The Insight of a Revolutionary Platform

FICS has always been about innovation, development, and making our society prosperous. The fifth installment of FICS returned with the same objectives laid down in its ideology; proving it to be a revolutionary iteration of this series.

To understand what FICS is about and how it promotes a culture of social entrepreneurship, take a look into what FICS’18 was about:

Stage Progress

FICS’18 progressed like all of its past versions. Being divided into three stages, this event showcased startup ideas which had potential to develop into futuristic brands. An overwhelming participation was observed making it bigger than ever with 328 Idea Submissions for Stage 1. Those ideas got shortlisted down to 137 Projects which were displayed in Stage 2 and out of them only 46 made it to Stage 3, to present their final product.

Record Registrations

The success of FICS is manifested by the standard of ideas presented and how well these projects can perform to meet the objectives of FICS. But to assess the event quantitatively, the 2018’s installment can be regarded as the most affluent and prosperous one due to its 328 registrations for Stage 1.


Training and Organizational Development

FICS Training and Organizational Development was an initiative taken with the objective to develop individual skill sets for the Participants as well as the Organizing Committee. The T&OD umbrella covered various workshops on the topics of Business Management, Creative Skills, Startup Development, and various other topics.


POSTFICS bears great significance for the blogging community of NUST. The blog has not only promoted FICS to a wider audience but also given due attention to the entrepreneurial endeavors manifested in its ideology.

FICS’18 Winner

After meeting the basic evaluation criteria, Crop Monitoring, a project by students of IGIS-SCEE, were announced as the winner of FICS’18. This initiative for a startup presented an idea of developing a web and android based monitoring system for the farmers to receive real time updates. The data generated through the system provides mapping and an insight for a better utilization of the fields for crops.

Executive Council FICS’18

FICS’18 proved a success due to these 5 pillars of FICS’18. Huzaifa, Rehan, Dashab, Shahzaib and Momina worked tirelessly to make this episode bigger and better than ever. Now, they have designated their responsibilities to the Executive Council of FICS’19 as flag bearers, to bring forth a version of FICS that will be beyond your expectations!

By Muhammad Awais Rafi
FICS’19 Team Publications

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