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Idea Submission

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S.No Project ID Idea Name Domain Abstract University
401 2067 E-Commerce Website IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure We are creating a secure and advanced e-commerce website using modern web technologies such as developing an AI-based recommendation system, elastic search, and blockchain technology for secure order processing. NUST
402 2068 Ai.MO Other (Human-Machine Interaction) Revolutionizing motion capture, our AI-powered suit combines affordability, precision, and adaptability, democratizing access to high-quality mocap technology in diverse industries. NUST
403 2069 Musafir Mahal IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure At Musafir Mahal, our mission is to lead a transformation in the tourism industry and elevate it to become a significant contributor to Pakistan's economy. Our key objective is to establish a platform that empowers national as well as international travelers to seamlessly plan and book their travel experiences in Pakistan. NUST
404 2070 AIGallery Genie QualityEducation Our FYP (AI Gallery Genie) is a cross-platform mobile gallery with multiple features like emotional detection, object labeling generator, text recognition, face grouping/face recognition, image categorizing, artistic style transfer, blur detection, image enhancement, but the main features are edit, add, remove objects in an image and inquire using chatbot regarding image. NUST
405 2071 Garbage monitoring and sorting system GoodHealthAndWellBeing The Garbage Sorting and Monitoring System project integrates machine learning and IoT to automate waste management. Using the SSD-Mobile-Net-V2 model, it aims for real-time, precise garbage classification. The system combines a servo motor-based sorting hardware, Raspberry Pi, and IoT sensors for wireless monitoring. Beyond technical innovation, the project aligns with sustainability goals, foreseeing positive environmental impact through reduced landfill usage and improved waste management practices. Aiming for a smarter and eco-friendly future, the project represents a pivotal step in revolutionizing waste management. NUST
406 2072 Pumped hydropower AffordableAndCleanEnergy Pakistan's growing energy demands, driven by factors like population growth and industrial expansion, require a sustainable solution. A pumped storage hydropower plant emerges as a crucial component due to its ability to address the irregularities of renewable energy sources. By serving as a large-scale energy storage system, it ensures a stable power supply, enhances grid stability, and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. The diverse topography of Pakistan provides ideal conditions for such projects, optimizing the use of natural resources and aligning with global efforts for cleaner energy solutions. Beyond environmental benefits, investing in a pumped storage hydropower plant contributes to economic growth, job creation, and energy independence, fostering a resilient and self-sufficient energy infrastructure. NUST
407 2073 Green Adsorb CleanWaterAndSanitation Global water scarcity, worsened by industrial pollution like chromium-laden tannery wastewater, prompts a sustainable solution. Banana biochar proves a potent, eco-friendly adsorbent, demonstrating over 90% chromium removal in 60 mins. Potassium bicarbonate activation enhances efficacy, and its cost-effectiveness and scalability make it a compelling alternative. This research addresses environmental challenges, offering a cleaner, sustainable water solution. NUST
408 2074 Upcycled Decor ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Embark on a transformative journey where waste evolves into sophisticated decor, fostering sustainability. Our initiative, driven by creativity and eco-consciousness, crafts distinctive pieces from discarded materials. This endeavor not only empowers communities but also revolutionizes interior design, blending creative elegance with a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. NUST
409 2075 Bio-fitted Skins SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Bio-fitted Skins address the overlooked niche of revitalizing existing buildings for sustainability, focusing on solutions to adapt indoor environments to be both comfortable and eco-friendly. In response to the challenges posed by global warming and the need for energy-intensive interventions in the built environment, the study proposes an innovative approach – the integration of the fields of biomaterials, building skins, and retrofitting, collectively termed into the architectural invention of "BioFitted skins." This architectural component serves as an additive intervention to existing structures, eliminating the need for demolition and excessive energy consumption to maintain indoor comfort. By regulating internal environments and reducing the need for energy-based temperature regulation, BioFitted skins contribute to the overall sustainability of structures without increasing their carbon footprint. The study explores the environmental performance of biomaterials and the impact of climate-responsive building skins when retrofitted onto existing structures. The interdisciplinary approach, combining biomaterials' morphological investigations with an understanding of their physical properties aligned with architectural practices, aims to catalyze transformative developments in the field. Beyond environmental benefits, the integration of BioFitted skins offers lucrative opportunities in the growing sustainable architecture sector. Businesses can capitalize on this market niche by developing, producing, and implementing BioFitted skins, positioning themselves as leaders in sustainable architecture. This technology aligns with broader sustainability goals, reducing the ecological impact of buildings and contributing to a more resilient built environment. Investing in BioFitted skins provides a dual advantage of environmental sustainability and participation in the expanding market for green technologies, enabling businesses to align with global climate change efforts, foster a positive brand image, and attract environmentally conscious consumers. As the world embraces eco-friendly practices, BioFitted skins represent a strategic investment opportunity that combines environmental responsibility with long-term economic viability. NUST
410 2076 VoyageX IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In a contemporary era marked by digital innovation, the travel and tourism industry stands on the cusp of a transformative journey. The VoyageX project, undertaken by a dedicated team of final-year students, aspires to redefine the traveler's narrative by introducing an integrated tourism platform. This visionary endeavor seeks to transcend the conventional boundaries of travel planning and execution, ushering in a new era where exploration is not merely a journey but an immersive, personalized experience.VoyageX envisions a future where travel becomes more than a checklist of destinations but an intricate tapestry woven with unique, tailor-made experiences. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, the project aims to create an ecosystem comprising an innovative website and an intuitive application. This comprehensive platform empowers users to seamlessly explore, plan, and relish their dream destinations. Through a symbiosis of real-time data, personalization, and transparency, VoyageX endeavors to be the ultimate travel companion, revolutionizing the very essence of wanderlust. NUST
411 2077 Intelligent Loads IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Energy management is critical in today's world for reducing consumption, lowering costs and minimizing environmental effects. An Internet of Things-based energy management system for residential buildings is presented in this research. It makes use of an intuitive interface for control and monitoring, IoT sensors to track energy consumption, and a data-driven algorithm to identify trends and recommend optimizations. The system uses precise consumption data, demand forecasts, and optimized load management to support sustainable energy practices. A literature review on existing energy management systems and the role of IoT is provided. The methodology explains the system design, hardware configuration, and model training process. The conclusions discuss the potential of such advanced systems for efficient and eco-friendly energy management. Keywords: Internet of things IoT, Automation, Energy Management, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning NUST
412 2078 ArtiFatto ReducingInequality ArtiFatto is a Web based platform that serves as a global marketplace for artists where they can create profiles, showcase their creations, register thier intellectual property, buy and sell artworks and connect with potential buyers worldwide. Artifatto revolutizes the visual art, Intellectual Property through NFTs providing counterfeit, transparent ownership, authenticity of artwork, proof of ownership and maintain a tamper proof record of the artists and artwork history. NUST
413 2079 LOVE Home GoodHealthAndWellBeing Parenthood is a multifaceted endeavor that demands a range of competencies, including self-worth, child development knowledge, emotional capacity, commitment to children's interests, and access to supportive networks. The "LOVE Home" project begins by addressing the prevalent issue of information overload and the difficulty of parenting in Pakistan. It is a platform that combines educational content, interactive applications, counseling services, and AI-driven insights to strengthen the family bond. It is a Software As A Service (SAAS) that will feature insightful short videos, enlightening interviews with esteemed psychiatrists and experts, and a rich collection of blogs that cover a spectrum of parenting challenges, mental health topics, and proven strategies for nurturing a child. NUST
414 2080 intelliDocs QualityEducation Are you often confronted with the challenge of locating specific documents within your organization’s vast document repository? Is the task of navigating lengthy files to extract information a recurring hurdle? Introducing “intelliDocs”– a chatbot plugin that empowers users with efficient document access and information retrieval to facilitate fast and deeper understanding of topics. NUST
415 2081 FitReflect IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure FitReflect revolutionizes retail with AR mirrors, enabling a seamless "Try On, Transform, Shop Beyond" experience. Users can virtually try on items on websites or use in-store AR mirrors, bridging the online-offline gap. The startup collaborates with retailers, providing plug-and-play solutions for personalized online shopping and enhancing in-store experiences. FitReflect empowers users to choose between AR in-store trials or virtual try-ons, redefining retail in the digital era. NUST
416 2082 KiloVAWT AffordableAndCleanEnergy KiloVAWT harnesses untapped energy from urban environments. Our innovative vertical axis wind turbines, strategically positioned on road dividers and building sides, capture and convert wasted wind energy generated by passing vehicles. KiloVAWT not only generates clean power but envisions a future where roads are illuminated by the very energy once lost, paving the way for sustainable communities. NUST
417 2083 SwiftChange GoodHealthAndWellBeing Adult diapering is a necessity for individuals who are bedridden, especially those suffering from incontinence. It's a reality faced by caregivers and family members who care for such individuals at home or in medical facilities. Despite being a routine part of care, it comes with several challenges such as maintaining hygiene, managing physical stress, emotional stress managing weight of the patient and handling privacy concerns. NUST
418 2084 CADM IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project addresses the critical need for real-time detection and response to cybersecurity anomalies in response to the escalating frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks. Leveraging the ELK framework, it employs Machine Learning techniques for the timely identification of threats within complex systems. The proposed system offers actionable insights through user-friendly visualizations, empowering organizations to enhance their cybersecurity defences in the modern landscape. NUST
419 2085 Pawsitive Therapet GoodHealthAndWellBeing Our therapeutic pet robot, addressing the mental health crisis, provides on-demand emotional support with facial emotion recognition, speech recognition, and a chatbot. Adaptable and user-friendly, it caters to diverse needs, differentiating itself through a holistic, tech-driven approach. NUST
420 2086 HarvestWatts Solutions: Wavelength-Specific PV for Agrivoltaics AffordableAndCleanEnergy This project focuses on a novel solar technology for use in agrivoltaics. The purpose of the project is two-fold: experimentally analyze the impact of selective sunlight treatment on chili plant growth; & assess the techno-economic feasibility of the proposed dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) system - using System Advisor Model & SketchUp - and manufacture a scaled-down version of the panels. NUST
421 2087 Estelier GenderEquality Estelier, is an online marketplace that connects art lovers to artisans. It is a one-stop for customers looking to meet their art and craft needs. If you want to buy authentic, handmade, traditional, and modern crafts, while promoting female entrepreneurship, Estelier is your stop. Estelier empowers small-business owners by providing them with a website and expertise in sales, marketing, and finance. We aim to target the talent that goes unrecognized due to a lack of customer reach, a proper platform, and technical expertise. We will be initially working with small businesses situated in the twin cities and we aim to deliver their products nationwide. Estelier enables our partner businesses to keep creating by overcoming their barriers for them. NUST
422 2088 Sustainable UHPC IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure UHPC is defined as a advance cementitious composite material incorporating discontinuous internal fiber reinforcements, an optimum particle packing density, and a water to binder ratio of less than 0.25. UHPC has compressive strength of greater than 150 MPa and sustained post-cracking tensile strength of more than 5 MPa. Furthermore, UHPC has a flexural strength of 40-45 Mpa and tensile strength of 15-20 Mpa. NUST
423 2089 CoolTopi GoodHealthAndWellBeing Revolutionizing protection for working-class men in Pakistan, our advanced headgear is designed to combat discomfort during hot and humid summers. Tailored for the challenging work environments, it prioritizes user comfort through strategic ventilation, providing optimal airflow without the need for fluids. This innovative solution ensures that bikers, essential workers, and commuters stay cool, safe, and comfortable, redefining the riding experience for the hardworking individuals navigating the demanding weather conditions of Pakistan. NUST
424 2090 Freelancing website DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth A pioneering Pakistani freelancing platform offering a seamless experience with secure international payments and robust dispute resolution. Tailored for local talent, it ensures a safe, efficient, and globally connected freelancing journey. NUST
425 2091 Smart Solar AgroTech ZeroHunger The proposed project seeks to revolutionize agriculture by harnessing cutting-edge technology to develop a comprehensive system for precision farming. This innovative solution comprises a Wireless Ad hoc Network (WANET) for seamless data acquisition, a robust data processing/analysis unit, a user-friendly remote monitoring and control interface, and an integrated system to manage specific actuators. NUST
426 2092 AIvita Pulse GoodHealthAndWellBeing It introduces an innovative approach to revolutionize health monitoring through the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Embedded Systems in a Complete Blood Count (CBC) kit. The proposed system aims to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of blood analysis, providing a comprehensive insight into an individual's health. The CBC kit employs state-of-the-art sensors and micro-controllers to gather real-time blood samples. These samples are then processed using advanced machine learning algorithms powered by AI. The embedded system facilitates seamless communication between the camera and the AI, ensuring rapid and precise analysis of various blood components, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Key features of the project include personalized health assessments, trend analysis, and early detection of anomalies, empowering users with proactive health management tools. The AI-driven platform adapts to individual variations and continuously refines its analysis, promoting a dynamic and personalized healthcare experience.Furthermore, the integration of low-power embedded systems ensures the kit's portability and accessibility, making it suitable for deployment in diverse healthcare settings. The project not only contributes to advancing the field of medical diagnostics but also addresses the need for efficient and cost-effective health monitoring solutions. NUST
427 2093 BIM Chain PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions The construction industry has long grappled with challenges related to contract management, disputes, and transparency. Civil engineering, as a pivotal component of this industry, faces its own set of complexities when it comes to overseeing projects, adhering to contractual obligations, and mitigating disputes. These challenges often result in delayed timelines, increased project costs, and strained relationships among stakeholders. We aim to provide a system that can provide complete transparency and accountability to all stakeholders of a project. Blockchain technology provides such characteristics that, if implemented in the construction industry, can lead to transparency of data resulting in reduced conflicts and disputes. NUST
428 2094 Nano Drop CleanWaterAndSanitation Our startup addresses the dire need for clean water in Pakistan, where 68% lack access. Utilizing graphene oxide nanotechnology, our innovative water filtration system is 1000 times more efficient than competitors, requires no electricity, and is cost-effective. The biodegradable membrane ensures eco-friendliness, purifying 10 liters in 30 minutes. Targeting widespread beneficiaries, our user-friendly solution promises accessible and transformative clean water access for communities in need. NUST
429 2095 SmartGuide Assistant IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure SmartGuide Assistant: Enhancing campus navigation with an intelligent voice assistant. Smart digital signposts provide seamless guidance, fostering confident exploration for new students and visitors. NUST
430 2096 Recovery Tool IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The increasing reliance on smartphones, particularly Android devices, for personal and professional purposes underscores the critical need for robust data recovery tools. This abstract introduces an innovative Android Recovery Tool designed to address the challenges associated with data loss, system failures, and accidental deletions on Android-based devices. Our Android Recovery Tool offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for individuals and businesses seeking to recover lost data NUST
431 2097 Recovery Tool IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The increasing reliance on smartphones, particularly Android devices, for personal and professional purposes underscores the critical need for robust data recovery tools. This abstract introduces an innovative Android Recovery Tool designed to address the challenges associated with data loss, system failures, and accidental deletions on Android-based devices. Our Android Recovery Tool offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for individuals and businesses seeking to recover lost data NUST
432 2098 Dual Band IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In this design a frequency selective surface (FSS) is fabricated for operation in dual band. FSS is designed to have different polarization selectivity in each of the two frequency bands that the antenna is meant to operate in. This modification allows the reflect-array to support dual-polarization and operate in both frequency bands. This design can be utilized for a plethora of applications from emergency drones utilized in disaster management to variety of ground equipment for communication and reporting. NUST
433 2099 Dual Band IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In this design a frequency selective surface (FSS) is fabricated for operation in dual band. FSS is designed to have different polarization selectivity in each of the two frequency bands that the antenna is meant to operate in. This modification allows the reflect-array to support dual-polarization and operate in both frequency bands. This design can be utilized for a plethora of applications from emergency drones utilized in disaster management to variety of ground equipment for communication and reporting. NUST
434 2100 Modulation Scheme for Telemetry Design IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The modulation and demodulation of frequency shift keying (FSK) constitute a comprehensive analysis and advancement in the field of digital communications. The focus of this study advances from the core concepts of frequency shift keying (FSK) to the more advanced concept of minimum shift keying (MSK), which provides advantages in terms of spectrum efficiency and noise immunity. This can be thus effectively utilized in telemetry design for variety of commercial applications including disaster management. NUST
435 2101 UAV Assisted Internet of Things Network IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This idea is aimed at introducing UAV assisted communication framework wherein owing to UAV integration the communication framework becomes more reliable and sustainable. UAV assists in gleaning important information from on-ground IoT sensors and vice-versa. NUST
436 2102 AI Assisted Image Captioning and Visual Question Answering for the Blind GoodHealthAndWellBeing This project utilizes AI to introduce a framework that assists the visually impaired and the blind to have some situational awareness of their surroundings. The framework can be utilized to caption the images. For example: The road safety signs can be read and warnings can be generated or an environment can be assessed for hazards. NUST
437 2103 Innovative Antenna Design for 1U CubeSat: Towards Enhanced Performance and Conformity IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project aims to create a conformal, high performance and innovative customized antenna for 1 U CubeSat. In the rapidly evolving field of small satellite technology, the demand for compact yet high-performance communication systems has become increasingly paramount. This project presents a pioneering approach to address this challenge through the development of a conformal and high-performance antenna tailored specifically for 1U CubeSats. The primary objective of this endeavor is to engineer an antenna system that not only meets the stringent size and weight constraints imposed by CubeSat platforms but also delivers superior performance in terms of communication range, data transmission rates, and signal fidelity. Through meticulous design iterations and advanced simulation techniques, the proposed antenna solution aims to optimize the utilization of available space within the CubeSat structure while minimizing interference from surrounding components. Leveraging innovative materials and manufacturing processes, the antenna's conformal design ensures seamless integration with the CubeSat's external surface, thereby minimizing aerodynamic drag and preserving the satellite's overall compactness. Furthermore, this project explores novel antenna configurations and radiation patterns to enhance communication capabilities, particularly in challenging environments such as low Earth orbit (LEO) or in the presence of interference. By employing state-of-the-art electromagnetic simulation tools and computational modeling, the antenna's performance characteristics are thoroughly analyzed and optimized to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability. The significance of this work extends beyond the realm of CubeSat technology, as advancements in compact antenna design have broader implications for space exploration, satellite communication networks, and beyond. By pushing the boundaries of miniaturization and performance optimization, this project contributes to the ongoing evolution of small satellite platforms and facilitates a new era of space-based applications and missions. In conclusion, the development of a conformal, high-performance antenna for 1U CubeSats represents a significant step forward in enabling robust and efficient communication capabilities for small satellites. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative design methodologies, this project exemplifies the potential of cutting-edge engineering solutions to address the complex challenges of space exploration and satellite communications in the 21st century. NUST
438 2104 Naval VR IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure "Naval VR: Immersive Ship’s Bridge Experience with Real World Control" revolutionizes maritime operations through virtual reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT). Using Unreal Engine and Meta's Quest 2 VR headset, users remotely control ship elements in real time. This enhances efficiency, safety, and response capabilities, advancing naval vessel capabilities and promotes innovation in remote control and monitoring systems for maritime applications. NUST
439 2105 Phototherapy light GoodHealthAndWellBeing Our final year project is a Phototherapy light designed basically to cure and provide light therapy for new born babies who are have weak immunity and are prime targets for Jaundice (increased levels of Bilirubin). Moreover, this device is not only for hospital use but for homes and family usage. Our device contains Penta light (meaning light of 5 levels). This light is the main source for therapy, the blue light (UV light). We are also using variable power supply, battery back-ups, and PVC material for outer shape of the device. This guideline applies to neonates within the first two weeks of life. Artificial lighting (usually fluorescent) has been used for the past 30 years in the treatment of neonatal jaundice. Widely differing light outputs and spectra are used, making comparison and evaluation difficult for clinicians. Phototherapy for jaundice is a common treatment in neonatal medicine and is used to prevent the neurotoxic effects of bilirubin. Studies have assessed the optimal wavelength of phototherapy light, the importance of irradiance and spectral power, and the types of light source, including the use of single versus multiple light sources. Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia is caused by an increase in blood bilirubin levels above the normal range. An increase in the levels of unconjugated bilirubin is the most common manifestation of neonatal jaundice. SSUETKarachi
440 2106 VeeR Cache IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project details our contribution to open-source hardware: integrating a parameterized set-associative Level 1 data cache with an LRU replacement policy into the SweRV EH1, a widely used 32-bit RISC-V core. Supporting cache with a write-through policy and analysis of the hit/miss rate upon CPU requests. Design verification via standard and open-source verification tools. NamalUniversityMianwali
441 2107 GoodHealthAndWellBeing The healthcare sector in Pakistan faces numerous challenges, including limited access to innovative technologies and solutions due to financial constraints. Crowdfunding has emerged as a promising alternative financing mechanism that can potentially support healthcare innovation. This startup idea aims to develop a crowdfunding platform to support healthcare innovation in Pakistan. NUST
442 2108 BotFx DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth This project introduces a bespoke algorithmic trading bot designed to execute a personalized trading strategy using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) methodologies. The workflow commences with a meticulous definition of the user's trading strategy, encompassing entry and exit conditions, risk management parameters, and other crucial criteria. Historical and real-time market data are collected and subjected to feature engineering, extracting key indicators for model input. The selected ML algorithm, tailored to the unique trading approach, undergoes a comprehensive training phase using historical data. Subsequent backtesting evaluates the model's performance against past market conditions, facilitating fine-tuning and optimization. Integration with a trading platform or API ensures seamless execution of trades based on the model's decisions, with concurrent implementation of robust risk management protocols. Continuous monitoring in live market conditions allows for ongoing refinement and adaptation, showcasing the potential for enhanced decision-making and automation in financial markets. DHA SUFFA UNIVERSITY, Karachi
443 2109 Days-4-Landslide ClimateAction Landslide susceptibility prediction excels in accuracy, user-friendliness, customization, and integration. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, it delivers precise predictions while offering an intuitive interface for easy access. Customizable to meet specific needs and equipped with a GeoDjango API, it ensures real-time updates and seamless data integration, making it a comprehensive tool for effective landslide risk management. NUST
444 2110 Renewable Energy AffordableAndCleanEnergy Limited domestic resources, high fuel imports and finite access to modern fuel resulting in economic burden has led to increase in energy poverty in Pakistan. Moreover, waste management is the burning issue in the context of agricultural residue which is burned by farmers causing soil deterioration and air pollution. These significant and interconnected issues of the Pakistan that have far-reaching economic, environmental, and social implications. The primary goal of sustainable fuel production is to reduce the environmental and social harm associated with traditional fossil fuel extraction and production methods. Bio-crude is a liquid biofuel produced by thermochemical conversion of wide variety of biomass. Fast pyrolysis considered as an efficient and the most economical technique of valorization is used for the production of bio-crude from wheat straw. Catalytic upgrading methods like hydro-processing are then employed to upgrade biocrude to a variety of fuels including diesel and gasoline. In present work, techno-economical and environmental assessment is made for the process. Moreover, a complete process route is developed including process design, material and energy balances for optimum conditions with detailed economic analysis to determine its feasibility. With pyrolysis being the most inexpensive route towards biofuels, the developed process can serve as a solution towards energy crisis issues of Pakistan. University of Wah
445 2111 Enhancing sustainability Production of Bio-oil from waste orange peels SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Enhancing sustainability through the design of a plant for the generation of bio-oil from discarded orange peel. As the world faces environmental challenges and seeks alternative sources of energy, the utilization of waste materials such as orange peel for biofuel production offers a promising solution. The extraction of bio-oil from orange peel presents an opportunity to reduce waste while simultaneously producing a renewable energy source. The proposed plant design integrates various processes including pretreatment, pyrolysis, and bio-oil recovery, aiming to maximize efficiency and yield. Pretreatment steps involve drying and size reduction of the orange peel to enhance pyrolysis efficiency. Pyrolysis, a thermochemical process, is employed to convert the dried orange peel into bio-oil, biochar, and syngas. The bio-oil is then separated and purified for use as a fuel or feedstock in various applications. In the plant design includes optimizing process parameters such as temperature, residence time, and catalyst usage to maximize bio-oil yield and quality. Additionally, the integration of sustainable practices such as utilizing waste heat for drying and implementing environmentally friendly purification methods is essential to ensure the overall sustainability of the process. Environmental impact assessments are conducted to evaluate the greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption associated with the bio-oil production process. Life cycle analysis is utilized to assess the overall environmental sustainability of the plant design, considering factors such as resource depletion, land use, and water consumption. Economic feasibility studies are conducted to evaluate the financial viability of the proposed plant design. Cost analysis considers factors such as capital investment, operating expenses, and potential revenue streams from bio-oil sales or by-products. Furthermore, the socio-economic impact of implementing such a plant is assessed, including job creation, community engagement, and potential economic benefits for local stakeholders. The design of a plant for the generation of bio-oil from discarded orange peel presents a promising opportunity to enhance sustainability by converting waste into a valuable resource. Through the integration of efficient processes, sustainable practices, and comprehensive assessments, this study aims to contribute to the advancement of biofuel production and environmental stewardship. The process involves exploring efficient extraction methods and optimizing parameters for maximum bio-oil yield. By repurposing waste material, this approach contributes to reducing environmental impact while potentially creating a renewable energy source. The study aims to evaluate the feasibility and scalability of such a plant, highlighting its potential as a sustainable solution for waste management and energy production, an environment more sustainable. Wah Engineering College Wah cantt
446 2112 Smart Industry IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In today's world, waste management presents a significant challenge, and the search for cleaner energy sources has become increasingly important. Reusing orange peels is indeed a clever and eco-friendly solution. The goal of this project is to introduce a "Smart Plant" concept that incorporates Industry 4.0 principles. It aims to transform discarded orange peels into valuable bio-oil, effectively tackling significant industrial and societal problems by utilizing advanced automation and data-driven processes. Bio-oil can be used for the energy production and also fragrance industries. This study explores the details of the Smart Plant design and highlights the importance of using advanced technologies for extracting bio-oil. The study goes beyond just reducing agricultural waste. It looks into a way to make renewable energy while also helping the environment and supporting recycling. The proposal is about using smart technology (Industry 4.0) to turn waste into biofuels has many advantages. It helps make our future greener and more advanced. flash pyrolysis technique will be used for the conversion of bio-waste to bio-oil. In this work, a complete plant design will be created, including all technical requirements and economic feasibility. During the project, material and energy balance calculations will be performed, followed by equipment design calculations. The project will also involve economic and Hazop studies. Process instrumentation and control studies will also b conducted during the project. In the end, a smart plant design concept for this study will be proposed using the industry 4.0 concept. Wah Engineering college, Wah cantt
447 2113 Production of 15000 barrel per day of gasoline from light Run Naphtha Other () completion of Gasoline University Of Wah
448 2114 Green Production route of Acrylic Acid from Glycerol ClimateAction Production of Acrylic Acid with more eco friendly NUST
449 2115 Diesel Production AffordableAndCleanEnergy Our novel business concept revolves around the transformation of discarded polyolefin plastic bottles into diesel oil, combating plastic pollution and offering a sustainable energy alternative. Leveraging advanced pyrolysis techniques, we convert collected plastic into premium-grade diesel oil, aligning with Pakistan's sustainable development objectives and fostering employment opportunities. University of Wah, Wah Cantt.
450 2116 Portable WaterTreatment CleanWaterAndSanitation Our idea focuses on developing a portable water purification system using nanotechnology specifically tailored for chemical engineering students, providing hands-on experience in water treatment processes and nanomaterial synthesis. University of Wah, WahCantt
451 2117 creation of a flying air car Other (dream and fantasy) A number of hard-to-solve problems arise in the operation of motor vehicles. One of these problems is to use the car in off-road conditions, for example, on icy, snowy, slippery, etc. roads. As we know, the traction force is transmitted from the engine to the wheels through the transmission, and the quality of the car's movement depends on the traction coefficient of the wheels. To solve these problems, the presented project shows the force of gravity in another way. The priority of vehicles moving through the pier is indicated. For this reason, by analyzing the nodes and aggregates of the aircraft, various changes were made and a new construction was designed, even by changing the places of the wings at a right angle, it is possible to ensure that the aircraft takes off. It is an urgent issue to design such a vehicle that can transfer the traction force to the wheel and move in different road conditions and take off if necessary. Azerbaijan Technical University