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Points of Contact at NUST and Other Universities

Points of Contact

FICS 2023 Lead Coordinators
S. No. School / Directorate Name Designation Contact No. Email Address
1 School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (SEECS) Dr. Daud Abdullah Asif Assistant Professor Cell: 0324-0261988 [email protected]
2 Dr. Waseem Abbas Assistant Professor Cell: 0347-7798604 [email protected]
4 School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (SMME) Dr. Asim Waris Assistant Professor, Dept of Biomedical Engg & Sciences Off:051-90856068
Cell: 0344-5662330
[email protected]
5 United States Pakistan Centre for Advance Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E) Mr. Bilal Mehmood Bhutta Industry Liaison Officer (ILO) Off:051-90855274 [email protected]
6 Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Bio-Sciences (ASAB) Dr. Maria Shabbir Tenured Associate Professor, Healthcare Biotech Off: 051-9085-6137
Cell: 0334-5510903
[email protected]
8 School of Chemical & Materials Engineering (SCME) Dr. Eram Pervaiz Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Off: 051-90855113
Cell: 0332-4001027
[email protected]
9 NUST Business School (NBS) Dr. Owais Golra Assistant Professor Off: 051 - 90853229 [email protected]
10 School of Interdisciplinary Engineering & Science (SINES) Dr. Zamir Hussain Assistant Professor Off: 051-90855739
Cell: 0333-5249498
[email protected]
11 Institute of Environmental Science & Engineering (IESE) - School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE) Dr Zaeem Bin Babar Assistant Professor Off: 051-90854355
Cell: 0300-7701121
[email protected]
12 Institute of Geographical Information Systems (IGIS) - School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE) Mr. Naqash Taj Abbasi Lecturer Off: 051-90854492
Cell: 0311-8367779
[email protected]
13 NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE) - School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE) Dr Sarmad Shakeel Assistant Professor Off: 051-90854625
Cell: 03315796035
[email protected]
14 NIT, Risalpur Dr. Noman Assistant Professor,
Transportation Engineering
Cell:03006069031 [email protected]
15 Military College of Signals (MCS) Dr. Alina Mirza Assistant Professor Cell: 0332-5139834 [email protected]
19 Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC) Mr. Danish Ali Shoro
Industry Liaison Officer (ILO) Off: 021-48503096
[email protected]
20 College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (CEME) Dr. Usman Akram Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering Department Off: 051-9247550 (ext 4170)
Cell: 0333-6913921
[email protected]
21 Mr. Farhan Aslam Khan Industry Liaison Officer (ILO) Cell: 0345-8781279 [email protected]
22 Military College of Engineering (MCE) Dr. Muhammad Bilal Adeel Assistant Professor Cell: 0321-4249847 [email protected] [email protected]
23 College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE) Dr Imran Mir HoD Research, CAE Off: 0923-9501500 [email protected]

24 School of Social Sciences & Humanities (S3H) Mr. Ahsan Zaffar Qayyum Industry Liaison Officer (ILO) Off: 051-90853510 [email protected]
25 School Of Art Design And Architecture (SADA) Dr Raja Mubashir Karim Assistant Professor Off: 051-90855443
Cell: 0312-6979371
[email protected]
26 School of Natural Sciences (SNS) Dr. Saadi Ishaq Assistant Professor Off: 051-90855576
Cell: 0334-4693084
[email protected]
27 NUST Balochistan Campus (NBC) Dr. Mohsin Raza Jafari Assistant Professor, CS Cell: 0333-6352864 [email protected]
28 Foundation University Islamanad (FUI) Mr. Syed Taimoor Hassan Manager Business Incubation Center, ORIC Cell: 0321 9989698 [email protected]
29 Namal Institute Mianwali Mr. Hamza Zad Gul Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering
Cell: 0321-9190297 [email protected]
30 Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) Dr. Rukaiya Lecturer, CED
Manager Industrial Linkages, ORIC
Cell: 0333 3291360 [email protected]
31 Air University Ms. Saba Inam Officer, Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) Off: (051) 9153 314
Cell: 0301-9803063
[email protected]
32 Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI) Mr. Abbas Gillani DD Research Support
[email protected]
33 National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS), Rawalpindi. Dr. Wasim Sajjad (PhD Microbiology) Assistant Professor,
Department of Biological Sciences (DBS)
Phone: +92 51 51244950, +92 346 3112030
33 Institute Of Space Technology Islamabad (IST) Ms. Aiman Qazi Startup Support Executive Phone: +92302-5931272 [email protected]