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Idea Submission

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All Ideas

S.No Project ID Idea Name Domain Abstract University
1 7 develop yourself QualityEducation Topic text How to make education of high quality in our societies and take it to the top ALBUKHARY INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY ALOR SETAR MALAYSIA
2 8 Chemical NoPoverty Good morning from your system immediately contact you again for Red Sea University
3 9 TEDEN IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The scope of the measures that can be taken in response to calls and SMS made by fraudsters was examined from as wide a window as possible, and studies were carried out to find solutions to the grievances experienced. Especially in the last 25 years, as a result of the use of mobile phones with the emergence of mobile phones and the increasing number of users every year, malicious fraudsters devel MİDDLE EAST TECHNİCAL UNİVERSITY ANKARA