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Autobalancing Motorcycle

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Hassan Ali Khan
Wasif Rehman

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Idea Details

Idea Name: Autobalancing Motorcycle
Slogan: Revolutionising Your Motorcycling Experience
Supervisor Name: Dr Aamir Mubashir
Supervisor Designation: Associate professor
Supervisor School: SMME
Supervisor Department: Mechanical engineering
Contact number: +92 320 5612689
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    Autobalancing of a two wheel vehicle can be achieved using mechanical gyroscopes. Gyroscopes will generate a balancing force opposite to the tilt of the body. It will make bike handling safe and easy.
What is the unmet need in society that your idea will fulfill ?
    Following are the two unmet needs relating to motorcycle riding:1- Presence of safety system for motorcycle riders (high chances of bike falling at lower speed i.e. stalling or turning)2-Larger space consumption due to the attachment of two wheels on either side of rear wheel for handicapped bike
Who needs it ? How many would benefit ?
   Every two wheel vehicle rider (including both normal people as well as orthopedically handicapped) would benefit from this system.
How will the solution works
    An auto balancing mechanism is designed for making bike handling easy by using a mechanical gyroscope. Gyroscope is a spinning wheel which has considerable mass, having high angular velocity, which generates a balancing force opposite to the actual motion of the body which is to be balanced. So a falling bike would be balanced by opposite momentum of gyroscope. Rotation of vertical pair of gyroscope (used in our design) would be achieved using power supply from the motorcycle engine.
Who are your competitors ? How is your solution different
    Horizontal and vertical axis gyroscope are the two common designs. First one offers less control for balancing while second one provide less torque capacity for balancing. Our design contains pair of vertical gyroscope, it’s an experimented approach and yields satisfactory torque.
Status: new
Entry Date & Time: 2020-12-31 (1531)