses the pressing need for robust and proactive measures to safeguard systems against evolving cyber threats. By integrating penetration testing and breach and attack simulation through artificial intelligence techniques, this project aims to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential attack vectors within the system, assisted by AI. The significance of this project lies in its potential to enhance the detection and prevention capabilities of the system, providing actionable insights for remediation and improving the overall security posture. Implementing this project can minimize the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and financial losses, while ensuring compliance with security standards and regulations and ultimately making the life of security analyst and white-hat hackers easy. Ultimately, it empowers organizations to fortify their systems and stay one step ahead of sophisticated cyber-attacks. YES
138 1843 MedAssist NoPoverty The MedAssist App proposes an innovative solution to the challenges of medication management, aiming to provide a user-friendly platform that addresses prescription tracking, potential interactions, and language barriers. This Android application seamlessly integrates Java and Python technologies, offering features such as OCR medicine label conversion, prescription translation, side-effects information, medication interaction checking, herbal remedies data, and a real-time medicine availability locator. The project's client-server architecture ensures efficient functionality, while a comparative analysis with existing projects informs the development process. MedAssist aspires to enhance medication management, user experience, and healthcare knowledge, ultimately empowering users to make informed health decisions. YES
139 1845 A Superscalar RISC-V Processor IP IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The increasing demand for faster and more efficient computing systems has led to a critical need for advanced processor designs which can meet the growing requirements of modern applications, including AI, data analytics & high-performance computing. These processor designs possess advanced features, which includes Out of order Execution, Advanced branch predictions, Superscalar pipelines and many more which are the highlights of our project. YES
140 1846 Private DLP IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Integrating systems with the cloud poses risks of data theft or misuse. Our project addresses this by introducing an indigenous data loss prevention mechanism tailored for military use. It classifies and secures data at the destination, ensuring heightened protection against potential threats. YES
141 1847 NUST Rover IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Revolutionize campus mobility with Nust Rover, an intelligent shuttle tracking service. GPS-enabled vehicles offer real-time tracking via a user-friendly app, ensuring efficient transportation. Enabling a seamless journey, Nust Rover enhances connectivity, accessibility, and sustainability, embodying the future of campus transportation. YES
142 1848 Dairies Scan GoodHealthAndWellBeing Antibiotics are used largely in agriculture and animal farming for the prevention of animal diseases and to provide supplements for the animal’s health. They are being used in the cattle industry due to their low cost and high antimicrobial properties. As a result, antibiotic residues are found in the food products. Since consumption of food products contaminated with antibiotics causes severe environmental risks. Our study aims to detect the residue level of antibiotics in milk. For monitoring of the antibiotic residues in various foods especially in milk, there is a need to develop low-cost, simple, and rapid detection techniques. Our idea involves fabricating a disposable microfluidic paper-based analytical device for the detection and discrimination of antibiotics. The discrimination is based on the interaction of the antibiotics with specific materials being inserted into the paper and the analysis can be done through colorimetric or electrochemical sensors. YES
143 1849 ONCO Care GoodHealthAndWellBeing Integrating diverse healthcare data, including medical records and real-time sensor information, is a challenge. A novel approach leverages machine learning-driven interfaces, structured data capture, and sensor integration to address fragmented electronic health records. Through machine learning and semantic analysis, healthcare organizations can extract meaningful insights for improved oncology research and treatment. YES
144 1850 Container Analysis IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our project focuses on real-time container tracking through IoT sensors, ensuring low power consumption, cost-effectiveness, and optimal efficiency. It enables continuous monitoring, immediate response to unauthorized movements, and data analysis for logistics optimization, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient container management. YES
145 1852 FibreCraft Pro IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our groundbreaking project aims to revolutionize additive manufacturing with the development of a Composite-Based 3D Printer designed specifically for printing Carbon Fiber reinforced parts supported by Thermoplastic powder. Traditional 3D printing methods such as FDM, SLS, and SLA face limitations in terms of material properties, structural complexity, and material incompatibility. We have meticulously reviewed existing technologies, highlighting their drawbacks, such as poor fiber dispersion, non-uniform fiber distribution, and challenges in balancing porosity and strength. Our innovative solution, termed Composite-Based Additive Manufacturing (CBAM), employs the Sheet Lamination Method. This approach selectively prints a binder ink and thermoplastic polymer powder onto discontinuous carbon fiber sheets. CBAM delivers low-porosity composites exhibiting exceptional strength and stiffness. Notably, our work establishes a correlation between compaction pressure and porosity, enabling the production of components with low porosity and high fiber volume content. Our project's primary goal is the design and fabrication of a specialized 3D printer, addressing the limitations of conventional methods. This technology offers a unique solution for industries requiring high-performance, structurally complex parts. With the potential to redefine material capabilities in 3D printing, our innovation promises to unlock new horizons in manufacturing. We seek funding to bring this revolutionary Composite-Based 3D Printer to commercial viability, providing industries with a cutting-edge solution for advanced and durable composite components. YES
146 1853 Kissan Konnect DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth "Kissan Konnect" bridges the gap between farmers and skilled labor in Pakistan's agriculture, offering a dedicated job platform. It tackles machinery accessibility issues, benefiting both large and small-scale farmers. The user-friendly video-centric approach ensures easy adoption, fostering inclusivity. Unlike competitors, we uniquely connect laborers with opportunities, setting us apart in the agricultural landscape. YES
147 1854 SOLARSCAPE TECHNOLOGIES AffordableAndCleanEnergy Smart windows, innovative systems dynamically adjusting transparency, optimize natural light, reduce artificial lighting needs, and enhance energy efficiency in sustainable building design. While individual smart windows have low power needs, integrating on large scale increases maintenance costs. This research explores All-Oxides Solar Cells (AOSCs) as a renewable, transparent, and continuous power source for smart windows being self-sustainable. YES
148 1855 Burraq AquaGuard GoodHealthAndWellBeing Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related deaths worldwide and billions are lost due to flooding in rural areas. In Pakistan, where the country has suffered a massive death toll from climate change-induced floods, innovative drone solutions for search and rescue can be simple game-changers. YES
149 1856 Windigo Solutions AffordableAndCleanEnergy Addressing Pakistan's 4480MW power shortage, our VAWT solution leverages renewable energy, aiming to fulfill the national demand. With potential beneficiaries ranging from households to businesses, the adaptability of human-size VAWTs in diverse locations enhances adoption. Our model is cost-effective which further boosts its appeal, making it a promising solution for widespread implementation. YES
150 1857 Recovery Road GoodHealthAndWellBeing Since drug addiction is a huge problem in our society and the resources and awareness are limited to tackle them, we are going to develop an app to resolve this issue and provide people with accessible resources to help themselves get better. This project aims to develop a mobile application that will provide personalized drug recovery plans, support individuals during withdrawal management, and offer an extensive network of resources to empower their journey towards sobriety. The app is designed to increase accessibility to recovery resources, making the path to sobriety more manageable and raise awareness about addiction issues and available support. Individuals as well as rehab professionals can use this to keep track of the progress of their patients get better. YES
151 1858 Ehsaas GoodHealthAndWellBeing Revolutionize long-distance healthcare with a comprehensive solution that bridges gaps, enabling real-time monitoring, seamless communication, and intuitive healthcare management. Enhancing care and peace of mind for overseas caretakers and their loved ones, providing the best support possible. YES
152 1859 Wireless exploration IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The "Wireless Blocks" project signifies a leap in digital wireless communication understanding through four pivotal stages. From foundational exploration to practical implementation on hardware platforms, students develop hands-on proficiency. Later decoding real signals, culminating in a demonstrative wireless prototype, bridging theory and practicality for comprehensive learning. YES
153 1860 Mobile ERP system for Power Supply companies IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure "ELECTRACK" is a mobile ERP system for power supply companies that tends to locate the underground/ on ground transmission line and its working personnel also perform data analysis on the data driven by this application to take a note of transmission line 24/7and 365. . This project is ought to be a game changer for the power companies that helps them to identify power theft, unwanted people around heavy transmission lines, maintenance planning and scheduling, smart discrepancy identification, procurement and many other features YES
154 1862 Ehsaas GoodHealthAndWellBeing Revolutionize long-distance healthcare with a comprehensive solution that bridges gaps, enabling real-time monitoring, seamless communication, and intuitive healthcare management. Enhancing care and peace of mind for overseas caretakers and their loved ones, providing the best support possible. YES
155 1863 SweetBeat GoodHealthAndWellBeing The global rise in diabetes cases necessitates effective monitoring tools. The SweetBeat Smartwatch, integrating bioelectronics and IoT, offers non-invasive glucose monitoring through sweat. With a surge in undiagnosed diabetes cases, this device becomes crucial due to the lack of regular monitoring, stemming from public unawareness and fear of needles. It notifies users of abnormal levels, suggesting lifestyle adjustments, and incorporates IR-based biosensors, emergency contact integration, and precision monitoring linked to hydration levels for continuous surveillance. This innovative approach, drawn from diverse literature and research, aims to address the pressing need for proactive diabetes management on a global scale. YES
156 1864 Ehsaas GoodHealthAndWellBeing Revolutionize long-distance healthcare with a comprehensive solution that bridges gaps, enabling real-time monitoring, seamless communication, and intuitive healthcare management. Enhancing care and peace of mind for overseas caretakers and their loved ones, providing the best support possible. YES
157 1865 Telepresence in bioinformatics IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The rapid evolution of telepresence technology, driven by advances in robotics, virtual reality (VR), and communication systems, has ushered in a new era of remote interaction. This robot integrates cutting-edge components, including a custom-designed 3D printed gimbal, Turtle Bot 4 Lite, Robot Operating System (ROS), and the Meta Quest 2 VR Headset, all orchestrated through Unity. This synthesis of knowledge serves as a foundational framework for advancing the field and unlocking the full potential of telepresence technology in enhancing remote interaction and collaboration. Virtual telepresence robot, equipped with camera, provides users with an immersive view and mobility in remote environments and goes beyond conventional capabilities. The proposed hardware incorporates firmware, developed using ROS, an immersive 3D virtual environment created through camera input, VR, and Unity, as well as long-distance communication facilitated by a Wide Area Network (WAN). Furthermore, in the context of medical applications, a pivotal deliverable is the integration of a Gripper Mechanism atop the robot, enabling precise pick-and-place operations. This capability is indispensable in medical settings where precision and control are paramount. YES
158 1866 Innovate Hub IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Imagine a world where turning your innovative ideas into reality is seamless, efficient, and exhilarating. Welcome to Innovate Hub where we are on a mission to revolutionize end-to-end product development! YES
159 1867 Wheel Balancing Machine IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Title: Wheel Balancing Innovation: Precision machine & mobile app cater to local automotive needs. Affordable, versatile hardware and user-friendly interface empower users, ensuring optimal performance, and proactive maintenance. A transformative solution poised to elevate local automotive standards. YES
160 1868 HygroChill AffordableAndCleanEnergy In this application, a new type of space cooling system has been proposed as an eco-friendly alternate for vapor compression cooling cycles. HygroChill is an advanced cooling equipment model which harnesses the power of nature to provide efficient, sustainable comfort while minimizing environmental impact. It has an integrated system combining desiccant wheel dehumidification and indirect evaporative cooling. HygroChill provides air to the human thermal comfort level according to ASHRAE standards, it works in two stages, 1st desiccant wheel absorbs moisture from the incoming air, reducing the latent heat load and lowering the dew point. This significantly reduces the need for mechanical cooling, resulting in substantial energy savings. 2nd in the Indirect evaporative cooling, sensible heat is removed from the pre-dehumidified air by passing it through a heat exchanger cooled by water evaporation. This utilizes the natural cooling effect of evaporation without directly introducing humid air into the conditioned space. Conventional air conditioning systems pose a significant environmental challenge, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and depleting natural resources. YES
161 1869 Diego, a wheeled Quadruped Robot IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Alpha Robotics, a Pakistani startup, endeavours to revolutionize industries with Diego, a versatile robot dog. Designed for tasks like industrial and military surveillance, anomaly detection and tree plantation, Diego faces challenges such as adapting to diverse terrains and unpredictable weather conditions. The company navigates these hurdles with innovation, pushing the boundaries of autonomous robotics. YES
162 1870 3d reconstruction IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The proposed project involves the development of strategies and algorithms and a protype software designed to 3D reconstruct, map, and visualize buildings. These set of activities are performed with the goal of assessing the overall condition of a building, during construction (and possibly under use) from a set of images. In- and post- construction assessment of buildings are necessary to maintain their quality and structural integrity for comfort, aesthetics, and safety. Traditionally, assessing the condition of a building has been a labor-intensive and error-prone task that requires trained personnel and specialised equipment. This manual process is also expensive. The project is aimed at addressing these issues and the deliverables will go toward a future automated inspection software for civil infrastructure YES
163 1871 Design and Development of Collimator for X-Ray Machine DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth Our project focuses on the "Design and Development of a Locally Manufactured X-ray Collimator" for enhanced precision in medical imaging. This innovation integrates cutting-edge technology to optimize X-ray beam control, improving diagnostic accuracy while minimizing radiation exposure. Our collimator is cost-effective, locally produced, and aligns with global standards, contributing to accessible and advanced healthcare solutions. YES
164 1873 Amputation GoodHealthAndWellBeing Project Description/Abstract: Arm amputees are people who have lost their upper limb due to accident, trauma or any disease affecting the limbs. Such people cannot perform functions which require using the hand, not even routine activities in day-to-day life such as holding the objects, moving them, eating and all the like functions. A Myoelectric controlled prosthesis is an externally powered artificial limb that you control with the electrical signals generated naturally by your own muscles. The objective of the project is to design low cost myoelectric hand which utilize Myo-electric control. Surface EMG signals had been acquired from the residual limb of the hand, perform preprocessing task and featured extraction on EMG signals. The final output of EMG signals applied through servo motor to the 3D Myo-electric hand. The hand will be able to help improve the quality of life of upper limb amputees. Myoelectric hand component perform better than conventional prosthesis in terms of function, weight, comfort and cosmetics. YES
165 1877 AquaCatalyst Endeavor CleanWaterAndSanitation Water is a precious natural resource that drives our lives. Rapid increase in urbanization and unplanned discharge of industrial effluents has increased the threat of water pollution all over the world. Due to scarcity of drinking water, water conditioning and waste water treatment are significant future issues. In this study, efficient and low-cost nanocomposite beads have been prepared for purifying waste water by combining Chitosan with Haworthia fasciata and Zanthoxylum armatum leaf powder (CB/HFLP and CB/ZALP). The synthesized composite beads and membranes were characterized using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) test, X-Ray diffractometer (XRD) and Scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Antimicrobial activity of CB/HFLP and CB/ZALP nanobeads was evaluated against ATCC cultures of Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeroginose and Bacillus subtilis using Disc diffusion test. Both composites showed significant antibacterial activity against the tested cultures. Waste water samples were collected from five different locations of Lai Nullah, commonly known as Nullah Lai. Samples were subjected to a series of screening, sedimentation and clarification processes in order to remove large suspended materials before treatment with CB/HFLP and CB/ZALP nanobeads for further purification. The waste water samples were analyzed using ICP-MS, before and after treatment with nanobeads. The nanocomposite beads were found to be significantly effective in the removal of heavy metals including Cd, As, Cr, Co, Pb, Zn, Cu, Se, Fe, Ni and Mn from treated waste water samples. The physical parameters i.e., pH, electrical conductivity (EC) and turbidity in waste water and treated samples were also determined. CH/HFLP nanocomposites showed extensive elimination of turbidity along with suspended solids from waste water samples. These nanocomposite beads can offer a significant alternative approach for removal of other physio-chemical parameters from waste water as well in future. YES
166 1878 Hajj And Umrah Simulation IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The Hajj and Umrah Simulator project aims to bridge the gap between the desire to perform these sacred pilgrimages and the knowledge and confidence required to do so. By offering a comprehensive and immersive virtual experience, this simulator seeks to empower Muslims with the knowledge and practice necessary for a successful and spiritually fulfilling Hajj or Umrah journey. YES
167 1880 Warehouse Management IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Transforming warehouse management through an MQTT-driven system. Our Python-based central server coordinates ESP8266 robots within a marked 2D space, ensuring precise navigation and efficient task execution. Leveraging the lightweight MQTT protocol, real-time communication fosters collaboration among robots, enabling optimal resource allocation. This cost-effective and versatile solution defines the future of smart warehousing. YES
168 1882 Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring for Type-II Diabetes GoodHealthAndWellBeing Rising diabetes cases and the absence of non-invasive glucose monitoring leads to discomfort with invasive tests and inability to measure glucose levels during post-meal sleep especially for elderly people who cannot timely intervene. Our aim is to develop an automated, non-invasive glucometer to monitor sleep glucose levels and wirelessly transmit data, enhancing healthcare oversight. YES
169 1884 Deep Fake PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions Deepfakes, AI-generated synthetic media, threaten misinformation. This project develops a solution, a deepfake lab, to detect and mitigate malicious content. Focused on curbing misuse, it tackles concerns related to the deceptive use of synthetic media, safeguarding against false information spread. YES
170 1885 BearGuard IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A major fraction of failures in the industry occur due to bearing faults in rotary machines. Our aim is to catch the symptoms and faults earlier using machine learning helping in timely maintenance and avoiding costly downtimes. YES
171 1886 Hydrologic Effects of Increase in Built-up Land in Swat Basin SustainableCitiesAndCommunities The study investigates visual and statistical correlation between land use changes and increased runoff in the Swat Basin. Utilizing GIS and hydrological modeling, it evaluates and analyzes the historical climate parameters data to understand the influence of urbanization (in terms of built-up area) on runoff patterns for effective flood management strategies for downstream regions. YES
172 1887 IntelliFlow IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Introducing an innovative solution to the common inconvenience of manually adjusting water temperature in showers, our project proposes an autonomous water tap that dynamically regulates water temperature based on ambient conditions. By integrating sensors, user preferences, and safety features, this smart tap aims to provide a seamless and personalized shower experience. With a focus on energy efficiency, user feedback, and easy integration, the project envisions a future where the hassle of fine-tuning water temperature becomes a thing of the past. YES
173 1890 Law-Bot PK PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions A chatbot driven by artificial intelligence, focusing on family law, offering quick and easy access to legal advice. This project aims to assist users with precise and customized answers to family law questions, utilizing state-of-the-art AI technologies to clarify legal complications. YES
174 1891 FPGA Security Other This project fortifies FPGA security, addressing vulnerabilities to scan chain-based side-channel attacks. By enhancing protection, it contributes to safeguarding sensitive data in critical sectors, ensuring resilience against evolving cyber threats. YES
175 1892 Shade Craft IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure ShadeCraft: Unveiling the Magic of Automated Paint Blending Challenge: Homeowners often struggle to find the perfect paint shade, facing out-of-stock frustration and limitations in pre-mixed options. ShadeCraft presents a revolutionary solution: an automated paint blending system and user-friendly e-commerce platform for personalized wall paint shades. Solution: Paint Mixing Machine: Powered by microcontrollers and color theory, this machine mixes distemper paints from two different companies to create a vast spectrum of user-defined shades. E-commerce Website: Offers a seamless shopping experience with features like secure user accounts, a comprehensive product catalog, shade visualization tools, and an innovative cost estimation feature for paint and labor. Methodology: Market Research and Analysis: Identify trends, competitors, and user preferences. Requirements Gathering: Define user needs for the shade generator and website. Design and Development: Create user-friendly interfaces, implement functionalities, and ensure data security. Testing and Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing for accuracy, functionality, and usability. Deployment and Launch: Secure website hosting, marketing strategy, and successful launch campaign. Impact: Empowers users: Personalized color options and precise cost estimates. Industry disruption: Redefines the home decor market with innovative technology. Convenience: Eliminates out-of-stock frustrations and simplifies paint projects. Sustainability: Reduced paint waste through precise mixing. Alignment: Addresses the departmental mission of pursuing creative projects and new technologies. Contributes to SDGs by promoting responsible consumption and production (SDG 12). Join us in turning houses into homes, one perfect brushstroke at a time. Keywords: home decor, paint, automation, e-commerce, color, personalization, cost estimation, innovation, sustainability. YES
176 1894 AI EMOCARE GoodHealthAndWellBeing The purpose of our project, 'AI EmoCare,' is to address the pressing issue of unaddressed mental health problems in our society. Our goal is to use artificial intelligence and technology to provide early detection, personalized support, and timely intervention for individuals experiencing emotional distress, anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. We aim to reduce the burden on mental health professionals and improve the overall well-being of individuals by creating an empathetic and accessible platform for mental healthcare. YES
177 1895 GreenFuel Nexus AffordableAndCleanEnergy To address the rising demand for sustainable alternatives, an integrated approach is crucial to transforming waste into valuable products. Waste oil can be converted to bio-oil using biochar as a catalyst. Biochar is transformed into bio-based mixed metal oxides and carbonates through calcination, enhancing its catalytic activity. The success achieved with biomass sets the stage for harnessing value from waste, facilitating a shift towards a more sustainable future where waste streams evolve into valuable resources. YES
178 1896 Sentiment Analysis of Daraz Reviews IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This research tackles the distinctive challenge of sentiment analysis for Roman Urdu reviews on Daraz, employing an innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) approach. Analyzing user sentiments in Roman Urdu is a complex task due to the linguistic nuances and the need to address transliteration challenges. In this study, we present a methodology that combines linguistic analysis, contextual understanding, and machine learning techniques to extract meaningful insights from a diverse range of customer feedback. The multilingual nature of Daraz reviews, often expressed in Roman Urdu, adds an additional layer of complexity to sentiment analysis. To address this challenge, our approach integrates advanced NLP algorithms tailored to the intricacies of Roman Urdu, allowing for accurate sentiment classification. We leverage the unique characteristics of the language, considering its phonetic structure and linguistic idiosyncrasies, to improve the accuracy of sentiment predictions. One significant aspect of our methodology is its ability to capture nuanced sentiments expressed in Roman Urdu. Traditional sentiment analysis models may struggle to comprehend the subtleties and cultural context inherent in this language. Through our approach, we aim to go beyond mere positive, negative, or neutral categorizations, delving into the intricacies of user emotions and opinions. The research contributes to a deeper understanding of customer satisfaction, preferences, and areas for potential improvement within the online shopping experience on Daraz. By extracting meaningful insights from Roman Urdu reviews, we provide a more comprehensive view of shopper sentiments. This analysis offers valuable information for enhancing user-centric strategies, refining product offerings, and ultimately improving the overall customer experience on Daraz. In conclusion, this research bridges the gap in sentiment analysis for Roman Urdu reviews on Daraz by introducing a tailored NLP approach. By addressing the linguistic challenges unique to Roman Urdu, our methodology strives to provide a more accurate and nuanced understanding of customer sentiments. The findings have practical implications for online retailers, guiding them in refining their strategies, improving user satisfaction, and adapting to the diverse linguistic landscape of the e-commerce environment. YES
179 1897 ElectraFuse AffordableAndCleanEnergy The research centers on the development of metal doped MnFeO3 as the base electrode material, then creating the heterojunction with Ti3C2 for the supercapacitor applications thereby increasing the electrical conductivity electron transport, and charge/discharge performance in supercapacitors. YES
180 1898 Leap IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Leap, a locally designed quadrupedal robot, draws inspiration from animal biomechanics, offering stability, agility, and terrain versatility. With modular design, it serves in Surveillance, Tactical Communication, Border Patrols, and Inspection. Beyond these, it finds applications in Fashion, Personal Assistants, Agriculture, and Exploration. Leap's adaptive locomotion, low noise levels, and airspace flexibility provide advantages over wheeled robots and drones, making it ideal for diverse scenarios. YES
181 1899 Gemzon IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Pakistan's Largest Online E-commerce Platform for Gemstones supporting AI-based identification and Classification of Gemstones having NFT based ownership of Gemstones. YES
182 1900 MetaCare GoodHealthAndWellBeing The Healthcare Assistance Platform is a pioneering endeavor aimed at revolutionizing healthcare accessibility for marginalized communities. By utilizing cutting-edge web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, along with robust frameworks such as Python, Django, and PostgreSQL, the platform focuses on delivering essential healthcare services efficiently. Emphasis is placed on stringent security measures to safeguard user data and privacy. Key objectives include creating user-friendly registration/login systems, integrating AI-driven assessments for targeted resource allocation, and enabling seamless service requests for donations, health device rentals, and medicines. These functionalities aim to bridge healthcare disparities and empower users in managing their well-being effectively. The platform offers various features like user profile creation, form submissions, AI-based eligibility evaluations, personalized user dashboards, appointment scheduling, notification systems, user feedback mechanisms, and data analytics tools for administrators. These collectively enhance user experiences and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making. This initiative holds significance due to its potential to create a substantial positive social impact, leading to healthier and more resilient communities through improved healthcare access. The outlined timeline ensures foundational milestones for future developmental phases and sustained growth. The methodology highlights the technology stack, AI integration, security measures, user experience design, and deployment strategies, aligning with data privacy regulations like GDPR. These elements contribute to the platform's robustness, scalability, and usability. Overall, the Healthcare Assistance Platform represents a comprehensive solution addressing healthcare disparities, leveraging technology to empower underserved communities while fostering collaboration and trust among stakeholders dedicated to healthcare equity. YES
183 1901 Deep Learning based Object Detection for Vehicles in Local Urban Traffic IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The Project Focus on developing a model and a system to detect local urban traffic using custom local captured dataset. The System captures video feed from a vehicular mounted Camera on a rotatable stabilized platform, which streams the captured video over 4G network using GSM protocols to the Command-and-control center, where the stream is processed and objects are detected using DL techniques. Which are then viewed using websites, monitors and VR Googles. The Platform controlled with a wireless joystick available in the center. YES
184 1902 Radiofrequency Fingerprinting IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure RF fingerprinting ensures secure wireless communication by uniquely identifying devices through radio signals. User-friendly and practical, it requires minimal training, benefiting individuals and organizations. With significant commercialization potential, RF fingerprinting promises a secure, efficient, and accessible wireless future, addressing societal needs effectively. YES
185 1903 Sign Language ReducingInequality Deaf and dumb people face significant challenges in communicating with hearing population who usually do not understand sign language. This communication barrier makes it difficult for them to access education, healthcare, and other services. The lack of communication can also lead to social isolation, which can have a negative impact on mental health. The sign language recognition mobile application aims to address this problem by developing a system that can recognize and interpret sign language gestures, making communication easier for the deaf and dumb community. The Sign Language Recognition System for Deaf and Dumb is a computer vision-based project aimed at recognizing and translating Sign Language into text. The project utilizes machine learning algorithms and image processing techniques to analyze hand movements and recognize the corresponding sign language gestures. Our project has the potential to revolutionize communication for the deaf and mute community, enabling them to communicate with the hearing population more effectively and efficiently. The system empowers the deaf and dumb community by enabling them to express themselves fully and participate more actively in society. The system can be integrated into a variety of applications, including education, healthcare, and social media, providing a platform for seamless communication and inclusion. YES
186 1904 AirVault IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure "AirVault" addresses the critical need for secure data management in air-gapped environments. Its user-friendly web and mobile interfaces empower users to manage data, while unique searchable encryption ensures privacy without compromising accessibility. It provides secure data management in air-gapped environments, catering to sectors like healthcare, military, etc. YES
187 1905 Dietary Amma GoodHealthAndWellBeing Discover 'Dietary Amma', the ultimate app for health-conscious individuals and those with specific medical conditions. Simply scan a product to reveal its ingredients and get instant, tailored advice on its suitability for your health needs. Whether managing diabetes, allergies, or just aiming for a healthier diet, 'Dietary Amma' is your pocket guide to making informed, safe food choices. YES
188 1906 ML verification system IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure project focuses on developing a signature verification system tailored for mobile edge devices. It emphasizes offline functionality, allowing users to verify signatures without the need for continuous internet connectivity. By leveraging machine learning and optimized algorithms, the system ensures efficient, real-time authentication, catering to various sectors' security needs while prioritizing accessibility on mobile platforms. YES
189 1907 Evaporative Cooling Device IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project aims to develop an innovative and sustainable evaporative cooling device that can be seamlessly integrated with residential air-conditioning systems. The primary goal is to enhance the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of traditional air-conditioning systems by harnessing the cooling power of evaporation. YES
190 1909 RUL (Remaining Useful Life) Prediction IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure With the increased involvement of automation mechanisms in industries, with electric motors playing a pivotal role in optimizing industrial processes, a critical aspect is the health monitoring of the motors. The operational and maintenance costs can be greatly reduced if the health of the system is monitored regularly. Traditional health monitoring methods often rely on pre-defined thresholds or scheduled inspections, which results in unexpected downtimes leading to inefficiencies. In contrast, our proposed approach utilizes the capabilities of deep learning, which has allowed tremendous progress in industrial diagnostics, has been playing an imperative role in maintaining and sustaining Industry 4.0, and is also paving the way for Industry 5.0. This paper introduces an advanced, robust, and state-of-the-art technique for real-time health monitoring using sensor fusion and predicting the remaining useful lifetime (RUL) of the motor using a recurrent neural network (LSTM). The model acquires data from vibration, current, and environment sensors and uses complimentary data from these sensors to accurately predict the fault and the remaining useful lifetime estimation (RUL). YES
191 1910 AutoVendi NoPoverty Introducing AutoVendi, your hospital’s dynamic delivery ally. Transporting medications and patient meals, AutoVendi ensures timely and contactless delivery. Elevate patient care, utilize labor efficiently, as you embrace our cutting-edge robotic solution. A healthier, smarter, and sustainable hospital experience starts here. YES
192 1913 Orbital Custodian IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Less than ten percent of the space junk in existence today has the ability to be tracked. This comprises larger-than-1-centimeter objects that have the capacity to harm or even destroy operational spacecraft and initiate a cascade of fragmentation. Optical techniques offer a viable remedy for this "blindness." Optical approaches can be used to retrieve satellite and other space junk position data. We intend to combine a ranging laser with a gazing camera system, telescope, tracking mount, data handling computer and the software. To provide a more accurate way to determine space debris and its orbit. Real-time data processing from an optical gazing camera is the aim in order to provide laser ranging within the same overpass. This enables accurate orbit calculation so that the object can be reliably located in subsequent passes. Optical tracking is less expensive and offers greater directional accuracy. In order to display the Low Earth Orbit objects' real-time photographs on a digital platform, we can perform optical tracking of objects. A method for tracking satellites can be created and used to obtain real-time telescope picture data while keeping costs to a minimum. Furthermore, we can implement ML algorithms for better prediction of space objects. Numerous machine learning algorithms, including Back Propagation Neural Network Approach for Space Objects Orbit Prediction Improvement, have been created and applied in a range of space applications, including orbit determination, planning and optimization of spacecraft trajectories, and automatic space object characterization. These examples demonstrate the superior performance of ML in the field of orbit dynamics, which makes researchers eager to use the ML approach for precise orbit predictions of space objects. Over 80% of the underlying pattern of the past object prediction mistakes can be captured by the trained machine learning models. YES
193 1914 BAYMAX GoodHealthAndWellBeing Introducing Baymax, an advanced remote patient monitoring system consisting of the Baymax Kit and the Baymax Portal. The Kit, equipped with sensors and microprocessors, gathers patient vitals, which are then seamlessly transmitted to the Baymax Portal. This web-based platform fosters connections between patients and doctors. Employing machine learning, it provides predictive insights for clinical event diagnosis, enabling timely medical interventions and redefining remote patient monitoring. YES
194 1915 Pediatric Pal GoodHealthAndWellBeing This app aims to empower users by offering a holistic approach to pediatric care, ensuring quick access to reliable home remedies, essential medical insights, and streamlined management of their child's health records. Pediatric Pal strives to become the go-to resource for parents, fostering a sense of confidence and competence in managing their child's health. YES
195 1917 Parallel Robot IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure We are making a parallel kinematic robot that has five degrees of freedom. It has 3 linear and 2 rotational motions. It can be used for many purposes such as CNC machining, welding, and many other tasks similar to these. The end effector is decided based on user requirements and can fulfill the need. YES
196 1918 Thermovolatic Fusion SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Traditional solar panels suffer from efficiency losses due to rising temperatures. Thermovoltaic Fusion tackles this challenge head-on by integrating thermoelectric generators (TEGs) directly into the back surface of PV panels. This innovative approach not only reduces panel temperatures, but also harvests the waste heat as additional electricity, effectively doubling the system's energy output. In direct comparison with traditional PVT systems, Thermovoltaic Fusion offers a more cost-effective and compact solution, requiring no bulky fluid circuits. Our product quantifies the performance gains of this novel technology under various conditions, optimizing parameters like TEG type and cooling methods for maximized efficiency and affordability. Thermovoltaic Fusion is not just about generating more power; it's about revolutionizing sustainable energy. By minimizing wasted heat and maximizing output, we pave the way for cleaner, greener homes and communities. Join us in harnessing the full potential of the sun, unlocking a future powered by Thermovoltaic Fusion. YES
197 1919 EdemaSense GoodHealthAndWellBeing EdemaSense, a Hybrid App utilizing deep learning models and CNNs, swiftly detects edema in diverse medical images. Through collaboration with hospitals and expert doctor guidance, this system not only identifies edema but also provides an innovative solution by recommending nearby Doctors based on the particular edema type, offering a comprehensive solution in today's dynamic healthcare and tech-driven world. YES
198 1920 Online Voting PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions This project proposes an E-Voting system leveraging Blockchain, AES and Zero Knowledge Proofs that increases the system's transparency and accessibility for diverse uses beyond government elections including internal polls for Civic Bodies. The system guarantees verifiable, auditable and secure online voting, marking a major leap towards an adaptable E-Voting framework for our evolving digital world. YES
199 1921 PharmaChain NoPoverty Changing the way pharmaceutical supply chains work In Pakistan, implementing a trustless and independently verifiable system. YES
200 1922 Gennotate GoodHealthAndWellBeing In the realm of medical imaging, data scarcity and the laborious task of annotation hinder the progress of deep learning models. By developing advanced image synthesis techniques and a user-friendly annotation tool, this project aims to unlock the potential of AI in healthcare. YES
201 1923 ARchaz IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure We will be creating an Augmented Reality conversion tool that would help engineers, architects, manufacturers and industrialists convert their CAD models into AR models within 3 simple steps. It would be a tool for real-time, real scale visualization of design models before stage of production. Whether the model is a house, furniture or even complex machinery; it would be seen in the actual environment through our tool YES
202 1924 BIM DAMalyze IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Small dams play a vital role in the development of every country and regions with water resource challenges. They have many benefits such as water storage and supply, flood control, energy generation etc. Despite of having potential in all provinces, currently Pakistan has approximately 150 small dams however according to the estimates, Pakistan needs approximately 750 more small dams to fulfill it water requirements. Without following the principles, the guidelines of construction management, effective designing and execution of a project becomes difficult. Designing of a construction project using conventional methods and techniques often leads to clashes between different stake holders thus resulting in delays in the project completion as well as an increase in cost. BIM (Building Information Modelling) has the solution to all these can not only model, collaborate and visualize but detect the clashes and produces reliable platform for resolution of these clashes. This Project is aimed to analyze and validate the effectiveness of integrated BIM in construction of small dams. The overarching goal is to enhance the efficiency, sustainability and economic viability of constructing small dams. Besides, changing the orthodox nature of construction, this study would help in providing guidelines for practical implementation of integrated BIM in construction of small dams in Pakistan. YES
203 1925 MindGuard GoodHealthAndWellBeing This machine learning project seeks to address this challenge by conducting an in-depth Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) on students, revealing the complex factors affecting mental health disparities across departments. YES
204 1929 Faceonyx IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The "Anti-Theft Vehicle Security System Using Face Recognition" addresses the surge in car thefts by deploying a Face Detection System (FDS) with real-time image processing. Advanced facial recognition algorithms authenticate the driver, providing enhanced security. A user-friendly mobile app offers activity logs and profile management. The system, based on Raspberry Pi, presents a comprehensive solution to vehicle theft, ensuring heightened security and peace of mind for owners. YES
205 1933 Predictive Well-being GoodHealthAndWellBeing Mental health problems in educational institutions is one of the most neglected problems in Pakistan. There are a few studies focusing on comparative analysis of mental health of healthcare professionals. But there is no such study taking into account the mental health of students. We aim to perform a comparative analysis and descriptive analysis of depression, anxiety, and stress levels of students before and after examination. On the basis of which, we aim to name a machine learning model which may help the universities an healthcare professionals in assessing the DAS levels of students, which may play a role timely treatment of the mental health issues. This would assist in improving the performance of students by this early diagnosis and treatment. YES
206 1934 MEAT TRACK GoodHealthAndWellBeing Real-time monitoring of meat spoilage is crucial for ensuring the quality and safety of the meat. Fast and non-destructive method is required to check the quality of the meat because the current standard monitoring procedures are time-consuming & destructive. We aim to synthesise a biosensor responsive to the spoilage markers that are released from the meat during spoilage. This will enable us to detect the spoiled meat in real time on our mobile phones. YES
207 1935 PrepMaster QualityEducation Online platform offering tailored interview experiences and comprehensive preparation materials. Connect with real interviewers, schedule mock sessions, and access curated content for diverse exams. Elevate your skills, boost confidence, and excel in any interview scenario. YES
208 1936 Crypto Coprocessor IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project aims to develop a hardware-accelerated cryptographic coprocessor integrated with a RISC-V-based processor to address the growing need for robust security and performance in embedded systems. The coprocessor comprises three modules: an interface module for communication with the main processor, a compute module for AES-128 encryption and decryption implemented in Verilog, and a memory module for secure storage. By offloading cryptographic operations to dedicated hardware, the coprocessor aims to achieve enhanced data protection, faster processing speeds, and reduced power consumption, offering a promising solution for a wide range of security-critical applications. YES
209 1937 Cosmic Sentry IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) pose a significant threat due to potential catastrophic collisions, as in the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor incident. The unpredictability of NEOs and uncertainty in their orbits make precise evaluation and mitigation challenging. Monitoring and tracking are essential for early detection and planning. Optical techniques, combining laser ranging and gazing cameras, offer a cost-effective and accurate solution for tracking space debris, enabling real-time data processing. Utilizing machine learning algorithms enhances orbit predictions, with over 80% pattern capture in past object prediction mistakes. YES
210 1938 PALL QualityEducation This project leverages AI-Ed, integrating Large Language Models to revolutionize learning. Focused on AI-enhanced quiz creation, it promotes self-regulated learning, addresses individual needs, and targets deficiencies in Program and Course Learning Outcomes. Tackling scalability, adaptability, and timely feedback challenges, it optimizing learning experience of educators and learners. YES
211 1939 NanoCure GoodHealthAndWellBeing Cancer is amongst the most complex global health issues which continues to demand serious action. According to the report published in 2020 by GLOBOCAN, about 19.3 million new cancer cases were reported, and 10 million deaths were recorded worldwide. This global burden is expected to increase to 28.4 million by the end of 2040, a 47% rise. Although several treatments including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery are being practiced but they have multiple limitations. The efficiency of chemotherapy is low affecting healthy tissues and resulting in hair loss, nails damage etc. In radiotherapy, tissues surrounding the tumor are exposed to high-energy radiation, causing fatigue and skin burns. Moreover, the aftereffects of surgery are often more painful than the surgery itself and can cause complications such as infections and scarring. A new treatment method must be developed to effectively treat cancer with minimal post-treatment effects. Nanotechnology has played a crucial role in tackling these issues and nanomaterials-based ultrasonic hyperthermia bypasses these side effects and is a very promising cancer treatment method. Ultrasonic hyperthermia involves using ultrasounds and nanoparticles to increase the temperature of the tumor site by localized and inside-out heating. The interaction of ultrasounds with these nanoparticles leads to attenuation, involving absorption and scattering, ultimately resulting in the conversion of acoustic energy into heat within the tumor region. YES
212 1941 Inquaflow AffordableAndCleanEnergy The self-powered automatic faucet project will address the critical need for sustainable water management in the face of increasing water scarcity and environmental concerns. Traditional automatic faucets rely on external power sources. This project aims to overcome these challenges by developing a faucet system that operates autonomously, utilizing a self-charging mechanism powered by the kinetic energy of flowing water. The main aspect of this project will be the integration of a turbine-driven system within the faucet structure. The turbine will convert the kinetic energy of water to rotational motion which then will drive the generator. It will convert the rotational motion to electric energy, which then will produce electrical power. This energy can be stored in a battery or a capacitor to be used later as per requirement. This will eliminate the need of wires which are required to provide power to the system. Also, the batteries used in conventional faucets -which need to be charged after a specific time- would no longer be required. In conclusion, the self-powered automatic faucet project presents a viable and sustainable solution to traditional water faucets' power dependency. The integration of a self-charging mechanism driven by water pressure will offer a practical approach to address water conservation challenges. The project's trajectory underscores its potential significance in promoting eco-friendly technologies and responsible water usage. YES
213 1942 ResistoAI GoodHealthAndWellBeing ResistoAI combines generative and predictive AI models to combat superbugs, contributing to our country's efforts in addressing the global pandemic of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). Through analysis of resistance databases and virtual libraries, our advanced AI predicts effective molecules, accompanying in a personalized and targeted approach in the fight against Antibiotic resistance. YES
214 1943 EngineLogic AI IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Amidst 1.4 billion global cars and 7 million in Pakistan, including 1 million Corollas, the susceptibility of internal combustion engines to minor faults causing major issues prompts a need for an AI-based early detection system. This innovative solution aims to preemptively identify faults, minimizing repair costs and inconveniences for vehicle owners. YES
215 1944 AR navigation IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our project focuses on the development of a mobile application that revolutionizes navigation by integrating Augmented Reality (AR) technology with indoor and outdoor environments. While Global Positioning System (GPS) has been widely used for outdoor navigation, it falls short in providing accurate and reliable navigation solutions indoors. Our application aims to bridge this gap by leveraging digital maps, AR, and computer vision to create a seamless navigation experience for users in complex indoor spaces such as malls, offices, universities, airports, and hospitals. Using the mobile app, users will be able to navigate through both indoor and outdoor environments with ease. The app utilizes the device's camera and sensors to overlay virtual pointers and markers in real time on the mobile phone's display. These markers act as visual cues, guiding users along the most optimal routes and providing contextual information about their surroundings. The key advantage of our solution lies in its ability to accurately locate and direct users within intricate indoor spaces. By relying on a digital map of the environment, the application can precisely determine a user's position and orientation. This information is then combined with AR and computer vision techniques to generate an intuitive and immersive navigation experience. Our application has numerous potential applications. In malls, users can effortlessly navigate through complex layouts, quickly locating shops and facilities. In offices, employees and visitors can easily find meeting rooms, departments, and other amenities. Universities can benefit from the app by helping students navigate sprawling campuses and locate classrooms. Airports and hospitals can enhance the user experience by providing precise navigation instructions to various terminals, gates, and departments. The project aims to improve the overall navigation experience, saving users time and reducing frustration in unfamiliar environments. By leveraging the power of AR and computer vision, our mobile application pushes the boundaries of navigation technology, providing accurate, reliable, and intuitive guidance both indoors and outdoors. YES
216 1945 3D Printed Cortex Exoskeleton Orthopedic Cast GoodHealthAndWellBeing The 3D-printed cortex exoskeleton orthopedic cast offers a promising alternative to traditional plaster casts, addressing issues such as discomfort and hygiene. The use of 3D scanning and printing technology enables the creation of patient-specific casts tailored to individual anatomy and fracture patterns, potentially enhancing immobilization and overall patient comfort. The Cortex cast provides a highly technical and trauma-zone-localized support system that is lightweight, ventilated, washable, and stylish. However, the cost-effectiveness and accessibility of 3D scanning and printing technology represent significant considerations that necessitate further investigation and strategic planning. Ongoing research and technological advancements present opportunities for enhancing the clinical effectiveness and versatility of 3D-printed casts, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes and redefining the standard of care in fracture rehabilitation YES
217 1946 Drone Swarm IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Enhancing drone design to mitigate interference effects on lift force from neighboring drones, optimizing shape and features for uninterrupted aerial performance. YES
218 1947 EasyCheck GoodHealthAndWellBeing EasyCheck is a blood monitoring kit that will give you results in minutes. Patients don't take fever seriously & skip repetitive blood testing for not being budget-friendly. In Pakistan, people don't check their blood profile for years despite CBC being the very basic blood test. Normally, in the case of a dengue fever patients have to monitor their blood test every day from a lab which is not economical but this device is a one-time purchase. YES
219 1948 column-web resilience IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This study examines the web buckling resistance of tabular steel columns reinforced with carbon fibre reinforced epoxy composite (CFRP) and filled with engineered cementitious composites (ECC). While CFRP offers improved strength and stiffness, the use of ECC as an infill material gives special ductility and energy dissipation properties. In seismically vulnerable areas, the combination of these materials satisfies the demand for resilient structural systems and promotes effective space utilisation in buildings. To evaluate the performance of ECC-infilled steel columns under axial and lateral loading circumstances, experimental and analytical approaches are used in the research. The structural behaviour, load-carrying ability, and deformation characteristics of the columns are assessed by a series of laboratory tests. It is anticipated that the results of this study will reveal the significant enhancement in the overall structural performance of tabular steel columns infilled with ECC and strengthened with CFRP. The combination of these materials effectively delays web buckling, increases load-carrying capacity, and enhances energy dissipation capacity, making them a promising solution for improving the seismic resilience of structures. The research findings contribute to the advancement of sustainable and resilient construction practices, with potential applications in a wide range of civil engineering projects. YES
220 1950 customized fashion designing DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth So I am designing an app with modern AI tools in which the main focus is to analyze customer data and recommend the personalized fashion items and styling suggestions based on past purchases, body measurements, and user feedback( individual preferences and behavior ) leading to a more customized shopping experience YES
221 1952 VeinSense GoodHealthAndWellBeing VeinSense introduces an innovative solution utilizing Near Infrared Imaging (NIR) for accurate vein visualization, specifically addressing the challenges faced during intravenous catheterization (IVC) in medical procedures. This cost-effective technology aids healthcare professionals in precisely identifying veins, especially in complex scenarios such as dehydrated or dark-pigmented patients, thereby significantly improving patient care. YES
222 1954 Cyber physical system for precision farming NoPoverty It focuses on addressing the various aspects of poverty, such as its environmental, social, and economic aspects. The context of precision farming and related technologies could include boosting small-scale farmers' earnings and standard of living, expanding their access to markets and resources, and encouraging sustainable farming methods that help pull people out of poverty. YES
223 1955 Sweet Stix GoodHealthAndWellBeing Sweet potato sticks present a delectable and nutritious snacking option that caters to diverse consumer needs. Prepared by slicing sweet potatoes and subjecting them to a controlled deep-frying process, these sticks strike a balance between indulgence and health. The technical working involves meticulous preparation, precise temperature control during frying, oil drainage for optimal texture, and optional seasoning for added flavor. What sets sweet potato sticks apart is their ability to retain the nutritional richness of sweet potatoes throughout the deep-frying process. Sweet potatoes are renowned for being rich in essential nutrients, including vitamins A and C, fiber, and antioxidants. The deep-frying method imparts a satisfyingly crispy exterior while preserving the natural sweetness and tenderness of the interior. This culinary approach ensures that consumers not only enjoy a flavorful snack but also receive the nutritional benefits associated with sweet potatoes. Temperature control during deep frying is a critical aspect of the process. Maintaining the right temperature ensures that the sweet potato sticks achieve the desired texture—crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Commercial fryers equipped with precise temperature controls contribute to the consistency and quality of the final product. After deep frying, excess oil is drained off to enhance the product's appeal and reduce overall fat content. The option to add seasoning post-frying further contributes to the unique taste profile of sweet potato sticks, allowing for flavor variations that can cater to diverse palates. Quality control measures are implemented to ensure uniformity, taste, and adherence to safety standards. This guarantees that each batch of sweet potato sticks meets the expected standards, providing consumers with a consistently enjoyable and safe snacking experience. In essence, deep-fried sweet potato sticks represent a harmonious fusion of culinary craftsmanship and nutritional value. They fulfill the need for a satisfying, flavorful, and health-conscious snack, making them a versatile choice for various consumer segments, including health-conscious individuals, families, and those with diverse dietary preferences. The product's potential lies in its ability to offer a guilt-free indulgence without compromising on taste or nutrition, making it an appealing and accessible option for a wide range of beneficiaries in the snacking market. YES
224 1956 Telehealth learning and diagnostics GoodHealthAndWellBeing "Telehealth Learning and Diagnostics" redefines remote healthcare with integrated diagnostics and a robust learning platform. Users access medical guidance, personalized diagnostics, and a unique feature allowing students to learn medicine directly from practicing doctors, enhancing telehealth experiences and knowledge sharing. YES
225 1957 Smart Glove ReducingInequality Human beings have a natural ability to see, listen and interact with their external environment. Unfortunately, there are some people who are differently abled and do not have the ability to use their senses to the best extent possible. Such people depend on other means of communication like sign language. This presents a major roadblock for people in the deaf and dumb communities when they try to engage in interaction with others, especially in their educational, social and professional environments. Therefore, it is necessary to have an advance gesture recognition or sign language detection system to bridge this communication gap. Here an effort has been made to develop a smart glove for real-time gesture recognition. The objective is to create a device which helps the hearing or speech impaired persons to communicate with others. The glove is equipped with sensors, such as accelerometers and flex sensors, that can detect hand and finger movements. These sensors capture the user's sign language gestures in real-time. The data from the sensors are processed using a microcontroller or a connected smartphone app. The system then translates these gestures into text or speech. The most crucial feature of the smart glove is its ability to translate sign language gestures into written text or audible speech. This feature is particularly important when communicating with individuals who may not understand sign language. Smart gloves may have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to connect with other devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers, for real-time communication. Hence, the development of smart gloves has the potential to open doors for further research in gesture recognition, sensor technology, and machine learning, which can have applications beyond sign language communication. YES
226 1958 Optimizing Industry 5.0 IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our project centers around predictive maintenance for induction motors using vibration analysis. Unlike existing techniques that provide instantaneous insights but require manual data collection, we introduce a continuous monitoring approach. Real-time motor condition analysis, grounded in data, allows for the rapid detection of deviations from normal performance. By scrutinizing the nature of signals, we can pinpoint the likely causes behind these deviations. YES
227 1959 CTI using Dark Web IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Through novel investigative techniques, we analyze the Dark Web's hidden forums, marketplaces, and communication channels, extracting key insights into emerging threats, stolen data dumps, and cybercriminal modus operandi. We develop and implement innovative algorithms to navigate the murky landscape, automate threat detection, and translate raw data into actionable CTI feeds. The ethical and legal complexities of Dark Web exploration are addressed, outlining best practices for responsible intelligence gathering within this unregulated environment. The effectiveness of our CTI methods is evaluated through a comprehensive case study, demonstrating their ability to predict and thwart real-world cyberattacks. YES
228 1960 CoRide DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth CoRide, the practice of sharing car journeys to reduce travel costs and environmental impact, has gained significance amid challenges posed by economic recessions affecting transportation services. The recent closure of services like Careem's food delivery and Swvl's intracity bus service due to economic constraints has left commuters seeking alternative solutions. This abrupt change offers an opportunity for existing carpooling services to fill the void created by the discontinuation of traditional transportation modes. This project involves a feasibility study exploring various carpooling applications available on the Play Store, with a focus on a specific application offering unique security features. The study aims to assess the viability and user-friendly aspects of carpooling applications, providing insights into potential improvements and requirements for enhancing the overall carpooling experience. YES
229 1961 FlexAid GoodHealthAndWellBeing Revolutionizing hand assistance, our compact design, versatile functionality, and user-centric approach meet the demand for efficient, adaptable assistance. With a focus on finger movement, it caters to individuals requiring support in lifting, reaching, and manipulating objects. Innovative design incorporates three-layered spring mechanism, with range of motion from 0-90 degrees of finger joints. YES
230 1963 Digital Twin IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The project aims to create a digital twin of civil engineering structure on BIM by embedding sensors that compute real-time strength parameters to demonstrate values on a digital model. The digital model will not only allow remote structures to be monitored for safety, especially in times of natural disasters such as earthquakes but also allow project managers to make efficient decisions such as determining the best time for formwork removal. YES
231 1965 GestureSpeak ReducingInequality What if you were deaf for a day? Think about the struggle it would take to do something as simple as communicating. This is exactly the struggle that 466 million people around the globe must live with every day. Our idea is to create wearable technology gloves that will receive audio input, show the transcription on a wristband, allow the user to respond via sign language that will be detected through sensors in the fingers and convert that into audio output translation. This will seamlessly mimic a regular human conversation. In 2024, GestureSpeak can let us put an end to unequal living standards for the deaf community. YES
232 1966 3D Concrete Printing IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The proposal aims to address the challenges associated with 3D printable concrete by optimizing its mix design through the use of locally available materials such as bagasse ash and fly ash, replacing traditional cement. Additionally, the project will focus on developing an automated continuous supply mechanism for raw materials. This initiative aligns with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by enhancing construction efficiency, reducing material waste, and promoting innovation in the construction sector. YES
233 1967 Password Manager IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Title: Advancing Password Management: A Comprehensive Solution Abstract: In the ever-evolving landscape of digital security, the demand for a robust yet user-friendly password manager is paramount. This abstract introduces a novel approach to password management, presenting a project that seeks to redefine the standards set by existing options. Our proposed password manager aims to merge the strengths of various popular solutions while addressing their inherent weaknesses. The cornerstone of this endeavor lies in the development of a password manager that seamlessly combines robust security, user-friendliness, and advanced features to offer a comprehensive solution. One key focus is on enhancing security measures, achieved through the implementation of state-of-the-art encryption methods and regular security audits. By minimizing vulnerabilities, this password manager ensures the utmost protection for user data, setting a new standard in safeguarding digital identities. Recognizing the delicate balance between usability and security, our project places a premium on creating an intuitive user experience without compromising on stringent security standards. The goal is to empower users to effortlessly adopt and navigate the password manager, fostering widespread adoption and adherence to secure practices. Taking a step beyond conventional password managers, our solution integrates advanced security features. Biometric authentication, FIDO2 support, and a variety of multi-factor authentication methods are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the manager, providing users with an added layer of protection against unauthorized access. Acknowledging the dynamic nature of cybersecurity threats, the project emphasizes the importance of regular updates. By committing to ongoing updates, the password manager stays at the forefront of security, proactively addressing emerging threats and vulnerabilities. This commitment ensures that users can trust the longevity and relevance of the solution in an ever-changing digital landscape. In summary, this abstract outlines a pioneering project in the realm of password management, aiming to elevate the standards of security, usability, and features. By amalgamating the best elements from existing options and introducing innovative security measures, our password manager aspires to redefine the user experience and set a new benchmark for digital security in an interconnected world. YES
234 1968 Robo-Hatch IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure his project aims to design and develop a cognatic robotic arm with four degrees of freedom (4-DOF) utilizing a Hybrid Kinematic Machine (HKM). The comprehensive scope involves an in-depth literature review to assimilate the current advancements in robotic arm design. Subsequently, the project entails analytical design, simulation, and optimization processes to enhance the performance of the robotic arm. The primary objective is to engineer a lightweight, high-speed robotic arm with an extended reach suitable for diverse applications. The project will culminate in the creation of a working prototype, which will undergo rigorous testing to evaluate its speed, precision, and overall functionality. Advanced design and simulation software will be employed, complemented by hands-on fabrication and prototype testing. This research endeavors to bridge an existing gap in the market by providing slim robot arms capable of achieving extended reach and high-speed operations. Through this undertaking, the project aims to contribute significantly to the field of robotics, offering a versatile solution for various applications that demand efficient and agile robotic manipulators. YES
235 1969 SymptonCare GoodHealthAndWellBeing The project aims to create a personalized voice assistant tailored for the medical field, focusing on improving healthcare accessibility. The system engages users through voice interactions, utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) for voice-based symptom input. This innovative approach streamlines the acquisition of crucial medical information, enhancing user-friendliness and efficiency. The utilization of a machine learning model is central to the project, enabling the assistant to identify diseases and assess their severity based on symptoms. A sophisticated layer involves the system prescribing two types of medications – one following traditional medical practice and another based on indigenous or "Desi" remedies. This dual-prescription approach provides users with options and may mitigate losses before seeking professional medical help. Furthermore, the system recommends the nearest hospital for further treatment, ensuring users have access to timely and relevant medical care. This strategic integration of technology into the healthcare domain aligns with the project's broader goal of leveraging voice technology and machine learning to enhance individual well-being. In the initial phase, the project will focus on Sindh, tailoring the implementation to address the unique medical needs and challenges of the region. The emphasis will be on addressing 3 to 5 prevalent diseases in Sindh that require urgent first aid to potentially save lives. Looking ahead, the project's future work includes incorporating Raspberry Pi as a handheld device, providing a portable and convenient means for users to access the voice assistant. This addition aims to enhance the user experience, making the system more accessible and user-friendly. The technological infrastructure supporting the project includes various tools and technologies. An online database provides real-time updates on disease and prescription information across all applications. The project utilizes machine learning models, NLP, the Python programming language, and APIs for location services. This comprehensive technological stack ensures the efficiency, accuracy, and scalability of the voice assistant. As the project progresses, the roadmap includes expanding its scope to encompass additional provinces beyond Sindh, extending the benefits of this innovative healthcare solution to a broader population. This multi-faceted approach, combining advanced technologies with a localized focus, positions the project as a pioneering effort in the intersection of healthcare and technology. In conclusion, this project pioneers a personalized voice assistant for healthcare, seamlessly integrating Natural Language Processing and machine learning to streamline symptom collection and identify disease seriousness. The dual-prescription strategy and hospital recommendations offer users diverse options and timely medical access. With a focus on Sindh, the project's roadmap, including Raspberry Pi integration, embodies a commitment to localized, user-friendly healthcare innovation. The comprehensive technological stack ensures efficiency and scalability, marking this project as a pioneering effort at the intersection of healthcare and technology. YES
236 1971 SmartFarm Solutions SustainableCitiesAndCommunities SmartFarm Solutions pioneers a paradigm shift in agriculture, embracing vertical farming's sustainable potential. Our cutting-edge approach integrates technology, precision, and sustainability to cultivate crops efficiently in controlled environments. By optimizing resource usage and minimizing environmental impact, we're reshaping the future of agriculture. Join us in revolutionizing farming practices for a greener, smarter, and more sustainable tomorrow. YES
237 1972 EcoLoop ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Introducing EcoLoop, a groundbreaking initiative contributing to multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals. With a focus on responsible consumption (SDG 12) and environmental sustainability, EcoLoop promotes recycling, turning waste into wealth. By offering a seamless system of deposit and rewards, it empowers individuals to actively participate in reducing waste, combating climate change (SDG 13), and safeguarding our oceans (SDG 14). EcoLoop signifies a tangible step towards a circular economy, embodying the spirit of collaboration (SDG 17) for a cleaner, greener planet. YES
238 1973 Project: Rebirth AffordableAndCleanEnergy Project Rebirth heralds a clean energy era, igniting change through sustainable solutions. Our innovation seamlessly integrates renewable resources, delivering affordable and eco-friendly power. From harnessing solar to wind, we catalyze a transformation in energy consumption. With a commitment to environmental stewardship, Project Rebirth emerges as a beacon of hope, sparking a future where energy is not just consumed but harmonized with nature, ensuring a vibrant and sustainable tomorrow. YES
239 1974 INVESTIGATING THE MECHENICAL PROPERTIES OF LIGHT WEIGHT SUSTAINABLE ENGINEERED CEMENTITIUOS COMPOSITE (ECC) IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) are widely acclaimed in the construction industry for their exceptional attributes, including high strength, remarkable ductility, and low permeability, setting them apart from conventional concrete. However, the extensive utilization of natural sand in ECC production has raised concerns about the depletion of this finite resource. On the other hand, the expanding issue of waste rubber disposal poses a significant environmental challenge. Incorporating waste rubber into ECC can address this concern but often comes at the cost of reduced material strength. In this research endeavour, a novel approach is proposed to enhance ECC sustainability and maintain its structural integrity. The conventional sand component of ECC will be replaced with waste rubber powder by 10,20 and 30 percentages, while textile waste fibres dosage of 2% will be introduced to enhance its mechanical properties. Comprehensive testing, encompassing measurements of compressive, splitting tensile, and flexural strengths, SEM will be conducted using varying percentages of waste rubber and textile fibres. Through this innovative methodology, the development of a new ECC variant that not only aligns with the strength characteristics of traditional ECC but also contributes to sustainable construction practices by mitigating sand resource depletion and recycling waste rubber materials is anticipated. YES
240 1975 Design And Implementation Of Optimized Multi-Target Aerial Delivery System For Flood Relief Packages NoPoverty The FYP is to develop an efficient payload delivery system with help of UAV that will detect and deliver flood relief packages to the people stranded in flood. YES
241 1976 Energy Efficiency AffordableAndCleanEnergy While Building Information Modeling (BIM) is still emerging in the construction sector of Pakistan, it is considered a relatively mature technology in most developed countries. Although BIM adoption may be limited in underdeveloped nations, there is a growing effort to embrace this promising technology. BIM offers enhanced capabilities for project planning, simulation, management, and execution throughout the project's entire lifecycle, empowered by robust BIM tools.The primary objective of this project is to apply the knowledge acquired during academic studies and gain expertise in BIM. The project includes a comprehensive analysis, encompassing quantity take-off (QTO), scheduling, energy analysis, and structural analysis, each tackled with suitable BIM tools. To kickstart the project, a 3D BIM model of structure will be developed, comprising architectural, structural, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) models, and Autodesk Revit 2018 software will be employed for this purpose. The model facilitates cost estimation through Revit and Navisworks, scheduling with MS Project, and simulation via Autodesk Navisworks. An initial energy analysis will be conducted using the Autodesk 360, Green Building Studio online service to gain insights into the building's energy and environmental requirements and optimize its electrical consumption. For structural analysis, ETABS 16 will be utilized. Reaffirming the notion that BIM tools greatly enhance project planning and management capabilities. YES
242 1979 SQUID IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Fault inspection in various components of industrial power plants is a pivotal domain of study and attention. Material failures and faults propagating during the cycle processes within the components can lead to disastrous results if left unattended; including explosions in boilers, nonuniform pressure build-up etc. consequently posing a serious threat to the lives of the working labour and simultaneously suffering a gargantuan loss in production. Various inspection technologies have dominated the grounds in the recent era over manual inspections. The proposed approach encompasses the capabilities of a visual inspection drone. Surrounding the frame is a 3D-printed cage designed to prevent damage from collisions. The mechanical design consists of a 330 mm drone frame, with four 2200 KV BLDC motors in a plus configuration with 10x4.5 designated propellers. The integration of electronic subsystems is presented. The purpose is limited to examination of faults inside the confined spaces of a Circulating Fluidized Bed boiler, during its maintenance period. YES
243 1980 OSSS IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The task of extracting all overlapping speech sources in a given mixed speech signal refers to the Speech Separation. Speech Separation is a special scenario of source separation problem, where the focus is only on the overlapping speech signal sources and other interferences such as music or noise signals are not the main concern of the study. YES
244 1982 Belly Blend GoodHealthAndWellBeing Belly Blend Wellness introduces an innovative and versatile digestive health solution, "Belly Blend," carefully crafted to seamlessly integrate into daily routines. This herbal blend is uniquely designed for dual usage—enjoy it as a soothing tea or elevate your favorite foods by using it as a delightful topping. The product combines the goodness of handpicked herbs known for their digestive benefits, providing a natural and enjoyable way to support overall well-being. Our mission is to empower individuals on their wellness journey by offering a holistic approach to digestive health. With a commitment to quality, transparency, and innovation, Belly Blend Wellness aims to create a community that embraces the harmonious blend of taste and wellness. Belly Blend stands out in the market as a versatile and convenient solution, catering to the increasing demand for natural digestive health remedies. The product's dual usability, combined with a strategic marketing approach, positions it as a unique and sought-after offering in the herbal wellness landscape. Belly Blend Wellness envisions a future where individuals find joy and balance in nurturing their bodies, making digestive health an integral part of their daily rituals. Through ongoing innovation, community engagement, and a dedication to customer well-being, Belly Blend is poised to make a significant impact on the well-being of individuals seeking a natural and enjoyable approach to digestive health. YES
245 1983 Geopolymer Pavement SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Developing eco-friendly geopolymer concrete for rigid pavement, replacing traditional cement with cost-effective Rice Husk Ash. Aiming to reduce construction costs, carbon emissions, and enhance pavement durability, aligning with sustainability objectives. YES
246 1984 SymptoScan GoodHealthAndWellBeing SymptoScan is your pocket-sized health partner, offering precise disease predictions from symptoms, immediate first-line health tips, and expert advice from our verified doctors. Locate nearby hospitals and doctors effortlessly and access our virtual pharmacy for convenient health solutions. YES
247 1985 Siber Comm IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Siber Comm lets users send messages over three modules; LAN, LoRa & WAN. Our uniqueness not only lies in communication through LoRa but also in the serverless architecture. Serverless architecture is a peer-to-peer connection with no server in between. This will help to maintain the integrity and security of our users. It'll be a secure connection. YES
248 1986 Scent Palatte ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production The fragrance industry, renowned for its capacity to influence mood, memory, and personal well-being, faces a discernible gap despite the vast array of scents and the integration of advanced AI technology. This chasm persists due to the profoundly subjective nature of scent preferences, posing a challenge even for sophisticated AI algorithms. Crafting fragrances involves an intricate art where AI struggles to comprehend the creative intuition of perfumers and faces limitations in addressing ethical sourcing complexities. Furthermore, the overwhelming market saturation contributes to decision fatigue, hindering consumers' ability to find their ideal fragrance. YES
249 1987 Samaat IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Hearing impairment in children poses unique challenges to their participation in recreational and educational activities. The design of inclusive interactive games for this demographic is a promising avenue to foster social inclusion, facilitate cognitive development, and enhance their overall well-being. The design not only addresses a significant gap in the market but also caters to the limited availability of products for hearing-impaired children. The study highlights the communication challenges between parents and children, often resulting in feelings of isolation. This literature review synthesises current research and insights in the field of designing inclusive games specifically tailored for hearing-impaired children. YES
250 1988 Chromo ReducingInequality Visual art holds a significant place in cultural expression and personal enrichment, yet it remains largely inaccessible to the visually impaired. This product aims to introduce an innovative experience that reshapes the interaction between visually impaired individuals and art within museums. The primary focus is to enhance the experiences of this demographic by refining existing accessibility measures and introducing novel interactions that promise a fresh encounter with visual art. It attempts to create an inclusive environment within cultural institutions by developing a comprehensive framework that caters to the unique needs of visually impaired visitors, utilizing technology and design to foster greater engagement and understanding of artistic creations. Beyond increasing participation, the ultimate objective is to challenge traditional notions of art engagement, fostering a more diverse and inclusive cultural landscape within these institutions. YES
251 1989 Together Apart Other Technology has transformed the way human beings connect and communicate with one another. It has led to the globalization of society, so it is now possible for people that live on opposite sides of the globe to maintain relationships with one another. Even with these technological advancements people still prefer relationships in which both parties are in close proximity to one another. The physical distance between them results in a lack of physical presence, shared experiences and availability issues that make it harder to stay in touch and feel connected. One of the times people miss their partner the most is during special occasions. This product aims to replicate the experience of celebrating special occasions together with your partner. YES
252 1991 Integrating sustainability concept SustainableCitiesAndCommunities The integration of upcycling, recycling, reuse, reduction, and recovery of solid waste in children aged 8 to 12 is examined in this study paper. The goal is to instill environmental consciousness and sustainable behaviors in children at a young age. According to the study, play and games can be useful teaching techniques since they encourage critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities in the context of waste management. The present research clarifies the behavioral and psychological advantages of involving kids in sustainable practices by analyzing the effects of using game-based approaches. According to research, games and play provide an exciting and captivating means of introducing children to the idea of waste management while also giving them the information and abilities they need to help create a more sustainable future. YES
253 1996 Chasing Airways QualityEducation This literature review provides a comprehensive exploration of pediatric asthma, a chronic respiratory condition affecting millions of children globally. Incorporating insights from key research papers and a relevant case study, the review delves into the challenges posed by inhalation devices, behavioral adjustments in children with asthma, psychoneuroimmunological aspects of anxiety and depression, and an innovative intervention called OPlay designed to enhance the therapeutic experience for young patients. Additionally, two pivotal research papers are examined, shedding light on childhood asthma management from multiple perspectives. The first paper explores the views of children, parents, and health professionals, revealing themes related to symptom awareness, management, and the need for improved communication and education. The second paper investigates the experiences and perceptions of asthma self-management among children and caregivers, emphasising the impact on social and emotional well-being and the challenges faced in school settings. Through this synthesis, the review aims to contribute valuable insights for healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers, fostering a more informed and effective approach to addressing the complexities of paediatric asthma on a global scale. YES
254 1998 Troll Patrol PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions In today's digital age, adolescents frequently navigate complex social media environments, often encountering problematic online interactions such as cyberbullying. My graduation project aims to address this important issue through the development of an educational board game called "Troll Patrol" designed for youth ages 10 and above. The game seeks to help players recognise, confront, and prevent cyberbullying behaviours. Distinct from traditional competitive games, Troll Patrol emphasizes collaboration over confrontation. Players unite as a team to navigate a dynamic game board featuring realistic cyberbullying scenarios. Rather than playing against a designated "bully," they strategize together, taking turns to try and defeat the bully collectively and reach the "Safe Zone," representing the ultimate goal. The game cards are purposefully designed for relevance, with "Bully cards" outlining relatable cyberbullying situations and "Player cards" containing feasible responses. This engaging approach aims to ensure lessons learned from gameplay seamlessly transfer to real-world social media contexts. Therefore, Troll Patrol aspires to do more than raise awareness - it equips young minds with the tools and knowledge to safely and responsibly navigate the continually evolving digital landscape with confidence. YES
255 1999 SafeSprout GoodHealthAndWellBeing In Pakistan, especially in urban areas where growing crowds are no joke, the safety of children in outdoor spaces is a paramount concern for parents. Out of all major and minor issues being faced in the scenario includes the risk of a child getting lost, loss of contact, communication breakdowns, and frustrations and anxieties related to catering to dangerous situations. One of the major issues in these situations is no quick response which leads to more difficult situations. Thus, it's critical to develop creative solutions that incorporate playful designs, child-friendly features, and advanced technology to address these concerns effectively. The ultimate objective is to establish a safety framework that enables parents and children to enjoy outdoor activities with confidence and ease. YES
256 2002 Virsa QualityEducation This product is a table-top game that aims to educate young Pakistani children about their indigenous culture, by focusing on material cultural aspects. The game also aids in the retention of this knowledge, by utilizing children's want for cognitive challenge and agency, while also employing collaborative engagement. YES
257 2003 Kickit IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Football players encounter challenges when practicing shooting skills at home due to concerns like property damage and noise disturbances. Addressing these issues is crucial for enhancing shooting technique through consistent and repetitive practice indoors. YES
258 2004 DOST SustainableCitiesAndCommunities This industrial design project addresses the complex issue of human-stray dog coexistence in urbanized environments, with a focus on Pakistan where negative attitudes towards stray dogs prevail. Situated within the framework of socially conscious design, the project aims to create a product fostering empathy for stray dogs among the public, particularly targeting educated urban communities like Islamabad. The primary concern is the existing disconnect between humans and stray dogs in Pakistan, leading to harsh treatment and neglect. The project seeks to bridge this gap by instigating positive behavioral change and creating a more compassionate society. Drawing upon principles of psychology and industrial design, the project explores various design elements and strategies to encourage empathy and interaction. The ultimate goal is to create a model that can be replicated in other cities, fostering a broader societal shift towards empathy and collaboration with stray dogs. YES
259 2005 NutriHarvest SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Home grown farming requires a lot of extensive resources and management, such as large spaces, rich soil, and readily available sunlight & water. Additionally, generating a good yield comes with a lot of knowledge and experience which can often make the experience and process quite difficult. Within the local context of Pakistan, there are individuals who want to start home farming to introduce a healthier diet into their lifestyle, however, the current barriers require a significant amount of time and effort to overcome the learning curve and skills required to farm at home. In the context of Pakistan, kitchen gardening, or home-based farming, represents a growing trend driven by the pursuit of healthier dietary options and a closer connection to food sources. However, this practice is often hindered by various obstacles. This research project aims to address the unique challenges that kitchen gardeners encounter in Pakistan and highlight their needs and requirements. To enhance the overall kitchen gardening experience, this project will also explore advanced farming techniques and state-of-the-art IoT (Internet of Things) systems. By leveraging these technologies, NutriHarvest aims to reduce the obstacles and intricacies associated with home farming, making it more accessible to a broader audience while improving the craft's overall appeal and effectiveness. This research endeavor seeks to shed light on the untapped potential of home-based agriculture in Pakistan, offering insights into ways to empower individuals to embrace healthier and more sustainable lifestyles through kitchen gardening. Additionally, utilizing Biomarkers, which provide valuable insights into the health and growth of plants, enable users to make informed decisions about their crops. By analyzing plant data through biomarkers, individuals can optimize their farming practices and maximize the yield of nutritious and homegrown produce. This data-driven approach not only enhances the efficiency of home farming but also empowers users with the knowledge needed to overcome the initial challenges associated with cultivating their own crops. YES
260 2007 ECO-FRIENDLY AND ENERGY GENERATING BRICK KILN AffordableAndCleanEnergy Pakistan holds the 3rd largest share of brick production in the world, producing over 70 billion clay bricks per year which accounts for 3% of the global production. Without adopting a uniform scientific methodology, a significant portion of Pakistan’s brick production business has developed based on information passed down from generation to generation. There are more than 16000 clay brick kilns in Pakistan and 99% of them are the most insufficient and environmentally hazardous – the FCBTKs-. Half of the total coal extracted from Pakistan is used as fuel to burn bricks in these highly inefficient kilns. FCBTKs consume a lot of fuel and still produce lower quality bricks, releasing millions of tons of carbon emissions, extremely dangerous PM 2.5, carbon black, Sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and heavy metals in the atmosphere. The unfiltered toxic emissions of these brick kilns are humongous to the extent that they are a major cause of smog in winter. This project aims to address these challenges by designing and implementing mechanisms to make kilns eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and an economically viable source of energy production at the same time. This project focuses on multiple key aspects starting from optimizing the traditional all-clay material composition of clay bricks by adding waste materials like Fly Ash, Waste Glass Powder, and Cigarette Butts to enhance their performance while minimizing environmental impact. A better and more economical approach for transitioning FCBTK to IDZZK will be adapted by improving the design. The hot flue gases leaving the chimneys of the kilns will be channelized to a modern Organic Rankine Waste Heat Recovery System to produce thermal electricity. The approach applied properly can lead to the production of up to 1 MW of electricity through a single kiln while protecting the environment as well. Lastly, most importantly, the highly toxic gases containing CO2 and PM2.5 will be filtered by Microalgae by channeling the flue gases leaving the waste heat recovery system to a microalgae pond. This project aims to transform the clay brick manufacturing industry by developing sustainable and energy-efficient alternatives. The adoption of these cutting-edging strategies will not only improve the air quality and lessen the environmental footprint of brick production but also solve the energy crisis of Pakistan. YES
261 2009 Skintify IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Skintify redefines skincare by prioritizing personalized product recommendations. Rooted in the nexus of health and beauty, the app addresses the knowledge gap in understanding skin types. Harnessing advanced computer vision, it delivers tailored product suggestions. This user-centric approach propels individuals towards optimal skin health, accentuating the perception of beauty. YES
262 2010 SMS-Based Monitoring IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The SMS-Based Monitoring System is an innovative tool for real-time environmental and power supply monitoring. It tracks temperature, humidity, light, and power sources like AC mains, generators, and solar panels. Key features include real-time SMS alerts for anomalies and a user-friendly interface, ensuring uninterrupted facility operations. YES
263 2011 Smart Night Survaillance PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions A web based application for intelligent night surveillance system. The project includes motion detection, object Detection. YES
264 2012 Cotton Improvement Other Detection of cotton crop diseases using different deep learning methods and identifying the intensity of whitefly disease in cotton crops. YES
265 2013 Popped water lilly seeds snacks GoodHealthAndWellBeing Popped water lily seeds, an emerging snack trend, have captured the attention of health-conscious consumers and culinary enthusiasts alike. When it comes to guilt free snacking,its all about choosing options that are not only delicious but also nutritionally balanced. Popped water lilly seeds also known as phool makhana are harvested from the water lilly flowers. Popped water lilly seeds have been consumed in pakistan for thousands of years. We have transformed these ancient gems into modern and delicious snacks that's perfect for everyone. These snacks have gained popularity for their nutritional benefits, delicate crunch, and versatile flavor profile. Popped water lily seeds can indeed be a nutritious and appealing snack option for children as these snacks are rich in calcium and protein contributing to their health and well being. Additionally, they contain healthy fats, making them a satiating snack with potential benefits for heart health. Popped water lilly seeds snacks are also a good source of all nine essential amino acids ,minerals including calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, contributing to overall well-being. Beyond their nutritional composition, popped water lilly seeds have gained traction due to their potential health benefits. The high fiber content aids in digestion and promotes a feeling of fullness, making them a valuable addition to balanced diets. The absence of cholesterol and gluten renders them suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or allergies, broadening their appeal to a diverse consumer base.As consumer preferences continue to shift towards healthier and more sustainable snack options, popped water lily seeds have positioned themselves as a viable and exciting choice. Whether enjoyed as a guilt-free snack or integrated into diverse cuisines, popped water lily seeds showcase the intersection of nutrition, sustainability, and culinary creativity in the evolving landscape of modern food choices.As consumers seek healthier and more diverse alternatives, these snacks stand out as a promising addition to the ever-evolving landscape of functional and flavorful foods. Popped water lilly seeds stands out in the market as a versatile and convenient solution, catering to the increasing demand for natural and healthy snacks .Additionally, it highlights the growing market interest and diverse culinary applications, positioning popped water lily seeds as an exciting and sustainable addition to the global snack industry.Through continuous innovation, community involvement, and a commitment to customer well-being, popped water lilly seeds snacks are positioned to create a substantial influence on the health of individuals pursuing a natural and delightful path to wellness. YES
266 2014 computer vision based plant's health estimation ZeroHunger Agrivision employs cutting-edge computer vision for plant health monitoring, addressing the low productivity in Pakistani agriculture. Utilizing advanced technology, it identifies and analyzes crop health issues, offering real-time solutions. The system incorporates machine learning on a dataset of selective crops and leverages IoT for seamless data transfer to cloud servers where algorithms are implemented. YES
267 2015 GreenTech Innovations ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Embark on a game-changing journey with our visionary startup that redefines e- waste recycling in Pakistan. Our cutting-edge GreenTech initiative not only addresses the looming e-waste crisis but transforms it into a lucrative opportunity for environmental and economic gain. Picture a future where sustainable practices meet high-tech innovation, forging a path towards Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12) and Affordable Clean Energy (SDG 7). YES
268 2016 Moleculo Muddle QualityEducation Through playful & immersive interactions, Moleculo Muddle transforms complex chemistry concepts into a thrilling adventure. Visualizing and differentiating molecules is crucial in chemistry, yet many students struggle with 3D mental representations of 2D structures found in conventional Chemistry Textbooks. This VR game aims to improve students' visuospatial thinking skills and overcome cognitive challenges in learning chemistry. VR facilitates interaction with 3D structures, and the integration of game-based learning amplifies both performance and motivation. YES
269 2018 RAFT(RESCUE ARMOUR IN FLOOD TIDES IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project presents a groundbreaking solution for flood rescue operations through the development of an advanced remote-controlled watercraft. The primary focus is on enhancing the safety, efficiency, and versatility of rescue efforts in flood-prone areas. Key features include a meticulously designed waterproof and buoyant body capable of withstanding floodwaters, an increased load capacity of up to 100 kg, and an intuitive remote-control system for precise navigation. The hovercraft integrates cutting-edge sensors and cameras to provide real-time data on critical environmental conditions, such as water levels, currents, and potential obstacles. This heightened situational awareness equips emergency responders with invaluable information for effective decision-making during rescue missions. Furthermore, a specialized mechanism facilitates swift and safe approaches to flood victims, ensuring efficient and secure extrication. A paramount aspect of the project is its commitment to user-friendly operation, allowing emergency responders to operate the device with minimal training. The holistic integration of these innovative features positions the flood-resilient hovercraft as a comprehensive and adaptable solution for remote-controlled rescue operations in challenging flood scenarios. This project significantly advances the capabilities of existing flood rescue devices, contributing to the overall improvement of emergency response systems. YES
270 2020 AI Aware SustainableCitiesAndCommunities AI Aware aims to model relationships among vegetation, built environment, and anthropogenic activity to map sustainable urban environment. This tool will use machine learning and AI to provides real-time data analytics from a network of IoT devices, for policy makers and researchers, enabling them to understand how urban turbulent and radiant heat fluxes travel in a built environment. YES
271 2021 Water Harvester CleanWaterAndSanitation Atmospheric water harvesting (AWH) is a technology that uses the moisture in the air to produce potable water. AWH is a promising technology for areas with limited access to freshwater, such as arid and semi-arid regions. One of the challenges in AWH is to design and optimize harvesters that can efficiently collect water from the air. Numerical modeling can be used to study the performance of AWH harvesters and to identify the factors that affect their performance. YES
272 2022 Bladeless Fan Other The idea is to investigate the emergence and effectiveness of bladeless fans as an innovative alternative to conventional pedestal fans. Traditional pedestal fans, characterized by rotating blades, have been widely used for decades, providing essential air circulation in various environments. However, concerns about safety, noise, and energy efficiency have prompted the development and adoption of bladeless fan technology. Bladeless fans, pioneered by innovative designs such as those by Dyson, utilize a unique airflow mechanism that eliminates exposed blades, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing safety. This project reviews the engineering principles behind bladeless fans, exploring how they create a smooth and consistent airflow. Additionally, the study examines the impact of bladeless fans on energy consumption and environmental sustainability, comparing their efficiency to that of traditional pedestal fans. Furthermore, the paper discusses flow kinematics and design improvements for a simple circular ring design and practicality of bladeless fans as a viable alternative. The findings of this research contribute to a comprehensive understanding of bladeless fan technology, shedding light on its potential benefits and drawbacks in comparison to conventional pedestal fans. As energy efficiency and safety continue to be critical considerations in consumer choices, this study provides valuable insights for consumers, manufacturers, and researchers alike, aiming to contribute to the evolution of air circulation technology in the pursuit of sustainable and user-friendly solutions. YES
273 2023 PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF SR-30 ENGINE USING JET TEST STAND IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project focuses on enhancing the performance of the SR-30 Engine through rigorous analysis on a Jet Test Stand. Initial findings indicate [insert key findings], showcasing potential improvements in [highlight specific areas]. Our methodology involves comprehensive testing under various flight conditions to optimize fuel efficiency, thrust, and emissions. By addressing unmet needs in environmental impact, cost-effectiveness, and global connectivity, this research aims to contribute to the advancement of aerospace technology. The project's implications extend beyond the laboratory, promising tangible benefits for [mention target audience or beneficiaries]. As we continue data collection and analysis, we anticipate shaping a more sustainable and efficient future for aviation. YES
274 2024 Blade Cooling QualityEducation cooling mechanism of HPT blade YES
275 2025 Avionics Cooling GoodHealthAndWellBeing This project, titled "Utilization of phase change material for avionics cooling," addresses a critical challenge in aviation industry – the overheating of avionic systems. By exploring the potential of gallium phase change materials (PCMs) and employing advanced fluid dynamics simulations, the goal is to develop a practical and effective solution for improving avionics cooling. The study involves a detailed examination of gallium's properties, focusing on how it can absorb and release heat efficiently. Numerical simulation is to be done in order to understand how the cooling process works in different scenarios, allowing for adjustments to optimize performance. The real-world application involves creating a prototype that integrates gallium PCMs into the avionics cooling system, emphasizing precision and practicality. Ultimately, the project aims to deliver a tangible and realistic improvement in avionics cooling, contributing to the reliability and safety of aircraft systems in everyday operations. YES
276 2026 Acoustic Defender GoodHealthAndWellBeing This represents a cutting-edge approach to aircraft health monitoring by harnessing the power of acoustic signatures for the early detection of skin damage. In aviation, ensuring the structural integrity of aircraft is paramount for safety and operational efficiency. Traditional Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods often fall short in detecting subtle damages, particularly on the skin of the aircraft. This project introduces a novel methodology that leverages acoustic signals to identify and analyze structural anomalies in real-time. Our research integrates state-of-the-art sensors strategically placed on the aircraft skin, capturing acoustic waves generated by external stimuli or operational vibrations. The acquired data undergoes rigorous signal processing and analysis to unveil unique acoustic signatures associated with varying degrees of structural health. The project utilizes advanced computational tools, including ANSYS simulations, to model and simulate acoustic interactions within the aircraft structure. Key objectives include the development of a robust methodology for acoustic data acquisition, the creation of a comprehensive database of acoustic signatures corresponding to different damage scenarios, and the establishment of a computational framework for real-time monitoring. By correlating acoustic signatures with specific damage patterns, it aims to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of aircraft skin damage detection, ultimately contributing to improved safety standards and cost-effective maintenance practices. The significance of this project lies in its potential to revolutionize current approaches to aircraft health monitoring, offering a proactive and non-intrusive solution for the early identification of structural issues. It represents a pioneering effort towards advancing the integration of acoustics into aerospace engineering, ensuring that the skies remain safeguarded with a harmonious blend of innovation and safety. YES
277 2027 TOROIDAL PROPELLERS IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Toroidal propellers have great importance in terms of the advancement in the propulsion technology in the aviation industry. The focus was gained because of the efficiency, sustainability and the reduction of the noise [1] in the aviation industry. All these concerns are to investigate the potential of the toroidal propellers to bring the change in the propulsion systems to revolutionize the conventional system. Conventional propellers has been a pillar of the aviation propulsion system but this have to the limitations in the terms of the efficiency and noise production and this lead to the call for the novel design. Toroidal propellers has ring shaped blade that encircles the propeller, which help in suppressing the noise that generated due to the motion of the rotating blades. This shape of toroidal propeller offers the departure from traditional configuration of the conventional propellers. The key elements of this research is the examination is integrate the potential of the mitigating noise and its complexities. The analysis is carried out between the conventional and the toroidal propellers has shown the performance advantages that are in the toroidal design that of the conventional propellers. This design contributes to the future of the propulsion and the aviation technology. It has reshaped the approach to the aircraft design and operations to achieve the best efficiency, environmental impacts. It also diminishes the consumption of the fuel and the emissions. YES
278 2028 Design and Development of Modular RC Plane for Inflight Multitasking Operations Other I will be designing as well as developing a platform that will carry one more platform inside it and will release that hidden platform in air. YES
279 2029 NUSTBot IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our idea is to create NLP based Chatbot for the Students of Nust to answer their queries regarding policies, Handbooks, rules, regulations and admission details. We are using Retrieval Augmented generation(RAG) technique in which we are going to take leverage of currently trained LLMS on large datasets to make them answer questions from our specific domain. Our chatbot will be able to answer all questions regarding policies and queries related to specific school and department. YES
280 2030 Design and Performance Evaluation of DEWATS for Sustainable Treatment of Fecal Sludge CleanWaterAndSanitation This project innovates DEWATS by designing an Anaerobic Baffled Reactor and Anaerobic Filter, tailored to treat diverse fecal sludge in Pakistan. With a focus on optimization, the performance evaluation targets real and synthetic sludge, aiming to revolutionize sanitation practices and alleviate public health concerns. YES
281 2031 Store Separation Other CFD analysis used to ensure maximum safety standards YES
282 2032 Vibration Isolator IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure There exists no dynamic system that is free of mechanical vibrations, which can arise from a number of reasons including the mechanical imbalance of the rotating components, improper mounting, mechanical looseness, unbalanced loading, worn out bearings and their housings, etc. These undesirable vibrations have far reaching consequences, including unwanted stresses, increased fatigue, reduced life and catastrophic failures following the resonance, etc. Considerable efforts have been driven by the need to suppress the detrimental effects of these vibrations, with vibration isolation being a field of such solutions, in which the object or the system of interest is isolated from the source of vibration. A sub-class of this field of schemes is passive vibration isolation that employs such a combination of materials and mechanical systems that cause absorption and damping of these vibrations. Amongst these passive techniques, the use of rubber pads as vibration absorbing mounts, has maintained its dominance since long, owing to the utility and cost-effectiveness of the technique. Amid the materials used for these rubberized vibration isolators, prospects of using neoprene show quite a promising trend because of its properties, most notable of which are hyperelastic characteristics and incompressibility. The hyperelastic phenomenon is classified for the materials with ideal elasticity and is defined by a number of constitutive models where the derivation of the stressstrain relationship is initiated from the strain energy density function (W). It is a scalar function that relates the deformation rate of a material to the measure of its strain energy density. All the hyperelastic constitutive models are stated through assorted interpretations of this function. To get an accurate as possible prediction of the behavior and the results, the choice of using the right model amongst others is dictated by the material and the geometry of the vibration isolator and the loading profile that it has to bear. This work presents a comparative analysis of a total number of 16 hyperelastic constitutive models, that include different versions of Mooney-Rivlin, Blatz-Ko, Ogden, Arruda-Boyce, Yeoh, Gent and Polynomial models, on the basis of their vibration absorption capacity. An effort has been made to examine the behavior of neoprene vibration isolator in the form of an anti-vibration mount as predicted by the above-mentioned models with respect to the strain energy and the energy dissipation. This study will be particularly useful for the cases where either very little or no experimental data is available for the neoprene anti vibration mounts, as it provides a lower bound for the choice of the model for deciding the design parameters of the vibration isolator. The work is concluded by presenting the predictions of the chosen model for anti-vibration mounts of some commonly used, standard machines using rotary mechanism under different loading profiles corresponding to different operating conditions. YES
283 2033 Reliable Joining IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project focuses on the design and development of an innovative electromagnetic riveting equipment aimed at enhancing joint strength in various manufacturing applications. Traditional riveting methods often face limitations in achieving optimal joint integrity, leading to compromised structural performance. To address this challenge, our research endeavors to introduce a novel electromagnetic riveting system capable of providing superior joint strength while ensuring efficiency in the assembly process. YES
284 2034 Inventory Management DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth Inventory Management system will provide a kind of offline database for the college,nust and its departments YES
285 2035 RC Multitasking IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In the dynamic realm of RC aviation, our project stands at the forefront of innovation, introducing a groundbreaking solution for enhanced reconnaissance capabilities – the integration of multitasking operations and inflight separation. Titled "SkyDominance: Revolutionizing RC Aviation," our initiative redefines the traditional boundaries of small and large RC planes by implementing a sophisticated system that enables autonomous inflight separation. At its core, the project leverages cutting-edge technology to empower RC pilots with the ability to command both small and large drones simultaneously, fostering a new era of multitasking prowess. Through the seamless integration of intelligent algorithms and real-time recognition systems, our innovation ensures precise inflight separation, guaranteeing the safety and autonomy of each drone. The abstract highlights the project's commitment to dominance in the skies, merging multitasking operations with inflight separation technology. As a result, "SkyDominance" not only advances the capabilities of RC aviation but also sets a new standard for safety, precision, and control in the rapidly evolving world of unmanned aerial systems. YES
286 2037 FogNet SustainableCitiesAndCommunities FogNet optimizes the selection of controllers and paths on foggy roads by integrating SDN technology with vehicular networks. It shares alarming messages to ensure safety and stability. To test the validity of FogNet in both highway and city scenarios, the scheme utilizes two communication technologies, DSRC and mmWave. Speed reduction and lane change cases have been taken into consideration. YES
287 2038 Smart BusinessGuard IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The Smart Progressive Web App for Business Premises integrates facial recognition, machine learning, and real-time analytics to revolutionize workplace efficiency and security. It addresses the demand for intelligent business solutions, automating attendance, behavior analysis, smoking detection, and car tracking. YES
288 2039 Sugarcane Device ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production We are basically making an AI device for sugarcane juice analysis. This device basically check the maturity of sugarcane crop. YES
289 2041 PCR Calculation SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Our final year project revolves around developing a pothole detection and classification system to address the challenges of road maintenance and ensure sustainable urban development in the transportation engineering sector. The system utilizes YOLOv8 for real-time pothole detection from dashboard camera footage, combined with the Pavement Condition Rating (PCR) System for classifying road conditions. Our solution aims to automate the traditionally manual process of pothole detection, reducing labor and improving efficiency. The system's output includes precise GPS coordinates of detected potholes, facilitating targeted maintenance efforts. Our collaboration with the National Highway Authority of Pakistan and the lack of direct competitors in this context highlight the innovative and applicable nature of our project. The system is designed for easy adoption by road maintenance authorities and can significantly benefit road users by improving safety and comfort. Our project contributes to the sustainable development of cities and innovation in transportation engineering, showcasing the potential of advanced technology in infrastructure maintenance. YES
290 2042 Heat Exchanger Enhancement IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Investigation of heat enhancement in a shell and tube heat exchanger using easy-to-manufacture in-tube inserts and their economic evaluation YES
291 2043 Energy storage devices AffordableAndCleanEnergy Innovative synthesis of eco-friendly mixed metal oxides as supercapacitor electrodes demonstrates a sustainable and cost-effective approach for energy storage. The green method offers potential in advancing efficient energy-saving technologies, contributing to a cleaner and economically viable future. YES
292 2045 Gas Analyzer ClimateAction The Gas Analyzer for Vehicular Emissions is an innovative device meticulously designed to analyze the gases emitted by vehicles, specifically focusing on carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). The primary purpose of this analyzer is to provide users with real-time information about the levels of these harmful pollutants in their vehicle's emissions. By doing so, it empowers users to take proactive measures to reduce pollution and enhance the overall environmental sustainability of their vehicles. Crafted with a commitment to cost-effectiveness and efficiency, the gas analyzer employs cutting-edge technology to measure and monitor CO and NOx concentrations accurately. The user-friendly interface presents clear and easily understandable readings, enabling vehicle owners to assess the environmental impact of their vehicle's emissions. YES
293 2046 UrbanEye Horizon IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Our VTOL Tiltrotor UAV blends vertical lift and fixed-wing efficiency, excelling in surveillance, reconnaissance, and payload drops. With high-res cameras, autonomous flight, and modular payload, it's a versatile, cutting-edge solution for military and civilian needs, ensuring efficient and real-time mission success. YES
294 2048 Energy Harvesting AffordableAndCleanEnergy This project introduces a practice, sustainable and feasible approach to energy harvesting in Pakistan. Using simple electrical principles, strategically placed sensors utilize Piezoelectric techniques to convert external stimuli i.e. vibrations, movements into electricity. Through thoughtful wiring, the harvested energy powers everyday appliances, offering a unique and sustainable solution for the country's energy needs. YES
295 2049 Car Cover IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Introducing the cutting-edge car cover with a unique lateral C-shape design that envelops the entire vehicle. This electronically controlled cover not only shields your car from the elements but also adds an extra layer of privacy by concealing its identity from onlookers. The innovative design prevents the accumulation of dew, a common issue that is challenging to clean, while also protecting against gradual dirt buildup. Unlike conventional covers, this electronically operated car cover boasts portability and ease of use. Its distinctive shape ensures that dirt and debris do not come in direct contact with the car body during placement or removal. Say goodbye to the usual hassle of dirt falling onto your vehicle during cover handling. Embrace the future of car protection with this technologically advanced, discreet, and effective car cover. YES
296 2050 DataDialogue IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure DataDialogue is a web application that will allow users to chat with their database in natural language using LangChain, LLMs, and Prompt Engineering. YES
297 2051 FreeFlow IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure FreeFlow is an AI-based web app builder that allows anyone with a great idea to bring it to life. Describe, in simple words, the features and design of the application you wish to make, and our AI platform will build it for you. See the app being built in real time and make edits to it using our powerful visual editor. Download all the code for the app when done. It's your idea. It's your code. YES
298 2052 ExaPro QualityEducation Traditional competitive exams preparation often confines learners to a restrictive landscape of prescribed knowledge and standardized assessments. Students have to rely on pre-existing resources such as past papers and model papers for their practice. Many competitive exams, especially university ones, do not have any standardized past papers due to which students have to rely mostly on word-of-mouth. ExaPro transcends this paradigm, ushering in a new era of personalized inquiry and adaptive learning. Equipped with advanced learning models and intelligent algorithms, ExaPro dismantles information barriers, allows user to pinpoint individual knowledge gaps, and designs personalized question sequences according to his requirements that allow students to learn and practice any competitive exam without any limits. Repetitive drills and cramming of the same practice model questions fade into the past with ExaPro. This innovative system adapts to each student's learning requirements, crafting a personalized intellectual voyage. Using advanced algorithms, ExaPro analyses past performance, preferred learning strategies, and individual strengths and weaknesses related to their learning. The user will be able to select the type of exam he wants to prepare for such as NET (NUST ENTRACE EXAMINATION), which is a requirement for admission in NUST, or MDCAT and such. Based on the user selection, a user can generate a complete test, which will mimic the actual examination, or a context-based test, through which the user can work on their individual knowledge gaps. Each test will contribute to the student personal analytics, which will include statistics such as overall accuracy, average time duration taken, subject-wise performance etc, through which the user can analyse their performance and then work on their weaknesses. Along with these statistics, the user can also check the predictions for their future performance based on the current data. As the language model will be fine-tuned according to each examination, there will be no limit to the number of questions that could be generated for each examination, so the user can practice new and challenging questions every time. YES
299 2053 Intuitive Manipulator GoodHealthAndWellBeing Our project aims to make mobility more inclusive by creating a robotic manipulator that can be controlled via EMG signals. Using ML principles of reinforcement learning, the project aims to identify and classify muscular signals via s-EMG electrodes to control a robotic manipulator capable of performing rudimentary tasks. YES
300 2054 Laboratory Evaluation on Incompatibility of Waste-Polymer Modified Bitumen. ClimateAction The pollution of waste polymers such as Rubber and plastic has become the most challenging environmental issues due to the dramatic increase in the generation of polymers products. Approximately 1.5 billion tires reach the end of their useful lives annually, and the figure is rising . Regretfully, the great majority of tires are burnt or landfilled globally, which has disastrous ecological effects. They specifically provide a major risk to human health (e.g., fire and pests). Furthermore, landfills are often the least expensive disposal option in most countries. Modifying bitumen with polymers waste is one of the common approaches to reduce the amount of global polymers waste. It is documented that amending bitumen with Crumb rubber significantly enhance the physical and rheological properties of bitumen. Otherwise, one of the main challenges facing researchers regarding modification bitumen with crumb waste is incompatibility. The occurrence of incompatibility is attributed to the difference in the density and polarity between crumb rubber and bitumen. In addition, incompatibility negatively affect the performance of the asphalt layer, which, in turn, significantly decreases the lifespan of asphalt layer. CRMB pavement has great mechanical properties and pavement performance during service, including rutting resistance, anti-cracking at low temperature, fatigue crack and water damage resistance. And 40%-88% reduction of driving noise can be achieved by CRMB pavement in comparison with conventional pavement. YES
301 2055 Trash Power AffordableAndCleanEnergy Pakistan's textile industry, a major polluter, struggles with energy demands amid environmental concerns. Fossil fuel reliance poses economic threats and hampers net-zero goals. To combat this, a transition to refuse-derived fuel (RDF) is proposed, utilizing textile waste. Physicochemical tests ensure uniform, high-calorific, low-emission RDF, aiding the industry's energy needs cost-effectively. YES
302 2057 Case Chain PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions Introducing CaseChain: a private Hyperledger Fabric-based FIR system ensuring the utmost security in investigations. Our blockchain-powered solution combines transparency, immutability, and efficient case management, streamlining the investigative process for swift and secure outcomes. YES
303 2059 Telecom Data Modeling Solution using GIS Other In the realm of communication networks, the Telecom Data Modeling Solution using GIS emerges as a transformative application, addressing the critical need for efficient deployment and real-time monitoring. Tailored for telecommunication companies, network operators, and infrastructure providers, this solution stands out as a user-friendly tool that seamlessly integrates GIS technology with advanced network management capabilities. At its core, the Telecom Data Modeling Solution provides a visual representation of network elements through GIS mapping. This intuitive platform enables users to model the deployment of fiber optics, active equipment, and passive equipment effortlessly. The application maintains a comprehensive database, storing essential information about each network element, ensuring a centralized and organized record. Real-time monitoring is achieved through the integration of advanced sensors and monitoring tools, with an alarm system promptly alerting users to disturbances. The Telecom Data Modeling Solution's user-friendly interface ensures easy adoption by both technical and non-technical users. Comprehensive training materials and ongoing support mechanisms empower users to navigate the platform confidently. The system's scalability accommodates networks of varying sizes and complexities, making it versatile for both small-scale deployments and extensive network management scenarios. In a competitive landscape, the Telecom Data Modeling Solution differentiates itself through real-time monitoring capabilities, an integrated alarm system, and sophisticated user role management. The application's commitment to a seamless user experience, coupled with continuous innovation, positions it as a leader in the field. By addressing the unique challenges faced by network operators and infrastructure providers, the Telecom Data Modeling Solution emerges as a comprehensive and forward-thinking solution. This solution is not just a GIS-based network management tool; it's a paradigm shift. It empowers organizations to model, deploy, and monitor their network infrastructure with unparalleled efficiency and reliability. As the telecommunications industry evolves, the Telecom Data Modeling Solution stands as a beacon of innovation, ushering in a new era of connectivity where modeling, deployment, and monitoring converge seamlessly for a resilient and responsive network infrastructure. YES
304 2061 Marine Refuge SustainableCitiesAndCommunities We intend to introduce amphibious housing in Pakistan for flood-stricken and coastal areas. Our innovative homes seamlessly transition between land and water, utilizing cutting-edge amphibious technology. These structures rest on buoyant platforms, rising and falling with water levels, ensuring resilience against floods. These amphibious homes offer stability on land and the serenity of waterfront living. Our innovative design allows for eco-friendly tourism ventures, creating a sustainable revenue stream through immersive experiences in the beauty of amphibious living Embracing sustainability, our idea minimizes environmental impact and maximizes adaptability. YES
305 2062 CampusCoin IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Digitalizing Campus transactions, Campus Coin modifies university ID Cards into payment tools at NUST. The main aim is to seamlessly veer students and staff from traditional payment methods such as cash to an efficient and internet independent digitalized payment system, fostering convenience and innovation within the educational infrastructure. YES
306 2063 Green Harvest ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production The concept of harnessing the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) for sustainable protein and soil health enhancement represents an innovative approach to address the escalating challenges of inefficient waste management and the need for sustainable agricultural solutions. This project endeavors to leverage the Black Soldier Fly's multifaceted solution, incorporating larvae rearing to produce protein-rich biomass and nutrient-rich frass, a versatile fertilizer. Through extensive literature review, this initiative draws inspiration from successful Black Soldier Fly larvae treatments that transform biodegradable waste into valuable resources. The objectives of the project encompass minimizing organic waste through efficient Black Soldier Fly larvae rearing, establishing a reliable source of high-quality animal feed protein, and enhancing soil fertility using nutrient-rich frass generated from larvae rearing. The project's scope spans the entire Black Soldier Fly lifecycle, with a focus on organic waste, while the methodology involves developing protocols for waste integration, optimizing rearing conditions, extracting and analyzing protein, and exploring frass utilization in agriculture. This initiative targets a comprehensive improvement and promotion of sustainability in waste management and agriculture. By deploying innovative Black Soldier Fly larvae rearing techniques, the project aspires to establish a circular economy, repurposing waste into valuable resources. Anticipated outcomes include a diversified protein source for animal feed, resilient livestock, poultry, and aqua farming practices, and a significant reduction in reliance on chemical fertilizers. The project envisions transformative impacts on waste management and agriculture, emphasizing community engagement and awareness for a sustainable future. YES
307 2064 GLOF VR SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Pakistan faces a lot of damage each year due to natural disasters, specifically floods. We aim to develop an immersive VR experience which can educate users about the hazard posed by GLOF events, so that they can learn to tackle it and avoid excessive damage. YES
308 2065 Cloud Based Project Management System IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure "Introducing ClientConnect, a game-changer for the world of civil engineering. We get it – construction projects are tough. Delays are costly, communication is a headache, and the industry often lags behind in adopting the latest tech. That's where ClientConnect steps in. ClientConnect is not your average project management tool. It is a multidimensional project. It is a marketplace for verified professionals like architects, engineers and contractors; And the community of verified professionals is built around a great suite of project management tools that takes care of scheduling, financing, bidding and all other crucial aspects of the construction project management. The goal is to have a strong community built around great software. It's a lifeline for civil engineering projects, cutting through the chaos with a cloud-based solution that keeps everyone on the same page. No more waiting for crucial updates, no more drowning in paperwork – just smooth, efficient collaboration. This project stands at the intersection of Cloud Computing and Construction Project Management. Computer Science has the potential to solve a lot of society’s problems and whereas a lot of disciplines have leveraged the power of computer science to this end; Civil Engineering remains an oddity. We aim to change this by providing a one stop solution for everyone that wants to do a construction project: from the level of government to the level of individual. YES
309 2066 Military Common Operating Picture PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions Enhancing military operations, the Battlefield COP project optimizes military systems via GIS, providing real-time object detection with YOLO v8. Featuring a user-friendly ArcMap add-on and an open-source field detection platform, it integrates GIS, advanced algorithms, and user-centric tools for heightened decision-making and operational efficiency in challenging environments. YES
310 2067 E-Commerce Website IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure We are creating a secure and advanced e-commerce website using modern web technologies such as developing an AI-based recommendation system, elastic search, and blockchain technology for secure order processing. YES
311 2068 Ai.MO Other Revolutionizing motion capture, our AI-powered suit combines affordability, precision, and adaptability, democratizing access to high-quality mocap technology in diverse industries. YES
312 2070 AIGallery Genie QualityEducation Our FYP (AI Gallery Genie) is a cross-platform mobile gallery with multiple features like emotional detection, object labeling generator, text recognition, face grouping/face recognition, image categorizing, artistic style transfer, blur detection, image enhancement, but the main features are edit, add, remove objects in an image and inquire using chatbot regarding image. YES
313 2071 Garbage monitoring and sorting system GoodHealthAndWellBeing The Garbage Sorting and Monitoring System project integrates machine learning and IoT to automate waste management. Using the SSD-Mobile-Net-V2 model, it aims for real-time, precise garbage classification. The system combines a servo motor-based sorting hardware, Raspberry Pi, and IoT sensors for wireless monitoring. Beyond technical innovation, the project aligns with sustainability goals, foreseeing positive environmental impact through reduced landfill usage and improved waste management practices. Aiming for a smarter and eco-friendly future, the project represents a pivotal step in revolutionizing waste management. YES
314 2072 Pumped hydropower AffordableAndCleanEnergy Pakistan's growing energy demands, driven by factors like population growth and industrial expansion, require a sustainable solution. A pumped storage hydropower plant emerges as a crucial component due to its ability to address the irregularities of renewable energy sources. By serving as a large-scale energy storage system, it ensures a stable power supply, enhances grid stability, and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. The diverse topography of Pakistan provides ideal conditions for such projects, optimizing the use of natural resources and aligning with global efforts for cleaner energy solutions. Beyond environmental benefits, investing in a pumped storage hydropower plant contributes to economic growth, job creation, and energy independence, fostering a resilient and self-sufficient energy infrastructure. YES
315 2073 Green Adsorb CleanWaterAndSanitation Global water scarcity, worsened by industrial pollution like chromium-laden tannery wastewater, prompts a sustainable solution. Banana biochar proves a potent, eco-friendly adsorbent, demonstrating over 90% chromium removal in 60 mins. Potassium bicarbonate activation enhances efficacy, and its cost-effectiveness and scalability make it a compelling alternative. This research addresses environmental challenges, offering a cleaner, sustainable water solution. YES
316 2075 Bio-fitted Skins SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Bio-fitted Skins address the overlooked niche of revitalizing existing buildings for sustainability, focusing on solutions to adapt indoor environments to be both comfortable and eco-friendly. In response to the challenges posed by global warming and the need for energy-intensive interventions in the built environment, the study proposes an innovative approach – the integration of the fields of biomaterials, building skins, and retrofitting, collectively termed into the architectural invention of "BioFitted skins." This architectural component serves as an additive intervention to existing structures, eliminating the need for demolition and excessive energy consumption to maintain indoor comfort. By regulating internal environments and reducing the need for energy-based temperature regulation, BioFitted skins contribute to the overall sustainability of structures without increasing their carbon footprint. The study explores the environmental performance of biomaterials and the impact of climate-responsive building skins when retrofitted onto existing structures. The interdisciplinary approach, combining biomaterials' morphological investigations with an understanding of their physical properties aligned with architectural practices, aims to catalyze transformative developments in the field. Beyond environmental benefits, the integration of BioFitted skins offers lucrative opportunities in the growing sustainable architecture sector. Businesses can capitalize on this market niche by developing, producing, and implementing BioFitted skins, positioning themselves as leaders in sustainable architecture. This technology aligns with broader sustainability goals, reducing the ecological impact of buildings and contributing to a more resilient built environment. Investing in BioFitted skins provides a dual advantage of environmental sustainability and participation in the expanding market for green technologies, enabling businesses to align with global climate change efforts, foster a positive brand image, and attract environmentally conscious consumers. As the world embraces eco-friendly practices, BioFitted skins represent a strategic investment opportunity that combines environmental responsibility with long-term economic viability. YES
317 2077 Intelligent Loads IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Energy management is critical in today's world for reducing consumption, lowering costs and minimizing environmental effects. An Internet of Things-based energy management system for residential buildings is presented in this research. It makes use of an intuitive interface for control and monitoring, IoT sensors to track energy consumption, and a data-driven algorithm to identify trends and recommend optimizations. The system uses precise consumption data, demand forecasts, and optimized load management to support sustainable energy practices. A literature review on existing energy management systems and the role of IoT is provided. The methodology explains the system design, hardware configuration, and model training process. The conclusions discuss the potential of such advanced systems for efficient and eco-friendly energy management. Keywords: Internet of things IoT, Automation, Energy Management, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning YES
318 2078 ArtiFatto ReducingInequality ArtiFatto is a Web based platform that serves as a global marketplace for artists where they can create profiles, showcase their creations, register thier intellectual property, buy and sell artworks and connect with potential buyers worldwide. Artifatto revolutizes the visual art, Intellectual Property through NFTs providing counterfeit, transparent ownership, authenticity of artwork, proof of ownership and maintain a tamper proof record of the artists and artwork history. YES
319 2079 LOVE Home GoodHealthAndWellBeing Parenthood is a multifaceted endeavor that demands a range of competencies, including self-worth, child development knowledge, emotional capacity, commitment to children's interests, and access to supportive networks. The "LOVE Home" project begins by addressing the prevalent issue of information overload and the difficulty of parenting in Pakistan. It is a platform that combines educational content, interactive applications, counseling services, and AI-driven insights to strengthen the family bond. It is a Software As A Service (SAAS) that will feature insightful short videos, enlightening interviews with esteemed psychiatrists and experts, and a rich collection of blogs that cover a spectrum of parenting challenges, mental health topics, and proven strategies for nurturing a child. YES
320 2080 intelliDocs QualityEducation Are you often confronted with the challenge of locating specific documents within your organization’s vast document repository? Is the task of navigating lengthy files to extract information a recurring hurdle? Introducing “intelliDocs”– a chatbot plugin that empowers users with efficient document access and information retrieval to facilitate fast and deeper understanding of topics. YES
321 2081 FitReflect IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure FitReflect revolutionizes retail with AR mirrors, enabling a seamless "Try On, Transform, Shop Beyond" experience. Users can virtually try on items on websites or use in-store AR mirrors, bridging the online-offline gap. The startup collaborates with retailers, providing plug-and-play solutions for personalized online shopping and enhancing in-store experiences. FitReflect empowers users to choose between AR in-store trials or virtual try-ons, redefining retail in the digital era. YES
322 2082 KiloVAWT AffordableAndCleanEnergy KiloVAWT harnesses untapped energy from urban environments. Our innovative vertical axis wind turbines, strategically positioned on road dividers and building sides, capture and convert wasted wind energy generated by passing vehicles. KiloVAWT not only generates clean power but envisions a future where roads are illuminated by the very energy once lost, paving the way for sustainable communities. YES
323 2083 SwiftChange GoodHealthAndWellBeing Adult diapering is a necessity for individuals who are bedridden, especially those suffering from incontinence. It's a reality faced by caregivers and family members who care for such individuals at home or in medical facilities. Despite being a routine part of care, it comes with several challenges such as maintaining hygiene, managing physical stress, emotional stress managing weight of the patient and handling privacy concerns. YES
324 2084 CADM IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project addresses the critical need for real-time detection and response to cybersecurity anomalies in response to the escalating frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks. Leveraging the ELK framework, it employs Machine Learning techniques for the timely identification of threats within complex systems. The proposed system offers actionable insights through user-friendly visualizations, empowering organizations to enhance their cybersecurity defences in the modern landscape. YES
325 2085 Pawsitive Therapet GoodHealthAndWellBeing Our therapeutic pet robot, addressing the mental health crisis, provides on-demand emotional support with facial emotion recognition, speech recognition, and a chatbot. Adaptable and user-friendly, it caters to diverse needs, differentiating itself through a holistic, tech-driven approach. YES
326 2086 HarvestWatts Solutions: Wavelength-Specific PV for Agrivoltaics AffordableAndCleanEnergy This project focuses on a novel solar technology for use in agrivoltaics. The purpose of the project is two-fold: experimentally analyze the impact of selective sunlight treatment on chili plant growth; & assess the techno-economic feasibility of the proposed dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) system - using System Advisor Model & SketchUp - and manufacture a scaled-down version of the panels. YES
327 2087 Estelier GenderEquality Estelier, is an online marketplace that connects art lovers to artisans. It is a one-stop for customers looking to meet their art and craft needs. If you want to buy authentic, handmade, traditional, and modern crafts, while promoting female entrepreneurship, Estelier is your stop. Estelier empowers small-business owners by providing them with a website and expertise in sales, marketing, and finance. We aim to target the talent that goes unrecognized due to a lack of customer reach, a proper platform, and technical expertise. We will be initially working with small businesses situated in the twin cities and we aim to deliver their products nationwide. Estelier enables our partner businesses to keep creating by overcoming their barriers for them. YES
328 2088 Sustainable UHPC IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure UHPC is defined as a advance cementitious composite material incorporating discontinuous internal fiber reinforcements, an optimum particle packing density, and a water to binder ratio of less than 0.25. UHPC has compressive strength of greater than 150 MPa and sustained post-cracking tensile strength of more than 5 MPa. Furthermore, UHPC has a flexural strength of 40-45 Mpa and tensile strength of 15-20 Mpa. YES
329 2089 CoolTopi GoodHealthAndWellBeing Revolutionizing protection for working-class men in Pakistan, our advanced headgear is designed to combat discomfort during hot and humid summers. Tailored for the challenging work environments, it prioritizes user comfort through strategic ventilation, providing optimal airflow without the need for fluids. This innovative solution ensures that bikers, essential workers, and commuters stay cool, safe, and comfortable, redefining the riding experience for the hardworking individuals navigating the demanding weather conditions of Pakistan. YES
330 2090 Freelancing website DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth A pioneering Pakistani freelancing platform offering a seamless experience with secure international payments and robust dispute resolution. Tailored for local talent, it ensures a safe, efficient, and globally connected freelancing journey. YES
331 2091 Smart Solar AgroTech ZeroHunger The proposed project seeks to revolutionize agriculture by harnessing cutting-edge technology to develop a comprehensive system for precision farming. This innovative solution comprises a Wireless Ad hoc Network (WANET) for seamless data acquisition, a robust data processing/analysis unit, a user-friendly remote monitoring and control interface, and an integrated system to manage specific actuators. YES
332 2092 AIvita Pulse GoodHealthAndWellBeing It introduces an innovative approach to revolutionize health monitoring through the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Embedded Systems in a Complete Blood Count (CBC) kit. The proposed system aims to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of blood analysis, providing a comprehensive insight into an individual's health. The CBC kit employs state-of-the-art sensors and micro-controllers to gather real-time blood samples. These samples are then processed using advanced machine learning algorithms powered by AI. The embedded system facilitates seamless communication between the camera and the AI, ensuring rapid and precise analysis of various blood components, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Key features of the project include personalized health assessments, trend analysis, and early detection of anomalies, empowering users with proactive health management tools. The AI-driven platform adapts to individual variations and continuously refines its analysis, promoting a dynamic and personalized healthcare experience.Furthermore, the integration of low-power embedded systems ensures the kit's portability and accessibility, making it suitable for deployment in diverse healthcare settings. The project not only contributes to advancing the field of medical diagnostics but also addresses the need for efficient and cost-effective health monitoring solutions. YES
333 2100 Modulation Scheme for Telemetry Design IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The modulation and demodulation of frequency shift keying (FSK) constitute a comprehensive analysis and advancement in the field of digital communications. The focus of this study advances from the core concepts of frequency shift keying (FSK) to the more advanced concept of minimum shift keying (MSK), which provides advantages in terms of spectrum efficiency and noise immunity. This can be thus effectively utilized in telemetry design for variety of commercial applications including disaster management. YES
334 2101 UAV Assisted Internet of Things Network IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This idea is aimed at introducing UAV assisted communication framework wherein owing to UAV integration the communication framework becomes more reliable and sustainable. UAV assists in gleaning important information from on-ground IoT sensors and vice-versa. YES
335 2103 Innovative Antenna Design for 1U CubeSat: Towards Enhanced Performance and Conformity IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project aims to create a conformal, high performance and innovative customized antenna for 1 U CubeSat. In the rapidly evolving field of small satellite technology, the demand for compact yet high-performance communication systems has become increasingly paramount. This project presents a pioneering approach to address this challenge through the development of a conformal and high-performance antenna tailored specifically for 1U CubeSats. The primary objective of this endeavor is to engineer an antenna system that not only meets the stringent size and weight constraints imposed by CubeSat platforms but also delivers superior performance in terms of communication range, data transmission rates, and signal fidelity. Through meticulous design iterations and advanced simulation techniques, the proposed antenna solution aims to optimize the utilization of available space within the CubeSat structure while minimizing interference from surrounding components. Leveraging innovative materials and manufacturing processes, the antenna's conformal design ensures seamless integration with the CubeSat's external surface, thereby minimizing aerodynamic drag and preserving the satellite's overall compactness. Furthermore, this project explores novel antenna configurations and radiation patterns to enhance communication capabilities, particularly in challenging environments such as low Earth orbit (LEO) or in the presence of interference. By employing state-of-the-art electromagnetic simulation tools and computational modeling, the antenna's performance characteristics are thoroughly analyzed and optimized to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability. The significance of this work extends beyond the realm of CubeSat technology, as advancements in compact antenna design have broader implications for space exploration, satellite communication networks, and beyond. By pushing the boundaries of miniaturization and performance optimization, this project contributes to the ongoing evolution of small satellite platforms and facilitates a new era of space-based applications and missions. In conclusion, the development of a conformal, high-performance antenna for 1U CubeSats represents a significant step forward in enabling robust and efficient communication capabilities for small satellites. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative design methodologies, this project exemplifies the potential of cutting-edge engineering solutions to address the complex challenges of space exploration and satellite communications in the 21st century. YES