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Muhammad Faseeh

Inter School Idea ? No
Do you need expertises from another area: No
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Idea Details

Idea Name: E2RS
Slogan: Striving for your safety
Supervisor Name: Dr. Salman Atif
Supervisor Designation: Assistant Professor
Supervisor School: SCEE
Supervisor Department: IGIS
Contact number: 03352426647
Email ID:
    A real time vehicle tracking system with a web based interface to respond to emergency and distress calls by providing rescue services.
What is the unmet need in society that your idea will fulfill ?
    Road crimes are at a high and despite the existence of authorities to help prevent such incidents from occurring, there is always a time gap or a location problem which delays help to reach in time. Our product aims to eliminate these problems and facilitate timely provision of rescue services.
Who needs it ? How many would benefit ?
   The target audience of this product includes everyone who owns/drives a car. It will also assist law enforcement agencies, NGOs and rescue services providers in optimizing the provision of their services.
How will the solution works
    The solution consists of a GPS based tracking system installed in cars that can be enabled by pressing on a tactile switch in case of an emergency. The tracking system will then make use of GPS, GSM and Bluetooth technologies to transmit the user
Who are your competitors ? How is your solution different
    Our competitors are the traditional methods employed by law enforcement agencies and rescue services providers which have been proven as highly inefficient in these times. Our solution provides a centralized, low cost and efficient alternative to help optimize the country
Status: new
Entry Date & Time: 2021-01-08 (1827)