About FICS

Welcome to FICS. This guide serves to provide a comprehensive summary, from the perspective of first
time applicants eligibility criteria, of the FICS event, application procedures and potential rewards that
might be gained from participating in it.

What is FICS?

FICS stands for Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions for Society. It is a platform for university
students to channel their creative energies, fresh ideas and the technical knowledge they acquired
during their University program into solutions for problems facing our society. The participating students
identify problems that the country faces and devise innovative ways to counter them, primarily through
technological means. At the same time, it encourages young talented people with viable ideas and
solutions to work on them, breaking from the traditional idea of the corporate job/ (doctor, engineer,
manager) being the only option for university graduates and thereby benefiting society at large as well
as themselves by opening the gateway to entrepreneurship. NUST has involved industry professionals in
many stages and roles, be it as advisors, mentors, judges or participants at FICS in order to make the
competition as relevant as possible to actual industrial needs.
This small spark we hope, ignites into a flame in the huge reservoir of talent that is Pakistan, propelling
the country forward into the entrepreneurial age.

Vision of FICS:

FICS started as a small-scale project at NUST’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences in
2013 but due to it’s powerful vision and massive potential, soon garnered the support of the university
administration. It expanded into a NUST-wide event in 2015 before eventually opening it’s doors to all
aspiring social entrepreneurs across Pakistan’s Universities in 2016.
FICS’s vision primarily revolves around the idea of Social Entrepreneurship, which refers to finding a
social problem in Pakistan, proposing an effective, low cost solution to it and setting up an organization
that brings that idea to realization. FICS hopes to act as a catalyst for entrepreneurial talent in Pakistan
and give a boost to the country’s blossoming startup scene while overcoming the challenges our country
faces on its path to development one step at a time.