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Projects Shortlisted for Stage 3

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S.No Project ID Idea Name Domain Abstract University
1 1116 Traffic Violation IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Real-time Smart transportation system (STS) to detect vehicles traveling the wrong way on the road through CCTV cameras. After detection, the program alerts the monitoring center and triggers a warning signal to the drivers. The developed system is based on video imaging and covers three aspects: detection, tracking, and validation. To locate a vehicle in a video frame, we are using a DL. SSUETKarachi
2 1118 3D Concrete Printing IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure 3D concrete printing aims at automated, fast, and reliable construction of houses and infrastructure. This futuristic approach will transform the construction industry with its flexibility in design. Our research will minimize the challenges associated with conventional concrete construction by introducing this technology in Pakistan. The concrete printer is manufactured using indigenous materials NUST
3 1123 Glucose Monitor GoodHealthAndWellBeing A continuous glucose monitoring device that will detect the blood glucose concentration without the active involvement of patient. Near infra-red rays will be emitted on the targeted area that could be the wrist or finger to extract the blood glucose information. Data will be processed and will be displayed on the mobile application. NUST
4 1129 Eco-friendly Packaging ClimateAction Environmental friendly alternative to commonly used polystyrene based packaging. Polystyrene packaging are commonly used for packing of different electronic items. Polystyrene is hazardous to environment and causes serious respiration problems. In order to cater this biodegradable packaging is introduced which is based on bio-waste material and can be degraded easily in soil. NUST
5 1130 Secure E-voting machine employing Blockchain network and Computer Vision IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Voting must ensure integrity and transparency .Traditionally, the database is maintained by a central authority that has complete control over the database. Blockchain will make database decentralized and consistent. Hence, it will prevent data tampering E Voting using blockchain and biometric sensors (Facial & Fingerprint Recognition) ensures complete secure voting process. NUST
6 1132 Myco-"St"&"BE" Other (Enviromental innovation) Due to the magnitude of the health problems brought on by the textile industry's heavy reliance on chemicals, it's imperative that we make the switch to more environmentally friendly options. Fungi provide us with the answer for environmentally friendly staining and distaining of textile fibers NUST
7 1133 IoT-Based_Smart_Irrigation_System_with-Weather_Forecasting ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production The aim is to develop an IoT-based smart irrigation system for the automatic supply of water to the crops and to check favorable conditions for pesticides, and also nutrient deficiency by keeping in mind the upcoming weather conditions. NamalUniversityMianwali
8 1134 Propagation of Banana elite variety through semi-automated tissue culture technology IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Tissue culture is an important technique required for the production of disease- free, high quality planting material and the rapid production of many clonally identical plantlets. The production of elite variety to produce identical plants capable of higher yield to feed the growing population of the world and Pakistan`s need. This is a useful technique as Pakistan's economy is agricultural based National University of Medical Sciences, Rawalpindi.
9 1137 Media Forensics PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions Media forensics is a rapidly growing field that focuses on analysing and detecting digital media content. It involves the examination and analysis of digital images, audio, video, and other digital artifacts to uncover hidden messages, detect digital manipulation, and uncover the truth. Our forensic media project is dedicated to helping individuals detect tempered content. NUST
10 1138 Advance food grading system GoodHealthAndWellBeing The food industry is currently fragmented and inefficient. Issues of food safety, quality control, and sustainability are widespread. Our innovative LED based portable device will solve these issues and more. The device can quickly and effectively grade fresh food and provide an accurate assessment of its quality without damaging the produce, saving both time and money. NUST
11 1143 ROBO HAND GoodHealthAndWellBeing An efficient, cost-effective, and patient-directed, soft-robotics-based assistive wearable device for the post-stroke rehabilitation of patients with upper limb functional impairment. NUST
12 1145 Flood Mapping ClimateAction To prevent flood destruction, this study focuses on mapping flood-prone areas to define hazard boundaries. Tentative study areas are Swat and Nowshera districts. Major hydrological parameters (discharge, precipitation, etc.) will be utilized in GIS and hydrologic modelling tools for flood mapping. Furthermore, structural damage to existing infrastructure will be assessed using fragility curves. NUST
13 1149 Seismic Vulnerability IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Quetta is most earthquake prone zone in Pakistan and also it have poor socio-economic conditions. Our project aims to assess the vulnerability of the structures for Quetta , their Numerical modelling and assessment of best solution for risk reduction. NUST
14 1161 GlymoBreath GoodHealthAndWellBeing Type 1 diabetes is one of the most common diseases in children, and glucometer doesn't allow children to self-monitor their condition. However, advancement in technologies and research have given possibility of testing GL non-invasively that are accurate. The idea is to design an interactive device which allows non-invasive monitoring of BGL, letting children to take hold of their condition. NUST
15 1162 Headache Therapy GoodHealthAndWellBeing Physiotherapy device for treating headaches and reducing headache frequency and duration. Uses massage therapy and acupressure to effectively provide pain relief as well as reducing fatigue especially on contracted muscles to provide a long term solution to headaches. It is a safer and non invasive alternative to medicine and other analgesics. NUST
16 1163 Nutrient Tablets ZeroHunger To raise agricultural output and guarantee food security, slow-release fertilizers (SRFs) have emerged as a potential solution to the problems caused by the poor NUE of urea and its environmental implications. Densification of nutrient-loaded biochar into tablets can improve biochar handling and transportation efficiencies. These tablets will gradually release embedded nutrients in the soil. NUST
17 1164 You matter GoodHealthAndWellBeing Postpartum depression is a crippling mood disorder, historically neglected in health care. This design studies the natural prevention of postpartum depression at home. Most important factors to be treated for effective prevention are constant invalidation, feeling excluded and a communication gap with partner. The design aims to promote the access of psychological treatment to the user at home. NUST
18 1167 Fitness at Home GoodHealthAndWellBeing Due to the Covid situation, physical and mental health has become very important so the aim of the project is to assist the ones who wants to adopt a healthy workout routine in to their daily lives. As we know fitting gym schedule is a great hassle for us due to its unavailability and farness. NUST
19 1170 Adaptive Shelters IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The project features adaptive shelters for immediate deployment in post-flood scenarios. Current model of relief shelters are not able to stand the harsh and unpredictable climatic conditions within relief sites. The shelter adapts according to these changing conditions like gale, thunderstorm, rainstorm. Additionally, living essentials built within the shelter provides higher value at low cost. NUST
20 1173 moss-air GoodHealthAndWellBeing The increasing exposure to air pollutants associated with urbanization is adverse for human health. Urban residents spend more than 90% of their time indoors where concentration of pollutants is higher. At present, nature-based solutions are the most advised to mitigate urban climate and improve urban air quality. In this project 'MOSS' is used as bio filters for improving indoor air quality. NUST
21 1176 Low-Cost Projection QualityEducation The lack of affordable and modern education resources is causing problems for the community at large. This idea discusses the failures of traditional educational resources in terms of current natural disaster prone situations and how we can reimagine an under-developed area with modern technology made simple and affordable. NUST
22 1185 Forecasting Power Generation ClimateAction The study intends to first analyze and simulate the historical trends and then forecast (via hydrological model- and AI-based techniques) the future trends of streamflow in Swat River with a specific focus on hydropower generation by Malakand-III Power Plant. Expected results include time series forecasts for future streamflow as well as future estimates of irrigation and hydropower potential. NUST
23 1188 Drought Indices Forecasting ClimateAction Under-developed countries like Pakistan lack in resources to properly monitor hydrometeorological extremes such as droughts. The study intends spatial investigation of historical drought indices over Pakistan as well as future time series forecasting of drought indices using AI-based technique such that the forecasting would focus on some regions of Pakistan more vulnerable to drought hazards. NUST
24 1191 Cuffless Blood Pressure (BP) Monitoring via mmWave Radar Technology GoodHealthAndWellBeing The hypertension or high blood pressure (BP) is a major health problem worldwide. As per national health survey of Pakistan, the hypertension affects 18% of adults and 33% of adults above 45 years old. Typically, the BP is monitored via upper arm blood pressure monitor, however, such monitoring can’t be done continuously. This will be achieved via advancements in millimeter-Wave (mm-Wave) Radar NUST
25 1194 Weeding Robot ClimateAction The project aims to research, design, fabricate and program a robot capable of using AI-based techniques for distinguishing weeds from crops and removing the target weed using a method that prevents crop damage. This research combines fields including AI Computer vision Image processing, Mobile Robotics, Mechanical design, and Agriculture into creating a viable solution for effective weed control. NUST
26 1195 AIDAR ClimateAction Our proposed framework provides appropriate and rapid assistance to disaster victims by timely and efficiently identification and assessment of disaster-struck area. UAV integrated with AI embedded system provides useful insights to plan and execute search and rescue missions during disaster response. Identify post-disaster hazards, localize injured people, and provide a communication channel. NUST
27 1196 MRI Detection GoodHealthAndWellBeing By the help of this project we aim to make it easier to detect brain tumors at an early stage using only MRI Images. This will make great leaps in the field of medical science. The software will be designed with the use of machine learning to train the model and attain an accuracy good enough to replace it with human based detections which are vulnerable to human errors. NUST
28 1208 Solar Panel Cleaning Robot with Monitoring System AffordableAndCleanEnergy Solar energy is among the renewable and environment friendly energy sources. The efficiency of a solar panel can be greatly affected by dust and other factors, the efficiency can be restored by cleaning the panels. We proposed to design a system which will monitor the solar panel performance and alert the user when the panel require cleaning. Our project will also include designing a robot. NamalUniversityMianwali
29 1209 Reverse Vending SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Reduction of plastic waste through the creation of a system for recycling PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles using reverse vending technology, with the goal of reducing the time required for recycling procedures, directing PET recycling across the nation, and fostering environmental activism through incentives. NUST
30 1211 Transformer Monitoring IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure To ensure that power is transmitted everywhere, proper maintenance and monitoring of transformers is vital, however, currently Pakistan lacks a systematic way to monitor transformers. Our project proposes the implementation of an extrusive device to monitor the transformers’ health, eliminating the old maintenance methods and facilitating utilities in monitoring huge transformer networks. NUST
31 1212 Semi-Flexible Pavement IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The emerging type of pavement Semi-flexible is a hybrid mixture of both flexible and rigid pavement encompassing the best of both i.e. strength of rigid pavements, ride quality of flexible pavement, quick in construction and much more. This research aims to find a new sustainable material which lowers cost, enhances strength and lowers environmental pollution. The optimum grout is selected. NUST
32 1213 PdM 4.0 IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure PdM 4.0 helps in minimizing system downtime. As a result, an induction motor diagnosis system using Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) along with data processing technique is proposed. MCSA is a technique for motor diagnosis using readings from stator current. Sophisticated algorithms & methods for signal processing are suggested to diagnose motor defects that reduce motor's performance. NUST
33 1216 Cyper CleanWaterAndSanitation Third-world countries face sanitation issues, especially in urban areas. Due to a lack of finance, manual labor to clean roads appeals as a reasonable solution compared to expensive machines. The labor is usually provided with a broom and is tasked to clean a section of the area. This method is extremely inefficient as it does not have a method of monitoring and making labor responsible. NUST
34 1219 Lightweight Panels IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In high-rise buildings, the main problem is that as the number of stories increases, the weight of the building increases (dead load). Bricks are mostly used for non-structural purposes but are heavier, seismically vulnerable to earthquakes, and not eco-friendly. The lightweight panels already exist but are quite expansive and lack performance in strength and thermal properties. NUST
35 1220 HemPress ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production We propose the use of an alternative plant source for the production of paper in Pakistan. Using indigenously grown hemp, we can produce paper from a source that requires no fertilizer, little water and yields products within 8 months. Compared to pine trees which take 8 to 10 years to reach maturity, hemp provides a sustainable and scalable alternative. NUST
36 1221 Compressed Bricks ClimateAction Compressed Bricks (CB) is an emerging building material made from earthen sources. It overcomes the environmental problems associated with kiln burnt bricks.CB's consist mainly of clay content from soil.Giving view of environmental friendly building material, contributing in sustainable development & smog reduction from kilns. Resolving the problems of harmful materials that are disturbing nature. Air University
37 1222 Backdoor Analysis IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project aims to extract the firmware of a given device, then decrypt if the firmware is encrypted. Now do the reverse engineering and find any backdoors. NUST
38 1227 Upmeal IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Upmeal is a platform where you can reserve seats at your favorite restaurants and avail discounts on every item on the menu. Upmeal will connect hungry tummies to empty tables. The business problem we noticed was that the customers were coming to the restaurants at specific hours for example lunchtime and dinner time and there would be empty tables otherwise. NUST
39 1230 FrostFire IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A bottle that has the ability to heat and cool the contents inside. It is made to be used in the office, at home, or outdoors. Gone are the days when one had to worry about keeping the temperature at the desired level. Its built-in temperature control unit can keep the temperature inside according to user preference. NUST
40 1231 SKYLARK smart helmet Other (Protection of people and renewable energy) Smart Helmet along with it's mobile application aims to provide protective features to delivery riders, Features are : bike will beep until delivery rider wears the helmet, Over speeding graph is made, accident location sent to family and company, wind energy (renewable) to charge the helmet during the journey through wind energy. NUST
41 1237 EpiDoc GoodHealthAndWellBeing Our system involves an EEG signal acquisition system combined with a deep learning approach to classify the type of epileptic seizures detected from the patient's EEG signal with high accuracy. We aim to provide a clinical solution for the diagnosis of epileptic patients. NUST
42 1242 Aqua Surveil CleanWaterAndSanitation The current water quality monitoring systems can either not represent the entire water body or are non-realtime. Aqua Surveil is an aqua drone equipped with water quality sensors and can monitor the water quality of the entire water body in real time. The data collected will be sent to the web portal where color-coded heat maps will be generated using ML algorithms to visualize the water quality. NUST
43 1244 Mezma derm IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Mezma derm represent a very promising source for the development of antimicrobial agents. In addition, it is cost efficient, non-toxic, and most importantly, promotes wound healing, features that makes it suitable as a starting material for wound dressings. NUST
44 1249 MonoScope Other (Providing Autonomy to the visually impaired through an AI based cross-platform mobile application. ) In the recent years the applications of Artificial Intelligence have increased enormously. One of them is recognizing and identifying different objects in an image based on repeated patterns in dataset which have been pre-installed in a system. Air University
45 1250 Solar Panel Cleaning System AffordableAndCleanEnergy Pakistan is one of the countries with poor AQI due to pollution and dust. The latter has been silently degrading the performance of the installed PV system. Radon energy proposed a simple, cost-effective, and efficient solution for cleaning of Solar PV panels. NUST
46 1254 Algae supplemented Hard Candies GoodHealthAndWellBeing Production of algae-supplemented hard candies by using two species of commercialized algae (Chlorella and Spirulina). These candies with high antioxidant content also possess protein content and vitamins. These candies can be consumed by everyone and with high nutritional value are a supplement for all ages. NUST
47 1258 Malware Attribution IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A malware attribution system is responsible for analysing and identifying the characteristics and traits of malware. The system compels to correlate the capabilities with the dataset and assigns the malware samples to known and new campaigns; the system supports extending these detections continuously through new rules. NUST
48 1259 ChestX Summarizer GoodHealthAndWellBeing Radiologists are required to analyze Chest X-rays for different diseases but radiologist to patient ratio is quite low in Pakistan. ChestX Summarizer utilizes vision transformers to make a diagnosis from the available chest x-ray after which Natural Language Processing is used to provide a summary along with a detailed radiology report of the prediction that is made. NUST
49 1260 Automated Misting System IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Around 13.3% of the world's food is lost in transit and 17% at the consumer level.  The fundamental issues are long distribution routes and inadequate transportation and storage technologies. To solve the problem, we developed a solution: an automated humidification system that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by decreasing deterioration, structural change, and moisture loss. NUST
50 1261 Electric Drivetrain IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Enhancement of performance, safety, control and efficiency of vehicle through the use of an electronic differential control on an In-Wheel Motor Drivetrain. Mechanical Differential is used to vary speed between the inner and outer wheels of the vehicle during maneuvering and cornering. The methodology applies electronic differential with torque vectoring to smooth steering ability and efficiency. NUST
51 1266 Agri-Rover IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure An agricultural rover for seed sowing. It will move continuously to create a furrow, dispense seeds, and cover the seeds with soil. The mechanism will automatically drop seeds to achieve preset inter-seed spacing. Moreover, the rover can work for multiple seed types, sizes, and furrow depths. This will improve accuracy, increase germination rates, and make land coverage faster. NUST
52 1270 Agriculture Drones IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In an agricultural production field, the intensity of plant diseases and insect pests varies in different locations. In order to reduce the use of pesticides, it should be sprayed according to the severity of the pest, insect or weed. Therefore we are using the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) variable rate spraying technology, to reduce the use of pesticides through targeted spraying. NUST
53 1272 Genetic consorsium IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure It is proposed to establish a Genetic consortium with an aim of bringing cost-effective and efficient genetic testing facilities to one platform. The facility would include MIseq, a sequencing machine that is already available but under-utilized in the country and our labs rely on international testing. The purpose is to translate the effect of genetic research into applicability for the masses. National University of Medical Sciences Rawalpindi
54 1277 Monopile design IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The world is moving towards renewable energy resources to meet its needs. Pakistan has a high potential to produce electricity using wind energy The foundation that is used to build the wind turbine farms is Monopile. In order to promote industrialization and eradicate poverty we must use our coastline. Offshore soil has sufficient qualities to withstand huge lateral and vertical loads. NUST
55 1282 Hand Exoskeleton GoodHealthAndWellBeing About 60% percent of stroke patients suffer from upper extremity dysfunction – hands. If left on its own, there is little chance of recovery. Our project aims to create a hand exoskeleton for carrying out rehabilitative exercises to improve the quality of life of patients. NUST
56 1283 Myco-Pesticides Other (Environmental and Better crop Production) As an alternative to conventional chemical pesticides, fungal biopesticides are becoming increasingly popular. Spraying crops with chemicals not only pollute the environment but also introduces harmful substances into the food chain. As the research showed, fungus-based biopesticides not only help prevent crop damage from pests but also promote plant development. NUST
57 1286 AutomAtism Other (Good mental health and wellbeing) AutomAtism is a unique, smart, user-friendly & cost-effective desktop & mobile based screening process following standard scientific guidelines (DSM-5-TR) using primary and secondary data for pre-diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our automated decision support process helps clinical psychiatrists for early and accurate assessments & parents/guardians to monitor child development. NUST
58 1289 Mom Hug GoodHealthAndWellBeing After childbirth, women experience a painful healing journey that can negatively impact their life. While being conscious of her body,the constant discomfort and pain disrupts sleep,lowers productivity, making it difficult for the mother to take care of her child. By wearing my product,user will have constant back support, heat/vibration therapy for cramps, and straps to shape her body on the go. NUST
59 1291 Anti-pricking Glucometer IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease with a high global prevalence, making it a global health concern. Current approaches to monitor blood glucose levels are painful, invasive and inconvenient specifically for those using vasodilators and suffering from multiple diseases. We aimed to develop glucose monitoring kit where saliva could be used to detect glucose level in human body. NUST
60 1297 Rebirth LifeOnLand The concept is to use wooden tools like ice cream sticks, chopsticks, pencils, and other types of wooden utensils as catalysts to promote sustainability. Using seeds and herbs in combination with the wooden tools we use every day to replant them. Seeds that can be used are of flowering plants, red & green chillies, tomato plants, coriander, spearmint and other vegetative plants. National University of Medical Sciences, NUMS
61 1298 LoRa Trackers IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure New Infrastructure including LoRa Technology which will make a mark in making smarter cities a dream come true. NUST
62 1300 CivilBlocks IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure CivilBlocks is a set of tools that empower engineers to make informed decisions whilst sitting in the office. Our project explores 2 solutions: Use of Blockchain to relay survey data with transparency and then process it for volume calculation and secondly the use of tangible units and augmented reality for urban planning. Together these two solutions allow better data collection and processing NUST
63 1301 Precision Farming. ZeroHunger Pakistan is an agrarian country with major economic dependency on agriculture. This project focuses on using Unmanned Arial Vehicle for collecting multispectral and RGB imagery and fusing it with on ground IOT sensors to infer pest stress and crop health. The farmer does not need to apply pesticide to the whole crop rather he can find the hotspots in the crop and control disease before time. NUST
64 1302 Chasham QualityEducation Only 10% of 43 million visually impared people around the world are literate due to unavailability of school, lack of trained professionals, and required resources. We provide Chasham as a cost effective portable digital solution to all these problems. It aims to assist visually impaired students to learn Urdu. Chasham is based on refreshable braille technology and a digital app to fulfill the nee NUST
65 1305 Energy router for effective utilization of solar energy AffordableAndCleanEnergy Energy storage and connecting the energy storage device to the load have become significant obstacles as a result of the rising demand for PV power generation. The best choice is to store energy with batteries. The produced energy and the load can be intelligently interfaced with each other at the same time through our proposed energy router. NUST
66 1308 Object Measurement IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The measurement of object size and dimensions is the first phase for many applications in industries while moving towards final product. With the increase in construction site, the priority is given to fast designing and construction, so the objective is to get exact dimensions of object without surveyor on one click & generate its draft invoice. NUST
67 1311 Autonomous Driving IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Millions of people losses their life daily in car accidents. Self driving cars can reduce crashes , traffic congestion and resultantly can save lives. Our project focuses on making a cheaper , reliable and more effective prototype using vision and sensor fused cruise control for autonomous driving which can control the speed of the car along with obstacle avoidance. NUST
68 1322 False Flag PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions Despite large efforts by Twitter and Facebook on removing fake profiles, there still exists a lot. Fake Profiles play an important role in defame one person or organization, misinterpreting information, spreading hate, blackmailing, and Doing scams. This Project will be using supervised based Deep Learning and NLP ML models in analyzing behavior of profiles and predicting them as fake or not. NUST
69 1323 Fire Extinguisher Robot Other (Safe Rescue Operations and Timely Emergency Care ) This vehicle can extinguish fires remotely in areas where there is a risk to the lives of fire brigade because of possible spreading of fires, explosions and structurally unstable buildings. It can maneuver in tight, congested places. This startup idea to develop and manufacture remote fire fighting vehicles can reduce risk to firefighters' lives. NUST
70 1327 Nanoparticles in Radiotherapy GoodHealthAndWellBeing This work wil aim to present the utility of Bismuth ferrite nanoparticles in radiotherapy. First I will synthesize the nanoparticles and then ligands will be introduced which enable colloidal stability of particles and then will coat with polymer to provide ease of flow through the blood. Finally the effectiveness of particles will be tested using some biomedical techniques. NUST
71 1329 ICE to EV conversion kits IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In recent years, fuel prices in Pakistan have raised a lot. The best solution for fuel price hikes is fully electric vehicles. But, the price of electric vehicles is very high. So, the best alternative is the conversion of Internal Combustion Engine Cars to fully electric vehicles. This process is relatively much inexpensive and gives good long-term economic returns. NUST
72 1335 Subsurface Investigation by Quadcopters LifeOnLand Countries like Pakistan lack in resources to properly monitor the sub-surface investigations and also the methods to cater the remote detection of IEDs/ mines along with their disruption by quadcopters. The framework of this study is to unfold as: Use of quadcopters in sub-surface investigation of utilities also an application in military terms regarding the detection and disruption of IEDs/ mine NUST
73 1336 IMSI Catcher PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions Detection of mobile phones and keeping an eye on one’s activity at different places in different situation is a key intel element. The aim is to detect the mobile phone of the users where they are not allowed and also checking the actions of suspicious person. For this we need IMSI number of mobile phones which is a code used by the phone company to identify the SIM on the mobile network. NUST
74 1341 SMS Ventilator GoodHealthAndWellBeing During the pandemic there were a lot of issues that were brought up. Some of them were such old and dense problems that were being neglected from a very long time. And the major revolution came in the manufacturing of medical instrumentation and research. In that era another problem was raised and that was “the extreme deficiency of ventilators” that were portable and affordable. Air University
75 1344 Flood Mapping SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Remote sensing data has repeatedly shown its interest and usefulness during the various phases of the flood management process by providing an overview of the situation on the ground efficiently and effectively. This project will aim to use computer vision and satellite imagery to visualize the impact of current floods and identify areas at risk of flooding. NUST
76 1348 Smart Auto Refractor GoodHealthAndWellBeing It's never too late to start caring for your eye health, and for which we must routinely visit an eye doctor. Therefore, we have presented an interactive mobile application along with an EYEQUE Vision check (Device) that helps eye care practitioners to predict, teach and learn their patients about their future eyesight ratio based on the age-matched provided information. SSUETKarachi
77 1349 Microbial Fuel Cells AffordableAndCleanEnergy We are using microbial fuel cells to generate electricity and use it to power agricultural sensors like moisture, pH, temperature and nutrient sensors. We will connect this sustainable energy system with an IoT platform that will monitor the agricultural land in real time. We are also planning to develop a user-friendly app that would display the data in real time. NUST
78 1354 FireFighting Drones IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Fire Fighting drones are a swarm of drones that detect and put out fire using thermal cameras, CarbondiOxide balls and computer vision. The fire will be detected and put out in a few seconds, lowering the damage and make the whole process efficient. NUST
79 1358 Beyond Words GoodHealthAndWellBeing In Pakistan, approximately 23 mil people are suffering from communication and articulation disorders [1]. Furthermore, going to a therapist is time consuming and costly . We propose an Ai based solution that detects speech disfluencies using audio of 5 to 10 minutes sessions. NUST
80 1359 Derma Vision GoodHealthAndWellBeing DermaVision uses cloud technology to stain and identify structures within skin WSI’s accurately and efficiently. The system uses advanced Deep Learning models like GAN’s and an ensemble of U-Net models. The platform is user-friendly and will enable dermatologists to analyze large volumes of images easily and quickly, leading to improved patient care and outcomes. NUST
81 1364 Smart Auto-level BiPAP Machine. GoodHealthAndWellBeing Most countries in the world have very ‘centralized’ healthcare networks; with sophisticated emergency help available only in hospitals in major cities. The purpose of this project is to produce very affordable but sophisticated emergency breathing devices that are fit for small clinics and ambulances. The first product that has been developed costs only Rs.40,000 in retail. NUST
82 1365 SchlafMax GoodHealthAndWellBeing Worldwide, 10-30% of the population experience insomnia, varying from acute to chronic cases. This paper proposes a sleep-bot which will provide a non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatment for insomnia primarily by combining vibratory and auditory stimulation to match the brain’s natural rhythms and help it enter sleep states more easily. NUST
83 1369 Detection of Latent Fingerprints IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Despite DNA profiling, fingerprint detection is the significant evidence used to identify the suspect. Methods have been used to detect latent fingerprints among which powder dusting and small particle reagent techniques are preferred. We intended to develop UV fluorescent Schiff base, which is going to be cheap, efficient and used for multiple surfaces for the visualization of fingerprints. NUST
84 1375 HalalChain IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Hyperledger Fabric is a permissioned blockchain platform that is designed to be a foundation for developing applications or solutions with a modular architecture. It allows participants to create, manage, and execute smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. NUST
85 1376 A Marketplace for Trading Renewable Energy Sources AffordableAndCleanEnergy A marketplace for buying and selling renewable energy credits could be used to help accelerate the transition to renewable energy and promote sustainability. The platform could include tools for tracking and verifying the origin and usage of renewable energy, and could potentially be accessed via a mobile app. Individuals and businesses can access this platform. NUST
86 1386 AI-based WSI IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Examination of the pathological slide require that the examiner use a staged multi-objective microscope to make their observations. After examination, the slide along with the paraffin embedded tissue are routinely archived. We aim to use it to record multiple digital images of slides of fixed and stained tissues. At the final stage we will train a machine learning model to classify these images. NUST
87 1387 Porous Asphalt Roads SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Stagnant water on roads causes urban flooding, hydroplaning, create potholes, and cause accidents. To circumvent this, rainwater/stormwater lost as surface runoff may be used to recharge the water table naturally and fulfill water requirements in low-water table areas utilizing porous asphalt. Potassium titanate will be added to porous asphalt roads to maintain its strength. NUST
88 1389 Hydrogen Fuel Cell AffordableAndCleanEnergy Hydrogen can be produced relatively economically from a variety of energy sources, can be delivered into a vehicle quickly and when used to produce energy in a fuel cell produces only water as a by-product. The main benefit of hydrogen on the society at large will be providing cleaner air and reducing toxic climate changes, without any change in the infrastructure of the vehicle. NUST
89 1400 Sustainable Roads ClimateAction The environment and natural resources can only be protected by sustainable acts. The take-make-dispose paradigm is no longer applicable. The wasted plastics are discarded and poured into drainage systems and water bodies, where they destroy aquatic life and harm the environment. Therefore, our team aiming to work on sustainable road construction by using waste plastic. NUST
90 1404 Retrofit Smartmeter IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A meter reading retrofit device using LoRaWAN that snaps onto existing electric meters and captures their readings. It caters to the problems in manual meter reading such as limited real time data, no power demand prediction, etc. The device provides High Frequency individual consumer level data. It comes at a cost up to 10 times lower than smart meters but with the same functionality. NUST
91 1411 LyfLine GoodHealthAndWellBeing LyfLine is a medical band that will monitor the patients blood sugar , bl9od pressure , oxygen level and other important things in real time and send the data on a cloud platform from where it can be continuously monitored by the doctor/hospital even if the patient is at home. The band will be fully automatic and artificially intelligent and will provide numerous functionalities. Air University
92 1414 Studentsourcing Antibiotics-Discovery GoodHealthAndWellBeing Most of us take for granted the Earth’s crust that we call soil, but it is precious. Soil has shaped the course of human history by providing us with lifesaving drugs. In particular, most of the antibiotics we use to treat infectious disease come from bacteria in soil. Our goal is to search for new molecules against ESKAPE pathogens while exploring the native soil and preserving the bio-assets. National University of Medical Sciences, Rawalpindi
93 1417 Auxillium GoodHealthAndWellBeing ACL is a common issue worldwide, which develops into more complications over time. Affected or injured knees require special attention for their well-being. A supportive soft exo-brace in collaboration with real-time monitoring fulfills the user's need. Everyday Physiotherapy sessions are hard to catch up with, providing a solution that accommodates a remote session and knee well-being. NUST
94 1436 Snap Pick IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In a warehouse, an estimated of 60% cost can be attributed to order picking, which constitutes of picking products off shelves and dropping them to their required locations. Snap Pick aims to reduce this cost by optimizing picking processes and minimizing pick errors by making use of Augmented Reality. NUST
95 1446 Write Right DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth Write Right is an AI-based content-writing tool specially designed for physically disabled people. It allows user to interact through voice with the built-in virtual assistant in order to control the system and write high-quality content. It offers content generation, synonym suggestions, and better sentence recommendations. Now, physically disabled people can start earning from content writing. FUI
96 1453 ProgressFlow IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Evolution in construction encounters many challenges and risks including monitoring large-scale Projects. On-site monitoring is hectic and time-consuming. This research will give a proficient solution to monitor projects using Building Information Modelling(BIM) and Artificial Intelligence. NUST
97 1457 Diabetes Mellitus control by e-Health through Noninvasive device GoodHealthAndWellBeing Diabetes type 2 (t2dm) is a chronic disease that affects the body's insulin level. Glucose is a class of sugar; in human blood, glucose is the primary source of energy to the cell body of human autonomy. Almost 9.3% of the global population effective by diabetes, and 6.28 % effect only by d2dm. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (d2dm) in Pakistan iapproximately 11.77% of population. MNS University of Agriculture, Multan
98 1463 Block Estate PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions We are developing a Decentralized Web Application to enable peer to peer buying and selling of land (represented by digital token on Blockchain) via Blockchain and GIS without the involvement of any 3rd party agents. This application makes use of the key properties of Blockchain which are decentralization, immutability and security, hence allowing secure transfer of land ownership between users. NUST
99 1464 MOSVILE Natural Mosquito Repellent Clothing Spray GoodHealthAndWellBeing Today's mosquito born diseases are very common. Many people uses lotion on their skin and feel irritation. Coils causes respiratory distress and asthma problems. Room sprays have some poisonous ingredients in it it is also causes some health problems. So we made a natural, organic, non toxic and with essential oils MOSVILE clothing spray. So, there's no need to apply on the skin. University of Central Punjab, Lahore
100 1481 Novel Insulator SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Porcelain insulators are widely used in high-voltage transmission lines. Environment is contaminated with dust particles which get trapped on surface of insulators as wind blows. These dust particles are more electrically conductive than insulator material resulting in lower efficiency and flashovers. Flashovers lead to power outages and are major risk for maintenance crew. NUST
101 1485 Metaverse Lab QualityEducation This project aims to develop an interactive 3D learning lab for students to explore the concepts of linear circuit analysis. Students will be able to build and analyze circuits with real-world components and view the results in a 3D environment. A series of tutorials will also be provided to assist students in understanding the fundamentals of linear circuit analysis. University of Central Punjab
102 1491 Patient compliance GoodHealthAndWellBeing The goal of the research was to prepare a single dosage unit for the cure of Allergic Rhinitis, to enhance the patient compliance and to reduce the frequency of dosing. This combination was concluded to be safe and effective as per previous researches. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB LAHORE, PUNJAB.
103 1493 AlgaeTech AffordableAndCleanEnergy Algae have the potential to be a valuable source of biofuel because they can grow quickly and efficiently, and they can be grown in a variety of environments. There are several ways to extract fuel from algae such as mechanical pressing, solvent extraction and using algae biomass as a feedstock for the production of biofuels such as biodiesel or bioethanol. NUST
104 1494 Floodwater Harvesting SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Our idea is to develop an infrastructure such that floodwater can be pushed into the ground and conserved for later use by water scarce areas and in the process also save said areas from damages by floods. NUST
105 1495 D & A IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure We aim to provide our society with a payment option that is more efficient, secure, and easy. Using NFC RFID technology, users will just tap their card on the reader to complete a transaction. This would remove the need to visit an ATM, carry cash, or have an internet connection to make a payment. The digital card will be utilised by consumers to move payments directly from banks to their wallets. NUST
106 1498 Derma Cure - Skin Analysis GoodHealthAndWellBeing There is a need for an automatic skin disease detection system with high accuracy. Classification of skin diseases using medical images is more challenging because of data set Imbalancing and data privacy. A breathtaking idea to analyze human skin while ensuring data security is the CNN-based skin disease classification combined with the federated learning approach. The University of Central Punjab (UCP)
107 1499 Bactisense GoodHealthAndWellBeing Antibiotic resistance is increasing, and new drugs must be developed to counter this. A quick sensing tool for the viability and efficiency of these newly developed drugs needs to be developed to help counter antibiotic resistance. NUST
108 1502 Sustainable Pavements IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The technological prowess of mankind is a testament to the process of evolution. Having said that, the next phase of evolution where we stand as human beings is to devise such means of development that are sustainable and ensure a better future for the upcoming generations. We will use Reclaimed Asphalt and waste plastic in new pavements. NUST
109 1506 Micropowers AffordableAndCleanEnergy why are we falling behind if the world is becoming renewable? "Micropowers" is all set to bring power to Pakistan. It is an eco-friendly idea that is based on the generation of electricity through the catalytic activity of exoelectrogenic bacteria involved in the anaerobic oxidation of organic substrates. It focuses on turning solid waste into a highly valuable component, i.e., electricity. NUST
110 1507 Formulation Development GoodHealthAndWellBeing Progress and development in pharmaceutical sector are for the betterment of the patients. In the current scenario, where economy is in trouble, it is very difficult to manage the cost of product for both manufacturer as well as the end consumer. The bioavailability is one of the key factors that directly affect the therapeutic efficiency, and the solubility along with permeability has direct impac University of Central Punjab
111 1508 BIOCHAR FERTILIZER ClimateAction Open crop residue burning by farmers increases greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and has led to frequent smog, especially in areas of Punjab. However, burning the crop residue in limited air produces a substance known as Biochar which in the form of fertilizer increases carbon sequestration by the soil. Thereby reducing GHG emissions and soil CO2 efflux thereby contributing to SDG Goal 13. NUST
112 1512 SUBwork DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth An app to provide a platform for users to select the best fit blue collar worker to arrive at their house and provide a service at a mutually agreed upon rate. The services will include, but are not limited to, cooking services, electrician services, AC services, home shifting, carpentry, plumbing, hair cutting and dressing, cleaning and laundry. NUST
113 1515 Allo Aid GoodHealthAndWellBeing The objective of our project is to use the human placenta, which is material otherwise wasted post-delivery, to isolate the amniotic membrane from it to be used in clinical procedures such as treating skin burns, diabetic wounds, and ocular injuries. This membrane contains factors that enhance regeneration in the healing tissue making it an effective and cost-efficient bio-bandage. NUST
114 1516 Novel Drug IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Innovation is always challenging in current scenario when the major perspective is about the patient Complaince. To enhance the life quality and to compete with the diseases is going to be tougher by every passing day. Multi drug therapy need to be simplified to enhance the patient Complaince. University of Central Punjab , Lahore
115 1518 Structural Clothing SustainableCitiesAndCommunities A removable external covering is being suggested here for buildings to allow controlling their internal temperature and collect the rain water that falls on them. NUST
116 1519 DATE PIT NON-CAFFEINATED DRINK GoodHealthAndWellBeing Date pits are a major waste product of the date industry that has the potential to be the richest material for industrial use due to bioactive compounds and polyphenols that make it a unique food ingredient. Date pits are regarded as an excellent and rich source fiber as well University of Central Punjab, Lahore
117 1522 Innovative Stev-Barley Biscuits. GoodHealthAndWellBeing Replacing sugar with a natural non-caloric sweetener while retaining all sensory and storage qualities of the biscuits. Low calorie and high fiber content biscuits having physicochemical, functional, and sensory properties as well as antidiabetic. University of Central Punjab, Lahore.
118 1525 SkyTech IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure VTOL fixed-wing UAVs provide the long-range and optimum payload conditions of fixed-wing and VTOL ability characteristic of standard drones. Most hybrid UAVs employ a 5-rotor configuration. This leads to higher emissions, larger batteries, and lower payload capabilities. Our novel tilt-rotor design overrides these restrictions, providing longer range, higher altitudes, and greaer controllability. NUST
119 1526 Smart Metrology IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Automated systems are imperative where high scale is to be achieved. The same applies to the manufacturing industry. We are developing a system to automatically inspect mechanical parts right after they are manufactured before they proceed down the production line. This will reduce the time and cost spent on the manual inspection of each part. NUST
120 1527 MURA Classification GoodHealthAndWellBeing Musculoskeletal conditions will increase as the population of the world ages. For radiologists to obtain second opinions and to facilitate cases where radiologists are not available, an automated system capable of analyzing x-ray images is necessary.Using deep learning techniques and the MURA dataset, this project intends to serve this need by binary classifying X-ray images as normal or abnormal. University Of Central Punjab
121 1529 MA'AB GoodHealthAndWellBeing Ultraviolet light can neutralize 99% of microbiological contamination in water. MA'AB aims at the development of odor-free, smart water bottles equipped with ultraviolet technology. This portable purifier can ensure the availability of clean water in a steel casing. Providing solutions to pressing problems of water contamination and meeting the United Nations' sustainable development goals. NUST
122 1532 Intellivision QualityEducation a website that prepares course outlines for any subject, compiles notes in keeping with those outlines, and creates video lectures for every subject. University Of Central Punjab Lahore
123 1539 Stev-Nut Bites GoodHealthAndWellBeing Stev-Nut bites are the Energy balls made using flaxseed, nuts and some dried fruits. Additionally, 2% Stevia is used as a sweetener to provide natural sweetness with zero calories. Flaxseeds are linked to health benefits, such as improved digestion and a reduced risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. They University of Central Punjab
124 1542 DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT/PROTOTYPING OF A STABLE PLATFORM GoodHealthAndWellBeing The project provides a low-cost solution for high-end state-protected research and apparatus such as stable platforms. This is achieved by designing and fabricating a tabletop prototype, using affordable and easily accessible material, which acts as a framework for any future potential scaled-up industrial implementation adaptable to domains such as aviation, gaming, and healthcare. NUST
125 1544 Product Development GoodHealthAndWellBeing Depression is a global disorder that is affecting worldwide. For the treatment of this disease, various medicines are available. Hypericin is a natural substance that can be utilized for treatment of depression. The current project aimed to prepare nano-emulsion of Hypericin that can be delivered through the intranasal route and then will be evaluated in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo. University of Central Punjab, Lahore
126 1548 Microscan GoodHealthAndWellBeing The project is about the timely diagnosis of lung cancer by analyzing the lung microbiome of cancier patients with biosensors, without having to go through the painful and costly process of tissue biopsies. NUST
127 1555 SaleSwift DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth We aim to build software to help business owners increase their sales. Once installed in the store, our software will collect behavioral analytics of customers and store them in the database. After that, our recommendation system will analyze that data and suggest how to increase customer growth and sales. NUST
128 1557 Bilayer Tablet GoodHealthAndWellBeing An orally administered bilayer tablet with Tamsulosin as sustained release and Finasteride as immediate release was manufactured for patient compliance and cost effectiveness as majority population using this combination are geriatrics. Tablets were prepared by direct compression with outer layer coating and evaluated. Results of evaluations were found within acceptable range. University of Central Punjab, Lahore
129 1558 Pricegram Other (E-commerce, online shopping, innovation and technology) PriceGram is a platform where users can view products belonging to various e-commerce stores and find the best one for themselves. It is convenient to view a specific product from a single website containing data from various stores instead of viewing websites of multiple ecommerce stores separately to find the desired product and with the best price tag. NUST
130 1560 Embedded SLAM IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Development of SLAM algorithms for UAVs, Rovers considering limited energy budgets. NUST
131 1561 Formulation development GoodHealthAndWellBeing Thermosensitive solgel is prepared loaded with lauric acid deliver via intranasal route to target brain to treat epilepsy. Insitugel is sol at room temperature and turn into gel when come in contact with nasal mucosa sustain the drug release and enhance the bioavailability of drug and by passing the first pass effect. Poloxamer 407 has excellent thermo-sensitive gelling properties used in solgel. University of Central Punjab
132 1562 Product Developement IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune progressive disease causing irreversible dysfunctionality of joints. It is mainly affecting women and more than 350 million people worldwide. The objective of this research is to develop smart drug delivery system that can enhance methotrexate efficacy. Sol gel is a unique technique that can form gel at body temperature and become liquid at room temperature. University Of Central Punjab, Lahore
133 1563 Renewable Energy AffordableAndCleanEnergy The world is now shifting towards Renewable energy resources (solar energy) due to scarcity of fossil fuels. The main theme of the research is to study combination of concave mirror and convex lens to have more than one focal point to make the conventional parabolic trough collector system energy efficient. The complete research involves designing, thermal and economic analysis of the Novel PTC. NUST
134 1565 Skin Cream GoodHealthAndWellBeing This study was performed to explore the effects of phenolic compounds extracted from potato peels (PPs) on hyperpigmentation. Potatoes are among the abundantly produced crops around the world thus potato peel stands among the largest waste produced around the planet, as well. Various studies on potato peels have proved they encompass valuable chemical substances and if extracted can be utilized. University of Central Punjab, Johar Town, Lahore
135 1571 Wireless Power Transmission IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The movement of electrical energy without the need for cables as a physical link is known as wireless power transfer (WPT). In this project, we are concerned with the commercialization of this technology in Pakistan starting from domestic use to applying the technology in heavy industries. NUST
136 1598 Hardware In the Loop simulation of fixed wing aircraft along with integration of FCC IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The technique of hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) simulation is used extensively in the design and development of real-time embedded systems to test and verify the performance of control algorithm. HITL simulation are also used to emulate the flight of UAVs (quadcopters, fixed-wing, etc). The aims of this project would be to (a) carryout hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) simulation of a fixed-wing aircraft s NUST
137 1601 Optimization of Critical Path Delay in 16 bit RISC Processor IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project is about the design of a Floating-Point Unit (FPALU), integrating the FPU into the RISC-16 BIT processor, and synthesize the FPU design on the Field Programmable Gate Array. Hence, this project is required to develop an FPU which can perform the operation on floating point numbers especially and increased precision. The development project will start by studying the basics of multipli NUST
138 1602 Preventing Deforestation using IoT and Deep learning ClimateAction Forests play a fundamental role in preserving the environment and fighting global warming and climate change. According to estimates, 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their livelihood. They are continuously reduced by human interventions such as illegal tree-cutting, fires, etc. IoT and machine learning play a crucial role to prevent deforestation [1]. Forest monitoring systems consist of NUST
139 1608 "Seasonal Evaluation Of Physio-Chemical Properties And Microbial Activities Of Hannah Lake And Spin Karez, Quetta" CleanWaterAndSanitation "Water is the most basic necessity of human beings. Drinkable water throughout the world is declining at a drastic rate and this shortage is creating countless problems that drift the world further away from sustainable development. Human body is made up of about 70% water and if intake of water is not pure it can cause many health problems. Pakistan as a developing country is facing such challenges which decelerate our growth. The parameters such as physio-chemical and microbial activity have a direct impact on the health, industrial usage, and agriculture usage. Currently Underground water resource of Quetta city is under tremendous stress and is under constant deterioration. The impurities present in water (such as Total dissolved solids (TDs), Chloride, coliform) are not properly treated due to which many people of the city suffer from severe water borne disease. The water table in Quetta is decreasing consistently due to inadequate precipitation, and lack of water management system. Extracting Underground water is a very expensive process and takes a lot of time and resources. The water of hanna lake is readily available and very cost efficient source of water, but needs to be properly treated before drinking. The Quetta city has extreme weather variations in winters surface water freezes and water quality in general increases. In summers water becomes more soluble and its pH slightly increases. Our research revolves around identifying the major impurities in hanna lake and spin karez, their seasonal variation and suggesting solutions to economically remove those impurities so that the water can be drinkable for the community in Quetta city. The sampling protocols that will be followed in this project will be according to united states Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)1 and Eurofins Environment testing Canada 2. Our team will also strive to achieve 3rd and 6th Sustainable development goals (SDGs) ”Good Health and Well being” and ” Clean water and sanitation”." NUST
140 1631 BIM-based Inventory Management and Material Procurement IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A BIM-based Inventory Management framework will be informing us about when, what, and how much to order according to the schedule of our activities and we can efficiently manage our resources according to that as well, as it would be linked to websites from where we can get the ongoing rates and procure the required material, the framework, then, would be handed down to a mobile application with respective logins for the three C’s. NUST
141 1640 Waste Aluminum fibers incorporated recycled aggregate concrete IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The use of recycled aggregate in concrete has gained significant attention in recent years due to its potential to reduce the demand for natural resources and the environmental impacts of concrete production. However, the use of recycled aggregate can also result in reduced strength and durability of concrete. In this study, we investigate the potential of incorporating aluminum fibers into recycled aggregate concrete to improve its mechanical properties and durability. Through a series of laboratory tests, we aim to determine the optimal dosage of aluminum fibers and evaluate the effect on the compressive strength, flexural strength, and durability characteristics of the recycled aggregate concrete. The results of this research will provide insight into the feasibility of using aluminum fiber reinforced recycled aggregate (AFIRAC) concrete as a sustainable alternative to traditional concrete. NUST
142 1641 Analytical Model for finding shear strength of Squat Wall IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project involves development of a strut and tie based model for finding shear strength of squat wall. NUST
143 1644 Design of Multiple Storey Building with Cost Effective Solution to Optimize and Control Seismic Forces SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Recently, a new edition of of Building Code (BCP 2021) of Pakistan is published with a new set of seismic design provisions. A general perception is that new BCP 2021 has more stringent requirements as compared to BCP 2007. This project attempts to solidify that percetion using advanced design and numerical case studies. A set of buildings are selected in medium and high seismic risk regions of the country. The buildings are designed as both the MRF or dual frame systems using both BCP 2007 and BCP 2021. A cost comparison is drawn between structures designed according to both codes. Furthermore, nonliear analysis in idustry standard software would also be made to check the new and old BCP designed buildings NUST
144 1654 Process design for the production of crude terephthalic acid from oxidation of paraxylene IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The project will aim to design a process that produces CTA from paraxylene by oxidation reaction, focusing majorly on NUST
145 1655 Design of Stabilizer at Distillation Unit for production of LPG AffordableAndCleanEnergy Naphtha produced by the crude distillation unit at ARL has a fair amount of light gases including naphtha in it which makes gasoline unsuitable for application so a stabilizer which is essentially a distillation column is to be designed which separates these light gases from naphtha and in the process a clean and high calorific value fuel (LPG) is also formed. NUST
146 1660 Designing of unsaturated polyester resin plant ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production The aim of this project is to design a plant that produces unsaturated polyester resin using recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and Maleic Anhydride. The process involves the glycolysis and addition polymerization and targets PET, which is a major NUST