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Nickel Synthesis

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Wajih Ul

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Idea Name: Nickel Synthesis
Slogan: Compassion, Innovation and Excellence.
Supervisor Name: Dr. Asad Mumtaz
Supervisor Designation: Assistant Professor
Supervisor School: SNS
Supervisor Department: Chemistry
Contact number: 03325190321
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    We want to synthesize the porous nickel catalyst at an indigenous level which will be more efficient and cheaper. It will provide greater economic benefits to the industrial sector.
What is the unmet need in society that your idea will fulfill ?
    Catalyst synthesis like porous nickel synthesis at the indigenous level will contribute towards an affordable industrial process that will have an impact on various sectors of society.
Who needs it ? How many would benefit ?
   It will have an impact on Fertilizer and Ghee industry. Ultimate consumers of the Fertilizers and Ghee will make the most from it.
How will the solution works
    Nickel will be synthesized by electrodeposition method and its mechanism involves two consecutive steps one-electron charge transfers, and the participation of an anion with the formation of an adsorbed complex.
Who are your competitors ? How is your solution different
    No such competitors exist at the local level except for the international companies that provide an industrial-grade catalyst at a much higher cost.
Status: new
Entry Date & Time: 2021-01-14 (1827)