Guidelines by FICS for a Successful Idea Proposition

Innovation is all about creating value from ideas. At FICS, we aim to achieve a more sustainable future for our society through enabling the ideas to create their value and do the wonders they can! Even a simple idea can serve as a seed which sprouts a tree of grandeur. So, FICS welcomes you to share, refine, and showcase your ideas.
FICS is a three-tier program, spread on the course of a year. To have great experience FICSing social problems, you need a guide. That’s exactly what we are going to provide you with.

What do you need?

For a successful FICS journey and making it through the shortlisting process, your idea should bear certain qualities.

Have a look at those specific traits, on the basis of which your ideas will be shortlisted:

  • Relevancy

Countering society issues and day to day problems are of prime importance in the modernization era. For your idea to progress, it needs to be relevant enough to the problems we come across every day.

  • Target

FICS board will see as to how well the idea convinces the user and the target audience. With the amount of processing at FICS, the end product of your idea will be much more capable!

  • Impact

The idea you present should be impactful in its domain. Its impact is what makes it a great one and guarantees its way in the world of entrepreneurship. At FICS, innovation is appreciated, and that is what your first ingredient should be.

  • Novelty

At this platform, the uniqueness and novelty your idea possesses both locally and internationally bears great importance. The potential possessed by the idea is evaluated through this.

  • Practicability

As the name suggests, your ideas will be tested for their viability. Generally, ideas which require less user training and input cost are the most practical ones. If your idea is compliant with the general criterion, it aces. 

  • Potential

The commercialization potential of the project is most viable to its success along with the amount of refinement it requires to be deployed. This is where little ideas are transformed into proper entrepreneurial concepts.

A General Insight

If your idea bears these characteristics, we have the stage set for you! It’s the time you work your idea out, subject it to modification and re-modification before it becomes a potential revolution in the society. Come and test the potentials that your brain induced in this idea and relish the journey of your idea from the “it can’t be done” stage to “it’s revolutionary” stage on the forum of FICS!

Constant and necessary guidance will be ensured through workshops throughout and before long you’ll be presenting a model of your idea, and your presentation skills will be evaluated as well. Being able to come through the stages, you’ll be presenting the final, refined, and enhanced form of your project. This would be the last knockings; so you must give it all you’ve got, provide facts and figures, give plausible arguments, and keep your goal in your mind.
FICS is bound to give you enjoyment, fun, creativity, and moments to remember, and if you’re lucky enough, a whole new chance to carry forward your idea as a project. So, do come prepared and give it your best shot. Best of luck!

By Ahmad Hassan

FICS’19 Team Publications

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