Let us begin our journey with the story of nut bolts and screw drivers, of students in labs and behind desks, and of seminars and idea generation sessions. The imagery put forward does not even begin to do justice to the hard work and meticulous planning that goes into FICS every year. The months of preparation and sleepless nights are a small price to pay for excellence and here at POSTFICS, excellence is pivotal.

FICS is the marriage between entrepreneurship and technology and POSTFICS is the marriage between the event and words. That being said, let us introduce you to POSTFICS.

Simply put, it is the heart of the event. We update you on everything related to FICS for the months to come and ensure that you do not miss out on anything. We flood your newsfeed if need be and command your attention. Do not worry though. The content is worth it.

Speaking of the content, it ranges from creative articles to interviews and from wisdom about entrepreneurship to event reports. You can expect to be entertained and simultaneously, informed. It doesn’t get any better than that!

This heart of FICS pumps with the efforts of each and every member of Team Publications. With their mechanical sense of humor and their creative thinking, they will breath life into the event through their articles via POSTFICS.

So Cling tightly to your seats and follow our blog because we assure you, you are set for one hell of a ride!