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S.No Project ID Idea Name Domain Abstract University
101 1210 SPEAK SustainableCitiesAndCommunities “SPEAK” is a mobile application for real time interpretation of sign language actions and gestures into text and speech. This application will work in the domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will capture the actions performed using a mobile camera in the form of pictures or videos real time and will predict the action. The predicted output would be converted into text and speech. Air University
102 1211 Transformer Monitoring IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure To ensure that power is transmitted everywhere, proper maintenance and monitoring of transformers is vital, however, currently Pakistan lacks a systematic way to monitor transformers. Our project proposes the implementation of an extrusive device to monitor the transformers’ health, eliminating the old maintenance methods and facilitating utilities in monitoring huge transformer networks. NUST
103 1212 Semi-Flexible Pavement IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The emerging type of pavement Semi-flexible is a hybrid mixture of both flexible and rigid pavement encompassing the best of both i.e. strength of rigid pavements, ride quality of flexible pavement, quick in construction and much more. This research aims to find a new sustainable material which lowers cost, enhances strength and lowers environmental pollution. The optimum grout is selected. NUST
104 1213 PdM 4.0 IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure PdM 4.0 helps in minimizing system downtime. As a result, an induction motor diagnosis system using Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) along with data processing technique is proposed. MCSA is a technique for motor diagnosis using readings from stator current. Sophisticated algorithms & methods for signal processing are suggested to diagnose motor defects that reduce motor's performance. NUST
105 1214 First Step PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions First Step is a system that uses computer vision and blockchain technology to automate and digitalize the process of gathering and storing evidence from crime scenes, improving upon the current approach. It will give the system integrity and security. Users will be able to access it as a website. NUST
106 1215 Sustainable Development SustainableCitiesAndCommunities The main goal is durability of bamboo after (Acid) chemical treatment to be utilized in green construction. To develop an optimal solution about bamboos suitability in construction in terms of its strength and durability. Utilization of pretreated bamboo with the replacement of steel in composite beam and column structure, thus comparing the physical and mechanical properties. NUST
107 1216 Cyper CleanWaterAndSanitation Third-world countries face sanitation issues, especially in urban areas. Due to a lack of finance, manual labor to clean roads appeals as a reasonable solution compared to expensive machines. The labor is usually provided with a broom and is tasked to clean a section of the area. This method is extremely inefficient as it does not have a method of monitoring and making labor responsible. NUST
108 1217 Portable Water-Purifier CleanWaterAndSanitation Due to the prevalent flood conditions, Pakistan is facing a severe shortage of clean drinking water in flood-affected areas. The project will focus on the cost efficiency of the product to ensure the availability of clean drinking water for flood victims in Pakistan. NUST
109 1218 Electrocatalytic water-splitting AffordableAndCleanEnergy Electro catalytic water splitting is an ecofriendly method for the production of hydrogen. Graphene is considered as one of the best candidate for the electro catalytic water splitting due to high stability and conductivity. To enhance electrical properties of graphene transition metal deposition is done. NUST
110 1219 Lightweight Panels IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In high-rise buildings, the main problem is that as the number of stories increases, the weight of the building increases (dead load). Bricks are mostly used for non-structural purposes but are heavier, seismically vulnerable to earthquakes, and not eco-friendly. The lightweight panels already exist but are quite expansive and lack performance in strength and thermal properties. NUST
111 1220 HemPress ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production We propose the use of an alternative plant source for the production of paper in Pakistan. Using indigenously grown hemp, we can produce paper from a source that requires no fertilizer, little water and yields products within 8 months. Compared to pine trees which take 8 to 10 years to reach maturity, hemp provides a sustainable and scalable alternative. NUST
112 1221 Compressed Bricks ClimateAction Compressed Bricks (CB) is an emerging building material made from earthen sources. It overcomes the environmental problems associated with kiln burnt bricks.CB's consist mainly of clay content from soil.Giving view of environmental friendly building material, contributing in sustainable development & smog reduction from kilns. Resolving the problems of harmful materials that are disturbing nature. Air University
113 1222 Backdoor Analysis IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure This project aims to extract the firmware of a given device, then decrypt if the firmware is encrypted. Now do the reverse engineering and find any backdoors. NUST
114 1223 AgriBot IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Pakistan is an agricultural country. Though labor costs and inflation rate are very high so we are proposing a system that will be helpful for farming purposes. Our aim is to implement advanced technology to achieve high success in production rate of the crops. Moreover, this project is easy to use, provides a cost-effective solution, requires less time and it will enhance the crop's efficiency. NamalUniversityMianwali
115 1224 Smart AgriBot IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Pakistan is an agricultural country. Though labor costs and inflation rate are very high so we are proposing a system that will be helpful for farming purposes. Our aim is to implement advanced technology to achieve high success in production rate of the crops. Moreover, this project is easy to use, provides a cost-effective solution, requires less time and it will enhance the crop's efficiency. NamalUniversityMianwali
116 1225 Hybrid UV SustainableCitiesAndCommunities An autonomous hybrid vehicle enables multi-function mobility (ariel and ground) in diverse and challenging environments, a lower transportation cost as compared to purely aerial vehicles, high payload capacity, and a design which is fully automated that is more robust to collisions and physical damage within rough and narrow spaces. NUST
117 1226 COVID-19 Detection GoodHealthAndWellBeing Given the impacts of Coronavirus on pulmonary tissues, chest radiographic imaging has turned into a need for screening and checking the infection. In this project , we address this dire need by proposing a methodical and bound together methodology for lung segmentation and Coronavirus localization with infection quantification from CXR images. Air University
118 1227 Upmeal IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Upmeal is a platform where you can reserve seats at your favorite restaurants and avail discounts on every item on the menu. Upmeal will connect hungry tummies to empty tables. The business problem we noticed was that the customers were coming to the restaurants at specific hours for example lunchtime and dinner time and there would be empty tables otherwise. NUST
119 1228 UAV IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure We are working on a self stabilized UAV whose control surfaces are replaced with 2 BLDC motors on the edges of the wing span and using these motor we will maneuver the plane and it will have 2 modes: 1. Remote control flight 2. It will fly itself and in case of wind gust it will stabilize automatically. Air University
120 1229 Informed Production ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Pakistan is a predominantly agricultural nation, with cotton ranking among the most significant cash crops. 0.6% of Pakistan's GDP and 2.4% of its agricultural output are devoted to cotton production. It does not, however, have sophisticated mechanisms for tracking and simulating cotton growth. Making such a system can lead to outcomes that can be helpful for conscious and responsible production. NUST
121 1230 FrostFire IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A bottle that has the ability to heat and cool the contents inside. It is made to be used in the office, at home, or outdoors. Gone are the days when one had to worry about keeping the temperature at the desired level. Its built-in temperature control unit can keep the temperature inside according to user preference. NUST
122 1231 SKYLARK smart helmet Other (Protection of people and renewable energy) Smart Helmet along with it's mobile application aims to provide protective features to delivery riders, Features are : bike will beep until delivery rider wears the helmet, Over speeding graph is made, accident location sent to family and company, wind energy (renewable) to charge the helmet during the journey through wind energy. NUST
123 1232 Vend-O-Protect GoodHealthAndWellBeing Pakistan stands as the 5th most populated country globally with contraceptive prevalence rate stagnated at still 34% due to barriers like hesitancy, non-availability, supply-demand issues, etc resulting in unplanned pregnancies, maternal mortality, increasing HIV cases in high-risk groups like transgenders, men having sex with men, homosexuals, prostitutes, etc. National University of Medical Sciences, Rawalpindi
124 1233 Waveform GoodHealthAndWellBeing As technology advances, it is harder for workplaces to keep their employees active on their feet. Mundane, computer-based office work leads to music-skeletal disorders of varying intensity and reduced productivity. Our device gives users more agency to get up and take breaks while working on a computer and creates a gamified experience that encourages users to actively take breaks. NUST
125 1234 Smart Sight IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Living in a constantly developing country comes with its pros and cons, newer and better products lead to a simpler and better life, however adapting to various new technological advancements requires time and knowledge. Smart Sight assists you by providing professional guidance and complete understanding of your product using 3D visuals. NUST
126 1235 Biomarker development for Breast Cancer treatment GoodHealthAndWellBeing Millions of people die every year from complications of breast cancer, which has a high mortality rate. Early breast cancer diagnosis accelerates the search for diagnostic biomarkers that can improve prognosis and treatment. DNA/RNA, proteins, and entire cells can all serve as biomarkers for breast cancer. NUST
127 1236 INTERNET OF THINGS BASED DROWSINESS DETECTOR SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Drowsiness is a feeling of being sleepy and tired that is quite dangerous during driving. As the driver is tired and unable to drive properly, several accidents can occur throughout the world that can threaten the life of the driver and others. In order to solve this problem we are developing a device that can detect drowsiness of the driver in its early stages and can alert the driver. Air University
128 1237 EpiDoc GoodHealthAndWellBeing Our system involves an EEG signal acquisition system combined with a deep learning approach to classify the type of epileptic seizures detected from the patient's EEG signal with high accuracy. We aim to provide a clinical solution for the diagnosis of epileptic patients. NUST
129 1238 Charging Solution AffordableAndCleanEnergy Introducing Electric Vehicles in Pakistan can solve present and future problems of number of sectors including transportation, environment, economy, power etc. But for creating public interest in EV adoption, we need to make charging process simpler. We are missing out on huge economic and environmental advantages due to inadequate infrastructure. NUST
130 1239 Condition Monitoring of Industrial Machines IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In this project we introduce the solution to the problem of Electrical machines by doing pre-detection of anomaly in Machine using Artificial Intelligence. We used unsupervised learning to train the machine against the Anomaly detection. We use vibration parameter. Sensors are mounted on the machine for Data Analysis and the graph to be displayed on the screen from which we can examine the Machine NUST
131 1240 Harmonic Gearbox IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Harmonic gearboxes are used in different industrial applications for precision motion. Examples of use are in gimbals, camera autofocus systems, robotic arms The aim is to be able to manufacture these systems locally for local use or export. Customized systems can be made as per client’s requirements. Will help in developing robotic actuator systems. NUST
132 1241 Restaraunt servicerobo IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure As we know, modern era is all about Automation. Therefore, our aim here is to design a general autonomous sevice robotic trolley that could be used in restaurants for meal-carrying purpose. We will be using SLAM technique for making it Intelligent enough to map the restraunt itself. For Backup technique we will be using line following and RFID tag system & obstacle avoidance sensors will be used. Air University
133 1242 Aqua Surveil CleanWaterAndSanitation The current water quality monitoring systems can either not represent the entire water body or are non-realtime. Aqua Surveil is an aqua drone equipped with water quality sensors and can monitor the water quality of the entire water body in real time. The data collected will be sent to the web portal where color-coded heat maps will be generated using ML algorithms to visualize the water quality. NUST
134 1243 Design and fabrication of CNC machine Other (Industrial Manufacturing ) We have the appetency to fabricate the 5-axis scale down-CNC milling which can manufacture the complex geometries with greater precision. Moreover, it can be transformed into 3 axis one, according to the need like for the larger workpiece or for simpler geometry; having not much curvilinear features in it. With basic purpose of manufacturing various industrial parts with highest precision. NUST
135 1244 Mezma derm IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Mezma derm represent a very promising source for the development of antimicrobial agents. In addition, it is cost efficient, non-toxic, and most importantly, promotes wound healing, features that makes it suitable as a starting material for wound dressings. NUST
136 1245 Heat exchanger Other (Design and optimization) We are designing a new baffle to increase the efficiency and working of the standard shell and tube heat exchanger while also making it easier to manufacture. NUST
137 1246 Concrete 3D IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Manufacture of 3D concrete printers promoting swift, efficient and cost-effective construction practices across Pakistan. NUST
138 1247 FormTech IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The Vacuum Forming machine is capable of making one-sided plastic products that happen to have a large-scale utilization in today's world. The project aims at the design and Fabrication of a Vacuum Forming Machine. NUST
139 1248 RAG IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Incompatibility of radios of different Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs) is a major problem for seamless communication among first responder team, fire, police, medical department, Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs) in case of combined operations. Solution to this problem is development of indigenous radio gateway as a single commercially available gateway range in millions. NUST
140 1249 MonoScope Other (Providing Autonomy to the visually impaired through an AI based cross-platform mobile application. ) In the recent years the applications of Artificial Intelligence have increased enormously. One of them is recognizing and identifying different objects in an image based on repeated patterns in dataset which have been pre-installed in a system. Air University
141 1250 Solar Panel Cleaning System AffordableAndCleanEnergy Pakistan is one of the countries with poor AQI due to pollution and dust. The latter has been silently degrading the performance of the installed PV system. Radon energy proposed a simple, cost-effective, and efficient solution for cleaning of Solar PV panels. NUST
142 1251 DeepSLAM IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The rise of Increasing Planetary exploration in particular on the Martian and Lunar surfaces have given rise to new problems in Autonomous systems. Mapping and Navigating is not an easy task in unstructured planetary environment like that on the Moon, in order to aid existing algorithms, we propose NUST
143 1252 Evolve Glove IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure VR training is an immersive learning experience that recreates real life settings and simulates work challenges. It gives people the chance to gain on-the-job training in a risk-free environment. With the help of Evolve glove's haptic technology, we can not only hear and see the virtual environments, but touch physically interact with it. NUST
144 1253 EV Charging IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure With the rapid adaption of the electrical vehicle (EV), there is a need of convenient charging solutions. The technology uses the principle of mutual inductance. The main goal is to transmit power using resonance coupling. The system deals with an AC source, Transmission coil, Reception coil, High Frequency Converter, Compensation network, Rectifier, Sensor and electric load which is battery. NUST
145 1254 Algae supplemented Hard Candies GoodHealthAndWellBeing Production of algae-supplemented hard candies by using two species of commercialized algae (Chlorella and Spirulina). These candies with high antioxidant content also possess protein content and vitamins. These candies can be consumed by everyone and with high nutritional value are a supplement for all ages. NUST
146 1255 CANCER CURE GoodHealthAndWellBeing It is predicted that this chloroplast-targeted transient expression technique could feasibly generate a cervical cancer vaccine based on HPV16 that could be efficacious for low-income countries. Plant viral vectors have been utilized to produce HPV vaccines. The methods optimized to express VLPs based on HPV16 L1 protein using the TMV-deconstructed vector MagnICON expression from Tobacco plants. NUST
147 1256 Zero Bill AffordableAndCleanEnergy " Zero Bill "aims to provide households with the opportunity to reduce their reliance on traditional electricity sources and lower their monthly bills by installing solar panels at no cost. This initiative seeks to promote the use of renewable energy and support individuals and families in making the transition to a more sustainable and cost-effective source of power. NUST
148 1257 Industrial wastewater treatment using indigenous algal species CleanWaterAndSanitation This project will focus on industrial waste water treatment using indigenous algal species. The algal species will be locally extracted using BG11. Multiple wastewater samples will be collected from three different types of industries including textile, sugar cane, and pharmaceutical. BOD and nitrate/phosphate concentrations will be checked by manometry, titrimetry & spectrophotometry, pH checked. National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS)
149 1258 Malware Attribution IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure A malware attribution system is responsible for analysing and identifying the characteristics and traits of malware. The system compels to correlate the capabilities with the dataset and assigns the malware samples to known and new campaigns; the system supports extending these detections continuously through new rules. NUST
150 1259 ChestX Summarizer GoodHealthAndWellBeing Radiologists are required to analyze Chest X-rays for different diseases but radiologist to patient ratio is quite low in Pakistan. ChestX Summarizer utilizes vision transformers to make a diagnosis from the available chest x-ray after which Natural Language Processing is used to provide a summary along with a detailed radiology report of the prediction that is made. NUST
151 1260 Automated Misting System IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Around 13.3% of the world's food is lost in transit and 17% at the consumer level.  The fundamental issues are long distribution routes and inadequate transportation and storage technologies. To solve the problem, we developed a solution: an automated humidification system that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by decreasing deterioration, structural change, and moisture loss. NUST
152 1261 Electric Drivetrain IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Enhancement of performance, safety, control and efficiency of vehicle through the use of an electronic differential control on an In-Wheel Motor Drivetrain. Mechanical Differential is used to vary speed between the inner and outer wheels of the vehicle during maneuvering and cornering. The methodology applies electronic differential with torque vectoring to smooth steering ability and efficiency. NUST
153 1262 Solar Solutions AffordableAndCleanEnergy Our idea is to provide a self sustaining domestic water heating system using parabolic trough solar collector system. NUST
154 1263 Design and Development of automatic paper cutting machine DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth We aim to design an automatic paper cutting machine based on geneva mechanism which can cut paper of different length without replacement of parts. NUST
155 1264 UAV for Attack-Application IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Developing a low-cost Unammaned Aireal Vehicle for Kinetic Attack Application that has the capability of hitting the concealed target. Suicide drones are an effective and low-cost solution to anti-terrorist and defense operations. NUST
156 1265 EYE 360 IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Thus, a company named 'Panono' designed a spherical device with multiple cameras capable of capturing photos with image stitching taking upto 20 minutes per image. Unfortunately, a problem surfaced when this device was unable to meet the public demand due to high price, low durability and long image stitching time. NUST
157 1266 Agri-Rover IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure An agricultural rover for seed sowing. It will move continuously to create a furrow, dispense seeds, and cover the seeds with soil. The mechanism will automatically drop seeds to achieve preset inter-seed spacing. Moreover, the rover can work for multiple seed types, sizes, and furrow depths. This will improve accuracy, increase germination rates, and make land coverage faster. NUST
158 1267 Development and Indigenous Manufacturing of X-Ray Machines DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth Our project entails the design and manufacturing of X-Ray and local manufacturing of it afterwards. NUST
159 1268 Internship Hub DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth Our society's youth uses numerous websites to get enrolled in internship programs and find best internship opportunities. For this, intern seekers have to use job portals to search for internships which is quite irrelevant. Their search may not get get what they wish for because job portals give maximum information about job vacancies. To solve this problem Internship portal is designed. FUI
160 1269 Zoonotica GoodHealthAndWellBeing We aim to create a database with the name “” that will provide real time monitoring and surveillance of the top 10 zoonotic diseases in Pakistan. Facilities like disease precautionary measures, vaccination drives, training and awareness sessions, and whole genome sequences of the local strains will be provided from that will be linked to an easily accessible mobile app, al NUST
161 1270 Agriculture Drones IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In an agricultural production field, the intensity of plant diseases and insect pests varies in different locations. In order to reduce the use of pesticides, it should be sprayed according to the severity of the pest, insect or weed. Therefore we are using the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) variable rate spraying technology, to reduce the use of pesticides through targeted spraying. NUST
162 1271 Self-stabilizing Platform IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In many real-world circumstances, it is necessary to stabilise items from outside disturbances. It is required by business in logistics, military ships, and by regular people for camera stabilisation. It is frequently employed in the media sector when the camera must move across uneven and difficult terrain. Beneficiaries can use the finished product, which will be simple to use. NUST
163 1272 Genetic consorsium IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure It is proposed to establish a Genetic consortium with an aim of bringing cost-effective and efficient genetic testing facilities to one platform. The facility would include MIseq, a sequencing machine that is already available but under-utilized in the country and our labs rely on international testing. The purpose is to translate the effect of genetic research into applicability for the masses. National University of Medical Sciences Rawalpindi
164 1273 Saffron Harvester IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Harvesting of saffron is a very tedious process. According to an estimate, about 150,000 -200,000 flowers need to be harvested just to make 1 kg of saffron. Human contact can decrease the product quality and flavor. Automated harvesters lie beyond the affordability of small-scale farmers. In Pakistan, the workforce is not skilled enough to use advanced equipment efficiently. NUST
165 1274 Electric Ducted Fan IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure An Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) is a kind of propulsion system, used in UAVs. Simply put, it is an electrically driven propeller enclosed in a duct, which improves performance, and reduces noise. NUST
166 1275 Electric Ducted Fan IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure An Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) is a kind of propulsion system, used in UAVs. Simply put, it is an electrically driven propeller enclosed in a duct, which improves performance, and reduces noise. NUST
167 1276 Smart Water Management System using IoT Other (Water management) Water management is one of society's primary issues in the contemporary era, and public administration is grappling with how to manage it. FUI
168 1277 Monopile design IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The world is moving towards renewable energy resources to meet its needs. Pakistan has a high potential to produce electricity using wind energy The foundation that is used to build the wind turbine farms is Monopile. In order to promote industrialization and eradicate poverty we must use our coastline. Offshore soil has sufficient qualities to withstand huge lateral and vertical loads. NUST
169 1278 Correctit. GoodHealthAndWellBeing Pregnant Women go through lumber and pelvic pain during and post pregnancy. This project investigates to monitor and observe the behavioral and physical changes such as motion patterns and body postures of pregnant women as well as their health and well being through the wearable vest linked with wearable feedback induced accessory. NUST
170 1279 CancoDoc NoPoverty CancoDoc is a web application which will detect the cancer cells through the histopathological images. It will be more efficient way of detecting the cancer other than using microscopic way to detect. This way doctors can save a lot of amount of time just by insertion of cells images and can save a lot of amount of time. Air University
171 1280 Ornithopter IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Flapping Wing Vehicle or Ornithopters mimic the flight of natural aviators, birds. The propulsion mechanism involves the flapping of a pair of wings to generate enough lift. Our goal is to develop an efficient flapping wing aerial vehicle capable of flying efficiently, while carrying the electronics necessary for its control, in all conditions. NUST
172 1281 OTHAIM IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Renting a car used to be a really big pain. You have to physically find a car rental location through a maps app and either go in person or call to reserve a car . The problem in this domain is that people cannot find high-quality transportation from city to city for self-drive. As the quality of transportation increases, cost also increases, which is again one of the problems with transportation. SSUETKarachi
173 1282 Hand Exoskeleton GoodHealthAndWellBeing About 60% percent of stroke patients suffer from upper extremity dysfunction – hands. If left on its own, there is little chance of recovery. Our project aims to create a hand exoskeleton for carrying out rehabilitative exercises to improve the quality of life of patients. NUST
174 1283 Myco-Pesticides Other (Environmental and Better crop Production) As an alternative to conventional chemical pesticides, fungal biopesticides are becoming increasingly popular. Spraying crops with chemicals not only pollute the environment but also introduces harmful substances into the food chain. As the research showed, fungus-based biopesticides not only help prevent crop damage from pests but also promote plant development. NUST
175 1284 Vision Based Intelligent Vehicle Control IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The aim is to build an intelligent vehicle control system which will choose its path using Machine Learning and object detection algorithm(s). These autonomous vehicles can make decisions about rerouting, speed control, overtaking obstacles etc. without any sort of human interaction. The limitations of these autonomous vehicles include the accuracy in detection and classification. NUST
176 1285 BGC App IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure BGC App is an android application which is aimed for easy buying and selling of LPG Cylinders. Many online purchase websites are designed but no website for online buying and selling of LPG Cylinders is made and those existing have limited features. So this android application makes easy for vendors to sell their product and make profit. FUI
177 1286 AutomAtism Other (Good mental health and wellbeing) AutomAtism is a unique, smart, user-friendly & cost-effective desktop & mobile based screening process following standard scientific guidelines (DSM-5-TR) using primary and secondary data for pre-diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our automated decision support process helps clinical psychiatrists for early and accurate assessments & parents/guardians to monitor child development. NUST
178 1287 Powertrain - Alif Other (Electric Automotive Manufacturing) To design a fully functional powertrain for the Formula Student EV, which includes the CFD analysis of the cooling system and the FEA analysis of the powertrain components, its manufacturing and integration in the Electric Vehicle. NUST
179 1288 Teardrop Trailer IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure In the recent times there has been a lot of advancements in the tourism support in Pakistan but there is no such facility available for tourists to stay in the remote areas where they can feel themselves truly in the heart of place they are supposed to enjoy. We will provide the camping facility with our own designed teardrop trailer which is not currently available in Pakistan for their stay. NUST
180 1289 Mom Hug GoodHealthAndWellBeing After childbirth, women experience a painful healing journey that can negatively impact their life. While being conscious of her body,the constant discomfort and pain disrupts sleep,lowers productivity, making it difficult for the mother to take care of her child. By wearing my product,user will have constant back support, heat/vibration therapy for cramps, and straps to shape her body on the go. NUST
181 1290 Befikri Solutions DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth Befikri's objective is to simplify the retail industry and make supply chains more accessible and visually appealing. Befikri will unlock the earning potential of 5 million shops and contribute to the country's economic growth through its powerful web and mobile applications, driven employees, and smart operations. FUI
182 1291 Anti-pricking Glucometer IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease with a high global prevalence, making it a global health concern. Current approaches to monitor blood glucose levels are painful, invasive and inconvenient specifically for those using vasodilators and suffering from multiple diseases. We aimed to develop glucose monitoring kit where saliva could be used to detect glucose level in human body. NUST
183 1292 Energy-Efficient Buildings SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Our scope deals with various sustainable materials for currently under-construction building and their effects on energy analysis. The project includes modeling of building, study of various orientations and effect of various architectural features on energy analysis. It will also suggest the discrepancies in current design of the building and suitable solutions to make it more energy efficient. NUST
184 1293 Electromagnetic Shaker IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Electromagnetic Shakers are an integral part of Fatigue Testing of Industrial Equipment, Modal testing and Controlled force / controlled amplitude testing Instead of local manufacturing, they are mostly imported. This project is an effort towards making Pakistan self-sufficient and promoting local manufacturing of industrial equipment and machinery. NUST
185 1294 myTrainer GoodHealthAndWellBeing One of the biggest hurdles in quality exercises is bad posture which can not only thwart progress, but can also cause injuries. Our app will analyze the posture of the person and identify the inaccuracies in it in realtime and then suggest them how to correct their pose so faster and safer workouts. Our platform will essentially be their own personal trainer helping them throughout the journey. NUST
186 1295 E-bicycle conversion kit SustainableCitiesAndCommunities Design of a system which will convert normal bicycle into Electric form. The system will be installed without modifying of normal bicycle. NUST
187 1296 Autonomous UAVs IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure Autonomous UAVs proposes a enhanced security system with the inclusion of drones. Our system enables the security managers to select a target person from ground surveillance camera, in case of suspicious activity, and trigger the drone to autonomously track it down. Air University
188 1297 Rebirth LifeOnLand The concept is to use wooden tools like ice cream sticks, chopsticks, pencils, and other types of wooden utensils as catalysts to promote sustainability. Using seeds and herbs in combination with the wooden tools we use every day to replant them. Seeds that can be used are of flowering plants, red & green chillies, tomato plants, coriander, spearmint and other vegetative plants. National University of Medical Sciences, NUMS
189 1298 LoRa Trackers IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure New Infrastructure including LoRa Technology which will make a mark in making smarter cities a dream come true. NUST
190 1299 Admission Attic QualityEducation Admission Attic is a platform that allows students to apply to any number of Universities and Colleges by submitting a single admission form. It also provides details about programs that are being offered at universities all over Pakistan. Career counseling services would also be integrated into the platform. NUST
191 1300 CivilBlocks IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure CivilBlocks is a set of tools that empower engineers to make informed decisions whilst sitting in the office. Our project explores 2 solutions: Use of Blockchain to relay survey data with transparency and then process it for volume calculation and secondly the use of tangible units and augmented reality for urban planning. Together these two solutions allow better data collection and processing NUST
192 1301 Precision Farming. ZeroHunger Pakistan is an agrarian country with major economic dependency on agriculture. This project focuses on using Unmanned Arial Vehicle for collecting multispectral and RGB imagery and fusing it with on ground IOT sensors to infer pest stress and crop health. The farmer does not need to apply pesticide to the whole crop rather he can find the hotspots in the crop and control disease before time. NUST
193 1302 Chasham QualityEducation Only 10% of 43 million visually impared people around the world are literate due to unavailability of school, lack of trained professionals, and required resources. We provide Chasham as a cost effective portable digital solution to all these problems. It aims to assist visually impaired students to learn Urdu. Chasham is based on refreshable braille technology and a digital app to fulfill the nee NUST
194 1303 Apni Dukan DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth Many small businesses operate on Instagram and receive orders on messages as they don't have technical knowledge enough to make a website and host it. With Apni Dukan, they can make a website by choosing few options and list their own categories and products as they want and manage their orders, customers and their store with our professional Admin Dashboard and host their store on our domain. NUST
195 1304 SLS SustainableCitiesAndCommunities SLS is based on RFID technology, in the domain of IoT, built to deal with the balancing and management of flow of traffic in its designated city (e.g., Islamabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi). It is a logistic system that is designed to analyze and calculate/gather vehicle statistics such as current Vehicle headcount; along with monitoring the vehicles that enter and exit a city in a day. NUST
196 1305 Energy router for effective utilization of solar energy AffordableAndCleanEnergy Energy storage and connecting the energy storage device to the load have become significant obstacles as a result of the rising demand for PV power generation. The best choice is to store energy with batteries. The produced energy and the load can be intelligently interfaced with each other at the same time through our proposed energy router. NUST
197 1306 Smart Solar Panel Cooling and Cleaning System IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The accumulation of dust, dirt and bird dropping significantly decrease solar panels' efficiency by approximately 40%. Such particles inhibit spectral transmission of the incident sunlight. In addition, solar panels are only 20% efficient, the rest 80% of the sunlight is trapped within the panel causing it to heat up. This further decreases the efficiency atleast by 0.3%/°C over 25°C. NUST
198 1307 Agrona ResponsibleConsumptionAnd Production Agricultural sector is indispensable to the country’s economic growth. In Pakistan it contributes 19.2 percent to the GDP and more than 65-70 percent of the population depends on agriculture for its livelihood. Despite playing a significant role in the national economy, agriculture production is dropping, which affects economic growth. NUST
199 1308 Object Measurement IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure The measurement of object size and dimensions is the first phase for many applications in industries while moving towards final product. With the increase in construction site, the priority is given to fast designing and construction, so the objective is to get exact dimensions of object without surveyor on one click & generate its draft invoice. NUST
200 1309 Fertilizing flood-affected/infertile soil using beneficial microbes LifeOnLand Flood-affected soil is infertile and deficient in beneficial bacteria, fungi, nutrients, organic matter, nitrogen, and phosphorus that are responsible for proper plant growth. Beneficial bacteria, fungi, Rhizobium, VAM, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria will be extracted from fertile soil and inoculated to the soil Rice, Peas, and wheat will be grown, and growth patterns will be checked National University of Medical Sciences Rawalpindi