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Idea conception is a difficult, grueling process. Often times than not, it leaves one incapable to see the potential in the idea that they have conceived. You might have had such an idea too. We bring to you a platform, FICS, that will not only cater to your demands but also help you look at your idea through a technical lens so that you can truly understand the potential of it.
Let’s say you conceived an idea. You go through all the stages of FICS but find that you do not end up winning. Maybe there was some flaw in what you did or maybe the other teams were just better than you. Why shall you then consider putting your time, efforts, and energy into a competition that you are likely to not win.
As the world can’t be perceived just in blacks and whites, the same way, there exists a grey area here too. And if you’re of the right mindset than winning the competition shouldn’t even be on top of your priority list. What matters are the experience and the learning process.
Here is why:

1) Exposure to the right kind of people
All exposure is not good exposure and getting the right kind of exposure, all under one roof, sounds like a great deal. FICS will expose you to the people that might want to potentially buy or invest in your idea. And who knows, you might end up better than the team that wins. After all, no one has seen the future.

2) A refined edge
As you go through the stages of FICS, there have been arranged workshops to not only help refine your idea but also provide you with that edge. These workshops are provided so that you can know how your idea should be thought and projected into reality. FICS will help your idea grow from its fetal stages and nurse it to full nourishment.

3) How to run the world
Have you ever dreamt of being your own boss? Running your own company, feeling like you run the world? All dreams have the potential of translating onto the seams of reality should they be provided with the right thread. Well guess what? This is your lucky day. FICS will equip you with all that is necessary to fulfill your dreams and feel like you run things.

4)Add to your credentials
Want to have a bejeweled resume? FICS is your man. Most companies value idea development, problem solving and analytical skills. All of which you can easily boast about after attending this one of a kind event.

5) Make a difference
If you ever think about what purpose you serve in this world or you wish to do things that not only add value to your life but also to others than FICS is all about United Nations seventeen sustainable development goals. Doing things that matter and leaving behind a legacy; FICS will help you in realizing the value of UN’s SDGs as basic principles behind any problem solution.

6) Eureka!
Eureka moments are rare and hard to come by. The display of ideas, ambitions and motives at FICS is what will prove to be the driving force behind all your ideas. Here is to having your very own eureka moment.

By Yumna Fatima

FICS’19 Team Publications

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