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Hassan khalid
Saif ullah bin

Inter School Idea ? No
Do you need expertises from another area: No
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Idea Details

Idea Name: CLOZET
Slogan: One cart for every mart
Supervisor Name: Muhammad Imran Malik
Supervisor Designation: Assistant Professor
Supervisor School: Seecs
Supervisor Department: Department of humanities & sciences
Contact number: 03341955274
Email ID:
    A digital fashion-shopping platform that brings together all the Pakistani brands, allowing the customers to shop from hundreds of their favorite stores.
What is the unmet need in society that your idea will fulfill ?
    On average, women spend 2.05 hours whereas men spend 1.38; while shopping for a product online. Pakistani people are wasting their valuable time searching for a single product on various brand websites. Hopefully, our platform will reduce the search time exponentially.
Who needs it ? How many would benefit ?
   Almost every one of us has experienced the trouble of looking for the same product on different sites. Hence, this is a need of the hour for every Pakistani who shops online, where a lot of companies are standing their ground using websites. Therefore, all online customers can benefit from this.
How will the solution works
    Providing services in the shape of a website and mobile app, we will make a REST API that will be provided to all our partner stores. The stores will use this API to send us their product feed. All the products will be displayed in an organized manner on our platform. After finding their desired product, users will be redirected to the product page where they can buy it on the store
Who are your competitors ? How is your solution different
    There is no such major platform in Pakistan right now.Shopstyle is our international competitor but it does not operate in Pakistan.Our platform is different from Daraz and other websites,where any local store can sell any product.This platform will only accept reputable brands with working websites
Status: new
Entry Date & Time: 2020-12-15 (1714)